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Your Basketball Starting 5
DEFENDtheBRIDGE (Chelsea) 5 years ago
There's not a whole lot that everyone on this site will agree on, but I think everyone would agree that football players are phenomenal athletes. So in that vein of thought, I wanted to see who you all would put out on the court if you were choosing a basketball team with current footballers. I will start it off:

PG: Lionel Messi

This was the easiest choice for me, small, speedy, can score just as well as he can pass.... Loves getting his teammates involved as well. Other candidates for me would be Aaron Lennon and Ashley Young.

SG: Wesley Sneijder

Wesley has made a name for himself crushing long distanced shots, can't see why he can't accomplish that from behind the arc as well.

SF: Miralem Pjanic

Can stretch the floor and attack from the wings.

PF: Didier Drogba

Physical presence will make him a real banger down low. Expect him to take players on in the post.

C: Edwin Van der Sar

He may be getting old but as the old saying goes: you can't teach height! I would have him as a shot blocker and protector of the rim.

Who would be on your starting 5?
5 years ago
I would dearly love to contribute to this thread, but I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.    
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Agreed with netnerd! No clue about anything basketball!
Tony (footytube staff) 5 years ago
It shouldnt be here anyway, it should be in "basement chat".... Basketball footballers?
I'm moving this defendthebridge over to basement chat, no offence, but the terraces is meant for meaningful footy debate.
This is more of a novelty
DEFENDtheBRIDGE (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Aka where threads go to die! Lol no worries, I wasn't too sure where this should go to begin with so I thought I'd throw it up in the Terrace and hoped it would stick.

Oh well!
Arenas0838 (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Xavi  Sneijder  Ronaldo  Drogba  Llorente
AnthonysOpinion (Atlético Madrid) 4 years ago
Iniesta as my PG. Best dribbler, can pass, can penetrate. Runs the two-man game well.

Falcao as my SG. Simply put, El Tigre can score at will.

Jordi Alba as my SF. Great wingman. Plays solid defence and is always running for easy baskets. Indefatigable.

Andy Carroll as my PF. He is strong. Gets all high balls. Maintains possession when the ball is in the box. Gives my squad some Don't F--- with Us intangibles.

Iker Casillas as my [C.] My scoring comes from my back-court, so I just need my center to block shots. San Iker is The Man Who Blocks Everything

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