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Your Favourite Barça 11?
Jeroen (Barcelona) 7 years ago
I thought I'd create this topic to see what everyone's favourite starting 11 would be, considering no player is injured or unfit.
Here's mine:


Exactly that way: the midfield is a bit of a tussle, but that's because I want to stress Yaya's DM role, Xavi's CM role and Iniesta's AM role
Ltm017 6 years ago
Well I agree with this.... Although abidal has been playing well.... And I'm part of the bojan fan club wait a minute.... I think I might have to change this? Where is "air kite" keita? Lol
Richardamponsah (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Ronaldinho Romario Messi  Iniesta Guardiola Xavi  Abidal Puyol Pique Alves   Valdes
HangTime (Chelsea) 7 years ago
That would be my pick too. I love the way iniesta and xavi work together in the mid-field. Though I prefer eto over iba. If only eto was still in barca
[account-removed] 6 years ago
Jeroen, what would you say your favorite 11 are now?
Jeroen (Barcelona) 6 years ago
Well, because Yaya hasn't been playing that much, and there's gotta' be a reason for it, I'd replace him with Seydou. And it's true that Abidal has been playing well, so I'll swap him as my n°1 left back. Further, I've come to really, really like Pedro and his style of play. He's doing awesome, and deserves Henry's spot, despite Henry still being one of my heroes.

And I'd sell friggin' Marquez
BigShel (Philadelphia Union) 6 years ago
I get this creeping suspicion that Yaya despite his statements otherwise may not be a Barcelona player next season seems like he and Pep are not on the same page for a number of reasons and Pep has made it abundantly clear that noone is irreplacable. It's all about chemistry for him thus the demise of Eto'o, Ronaldinho, Deco and others. Abudal imo is better than Maxwell and has earned the left baack position. And yes Pedro should be the first choice at left wing (I also am a HUGE Henry fan). The question is who should the starting left wing against Madrid in the next Classico?
[account-removed] 6 years ago
Abidal------------Dani Alves

All serious except for pinto. That guy should be sacked. Of course Valdez
BigShel (Philadelphia Union) 6 years ago


Pace, precision passing, counter attack
And our best shut down defence!
Ltm017 6 years ago
So what happened to Ibra guys? Not part of your 11?
BigShel (Philadelphia Union) 6 years ago
I'm not trying to disrespect Ibra but based on current form I would love to see what my 11 could do. Ibra still needs to acclimate to the Barca style and increase his work rate. I think my 11 could run anyone off the pitch. I would also like to see Ibra and Henry improve their chemistry as they will need to be rock solid for our biggest games where they will be assured to be in the starting 11. I don't know if Ibra is able to be humble enough to accept it but I feel he might be well served to sit and watch a little. Right now he cannot see the forest for the trees
[account-removed] 6 years ago
I want to see him do good. He's doing ok but not his best, I agree. Give the guy some time man, maybe the bench would be good for a minute, but don't be saying he doesn't "fit in" with the barca chemistry. I think he is one of the best players in the world and needs some time to adjust. Bojan should definetly get some more playing time. Pep needs to start putting him in with pedro alot more. I would love to see what the 3 youngsters can do. But if that were to happen we would have a huge dissadvantege (sp) on height. --though with alves and iniesta and xavi's passing and crossing skills-- not sure that would be a problem
BigShel (Philadelphia Union) 6 years ago
That's exactly what I am saying Ibra is still one of the best in the world not just Barca I just want him to study the style a little bit more and of course his teammates have to adapt to him also it definitly is not a one way street. He brings so much to this team with his playing style. I am just saying the cake is not fully baked yet and you cannot rush it by turning up the temperature cause you will ruin the final product. I feel time and patience will help all involved. I also agree on the height dissadvantage my proposed lineup would cause but especialy on set pieces Pique and Puyol are awesome. As far as Ibra goes I am and have been a huge fan of his talent but sometimes being humble is just a matter of accepting that you don't have carry the whole team. I do not care how many goals Ibra scores cause I belive Barca is better off with him. I just hope he belives this then he won't feel so much pressure. He is just pressing too much and it is affecting him on the field. As far as Henry goes he is probably feeling the pressure from those who say his time has come and gone. True or not he needs to just say F##k it to all his critics and just play his game he is still a valuable part of this team and his experience will be called upon against Madrid Sevilla and in the Champoins league but I think he should play less and be used for particular games where his experience and finess will work to our advantage. Pedro's time is here but pep should wait a little longer to give him the job full time, but damm his learning curve is so quick for me he is the future #1 left wing no doubt as Bojan is more of a pure striker IMO
Farjay (Barcelona) 6 years ago
I agree with hangtime.... Eto is such a great player. Even though ibra is also great he can never replace eto
[account-removed] 6 years ago
Wait until the Champions league to say things like that
Paul10 (Barcelona) 6 years ago
Henry with ibra up front he's great in strike he shudnt play on the wing
Ltm017 4 years ago
This thread is old! I want to ask again everyone who is their favourite Barca 11?

Also what would be your preferred Barca 11 if you could have any player come in January or over the summer?
Soccerbreaker (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Shovwar (Barcelona) 4 years ago
My Favourite Future XI

_______(Anyone But Victor)_________

Subs: Masch, Song, Villa, Pedro, Bartra, Tello, Cuenca....
Aliko 4 years ago
Pardes5 (Barcelona) 4 years ago
---- Ronaldhino ------- Messi --------Eto

--------Ineista ------ Fabregas ---

------------ Xavi ----------------

------------Bosquets --------------

-- Alba ----- Puyol-------Alvex

----------- Valdes? -----------------

Sub: Villa, Ibrahimavich, Pique, Henry
Ocallaghanl (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Best ever barca XI is



-V. Bronhorst--Puyol--Guardiola--Reizeger

[account-removed] 4 years ago
Barca Legends! This is the team to beat!

-------------Ronaldo (Maradona)---
Ronaldinho---Xavi---Johan Cruyff--
Alba---Puyol---Koeman---Albert Ferrer

Subs: Guillermo Amor, Romario, Bernd Schuster, Iniesta, Laudrup, Deco, Luis Enrique, van Bronhorst, Alves, Valdez

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