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WildChild (Barcelona) 5 years ago
I honestly think $30 million is too steep for Sanchez. I'm not too sure about him. Personaly I would rather we'd spent that on getting Guissepe Rossi instead. His left foot is an assassin's weapon. He will finish every little chance that is given to him. I absolutely LOVE his style of playing.

I read in TBS's tweeter updates that Cesc is almost certain to come to Barca this summer. $51 million is what we're going to spend. If this transfer does happen I will be extremely happy. I know that you all think that there's no point in bringing Cesc back to Barca, that he is too expensive, that he is made of glass, that we will not have a place for him and blah blah blah. But I beg to differ. We can always move Iniesta to left wing and put Fabi in his place. Imagine a Fabi & Xavi in a creative roll and Iniesta with a more free role running down the left wing with Messi just dominating up front. Every attack will be deadly! (Also just want to remind you guys that this season Fabregas has created the most goal scoring chances per minute of play! His vision is the only one I dare to compare to our beloved chameleon eyes, Xavi Hernandez)

The only thing that worries me is that now are we going to have enough to spend on a defender? Matt Hummels should cost around $15mm. Hopefully we can pay that off by selling some players. We should be able to get $15mm easily out of Bojan's sad sad sad departure.

Players I would love to see in Barca at some point and I think would fit in perfectly and improve our squad:

Carlos Tevez (if he's willing to leave city and if he leaves this summer otherwise forget about it) Juan Mata (first choice), David Silva, Santi Cazorla, Matt Hummels, Gervinho (Lille) or Neymar (despite all the instant hatred towards him)
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
I doubt Bojan would leave on a transfer. A loan is much more likely and there are clubs willing to loan him as well.

Hummels I doubt will cost 15m. I believe that since he renewed his contract this year his value has sky rocketed to at least 35 because I believe the 8million selling clause was terminated.

I do like the idea of Mata. He has even put his transfer talks on hold until Barca say something about his possibility of joining us.

I really do like David Silva but he would play in the midfield in an already heavy in depth midfield. Since he had a great season with Man City.... Cesc would be the cheaper option. (Yes I said that Cesc would be cheaper)
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
I doubt Bojan would leave on a transfer. A loan is much more likely and there are clubs willing to loan him as well.

Hummels I doubt will cost 15m. I believe that since he renewed his contract this year his value has sky rocketed to at least 35 because I believe the 8million selling clause was terminated.

I do like the idea of Mata. He has even put his transfer talks on hold until Barca say something about his possibility of joining us.

I really do like David Silva but he would play in the midfield in an already heavy in depth midfield. Since he had a great season with Man City.... Cesc would be the cheaper option. (Yes I said that Cesc would be cheaper)
Messsssssssssi (Barcelona) 5 years ago
What do rossi, neymar and sanchez all have in common? They're all short! Instead of spending 30+ mil for a bench warmer or a super sub, i'd much rather see it go into getting some size up front.... Someone like llorente or hulk or a drogba type player.... Personally I think hulk stands out the most.... He may not be as tall as llorente but he's definitely more agile, versatile and is faster than llorente. Hell fit in better with our fast pace, ball controlling game AND he's a goal scoring machine!

I'd much rather see this money go to hulk than cesc, for me, our midfield is perfect, thiago has proved that he can come in as a sub and make and impact or replace someone in case of injuries. Buying cesc and forcing iniesta to play winger won't really add anything to our midfield and doesn't change that much in our attack either....

A front 3 like villa-hulk-messi to seems unmatchable! Sure villa hasnt been exceptional on the wing this season but he has shown signs of improvement on the wing. Ex. Our last game vs rm.
For me trying to get hulk seems like a no brainer but I have a feeling barca are gonna' go and get cesc anyway....
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
Hulk and every other Porto player are heavily overpriced. There is nothing wrong with having short players.

Messi is short after all. Would you rather have Drogba than him? Xavi? Iniesta? Pedro? Puyol? We have the shortest team in Europe (fact) yet we are the highest scoring team by far as well?

The team is built around speed and fast forwards. This is why Zlatan failed, why Henry is gone, why Gudjohnsen moved into the midfield.

What do Rossi, Neymar and Sanchez have in common? They are all lightning fast and great with their feet. They all have a great footballing brain. And when talking about Rossi and Sanchez they have a personality which will fit into the squad. And well, they can score and create goals.

The sacrifice of speed in our squad will only hurt it.
WildChild (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Perfectly put TBS, thank you very much. I've been trying to make this point to everyone here for the past 2 months and no one listens. Getting a tower up front, even if they are unbelievable at what they do (Zlatan) will be repeating disaster. Our game does not involve tall strikers. This is Barca's style and personality and if you don't like it maybe you need to look at other clubs for satisfaction. Barca plays on the ground and we are the best at it. We are lightening fast and that "Football Brain" that TBS mentioned is the most important quality for a Barca player.

If we want to add an aerial dimention to our game, we can always push up Pique as a striker. This has always worked for us this season. We can practice pushing up our defenders on corners to get goals on corners. Answer is not changing the system, we need to fine tune our approach. We have this GEM that no one else has and that's our ground play. This is worth billions and has won us three la liga's and 2 (possibly) Champion Leagues in 3 years! It's as successful as anything can be. Why should we distrupt the flow of this system for a possibilty of a be plan which may not work (infact it didn't with Zlatan, WHO ARE WE going TO GET better than zlatan?).

If we want aerial threat, we can always get it by buying a defender like Matt Hummels or David Luiz (just saying). On corners we push them up and have our fast midfield cover their back. If game is not going the way we want to we can push them up and leave the full backs to defend.

I think that's the best option
Messsssssssssi (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Drogba is a striker, comparing him to messi, xavi, iniesta, puyol and pedro doesn't rlly make sense.... None of them are strikers! Messi has played in the central posiition but messi usually plays everywhere and never rlly plays in a strikers position

And I never suggested to sell our short players and invest in tall ones.... I was simply saying that if were going to invest a lot of many in a player it might as well go towards a player that will add something to our team that we already don't have! Buying cesc doesn't add anything we don't already have....

And how can you say Zlatan failed at barca? He rarely played towards the end of the season and still has the same goals as villa! The problem with ibra was his ego but that's a completely different story.

Back to the hulk thing, you make it seem like he's this tall lanky player who has no pace or dribbling skills. He's not peter crouch! He's only 6 ft tall and he can play on the ground just as well as most other players. In my opinion, hed be a great addition to us because he can play with the ball on the floor and in the air. He's obviously not as good on the ground as messi but hell be the biggest aerial threat we have and having someone whos an aerial threat will draw some defenders to constantly double mark him providing messi with some more room to work with.
Messsssssssssi (Barcelona) 5 years ago
How can you see putting pique as a striker being the solution? Sure he's tall but c'mon lets get real he's a defender! Pique and Busquets have been in the penalty box for every corner this season and how many goals have they headed in from there? I can't even remember any....

And if you think ibra and hulk would disrupt the flow of our game surely you don't think pique or hummels could effectively play forward without disrupting the flow of the game
Mejay (Barcelona) 5 years ago
NO FOR neymar. I am an anti-neymar person. I love the fact that he is helping Brazil but I'll be killing myself if he join Barca
Mejay (Barcelona) 5 years ago
*********************double posting-sorry*************
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
Ibra is a failure because he didn't fit into the squad. He couldn't keep up with the pace and couldn't get to the end of through balls. He was lazy on the offense and wouldn't press the players and would never be caught running back to help defend.

I am not comparing Drogba to the players, I am saying that we never had height to begin with so I don't see why we should suddenly look for someone with height after Ibrahimovic had already failed in his role.

Our style doesn't rely on crossing or set pieces so the height won't change much. What I am trying to say is that the team will lose effectiveness if we decide that height is more important than speed.

On Hulk, he is a great player but as I said before. He is a Porto player and Porto players are always over-priced. I think he would be a great buy because he can play in any of the top 3. If his price tag drops to under the 30million tag that would be great but right now I don't think Porto will accept anything less that 40 - 45 million and that is why he is still at Porto
WildChild (Barcelona) 5 years ago
It's funny how you intenationally chose to ignore the most important points in my post and took out pieces to argue with. I said that Barca's style is what we're known for and it's our character. Playing low on the ground and lightening speed is Barca's "Thing" and we're going to keep doing it until the end of time. We have never compromised this style no matter what situation we've been to and you are suggesting we do. If you don't like the most important and pivotal thing about FC Barcelona then maybe you're not a fan of FC Barcelona.

I never said use Pique and Hummels as strikers! I said if we are looking for a plan be why don't we start working on pushing them up ON corner kicks so we can get some goals out of our set pieces. On average we have around 15-20 set pieces a game and we play almost every one of them short. There is no need for that. If we have Hummels, he will definitely give us that dimension on the set pieces. Push up Pique, Hummels, Abidal and Busquets on the set pieces and we'll have plenty of options to score. Practice this properly and we will get pretty good at it. We will have average a goal a game from set pieces (because we get so many of them).

Oh and also one more thing that you might not have noticed so far: hulkkkkkkkkkk issssssss aaaaaaa wingerrrrrrrrrrrr!! DOH! Lolz you just opposed your main point by suggesting Hulk as a striker. Porto's striker is Falcao my friend. I just can't take someone's suggestions seriously when they don't even know what they're talking about. If you would have suggested Llorente then you'd have some credibility. I don't think all year I've seen Hulk score a header and I follow Porto's games pretty much every week. He will definitely not add any aerial threat to our game, that's for sure. He would be a great winger for us though but he is going to be way too expensive, specially with Fifa's FFP rules coming in on June 1st. We'll be left with no money to even buy a CB.

Anyways, why don't we let the panel of experts who get paid million decide who our next players are going to be and we stick to our support and love for the club! There is no reason to get heated up over something that we have no control over. Peace
Ltm017 5 years ago
We need someone with a little height.... Not completely necessary though. Our best header besides puyol is probably Keita. Even if we get a relatively cheap striker to come off the bench I think it would be a good idea. As much as I didn't like Ibra he did add a little bit of a dimension to the game with his height. We can use that once in a while instead of having Pique move forward all the time
Messsssssssssi (Barcelona) 5 years ago
@ TBS I think your missing my point here. What I'm trying to say is that if were gonna' invest in a forward this summer, it might as well be someone thatll add something we don't already have. And we have plenty of small, young wingers with pace with pedro, bojan, affelay and even messi. Personally, I think it would be smarter to get someone with size and pace that could help on set pieces and provide an option for a cross from a wide position. Whether or not hulk could be that person is uncertain and 40-45 mil for him is WAY too much but I still think that we should continue to look for someone with size and pace that could fit into our team. A torres or drogba type of player.

@ WC pushing pique or hummels up on set pieces may not be such a sure thing as you think it is. As I said before Pique and Busquets are usually in the box for corner and they hardly ever end up in the back of the net. Not to mention that if lets say we get hummels and hummels, pique, and busquets go in for the corner, who will be back to defend in case of a counter attack? Alves, abidal and iniesta or messi? You have acknowledge the defensive risk your taking but pushing both CB up because the ball could be headed out easily and there could be a goal scoring opportunity the other way. A realistic compromise would be to to put one CB and the CDM or just both CB. That is why it would be wiser to get a forward that could be an aerial threat. That way the defenders will be closely marking the 3 taller players who could all score and also potentially leave someone else unmarked.

And does it really matter that hulk is a winger now? Players change position all the time. Especially during one of our games! Our 3 forwards are constantly switching positions during a game. Messi is a winger and has played in a central role many times so why can't hulk? Villa was a striker last year and now he plays on the wing! There is no reason to believe that hulk cannot be just as effective as a striker than he is as a winger! He's tall, he's fast, he can dribble and he can finish.

And as for the money issue, barca prob have a lot more money than you think. With the 25 mil from the Qatar foundation, another 25-30 from ibra, well be atleast 50 mllion dollars richer by september.... And that's not calculating all the money made from tickets, and merchandise. The money is there, whether or not Rosell wants to invest it in a player is up to him

TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
The money really isn't there since the club is in debt and needs to balance the books with financial fairplay(FFP) kicking in at the end of this season.

I understand how you think height would add to our game, but adding height to our game and throwing in crosses instead of building up like we usually do would take away from our game.

Unless the forward has speed he would be useless to the team. Yes we get lots of free kicks and rarely get anything out of it but it would hurt the team more if we have a player on the field who can't keep up with the offense. If the play couldn't fit in with the speed of Barca's forwards than it would be like playing with 10 men every match
Messsssssssssi (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Well according to the article I just read, teams are allowed to spend up to 38.5 million more than is earned over a year. Which isn't that much of a cap for barcelona considering how much money they make off merchandise and ticket sales. Add to that the money well make from ibra, qatar and bonuses for winning la liga and champions league (if such bonuses exist) and barca have a lot of room to work with. Obviously, spending it all wouldnt be very smart considering our financial situation but we could definitely invest in a player and salvage some of that debt at the same time. How much money thas going to be used for each is up to rosell to decide since he's got a much better idea of barcas financial position than I do lol.

And yes I completely agree that we should maintain our current gamestyle but throw in a cross from time to time to shake up the defenders and keep them on their toes.

Heres the link to the article I read

TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
It is best not to put ourselves in a position that would put our champions league football at stake and we should really work to fulfilling the requirements and become a model club for UEFA. Rosell has already said that we will get a guaranteed 40 million to invest on players along with anything that we raise from transfers. 40 + the money we can get from Milito, Caceres, and maybe Hleb, Keirrison and Henrique should give us from 10-25 million in additional transfer funds which we should be able to use wisely. Hopefully this will set the club in good position going forward. This is especially important considering the uncertainty in the television rights deal at the moment

On the height again. Height would be good, but as I said before we cannot sacrifice speed for anything.

A forward who is suited to the 85 minutes per game which we don't have set pieces or cross the ball is more effective than a player who is only there to play the 5 minutes when we do have corners, free kicks and crossing
Amr88 (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Rossi in barca? .... That just sent a chill down my spine
I can't even begin to imagine him teaming with villa and messi with xavi and iniesta behind him
Mejay (Barcelona) 5 years ago
I am not being silly here but I love Pedro to be in the first team always. Eventhough I like to see Rossi on our team
Messsssssssssi (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Same here, I really like pedro, he's worked his ass off for the last 3 seasons to make the first team and now that he's finally secured a spot and I would hate to see him on the subs list again
SIMPLYGODS 5 years ago
What else is on the list. I really hate how barca is so secretive about who they buy, who they trade. Their official website never has the info until the last minute, fifa doenst even seem to know haha. Totalbarca seems to know a little bit but even that may be a little stretched due to the fact its not the official barca page, it seems most of them are rumors
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
One rumor that is starting that I would really love to be true is the Cavani to Barca one.

If Rosell is willing to spend that apparent 60 million on Neymar he should instead listen to Pep and look at Cavani
Soccerrenz (Barcelona) 5 years ago
I hope Neymar doesn't come to Barca. He is just like Cristiano and I definitively don't want that kind of ego in there
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 5 years ago
He would be good as a Villa replacement, will cost a pretty penny
Fichado9 (Chelsea) 5 years ago
He may cost a fortune, but he will be worth every penny of it
BlingBling (Barcelona) 5 years ago
If cavani comes there will be no space
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
You are probably right but this if Rosell decides that they want to splash the cash on Neymar
AdnanMessi (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Cavani is probably the current best center striker in the world right now.... Neymar, as good as he might be, is ridiculously overrated

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