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Mallorca V Barcelona, Nov 11
Quantum (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Yes.... Messi is awesome, his 1st goal is a result of really sublime dribbling. But still I can't accept what he has done @ 2;42s. Where is he heading for in that run?
Deanbethel (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Bust Messi is a Freak of Nature
Deanbethel (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Barca really hasn't impressed me this year as much as past.... Especially in the celtic game
Wolski888 (Mallorca) 4 years ago
Great game by Barca. Mallorca didn't do too bad as well. Better then against are. Madrid.

Does anyone know why I cannot rate the teams' performance? It doesn't seem to cast my vote...
Zizuthelegend (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Oh man just watch and enjoy rating is for movies
Wolski888 (Mallorca) 4 years ago
KidRobe (Real Madrid) 4 years ago
I swear he's not human
Jepc92003 (Barcelona) 4 years ago
You right on that, xtiANO is a great player but he's unlucky he's living in the era of the best player has ever lived in the planet lol
Jojosanz (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Was Aouate's family being held for ransom if Barça didn't score at least two goals by half time? He just gave up on Xavi's free kick, and Messi's first...
MesQuUnClub (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Messi's first may be, but Xavi's goal was pure genius, there is nothing he or anyone else could do about it. We are spoiled to see these types of goals often from barca, but reality is that these types of goals require tremendous precision and strength. Just ask Casillas the best goalie.
Field looked slippery which could explain Messi's first
Moebius (Bayern München) 4 years ago
Not trying to take any credit away from Barcelona or Messi but Messi's last goal - as beautiful it was - was irregular. In the moment of his shot, Sanchez was both in an offside position and blocking the view of the goalie!
Kelvintemp (Barcelona) 4 years ago
If player isn't participating in the play then it's not offside. C'est le rule. Unfortunate to be a keeper in those situations
Messionage (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Lol you gotta' be kidding me! Its actually ridiculous of you to even mention that. If that's the case, then god knows how many goals have been scored in similar manner! Infact go watch Tello's goal. In the moment of his shot, a barca player was offside. You didn't pay too much attention there and I wonder why? Ohh yea because it wasn't scored by messi right so who cares lol. Get a life! You are just a sore looser!
Kakimora (Real Madrid) 4 years ago
Reputable sites such as say messi's goal was suppose to be disallowed. None the less even if they decide the goal I'm pretty sure he woulda scored another one lol
Moebius (Bayern München) 4 years ago
@ Messionage: You seem to get carried away pretty fast with your emotions! Take a deep breath, relax and think about your health! If a player in an offside position blocks the view of the goalie at the time of the shot it should be disallowed. As Tello was shooting, no Barcelona Player was blocking the goalie's view! I don't care who scored the goal. I have no resentments towards Messi. On the contrary, I admire his skills!
Sasidhar (Barcelona) 4 years ago
@Moebius You're right. The goalie was unsighted - it should have been given offside.

However, I doubt he would have saved it given how well Messi struck the shot (and because the goalie was having a horrendous day)
Messionage (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Lol alright man I am calm now! Anyways what I don't get is why do people point out these critical things? If refs have to be this critical then god knows how many goals will be disallowed!
DarkenLFCBarca (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Only messi can stop messi    Keep it up my belove team    Visca Barca
Quantum (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Barca played lots of missed passes. Team lacks pace, even the counter attacks are too slow to produce any result. I miss Barca's sharp passing, one-twos . My opinion
Jeganx (Liverpool) 4 years ago
Exactly what I felt. Wonder who is the weak link here...
Jepc92003 (Barcelona) 4 years ago
I think we just not having the best tiki take time these days
Quantum (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Jeganx : I am not sure, whether there is a missing link. Those days are gone may be. With aging Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol and all.... This is what bound to happen. We just could not replace this lot, they are too unique.
Or, it might be our way of thinking But personally, I don't see them at their best
JKTan (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Messi is simply magic. Who in the world can stop him now? Speed wise.... Usain bolt maybe but guy's in running business. Shots.... A goal covered with concrete wall. Lol. Damn this kid (only 25 goodness me) is too good to be true. He's living his own "god" level in football now.

And I always wonder.... What would barcelona be without messi.... I know they got xavi iniesta but messi is the one that links and completes their attacks with goals. Barca seem to always too dependant on one unstoppable superstar like ronaldinho last time. It's not a good thing if you think about the balance of a team.... Agree? Just wondering
4ever (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Don't jinx our superstar.... But barca isn't messi.... They have their own identity.... We fortunate get messi, so barca developed a system or formation for his playing style....
F he isn't, they make system accordingly....
Barca is barca only.... They been playing passing football since 90's.... May be before am not much knowing about tht.... I havent seen any other team which is playing as beautiful as barca(may be bielsa's argentina as good as).... Great teams do have greater players, so is barca also....
JKTan (Manchester United) 4 years ago
No offense bro am just wondering. Am fan of barca's passing style too. For me I call it "art". Simply pure beauty of football. Just that united's me childhood club. The love's forever. And you don't know how I wish united could pass like barca sometimes when they look lost in attacks.... Honestly they did sometimes. Closest to barca was arsenal during henry bergkamp overmars vieira era
Ilikeairports (Barcelona) 4 years ago
@4ever: There's been influences of a "passing style" for a while but the whole total football concept of 60%-plus possession and everyone available everywhere is, in this team, essentially Dutch/Cruyffian and was first perfected (in a 90's version) by the Dream Team captained by Pep himself.

@JKTan: Fair enough. There ARE matches in which Messi doesn't play, even when he'd be available. They're not the kinds of Barça matches you'd watch (round-of-last-2096 cup ties and sh#t) but to fans, they're interesting. My impression is that the fabric of the Barcelona game is almost completely unaffected by Messi being out; pass-move-shift-pass-pass, let the opponent chase the ball. There's also plenty of quality in attack and our defensive problems are the same with or without Messi. The one thing that's kind of missing (except for some only-Messi strokes of genius) is a certain explosive quality, a guy who will just dash past everyone. Messi adds speed quite often; the only one I see doing something similar is Tello, though obviously on a more non-Godlike level
Jepc92003 (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Tello can't compare to Messi, he's learning to be useful but he's far from Messi even in his beginning lol, we need Villa instead of Sanchez but I think he's not totally in shape yet
Connections (Juventus) 4 years ago
Always happy to see Tello score! He should start more
MesQuUnClub (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Amen to that. He and Villa should start regularly, and Pedro and Sanchez off the bench
Preznet (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Messi's shot makes no sense to me. I still can't figure out how he gets that much velocity and accuracy while hardly swingin his foot. That last goal was nonsense
Humza1832 (Barcelona) 4 years ago
GO Barca!
BHAKUNDO (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Back then there was a children book story where a man touches anything turns into gold and here in 21st era, messi touches the ball and that turns into goal...
Zezinho 4 years ago
Must be a myth: I saw him play for Argentina and that barely happened
Gerrardian (Liverpool) 4 years ago
Keep talking s**t, Pele. Messi will break all your records
Johny (Arsenal) 4 years ago
I don't know about 1000+ goals but he will definitely be better. Only 25 too. Scary
Wgscheve (Borussia Dortmund) 4 years ago
Pele got most of those in brazilian regional leagues
Itaintrite (Liverpool) 4 years ago
Most of Messi's goals are amazing as well. Not that many tap-ins
4 years ago
Keep in mind Pele didn't play in a league where the best of the best were seldcted out of the world to be on each team. Also there was no offside rule back then. I'm sure Messi would average 5-6 goals a game that way.

And I also heard Peles numbers arent offical and that they might have exaggerated the numbers but idk if that's true or not just saying what I heard
4ever (Barcelona) 4 years ago
No need to take ceridt away from pele.... He is two times world champions.... Messi is incomplete till he gets a world cup....
But as skills concerned messi is far beter than pele.... And pele thinks football died after him.... So arrogant....
Messi doesn't need to score 1000 goals to show he is beter.... He already is beter than....
MesQuUnClub (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Back then there was Pele, the pearl. Then again came Maradona. Fast forward, and we have the out of this world Messi, which to me is the ultimate football player in every sense of the word, the best passer, the best scorer, the best dribbler, the best team mate, .... Etc and most important most humble. You name it, anything anyone has done, Messi can do better.
Looks like Pele is being infected with the CRYingitis, a disease that affect wonderful football players that makes them arrogant and think less of better players. Move on Pele, the ship you were on, already sailed
Laurignano (Toronto) 4 years ago
To be honest.... Maybe a bit off topic but everyone always talks about Pele scoring his 1000th goal.... But I find it surprising a lot of people forget about Puskas. Puskas claims to have scored his 1000th goal 6 years before Pele did (which could be true), and played eventually played for Real Madrid (was fat too haha). I doubt Messi will score 1000 goals, but I could see him coming close
JRadical (Manchester United) 4 years ago
@Gerrardian I don't know maybe his club records, but certainly not his records with Brazil. Messi has a long way to go there. 3 world cups 77 goals for country, 1281 goals in total. That's a hard record to break
BHAKUNDO (Chelsea) 4 years ago
I think we cannot compare messi and pele like messi and ronaldo because they were from the different era where both are ruling accordingly. Records are meant to be broken doesn't mean we can forget the legacy of pele. The only thing we can do is appreciate the quality game we are getting to watch from these two players not pele but messi and Ronaldo at the present state

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