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Andres201 (Barcelona) Yesterday
No shame in losing to what I consider one of the most organized and best defensive teams in the world
Fernandez (Liverpool) Yesterday
Atletico IS the best and most organized defensive team in the world
Bavaria (Bayern München) Yesterday
True, its unbelievable how good they are at defending. Can't remember the last time Bayern looked so clueless, but tbh Bayern has very very bad away record and in the Allienz it will be a different game
Alirezafcb (Bayern München) Yesterday
If the finishing instinct was there yesterday.... No way atletico woulda won that game.... But thankfully it wasn't the knockout stage.... One defeat doesn't justify the whole season.... It was a good lesson at a good time...
Zorsita (Bayern München) Yesterday
@Alirez they created the better chances and should have won by more if not for their lack of finishing instinct. We were clueless and were lucky not to be beaten badly by them.

They looked as comfortable as ever because we just couldn't trouble them enough. Apart from Ribery and Thiago no one else even attempted take ons. You need to take a player on once in a while to open up space. Hope Carletto and his team can respond in style
Zorsita (Bayern München) Yesterday
I wonder if playing Javi Martinez in midfield would stabilize our midfield. A lot of the chances we gave out were due to our middle not provide a strong resistance when we turn over the ball. Our positioning in the middle wasn't solid with Vidal and Thiago been caught out of position.

I really wanna see a Boateng Hummel back line and Javi anchoring the middle
Bavaria (Bayern München) 1 day ago
Tbh I didn't expect us to win before the match and therefore not surprised at all at the todays result, we struggled many times this season. The only reason we won the last couple of games is because the result of individuals like Ribery. We need to improve no questions about that and Carlo needs more time to implement his vision to this Bayern team
Zorsita (Bayern München) 1 day ago
Never seen a set of fans that get so excited to poke fun at another club. Well laugh all you want barca fans and poke fun all you want I couldn't expect any less from classy fans like you
Bavaria (Bayern München) 1 day ago
No need to generalize bro, not every barca fans are like that
Zorsita (Bayern München) 1 day ago
Nah bro there forum is full of trash about us though sarcastically but it's all littered on there. I have had enough of their shiyte reaaly. This isn't the first time they pulled this arrogant stunt on us. Criticising us for not loving pep the way they do? That's bs bro. If you're gonna' stand for it I'm not
Zorsita (Bayern München) 1 day ago
Worst is I get banned but so be it. And let it be know that our hate for pep stems from the 4:0 demo at the hands of madrid. We have never experienced such before at any any point in our history and yes so that did turn a lot of our fans against him and his style of play. Seeing as the season before that we equally demo barca with the sam exact style madrid used on us. Hard pill to swallow and we still haven't recovered from that. But still I love the man but no one especially some high nosed barca fan should tell me who or who not to love
Maaza (Barcelona) 1 day ago
Dude no one poked fut at Bayern, just joking about the "Pep ruined Bayern" comments
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) Yesterday
Zorsita come on man, I know you're a respectable user but stop being so sensitive. It was literally one fan who said that you guys should love Pep. One fan. The rest were poking dun because alot of people, some Bayern fans but mostly haters from other teams, were blaming Pep's style when he lost to two Spanish champions league winners and 1 Spanish champions league finalists.

The same haters then went on to say that under Ancelotti, Bayern won't suffer defeats like that. They were saying with his counter attacking style, he would destroy buses and not get countered himself.

The truth is Ancelotti has a s**t record against Simeone
Fabiusmaximus (Bayern München) Yesterday
Is there a manager who has a good record against simeone?
GloryRoad2016 (Barcelona) Yesterday
^I highly doubt it....
Atletico Madrid is the most frustrating team on the planet.

@Zorsita Bavaria is right. I promise we are not all shoved deep up Pep's butt, but some of us think rationally about what Pep did for Barca AND Bayern.

Don't fight fire with fire man. I don't respect any Barca fans who think they have the right to look down upon other fans because of a simple disagreement. When Barca inevitably hits a dry spell those fans will disappear and/or get some humility. Feel free to love, hate, or be indifferent towards Pep. This forum would be boring as hell if we all agreed with each other 110%
4ever (Barcelona) Yesterday
@fabius, lucho has great record against him, but simione f****d us in ucl, lol.

If I remember correctly lucho has seven win against simioni, one draw and one lose and sadly that lose came up in ucl quarter
Zorsita (Bayern München) Yesterday
@SanchesA It's all okay now. After a defeat like yesterday's you see fire where there is none. At the end of the day all is entitled to his/her opinions so that's okay.

I think the issue is pretty much hashed up with 4ever and everyone's moved on too. Our love for the game will often bring us tearing at each other throat once in a while, but we do agree more than we disagree. All is well my bro.

Zorsita (Bayern München) 1 day ago
Ugh Typical Barca fans.... All so irritating lol. Sooner or later someone from that camp will call me butthurt or some other variation; that's a go to word for em.

They act like we are mandated to love Pep the way they do.... Like wtf! Back up a minute Pep earned his high reputation from his success at barca. Before his appointment how many cl's had they won? That all changed when he came around and transformed their team. He won two champions league for you for crying out loud so you have to love him. You have no choice but to.

Had Pep's first job been at bayern and he only had the three league titles to show for it, you at barca wouldn't consider him a top-tier coach so enough with this bs
Bavaria (Bayern München) 1 day ago
When Pep left to City, I had a relief and thought this thing was finally over. Silly me
Zorsita (Bayern München) 1 day ago
I mean shiyte I love Pep but they way they act makes me sit on fence sometimes. Guess what we love Jupp because he delivered the ultimate trophy to us just the way Pep did to barca and they love him for that. Telling us who to love like foh.

Then they wanna talk about how winning trebles year in year out isn't realistic; lol you know what is unrealistic too? Bayern winning the epl! Haha when was it ever expressed that we wanted or expected him to deliver trebles after treble? Show me please.... I mean it would be nice but even the most ardent of bayern fans didn't expect that. Yet another moot statement form them
4ever (Barcelona) 1 day ago
Had Pep's first job been at bayern and he only had the three league titles to show for it, you at barca wouldn't consider him a top-tier coach so enough with this bs.

Lol, such an stupid comment to end the rant. Jupp had two titles as a manager in his whole career before his retirement year's achievement. Did you guys consider him as overrated/bad coach when he joined here. If he comes to barca with three titles in consecutive years and three consecutive semi final in ucl, then ofcourse we would consider him as great coach. We are not so arrogant to say coach needs to win ucl in a span of three years to prove he is a great coach, otherwise he is overrated, lol
Bavaria (Bayern München) 1 day ago
But the question is who here said Pep is overrated or a bad coach?
Zorsita (Bayern München) 1 day ago
HIndsight is 20/20. You can say all that now because Pep has the cl's to back his good name. You are not as arrogant to say a coach needs to win ucl but you are as arrogant to criticize us for not loving him the way you do?

Take your twisted logic and run back to your forum
4ever (Barcelona) 1 day ago
I said in our forum there are some fans in this forum said he is overrated, we need ucl to show he is good and destroyed Bayern. Of course you aren't the one and I am not aiming both of them, we are just poking fun of those fans and those pep haters all over the world who is jubilant whenever he has a bad day at office

TBH we are all poking fun of pep haters there at the expense of Bayern because they were so jealous of what pep has done to our team and his success and they said pep has it easy at barca because he is inherited great players, even their Nanny's can win with these players. They were so jubilant whenever pep got a backlash here. So it's our time to poke fun at them, that's all
Bavaria (Bayern München) 1 day ago
Aight just let us end this here
Fabiusmaximus (Bayern München) 1 day ago
What consoles me a bit is that ancelotti says that they were playing s**t. Pep would just say he's happy with the performance
Zorsita (Bayern München) 1 day ago
Just like the last time around they truly bested us yet again. Respect to Atl Madrid
Zorsita (Bayern München) 1 day ago
Back to the drawing board for us
Francois01 (Bayern München) 1 day ago
Atletico knew where Bayerns passes were going before Bayerns players knew themselves. Too transparent and not enough urgency. Atletico always plays like the underdog who wants it more. That gives them the edge
Crxxx (Bayern München) 1 day ago
Nothing, a big fat nothing we had against Atletico tonite.... Respect to this beast of a team!
Fabiusmaximus (Bayern München) 1 day ago
I hate how were just powerless against them. There was no time in this game where they seemed to be out of control
Bavaria (Bayern München) 1 day ago
I just don't understand how good they are at defending, its irritating
Zorsita (Bayern München) 1 day ago
Muller has been bad. I mean I can tolerate his terrible crossings from the wing but his defensive presence or lack thereof is troubling
Fabiusmaximus (Bayern München) 1 day ago
I think everyone sucks today. Couldn't pick one who plays above average. Hopefully Robben can turn it around
Fabiusmaximus (Bayern München) 1 day ago
Alonso and Thiago are horrible today. So many misplaced passes, it's terrible
Fabiusmaximus (Bayern München) 1 day ago
Our set pieces.... Urgh
Crxxx (Bayern München) 1 day ago
Everyone plays below their average tonight.  Tactics are OK, but individual performance is horrible.  
Fabiusmaximus (Bayern München) 1 day ago
Bavaria (Bayern München) 1 day ago
We need either Robben or Coman, playing Muller as a winger is not a good idea
Fabiusmaximus (Bayern München) 1 day ago
I just hate how weak we are away from home or especially in Spain. We suck balls everytime we get there
Bavaria (Bayern München) 1 day ago
Yeah its scary how terrible our away record is
ArjenFranzz (Bayern München) 1 day ago
@fabius not under jupp
Bavaria (Bayern München) 6 days ago
Hard fought victory
Zorsita (Bayern München) 5 days ago
You can say that again. Kimmich is a rising star! Love that Carletto plays him in his preferred position
Parabol (Bayern München) 5 days ago
We need a better performance against Atletico Madrid in the champions League
Fabiusmaximus (Bayern München) 6 days ago
Mourinho left schweini out of the foto shoot for the official united team picture.
f*****g unbelievable, what a disgrace. This is pathetic.

I mean mourinho was maybe a good manager, but I hope one day he gets paid back for how awfully he treats his players. c**t
Parabol (Bayern München) 6 days ago
The most miserable people are those who care only about themselves, understand only their own troubles and see only their own perspective. He is a prick!
Zorsita (Bayern München) 6 days ago
It is what it is man. I mean it's Mou's team at the end of the day and only he decides who's in it or out of it. Presently Bastian is on the outside looking in and even though it's not the ideal situation for, he is earning a large amount of buck just sitting on the bylines. Maybe future bayern stars won't be so quick to join United or other epl sides due to this kind of treatment.

By the way Mou is sinking already lol. I just take heart from his recent results;terrible. It seems like he's the new arrival to the epl and not pep. Watch Pep turn that league inside out
Bavaria (Bayern München) 6 days ago
I think its better for Bastian and his reputation to earn a lot of cash and enjoy his life with his beautiful wife then to get humiliated in europa league, I don't think he wants people to remember him by that when he retires
Parabol (Bayern München) 1 week ago
Bayern Munchen vs Hamburger SV

Probable Line up:

Team News: Hummels should return to starting XI, with Boateng
Possibly rested.
Alonso could get a break, Thiago could start
In a deeper position and Kimmich & Sanches both getting
A chance in front of him after being rested midweek.
Coman could replace Ribery on the wing, Robben will
Certainly be on the bench and ready to make us all
Smile after he scores another goal in the
Second half

I think we will destroy Hamburger SV, they are struggling at the moment.

I say Bayern Munchen 4 Hamburger SV 0
Have a good weekend.

Parabol (Bayern München) 5 days ago
My word we did not destroy Hamburger, but we got the win!
Zorsita (Bayern München) 1 week ago
Already looking forward to the Atleti game on wednesday! I think that game will reveal a lot on how we approach away games under Carletto. Under pep we played the same everywhere we went and the gameplan was to dominate the opposition;risky style of play.

I expect Bayern to be a bit more cautious though but we'll see
Parabol (Bayern München) 1 week ago
Valid points, we shall certainly see
Jeroen (Barcelona) 1 day ago
Well then.... Still the same in Spain    At least it's only a group game

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