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Santos V Barcelona, Dec 18
5 years ago
This is a good win for us and I was very happy that we won. I did feel bad for Santos and Neymar though. People are attacking this kid for no reason. He's obviously a really good player. He's quoted to have said "It's an honor to be mentioned in the same sentence as Messi. " To me this shows that he has a lot of respect for our club. He said nothing but nice things about us. Why do people have to attack the kid? Pele is giving this kid an bad image that doesn't resemble him.

(BTW for all you people who think Pele can say whatever he wants, he can't because he was never the best player. Messi and many others are better than him. Do some research about the places and time Pele played football and how good his teammates were then try saying he's the best.)
JoroMekiq (PFC Botev Plovdiv 1912) 5 years ago
I think the 2 people who voted Barca rubbish, should never watch football again! Maybe golf or curling
Mt1234 (Bolton Wanderers) 5 years ago
Did Ganso do anything in this match?
AdnanMessi (Barcelona) 5 years ago
5 years ago
Once Pele wins 3 UEFA Champion's league titles then he can start comparing himself to Messi.... Oh wait he's never played in Europe against the greatest ever competition.

He played back in the days where people had cigars and drinks before and after games. He played in the USA where half the players in the league were people off the street who haven't played football before and he still managed to lose the title with the greats on his team...
5 years ago
Messi has 3 UCL's by the age of 24 and hopefully on his way to get more
Aliko 5 years ago
Haha mate kill offffff
NAOTA (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Pretty sure Pele would rather have a World Cup trophy under his belt than UCL
DaGaza (Real Madrid) 5 years ago
Sure but he also played in the national team and won the most prized and toughest competition in the world 3 times.... The world cup.... Lol.... Messi.... Not so good for national team :/
[account-removed] 5 years ago
Anybody who says Messi is bad for his national team are clueless and must never actually watch Argentina play
AdnanMessi (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Messi is not the problem for Argentina, it's the other 10 men.... Pele's success came with the team altogether, You can't singlehandedly win a World Cup
Atnighthawk (AFC Telford United) 5 years ago
I gotta' reply to this. Quite honestly the best trophy a player can win in his entire career is still the World Cup. If I was playing i'd trade every Champions League trophy bar one for a world cup, and I bet Messi would too.

Pele has won more world cups, Messi has won more Champions Leagues (and back in Pele's day Brazilian football was damn good, probably better than most of Europe).

Anyhow I guess what I'm trying to say is it doesn't really matter how many trophies you win, that's the kind of s**t people in the media talk about, hell that would make Gary Neville better than almost everyone....
Greatness comes on the pitch, you don't need to win leagues and titles to be great, you just have to be obviously better than almost everyone else and I think they both pretty much achieved that.
Reventon (Barcelona) 5 years ago
How would PELE play in europe back in those days with the racism in the air? He would get treated really badly mate, use your head.... Not to mention you are getting psyched up on a old arrogant man's comment who always changes his opinions...
Someone (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Xavi control before passing to messi.... Is out of this world.... I think xavi could possible win the ballon d'or this year.... If not it would have to be lionel messi...
Jbar8888 (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Pele is a legend, having said that he made his mark on the pitch not in the media. He is coming off like a typical "has-been" where he cannot give any credit when it is due (specially to an Argentine). I loved him as a player but cannot stand the ignorant remarks he can make
Jazze (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Great game by all the Barca players, Messi in particular was fantastic, but that's no surprise. This comparing messi and neymar is unfair to the kid, nobody can be compared to messi right now including ronaldo, he's out on his own, that's simple truth. Pele has become an egotistical attention seeker in his old age, and has said some ridiculous things about barca and messi, but they where all put to rest in that game. I do think neymar is a decent player, and kind of felt sorry for him today, because he is being put in an unfair position by pele. Anyway congrats Barca, your the reason I love the game
Aliko 5 years ago
Masam12 (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Kacperfcb (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Ballon d'Or for Xavi! If only not Messi....
BarcaXI (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Let Xavi Claim d'or this year and then let Messi rack them up for the rest to come lol

You see how he controlled and finished that pass behind him? Defender had no chance...
St1or (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Yet another Trophy for Cesc! I'm so happy for the guy! Lets take this good form we're in and not concede any more points in La Liga!

By the way, how many others thought Messi lost the ball after his first touch, in his second goal. When he made that second touch, I screamed 7 am in the morning.... Lol

Visca barca!
Tikitakafcb (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Me toooo, I can't believe it. He still has his knee cap on the correct place
Dreadlord (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Gotta' get the sextuple now!
Classius (Manchester City) 5 years ago
This was not a duel from the beginning.... Well back to football.... City won!
Gunnerdemaestro (Arsenal) 5 years ago
That first goal mate! Santos coulda forgot about defending and just watched it !

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