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CHELSEA61 (Footytube Moderator) 1 week ago
I find it quite strange that the Bundesliga takes 6 weeks off mid season and then almost every team plays friendlies almost the entire break. Seems like a big risk to take mid-season. Why not play these friendlies at the end of the season rather than in the middle? I know not all the best players play every friendly. But if a key player gets injured playing a meaningless game it could hurt that teams chances at winning important games. What do you guys think?
Mlenthe (Bayern München) 1 week ago
I like the rest. It gives teams a chance to try young players out in games that won't affect the season. Also, I haven't seen statistics on this, but I can't imagine many people get hurt in these games. Most established players are on autopilot, and wouldn't get into many potentially dangerous challenges
Aufgehtsbayern (Bayern München) 6 days ago
I like it because it gives injured players a whole month and a half to get better. Also our players are fresher for the round of 16 not to mention it gives the german players their first good rest since before the world cup.

On the other hand, team chemistry might get disrupted, so theres that argument too
Tanmay (Footytube Moderator) 5 days ago
I have seen a friendly like this (Bayern vs India 2 winters back). Bayern went 4-0 up in 30 mins, then passed the ball from wing to wing. It's pretty much riskless.

There is also a gentlemen's understanding that the smaller team won't play dirty. That is why Pep got so angry when the US All Star team played a rough game against Bayern this summer
Bavaria (Bayern München) 1 week ago
Don't know if posted.  Neuer vs great players  Https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=47QywzWAmfQ&appesktop
Jeroen (Barcelona) 1 week ago
Link:    Ter Stegen picked up some Neuer swag it seems!
Deffyduck (Arsenal) 1 week ago
Amazing, I love that he had a little look up to see where his teammate was.    Perfect execution!
Aufgehtsbayern (Bayern München) 2 weeks ago
Poldi and shaq? Might have to start watching some inter games
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 1 week ago
Building a solid team
Fabiusmaximus (Bayern München) 2 weeks ago
CHELSEA61 (Footytube Moderator) 2 weeks ago
Oi! Where'd everyone go? Slowest I've seen this forum in years
Mlenthe (Bayern München) 2 weeks ago
I've been checking it every day or two, but yeah, nothing going on...
Bavaria (Bayern München) 2 weeks ago
^ same here
Jeroen (Barcelona) 2 weeks ago
Is it me you're looking for?
Fabiusmaximus (Bayern München) 1 month ago
Pretty nice bernat compilation  Https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=-0hV1qV55i8
Deffyduck (Arsenal) 1 month ago
I'm sure you guys have seen this before but it made me laugh in places!
Some of the diving headers are in the opponents half

Aufgehtsbayern (Bayern München) 1 month ago
Under pep we havent seen as many of those long throws of his, a damn shame! Throws it 3/4 the length of the pitch on a dime
MrWaddy (Manchester United) 1 month ago
Hahaha the guy is absolute bonkers!

I know some United or Chelsea fans like to claim De Gea or Courtois as the best in the world but Neuer is miles ahead in terms of playing sweeper keeper, distribution and organizing the defence.

Thanks for posting this Deffyduck, those headers and dribbles in the opposing half were hilarious
Bavaria (Bayern München) 1 month ago
Are you serious? Do people really think that?
MrWaddy (Manchester United) 1 month ago
Sure, some people do.

De Gea has been world class this season (last season as well), Courtois got praised to the moon for his performances with atletico, and rightfully so.

Ofcourse you have to take into consideration most people don't watch Bayern, are biased or simply follow the hype
Fabiusmaximus (Bayern München) 1 month ago
To be fair, de gea has become the best GK in BPL imo, he saved man utd so many times this season.... You can't deny his abilities, magnificent goalie
Neuer better though
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 4 weeks ago
Lot's of people don't appreciate Neuer.... He is the best without question imo...
LastGraspWinner (Arsenal) 3 weeks ago
I'm sorry to say this but the standard for a good keeper is Oliver Kahn. This is why there has not been a good keeper since. No keeper will ever be good enough
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 3 weeks ago
^Neuer is a world cup winner
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 3 weeks ago
That's laughable, Dea Gea is not on the same level as Neuer
LastGraspWinner (Arsenal) 3 weeks ago
Yeah, but Kahn is the best keeper ever in my eyes. No keeper has ever been as stable and reliable in front of goal ever. There's a reason he's called Der Titan
CHELSEA61 (Footytube Moderator) 1 week ago
Lol! Most people who don't think Neuer is the best GK in the world are arrogant kids (and a handful of adults) that will only praise their own teams players. There's alot of this on FT. Its not going away. You have to ignore that and listen to the ones who are diplomatic enough to admit the truth without wearing blinders. Neuer is hands down the best GK in the world ATM. De Gea and Courtois have years of work ahead of them to catch up
Francois01 (Bayern München) 1 month ago
It's incredible what teams are at the bottom of the league. With two or three exceptions you could turn the table upside down, and it wouldn't look strange at all.

On another note: We still look vulnerable to counter attacks, and the weakness regarding corners is worrying. There will be teams that will exploit this in the champions league
Gumba (Bayern München) 1 month ago
I feel bad for this ;(

We didn't play bad but Mainz was awesome today.

The team I love and the team I like both played equal today
Ellender (Bayern München) 1 month ago
Can I get a link for a stream for the game today? Can't watch it at home
Gumba (Bayern München) 1 month ago
*deleted for safety*
MrWaddy (Manchester United) 1 month ago
Holy s**t, that is some injury list.

And you guys still cruise along like its nothing, impressive.
Robberyback2 (Bayern München) 1 month ago
Mister Reus drove more than 5 years without a driving licence. In addition he tried to fool the policemen with a fake dutch driving licence.

WOW what an idiot!
Alirezafcb (Bayern München) 1 month ago
I still want him here
Jeroen (Barcelona) 1 month ago
Congratulations Arjen for joining Bayern's 100 goal club!

1100 passes from Bayern, the most ever in Germany in a game.
90% pass accuracy
82% possession
13 saves forced from Freiburg's Bürki, another record

Eve though you're rivals, this sort of football has to be admired
4ever (Barcelona) 1 month ago
That goal keeper was breathtaking. Some of incredible reflex save I have ever seen
Bavaria (Bayern München) 1 month ago
The f**k? We are playing in 30 min!?
Faceo (Liverpool) 1 month ago
There are 2 things in life that are certain: Death and that Robben is going to cut to the left
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 1 month ago
And neither of them can you stop
Robberyback2 (Bayern München) 1 month ago
Nice one SanchezAlexis

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