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Mid Season Evaluations
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 2 years ago
So I thought a little half way through the season would be a good time to evaluate the performances of our players and start to look into which ones which we would be better to part with. I'll try and do each player in two parts, performance and what the club should do before or during the off season. Not totally up to date with all the contracts with the players so I'll try to stick with the ones I know.

1. Victor Valdes - Don't really have any complaints about Valdes, off the top of my head there aren't really many errors this season and he has been pretty consistent. We own the best defensive record and Valdes is the front runner for the Zamora trophy currently so make with that what you will. Looking up his stats, he boasts 10 clean sheets and averages over 2 saves a game. Also to add on to that if I am reading this stats properly, he has 100% 1v1 record.

We all know that Valdes wants to move from the club but I would definitely be extremely happy if he had a change of heart and decided to stay for another couple of years. No matter what happens I sincerely hope that Valdes leaves out the front door and is welcomed back to Barcelona and the Camp Nou every time he visits whether as a player or as a fan.


2. Montoya - So far this season he has played 10 times and a couple of those times it was because of an injury to Dani Alves (and Alba) that he played so much this season. Montoya was a player which I really enjoyed watching last season. Thought that he was the perfect balance to Alba on the left. A smart defence first full back who had excellent decision making skills. This season though he looks to have taken a step back. Its tough to say whether he lacks rhythm and/or minutes but his touches and passing haven't been as crisp and none of his performances have really shown that he is ready to take the next step.

Montoya is currently in contract negotiations. Tough to really evaluate what the club should do with him. Renewal is probably ideal but we shouldn't reward him with a high or even a mid level salary with his current performances.


3. Pique - I think it is safe to say that it is one of his better seasons. He seems to be much less error prone then before and has put in some top quality performances as of late. Want to just highlight the key match against Atletico Madrid where he was a stand out performer and battled with the ever annoying Diego Costa. My one complaint about Pique, isn't really about him but more of the defensive system for set pieces. The numbers don't lie, we are at 6 goals conceded from corners and I believe you can add 1 or 2 if you want to include set pieces. The man marking system definitely isn't utilizing our best header of the ball, can't really blame Pique on that one.

Pique is in the midst of signing a new contract as well. I would prefer to put it on the back burner and watch how consistent Pique can perform for the rest of the season and maybe into parts of the next before I decide to take away a definite motivational aid for him. There are rumours about selling him but I would be against it, why sell Pique just to buy David Luiz? Not to mention he has been acknowledging that he needs to take on a bigger leadership role.


4. Fabregas - One of the most consistent performers this season. He is a big key for us to unlock defences and benefits from the added pace and directness in our game. Still doesn't have the tools to dictate the tempo of the game which Xavi does but he makes up for that in willingness to get into the box and make attacking runs.

I wouldn't accept any sort of bid for Fabregas unless Manchester United decide to put in a 15 million Euro bid for him.... When they do that I'll just give a good chuckle and move on.


5. Puyol - Don't really want to say too much about Puyol. He hasn't played enough games to really judge him, nor has he really played in any key matches. I think it is clear that at 35 years old and the lack of significant minutes this season that retirement is coming into the conversation.

His contract runs till 2016 and I believe it will become a 1 year rolling contract after that. I can see him lasting till 2016 but I hope that he gets a head start into the coaching arena. His willingness to take the youngsters under his wing (Pique, Fontas, Bartra) clearly shows that he would make a great coach (for us) someday.

Alfrodo (Barcelona) 2 years ago
I think is a great discussion and you spent a lot of time thinking about it. I appreciate your evaluation because I haven't been able to watch very many matches this season. I wish I could give my two cents but, like I said, it would not be a representative eval
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 2 years ago
I was going to do the whole team.... But didn't

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