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Slow Meebo Chat
Soccergal293 (Barcelona) 6 years ago
So imagine this as a Meebo Chat, its just a lot slower....    Current Active posters:  Soccergal293  
Soccergal293 (Barcelona) 6 years ago
Hey Guys, What's Up! I'm just roaming around footytube since I'm so bored.... Lol    
Soccergal293 (Barcelona) 6 years ago
I just found a 48 hour Xbox Live subscription with the Gears of War case.... When should I use it? Now or when FIFA 11 comes out and I get it?
Pragathish (AC Milan) 6 years ago
Sergio 6 years ago
I'm with prag. What and why?
ManUK (Manchester United) 6 years ago
I swear you people have gone mad, get out of the basement for your own sake
Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
Locked for being non sensical, and a waste of space

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