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Modern Warfare 2: Guns
Yogan (Chelsea) 6 years ago
Well, although personally I don't own the game I'm hoping too by June which is my birthday. My best mate has got it though and I watch gameplay videos on youtube so I was wondering if you guys could tell me which guns you like, what's your fave perks, your dream class, best grenade to use, which killstreak rewards you choose most and more.

My five dream classes would be:

1. An M4A1 with 2x rpg-7 + Smoke grenade
2. Tar-21 with Spas-12 + 2x Stun Grenades
3. F2000 with a pp2000 + 2x flashbang grenades (this is my favourite class)
4. AK47 with Stinger +2x Flasbang grenades
5. Scar-H with Desert Eagle + 2x stun Grenades

(as you can tell my favourite grenades are flashbang. I always set them down at exactly the right time when we're playing split screen. But I never keep track of how many I have LOL)

Other guns I might have included, but didn't and I like them:

It's one of the default weapons you get when you start but it is still effective

Its really good and whenever I use this gun its normally on special ops but if I'm online I nearly always have quick reloadin g for this one becuase it takes ages to put a new mag in! Its one of my favourites because it has really rapid fire.

Probably the most effective mini gun that is light and quick reloads but isn't great with the accuracy and rate-of-fire

Looks complicated and is heavy but really really good one for tactical play.

Mini UZI
Good for small online games but not a gun you would use in a real battle although it has got amazing rate-of-fire capability

This is a good gun because it is quite light and good rapid fire

A good gun with good aiming capabilities and I normally like to have holographic sight with this one.

My favourite perk
Quick reloads, simple as

Top 10 fave Primary weapons
1. F2000
2. Scar-H
3. M4A1
4. Tar 21
5. Ak47
6. RPD
7. Mini Uzi
8. P90
9. MP5K
10. Famas

Although I am absolutely pants with killstreaks the ones I would most choose are Predator Missile, UAV (lol) and Tactical nuke, and Care Package after that

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