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Zorsita (Bayern München) 10 minutes ago
Is anyone as excited as I am with our potential defence line up? Lahm, Boateng, Hummels and Alaba.... With the one and only Neuer or should I say the great wall of china in goal.

Can't wait for Buli and champions league to begin. Epl is all good and all but I need to see our boys in action too
Zorsita (Bayern München) Yesterday
I would love to see a midfield trio of Vidal-Renato-Martinez, boy won't that be awesome as we will bully opposition into submission like we did in 2013. Bastian-Martinez duo was unreal and incredibly instrumental to our treble and I say we need a similar bite and steel
Bengalbreda (Bayern München) Yesterday
But what about thiago? I would still prefer him over renato at this point
Zorsita (Bayern München) 1 hour ago
Okay then Martinez-Vidal-Thiago that's is still a nice trio. Martinez will anchor the defence like he did under Jupp. Not that Hummels and Boateng needs that much of a help in a deep defensive set up.

Boy I just can't wait. Glad the maniacal need for possession which was our weakness is now being eradicated. It's okay to possess the ball playing the likes of bremen but not against elite counter attacking sides.

Onwards Carletto!
Zorsita (Bayern München) 2 days ago
Haters will say Pep still hasn't done it on a cold rainy night at stoke.... Damn the good weather! Haha keeping my eyes peeled on Pep's and city's performance this season
Bengalbreda (Bayern München) 2 days ago
Does anyone know when boateng will be back from injury?
Bavaria (Bayern München) 2 days ago
Pretty soon I think
Fabiusmaximus (Bayern München) 4 days ago
I like what I see so far, although we could be leadin by 5.    Apart from that has anyone heard some news about schweini? He needs a move
Zorsita (Bayern München) 4 days ago
The Pep-Hart situation at city makes me appreciate Neuer all the more. Hart is an incredible goalkeeper and yet pep overlooks that for his obvious choice of a sweeper keeper. Tells me that unlike some of his peers, Neuer is incredibly multi-dimensional; I mean the man can play any style and adapt to anything. He gives coaches like Pep the confidence to play a ridiculous high line because of his incredible sweeping ability.

Vaaz (Nîmes Olympique) 4 days ago
I just feel there is more to this that what meets the eye. Who has ever heard of changing keepers to suit a style, not that it is wrong, good to have a keeper who knows the system but dropping a club legend just seems like a move to impose his authority on the club in a stronger way than signing couple of players. Remember he dropped Hart for a second choice keeper in the opening two games.

The changes are subtle and a GK of Hart's experience can probably adapt over the course of a few weeks of tactical training and match practise. It is not as if Pep wants the keeper to run down the wings and deliver crosses into the box?
Zorsita (Bayern München) 4 days ago
Maybe when you watch more of Pep's games you might understand how he wants his goal keepers to play. His goal keepers are outfield players if you know what I mean and must be quick to sweep and pass the ball as well as any other player. This isn't a stunt to impose authority because he doesn't need to. He has been to the biggest clubs in the world and I don't think he has any problem managing egos or imposing himself on a team.

Hart plays conservatively and isn't known for his distribution either. A look at Pep's choices in goal at Barca's and at Bayern says it all. If you have the time look at Hart's vs Neuer's stats on number of passes each had and of that how many were long clearances....

It's a clash of style and tactics as city can't effectively play Pep's without a sweeper-keeper and Hart as great as he is is just not that.
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 3 days ago
Zorsita has got everything right. I would like to add a couple of other things.

Pep certainly doesn't need to show his authority. City have been preparing for Pep ever since he left Barca. They got a bunch of our staff and have modeled their academy similar to ours.

Like Zorsita said it's clearly a tactical thing. You can't learn how to be a sweeper keeper in a couple of weeks. Hart is an amazing shot stopper but his passing rate is that to someone like Ter, Neur, Bravo and you will see
Anubhz (Bayern München) 6 days ago
"Kingsley Coman has suffered an injury and will be out of action for a spell. The France international sustained capsular ligament damage to his left ankle in training on Wednesday, club medic Dr. Volker Braun announced after examining the player at the Säbener Strasse facility.coman will be sidelined for an indefinite period and is definitely out of the early matches of the new season. "

Excellent! -_-
Fabiusmaximus (Bayern München) 6 days ago
Lol this is incredible
Fabiusmaximus (Bayern München) 6 days ago
Our medical staff consists of a bunch of muppets. Either that or voodoo magic
Zorsita (Bayern München) 4 days ago
My professional opinion tells me voodoo! I mean if we have any more injuries we might as well field our be team
DanTheGooner (Arsenal) 1 week ago
No pep = exciting Bayern
ArjenFranzz (Bayern München) 1 week ago
Pep was just not fit for bayern. Good coach just not for bayern. I don't care about the leagues we won. Rather win 1 champions league then 3 leagues
Zorsita (Bayern München) 1 week ago
Boy is the change in the mentality of the team palpable, our players are talking about solidity and playing compactly. Haven't heard those words in a long time as it was all about dominating the ball and keep the ball; glad to see a level of pragmatism introduced into our play once more.

Bavaria (Bayern München) 1 week ago
Bayern today reminded me very much of Heynckes' Bayern, simple counter attacking football, giving away the possession like it was nothing and we scored a f*****g courner! Hell even fans starting to shout super bayern super bayern lol
Zorsita (Bayern München) 1 week ago
Try holding a high line with Java and Hummels slow legs.... This is the kind of game we would have lost under pep
Zorsita (Bayern München) 1 week ago
Loved how we played today. Sensible in every aspect of the game
Bavaria (Bayern München) 1 week ago
PS. Dortmund looking very scary, could've scored 1 or 2 goals if it wasn't for Neuer. I think their team needs a strong leader, someone who could shout to these young players to encourage them, they looked clueless after conceding the first goal
Zorsita (Bayern München) 1 week ago
They're gonna' be a fking problem as always. So intense they had us on the back foot for a long time but we hang on and got the win. Hitting them hard with our direct plays and counter attacking threat. Wow so excited to have Carletto
Bavaria (Bayern München) 1 week ago
KristijanT (Borussia Dortmund) 1 week ago
Guys congrats on the win but to be honest, I don't see how you could be very satisfied with the game.

I mean yeah, you won and you conceded no goal, but there is more to it than that.

Your backline was pretty shaky and Hummels certainly didn't help with his constant errors. If anything, I'd be worried about Hummels because this is not a one-off for him(as you probably know, I guess?).

It was clear that the tactics didn't work at ALL as we had like, what.... 3-4 clear-cut chances in the first half? I'd hate to see it but IMO with this kind of play you could be easily beaten by a RM or a Barca side on the top of their game, who don't waste 100 clear-cut chances to only score one goal(as Dortmund always do).

And Ancelotti may have made a mistake allowing Rode to be sold. The guy is so underrated, he had a great match today(excluding the last 20 mins when the team was kinda shocked).

All in all, though, I think it's gonna' be an exciting season
Bavaria (Bayern München) 1 week ago
I am just satisfied cause we are heading in the right direction, we are trying to play more direct football. And it will take time before this team fully adapts to Ancellottis plans. He has only been here a month, its not like Bayern will always play like they did today, certainly they will improve
Bavaria (Bayern München) 1 week ago
I'm not so sure about that. Hummels will play with Boateng and lahm, last time they played together they won the world cup. But now there is Alaba too, so I think this will be a good combo
Fabiusmaximus (Bayern München) 1 week ago
Aaaaaaand vidal Is injured
Bavaria (Bayern München) 1 week ago
Don't think it was a serious injury, he was just hurt I think
Bavaria (Bayern München) 1 week ago
Intense match so far
Zorsita (Bayern München) 1 week ago
Juve looks like a champions league winning team but so do bayern, barca and madrid; with at-madrid and psg lurking around europe will be treated to yet another champions league drama
Ramin85 (Bayern München) 1 week ago
Funny you never mentioned Man City, and I agree. We have 3 experienced and established teams in Barca, Real and Atletico and Us as an experienced-but-not-yet-established-underdog for championship, followed by Juve and PSG. Should be interesting! I trust in our team to make another miracle
DanTheGooner (Arsenal) 2 weeks ago
Now that Pep has departed, how would you guys rate him as a manager? Flop or success?
Bavaria (Bayern München) 2 weeks ago
Ramin85 (Bayern München) 2 weeks ago
Consistent. Not successful nor a failure
Fabiusmaximus (Bayern München) 2 weeks ago
He was a good manager, I mean 2 doubles and 3 times league winner.... You can't argue with that. He brought us to new dimensions with respect to our style and made remarkable changes.

However, in the champions league Semis he often acted way too stubborn and naive. All you had to do against us is counter and that was way too effective, as we saw against Real, Barcelona or Atletico
Zorsita (Bayern München) 1 week ago
Tactically stubborn to a fault he is, but he understands the attacking part of football like no other coach I have seen. Pep is all about utter domination of the opponent and he doesn't consider the atmosphere.... Home and away are merely sounds to pep and he treats every game the same in that aspect.

At Bayern and at Barca he made sure his teams imposed their will on any opponent be it home or away and some might say is his fault. All things considered his understanding of the game is impeccable and so he is and was a success at Bayern.

With him at the helm, several players were able to elevate their game to an elite level which is surprising because some of those players were the treble winners so that says a lot about our former coach.

I will end with this thought which I very deeply believe to be true; replicating pep's style of play is more tactically demanding than playing without the ball while seeking for a counter opportunity. The man is winner period and one who wins with style
Ramin85 (Bayern München) 1 week ago
If we agree on what you're saying and his "understanding of the game is impeccable", some including myself might say no, because (1) he was so careless with his players to play his style with the amount of injuries players sustained during the last 3 seasons. (2) His achilles heel, which is not having a solution to counterattacks with his high line defence.

I agree with most of your points, but let's not forget he literally choked when we faced Real at home and Barca in Camp Nou
DanTheGooner (Arsenal) 1 week ago
From what I have seen from Pep is that he is a perfectionist. IMO this is a recipe for disaster in the footballing world.

When he inherited treble winning Bayern, he tried to implement and force his own philosophy on a system that had already proven fruitful. Why reinvent the wheel when what you have already works? Instead of making Bayern become Barca 2. 0, why not adapt your own philosophy to your players strengths.

Winning domestic cups in the Bundesliga for a team of Bayern's calibre is almost a minimum requirement. He was brought to dominate Europe and he ultimately failed. Don't throw away an existing blueprint for success, instead compliment it.

Real life analogy. As a web developer if I move from Company A to Company be and expect Company be to use the same technology stack (I. E tools) at Company A, they would fire me on the first day. My job is to improve the existing infrastructure, not throw it away
Malik (Barcelona) 1 week ago
@Dan, Pep was not bought to dominate Europe, pep was bought to improve a team that won just Supercup in last two season prior to announcing his appointment.

Bayern went on to win Treble after his appointment was announced (if I recall in Jan of 2013), by that time they haven't won treble, champions league or other two trophies, so I doubt they would have bought him to dominate a competition which they last won (at that time) in 00/01.

I do agree with his genuine criticism that he is at times very stubborn, he is a manager who like to have 100% control, at Bayern he did face players that didn't fullt agree with his way of thinking (with a good reason) & he failed to convince them or understand their way of thinking, which is what IMO cost him the champions league
Fabiusmaximus (Bayern München) 2 weeks ago
Are you happy with our current squad?
I really think we should think about gettin a backup striker as I don't think that Julian Green can do the job. He is young, he needs to play and he certainly won't play when lewa is fit
Zorsita (Bayern München) 2 weeks ago
Muller can always fill in for Lewandy and this team wouldn't miss a beat.

We are pretty much covered in any position and for first time in a long while we now have depth, quality depth at that. Defence, midfield, the flanks, rb&lb, attack all equipped to do a star like job on the pitch.

Green really needs to move to some other club as he won't get much playing time. And also he really needs to improve on his attacking movements off the ball as that define a good striker from the gods.

Overall I'm loving the team and trying to see what more Lotti changes in terms of tactics. Though it's good to see our defence sitting a little deep nowadays a far contrast to those maniac high lines we played under pep
Bavaria (Bayern München) 2 weeks ago
Ancelloti said that he wants to play with 2 strikers with both Lewa and Muller so if any of them gets injured that would be a problem since Green isn't world class yet, so I agree we could use a better backup striker

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