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TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 2 years ago
So.... Guess what people?!?!

Lionel is going to be a daddy!

Lionel Messi is going to be a daddy!

Just to repeat:

Lionel messi IS going TO BE A father!


But really the biggest news today is from Antonio Di Natale. He has taken the first and probably the biggest steps to ensure that Piermario Morosini's sister gets the proper care which her brother would have wanted for her.

Antonio Di Natale wishes to try to repay Piermario for helping him overcome a very difficult time in his life when his mother passed away and has taken it upon himself to become Piermario's sister who requires special care.

Fabby (Arsenal) 2 years ago
Respect to Di Natale!

Messi being a father feels weird for some reason, he still looks like a kid himself. But congratz to him if its the truth
NeymarJr (Real Madrid) 2 years ago
ARE YOU serious? Messi IS going TO BE A father, that's LIKE impossible TO imagine, looooooool. That's great news! I'm happy for Messi and who is the mother?
Jeroen (Barcelona) 2 years ago
Leo, a father?! Damn. Weird. I wonder how he felt when he 'scored'.

About Di Natale taking care of the disabled sister of Morosini: I always knew Di Natale was like that. It's not the first time he does something uncharacteristic of a top-flight footballer with loads of money. I respect him a lot, and I really wonder why he still has relatively few Italy caps under his belt. He's been one of their best strikers for over a decade
NouCampHero (Barcelona) 2 years ago
Hats off to Di Natale!    P. S Don't tell Wenger about Messi's kid
Saddyjr (Barcelona) 2 years ago
Where did you hear he was going to be a father?
2 years ago
The respect I have for Di Natale has just skyrocketed. Such class
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 2 years ago
For sure Di Natale is very uncharacteristic of a top level athlete in any sport. How many players do you see stick it out for in a city of less than 100 000 people?

I have to agree with everything you said Jeroen
Ihkhan (Real Madrid) 2 years ago
Di Natale.... What a guy!.... Great gesture
KidRobe (Real Madrid) 2 years ago
Messi a dad? Congrats to him! And Di Natale truly a classy player so much respect for him
Devrod (Barcelona) 2 years ago
Well, not meaning to start s**t but chelsea had a few contentious decisions in their favor today and one of their fans said, and I quote "dn't blame us blame the FA" its amazing how quickly fans change their minds about these kinda things know what I mean
St1or (Barcelona) 2 years ago
Hypocrisy bro! I also heard Ashley Young dived again today....

It's like when United accuse us of diving, when they accuse us of getting referee calls, when chelsea accuse us of getting referee favours, when madrid accuse us of diving and cheating.... It's all hypocrisy

Just learn to ignore it!
VonBonitoC (Real Madrid) 2 years ago
Diving, its okay because every team has it but its true for us Madrid regarding the getting away with cheating part while we don't.

Just ignore me bud. No worries!
ZIDANE0510 (Barcelona) 2 years ago
I'm really looking forward to this Wed! Hope Barca will beat Chealsea! And The final gonna' be Barca against Real Madrid which is the most exciting champions league final ever! These two teams have never played in final before!
Russia (Barcelona) 2 years ago
Copa Del Rey
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 2 years ago
SUPER CUP DE esapana(almost every YEAR)  Lool
ZIDANE0510 (Barcelona) 2 years ago
I mean Champions League final lol
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 2 years ago
Spanish Super Cup? Hikman, this year was the first time that an El Clasico has happened in the Spanish Super Cup since 1997
VonBonitoC (Real Madrid) 2 years ago
Wow a barca fan with zidane as the profile name. Much respect bud
ZIDANE0510 (Barcelona) 2 years ago
He is my favorite soccer player
Corvettee (Barcelona) 2 years ago
Hey guys most see this video; I think this was the most amazing session of Lionel Messi
Look at his scoring way just mind blowing It made my day
St1or (Barcelona) 2 years ago
Wait till they make a "Leo Messi 75 goals 2011/2012"
Lampstar (Chelsea) 2 years ago
Looking forward to Terry vs. Messi
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 2 years ago
I'm looking forward to Mikel vs the Barca midfield, let's see how far he really has come
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 2 years ago
Idk If Barca fans took my comment seriously or thought I was being sarcastic :L
Alexinho (AC Milan) 2 years ago
Meh, I am still trying to determe whether your prediction of the upcoming match (further down) to be a 10-10 was serious or sarcastic.

St1or (Barcelona) 2 years ago
@Real    Worry about di marina, pepe, penaldo, newly learned ozil, etc etc
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 2 years ago
Fifaman1017 (FC Barcelona II) 2 years ago
Unbelievable stats between these two, just insane playing at the top level

La Liga

Hat-tricks: Ronaldo - 7 Messi - 6

Goals (Games): Ronaldo - 40 (32) Messi - 39 (31)

Assists: Ronaldo - 11 Messi - 14

Average shots/game: Ronaldo - 6. 9 Messi - 5. 5

Pass % completion: Ronaldo - 80. 9% Messi - 84. 1%

Key Passes/game: Ronaldo - 1. 6 Messi - 2. 6

Successful dribbles/game: Ronaldo - 1. 8 Messi - 4. 8

Average dispossessed/game: Ronaldo - 1. 9 Messi - 2. 7

Average passes/game: Ronaldo - 37. 6 Messi - 64. 9

Accurate through balls/game: Ronaldo - 0. 5 Messi - 1. 5

% of team’s goals scored: Ronaldo 41. 6 Messi - 36. 6

Penalties scored: Ronaldo - 11 Messi - 5

Champions League

Goals: Ronaldo - 8 Messi - 14

Assists: Ronaldo - 2 Messi - 4

MOM awards: Ronaldo - 3 Messi - 8

Shots per Game: Ronaldo - 7. 4 Messi - 7. 1

Attempts on target: Ronaldo - 24 Messi - 34

Dribbles per match: Ronaldo - 2. 9 Messi - 3. 9

Accurate long balls/game: Ronaldo - 0. 8 Messi - 1. 7

Accurate through balls/game: Ronaldo - 0. 4 Messi - 1. 4

Fouls against: Ronaldo - 14 Messi - 23

Other Competitions/International

Goals in all competitions: Ronaldo - 52 Messi - 61

Hat-tricks: Ronaldo - 7 Messi - 8

International goals (games) Ronaldo - 6(7) Messi - 5(7)
Messionage (Barcelona) 2 years ago
Both of them have 41 in league
Davian (Arsenal) 2 years ago
Where do you get these stats from? They seem to be very indicative of how each player plays.... Me likes-__-
My only prob is the
"% of team’s goals scored: Ronaldo 41. 6 Messi - 36. 6"
That stat is strange to me, doesn't messi have a larger % of barca goals than ronaldo at madrid. I mean higuain & benzema have more goals than xavi, cesc, sanchez?!?
Fifaman1017 (FC Barcelona II) 2 years ago
These stats came out before the last game messionage
Corvettee (Barcelona) 2 years ago
How to know who is the man of the match?
St1or (Barcelona) 2 years ago
^    Usually gets voted after the match in their respective websites
Fifaman1017 (FC Barcelona II) 2 years ago
Opinions on the chelsea match guys? If you look at past matches, i've noticed that the one team barca always struggles against is chelsea. What are your thoughts on the game
I'm predicting barca to win 1-0
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 2 years ago
St1or (Barcelona) 2 years ago
I predicted Barca to win 3-1. No offence to Chelsea but unless they create a really hostile environment for Barca, which I think they well, I don't see chelsea not conceding more less than 1 or 2
2 years ago
So a tough encounter against Chelsea on Wednesday. Break a leg guys! Never mind, Chelsea will do it for you.
Fifaman1017 (FC Barcelona II) 2 years ago
I sure hope bayern puts you in your place
Ltm017 2 years ago
Fifaman that is so unnecessarily vulgar
Fifaman1017 (FC Barcelona II) 2 years ago
There, better?
Messionage (Barcelona) 2 years ago
May the better teams meet in the Finals, and the best team to win it!
NeymarJr (Real Madrid) 2 years ago
He meant be careful cause Chelsea players will be fouling a lot
Violencia (Liverpool) 2 years ago
I'd very much enjoy a 8-0 victory over chelski. With no diving, no penalties, and no red cards. Just a good old fashioned eruption of destruction
NandoTorres9 (Liverpool) 2 years ago
Especially after their chants of "Murderers" during the minutes silence for the Hillborough incident today
Liquidator (Chelsea) 2 years ago
Yeah, all of Chelsea was singing 'murderers'. Even those outside of England, sitting at home, in labs, offices, on Mars.

Stop generalizing based on a small subset of imbeciles
Champ119 (Barcelona) 2 years ago
This Wednesday will be a great against Cheslea. Barca needs to win that match
GlennyBoy (Rangers) 2 years ago
Please, please absolutely destroy Chelsea when you play them. End their silly conspiracy theories about the referees
Hari6988 (Barcelona) 2 years ago
You bet. We will also end the conspiracy theories of some of those madrid fans who go su*king up to the chelsea forum looking for a few thumbs up
Influence (Barcelona) 2 years ago
I just read Morosini lost his mother at 15, his father two years later(17) then his disabled brother shortly after & the the only surviving sister is handicap.... What a terrible life. May his soul & those of his mother, father & brother rest in Peace. I wonder how the handicapped elder sister would react to this terrible news, may God help her
Madridista174 (Real Madrid) 2 years ago
God bless her. Terrible terrible case.... Happened on my birthday too
Influence (Barcelona) 2 years ago
Yea its really sad.... By the way happy late birthday
Madridista174 (Real Madrid) 2 years ago
Lol If it sounded selfish to mention my birthday, I didn't mean to. But thanks brother!
Influence (Barcelona) 2 years ago
Not at all
Tobby17 (Liverpool) 2 years ago
How many goals do Messi and [C.] ronaldo have in the league now? .... Just curious
AdnanMessi (Barcelona) 2 years ago
Both have 41. Both broke the record yesterday!
SIMPLYGODS 2 years ago
A wins a win glad we got it and fought till the end for it, even if we had an off game! Now to continue to press on play our best and do our best every game! Visca barca!
Weegeez (Barcelona) 2 years ago
I hope we play our best, yesterday was atrocious
Messionage (Barcelona) 2 years ago
And young dives! Loll!
NandoTorres9 (Liverpool) 2 years ago
The English Di Maria
Messionage (Barcelona) 2 years ago
Funny that tevez was booked yesterday for a dive, when it never was.... Will be interesting to see what City fans have to say about it!
NandoTorres9 (Liverpool) 2 years ago
What I have to say about it.
United players are cheats (and liars) and the refs clearly favour them. It's happened far too many times for it to be coincidence. May aswell give them the title in August as it's 12v11 every game
Guidas (Chelsea) 2 years ago
A barca fan laughing at divers? Oh lol
Nitro (Barcelona) 2 years ago
A Chelsea fan laughing at divers? Oh lol    Might as well add, you mad bro? And other rubbish idiots like you come out with...
MadBro 2 years ago
@Nitro ?
Hari6988 (Barcelona) 2 years ago
Chelsea fans will blame busquets, but their so called legend drogba did the same thing. Hypocrisy much? Atleast, busquets is not a legend here.... LOL
Messionage (Barcelona) 2 years ago
I have all the rights to talk about anything under my team forum.... Atleast I don't go around other people pages like a cu*t and start trolling! See you on wednesday!
Messionage (Barcelona) 2 years ago
Looooll @ Madbro.... Looks like no one got what you did there!
[account-removed] 2 years ago
The very good Reason I hate Manure with Passion Divers, Cheating, Referees team. I think when the league kick off I feel like United had 9 points ahead of every one beacause they are being help by referees

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