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Barcelona V BATE Borisov, Dec 6
Acoop13 (Juventus) 5 years ago
This is scary. Barca could dominate for years
BosnaBarca (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Wow wow barca love how everything is the same from youth to A team this is why they can bring in young players and fit in so good  
Indra3roetz (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Excellent job barca be.... !All of you would be next star barca like messi, xavi, iniesta, .... Etc
Vben0 5 years ago
This is team depth extreme hahahahahahaha
Cfroyalbaba (Mohun Bagan AC) 5 years ago
How much does Madrid's 2nd/B team cost with the likes of Higuain, Callejon, Kaka, Coentrao, etc. All I know is that Barca's costs something along the lines of 0 bucks hahaha.... This is insane. Oh wait! You may have to factor in the cost of Maxwell.... I think he was bought, wasn't he? Dunno.... Either way, you could possibly still round it to the nearest 10th and still get 0 bucks
CFLNHLFIFAFAN (Chelsea) 5 years ago
I mean wouldn't expected at all for Bate to have beat Barcelona at Camp Nou, even with only a few star playing, but I mean I guessing crowd wasn't sold out there, but good to see some non starters and stuff to play, they looked good, I mean Barcelona got such a good team, there best are amazing, and even the younger here are great I guess
Jcsmadrid (Real Madrid) 5 years ago
It's wonderful to see these youngsters play with so much confidence. Barcelona can be very proud of what they have achieved
Thomasfk (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Forget about Manchester City if you want to talk about depth.... This Barca team has it. It's kind of frightening for the rest of the world how well their be team played
Wesblitz (Manchester City) 5 years ago
Man city's has just the amount of skill a barca in thier starting elevens. When city play barca this year we will see if they have enough team chemistry to take the spanish giants down
ManoK (Barcelona) 5 years ago
And when will that happen?!?!  
DevilFan88 (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Wow barca is seriously scary the fact that their be team moves the ball so quick and slick
ManUtdTILLIDIE (Manchester United) 5 years ago
I don't like barca but the strength of their be team should set an example to other teams
Kangarooman (Manchester City) 5 years ago
Fantastic Barcelona be team! Any rich dudes wanna buy these youngsters soon? Lelong, lelong.... Hahaha
Aliko 5 years ago
Perdo's first goal was so nice
Minabotros (Liverpool) 5 years ago
What's going on? Am I missing something or is this an U21 match?
[account-removed] 5 years ago
Boys against men.... And the boys won
Tazman1992 (Manchester United) 5 years ago
I know many united fans would disagree with me, but I can honestly say barca be team, heck I reckon that was the Barcelona see team.... Could beat united if maybe they had Pique in defence. I mean the slick movement, passing and goalscoring touch everything united hasn't got at the moment
Wesblitz (Manchester City) 5 years ago
Wow you are not a very good fan if you are willing to say something like that. I am a inter fan and I don't care if they become worse than already are I will never we will get beat by a be or see team. Although at least you are willing to admit(unlike other united fans) that your team is terrible at this moment in time
[account-removed] 5 years ago
An Inter fan?

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