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7anzalla (Barcelona) 3 years ago
No real center backs and no real canter forwards. This is Loco! And the pinnacle of Total Football.    Forca Barca!
7anzalla (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Abidal as center back! Woohoo!  Why the F is Adriano starting instead of Bartra!
Foootyfan (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Will messi be fit to face 1 leg against Bayern?
Calm (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Official lineup:  Valdes alves Adriano abidal Montoya  Song thiago iniesta  Cesc villa Sanchez
Vben0 3 years ago
Weegeez (Barcelona) 3 years ago
7anzalla (Barcelona) 3 years ago
I don't understand why they don't start Bartra. These are the games he needs to prove himself!
Jeroen (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Bayern will be a more ferocious opponent than we've ever faced since Pep took over Barça. For the first time since then, it's clear we are the underdogs by a stretch IMO. Despite their amazing defensive record, it's their clinical finishers who always make the perfect runs inside the box that I fear most. Against our defence, they might have a field day unless we can play with a high defensive line and play the offside trap perfectly, which is unlikely.

All Bayern players (except maybe Neuer) are brimming with confidence and are looking at their very best. The team is a unit that communicates telepathically it seems. They have several players with great individual ability to create chances in case their usual great teamwork is letting them down. And then there's their bench which is stocked with players in great form too (Van Buyten, Pizarro, Robben, Shaqiri).

The only positive notes about our team vs. Bayern I can see are:
* They might play with a bit of fear and pressure because we are still Barcelona and they probably know they are favourites now.
* Neuer might have an off-day because he has barely touched the ball since, well, September or something.
* They never face a team similar to us in Germany, and usually we do well against teams who have never played us in the recent past. Our tiki-taka might be they key to unlock them.
* It sounds controversial, but I think it's great Bayern had another typical great victory today. All of our players and of course Tito will have watched it and watch it over and over again, so they can see how Bayern can play and especially how they attack. We know what to expect and we have to find a way to stop it. If Bayern had lost or drawn today, they'd be even more stoked to win Tuesday.

Every other aspect you can think of, our woeful defence, our one-sided attack, our midfield that is likely to be overrun by their superior physical and gifted midfield.... Those are things I'd rather not think of and I'll just hope for the best Tuesday
JRaty (Barcelona) 3 years ago
I'm honestly getting really tired of all the doom-saying taking place in this forum as of late. There is lowering expectations, and then there is whimpering. Sure, Bayern will be a formidable foe, but let's not exaggerate.

Bayern has a better defence, and better wingers, but I'd give the midfield and, of course, center striker advantage to us. Let's not forget that Barcelona has had the majority of possession since, what, half a decade now, so no matter how good Bayern is, I find it unlikely that our midfield will be overrun. Xavi, Busquets and Iniesta are the very best in their positions, after all. It might be on equal footing for a change. And as for our attack, well, we do still have Messi. If Barcelona with him is one sided, then at least the one side is very effective. Barcelona average more scores per game than Bayern, after all.

All in all, I'm not ready to give this one either way at the moment. Yes, Barcelonas back four is weak, but with Tito and Abidal back they'll be more motivated than ever. And it will be interesting to see how Bayern deal with possibly having to cede possession for a change. Say what you will about Barcelonas one-sidedness, it does mean that they're able to stick to a plan even in face of though opposition. Will Bayern be able to do the same?
Weegeez (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Don't think about it then Just remember, Bayern may be dominant in Bundesliga, but aside from Juventus, they have had some screw ups in Europe like us, that is enough confidence I think. Not to mention they play Barca, yeah in terms of play this season, Barca are underdogs, but the fact that Barca is Barca is enough to strike fear into any opponent, even Bayern. Barca need to play to their strenghs and hopefully with confidence, I still believe the best performance by a single team in UCL was Barca Vs Milan second leg.

Btw we have Messi, so it's pretty even I would say
Jeroen (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Who said I'm ready to give this one away JRaty? I'm just not blind to our chances being meagre for once in 6 years. Besides, did I not say we might have the style of football to unlock Bayern? I think we do, but only if we are sharp, energetic and quick. And we have not been that enough this year (2013, not the season), except against Milan at home.

If we play to 85% of our capacity, we will lose with 3 goals difference. If we can reach 95% or better, we might even win in Germany. All will depend on the fitness and form of our players I feel, because if we are good, the attacks will be fluent, Messi will get his chances and the midfield can dominate and exhaust their midfield by perfect passing. But anything less than a very good performance and Bayern will dominate that midfield and you know they are deadly when they do
JRaty (Barcelona) 3 years ago

I call what you're doing giving it away. You're much too pessimistic. If you think that we'll lose by 3 goals when we play 15% below Bayern, then so will Bayern. It's a two team competition after all. A average Barcelona can't beat a very good Bayern, just like a average Bayern can't beat a very good Barcelona. If both are in good form, then it will be a very, very tight game.

For once, we're not the favorites going in to this match-up. But not being the favorites is a far cry from being underdogs, especially in a big fashion
Jeroen (Barcelona) 3 years ago
My main worry is that Bayern have not been giving away any important games at all for an entire season and they look even more formidable now than before. The only game they were playing badly was the Arsenal game in Germany, and they fielded a complete B-team then.

We on the other hand, have been looking bleak, especially defensively. If you think that's not going to pose a problem, feel free to think so, but I think it will be a major problem. Our defence has been pretty much crap for months now, while Bayern score in every sort of way (except from set pieces, which is good news for us) against any opposition. The only solution to cover for that poor defence, is a flawless midfield, which is why I stressed we had to be sharp, quick and energetic
Alfrodo (Barcelona) 3 years ago
I'd argue that Jeroen is being realistic, not pessimistic. If you look at our champions league history over the last years and the dominant way in which we won some titles, we should not be considered underdogs in our matchup vs. Bayern.

On the other hand, if you look at our recent form (notwithstanding the 2nd leg against Milan), we have had woeful defence, often stagnant attack with poor finishing, and countless injuries. In contrast, Bayern are absolutely flying in offense, defence, midfield, results, tactics, chemistry, etc. Etc.

If we play at our full potential we will be prime title contenders in the champions league. But in the last 5 months we have only done this once against Milan. That is not very reassuring at all and so I agree we are underdogs
JRaty (Barcelona) 3 years ago

I never said that Barcelona will win. The match will be tight, and can go either way. But the thing is, if Barcas form hadn't been bleak since Tito got ill, and their defence wasn't spotty, they wouldn't be going in to this match on par, and certainly not as underdogs. They'd be going in to this match as favorites. If Barca would've had good form all season, then who would bet against them winning yet another champions league title?

As I said, Barcas midfield is the best there is. And Messi is Messi. If they were supported by a solid defence and on form wingers, Barcelona would be expected to win. As it stands, due to Barcas spotty form and defence, they're not favorites.

Let's not forget that according to that graph of yours from earlier, Barcelona has the highest goals per game and goals per shot ratio of all teams. The way to win is to score more than Bayern, and I don't think anyone is expecting that to happen through flawless defending. Both teams are more than likely to score, let's just hope that we score more often. I'm personally expecting a open game
Xgooner4everX (Arsenal) 3 years ago

Nuer has touched the ball, he had to pick it out from his net 3 times against us lol.... Anyway you will beat them but it will be very close like yor game vs PSG
JRaty (Barcelona) 3 years ago

Considering our history, Barca should be favorites. Winning the champions league at a bi-annual rate, and fielding a team that was, and hopefully still is, the best ever according to many. However, due to their problems with the defence and form, they're not favorites.

Jeroen (Barcelona) 3 years ago
JRaty, you summarized all my worries there.

IF our defence wasn't looking bleak, IF Tito was not sick and absent, we would go into these games as favourites. But that is not the case! You have to look at our current form, not at how good we were before the winter. That period is long gone.

I'll summarize all of my points into this one:
IF our midfield can dominate both legs, we have a great chance of going through. Probably 75% or even better. If not, we will surely suffer and we'll have to be lucky converting our scarce chances and hope they miss theirs or VV being awesome. If we can not control the midfield, and there is no team in the world who that will be more difficult against than Bayern, I think we only have about 25% chance of winning over both legs.

I think you attach far too much importance to our past here JRaty. Just because we won many trophies in the past years doesn't mean we will continue that amazing form. It's great we're as good as Spanish champions again and that we're in the semi-finals of the champions league again, but in football I always look at every game individually, because focus (or form, whatever you want to call it) matters a lot.

Edit: those graphs from earlier were only going up until January. I bet our stats wouldn't look as impressive now, and Bayern's have become even more extreme
JRaty (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Jeroen,    As I said, we're not favorites. Based on our history, we would be.
Malik (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Another 6 goals from Bayern they are getting scarier
Avoee (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Oh god, they've gone wild
Weegeez (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Then Barca better scare Bayern back with an even better performance, send them a message that Barca are the 6 time semi finalist
Jeroen (Barcelona) 3 years ago
I wouldn't mind performing below our capacities today, if it means we will be in top form in Germany on Tuesday. I really couldn't care less about this game, I just hope no one gets injured. I would like to see some fluent and quick passing though
Josue (Barcelona) 3 years ago
The Toronto penya is now official! Any supporters in the area should check out the FB page for deets and then come join us on Tuesday!


7anzalla (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Awesome! Maybe ill see you at Elephant&Castle on Tuesday!
4ever (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Malik (Barcelona) 3 years ago

Chelsea have offered Cadet A midfielder Josimar (16) a salary of 120.000 euros a year, 10 times more than what Barcelona can offer. [marca]

Booooooooooooooooooooooooooo involved English teams boooooooooo

English FA should also introduce law which would disable English team to offer crazy monies to youngster (especially to lure them from another countries) , I don't blam any youngster I don't think anyone would reject an offer were he will earning more than 10 times of his current wage
Maaza (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Chelsea is the new Arsenal?
4ever (Barcelona) 3 years ago
That would be a dream offer!Josimer could be in heaven right now, you can't blame him if he considered this offer. But on barca side, this could be a dangerous alarm, if all those english clubs come with these money on our youngsters?
Malik (Barcelona) 3 years ago
(as per my understanding) Spanish authorities doesn't allow underage players to agree / have a professional contract (thus no big buyout clause) this rules provides window for non Spanish teams to lure these youngsters with attractive salaries & pennies for club
7anzalla (Barcelona) 3 years ago
So.... Playing Levante at home today (or tomorrow depending where you are).
Should be a good game and hopefully a good win for us.

Even if he is deemed fit, I think Messi should start on the bench tomorrow and subbed in the second half. Tello definitely deserves a starting berth. I also hope to see Bartra, Thiago, Sanchez and Song.

Right after Valencia play Malaga. Going to be a great match. Very unpredictable, both teams have everything to play for, both sit on 50 points each, (edit) one needs that champions league spot. Can't wait!
Weegeez (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Malaga doesn;t need that champions league spot, they can't compete in it next season

I agree, Messi should by no means be playing tomorrow, at least not for most of the game. Tello has earned the right to keep playing after being our most impressive non-Messi forward in the past month, and maybe earn a spot for the game against Bayern? Bartra as well, heck with our current squad, he is a starting 11 player, Adriano and Song should bekept as far away from CB as possible
7anzalla (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Yes! I forgot, they are banned next year. Still an exciting game nonetheless
ManOfSteel1999 (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Hey guys!
I havent been on lately cause I been busy with school.
Just played my old school in football and won 3-2!
Anyway, if you wanna leave a message for me leave it at my comment wall
Success (Chelsea) 3 years ago
Hey guys I just want to inform you that Greatscot and I are starting a new Fifa 13 pro club.
This pro club is for players that are from Europe or play at the same time that Europeans play.
We also would prefer players that already have a pro.
If you're interested just go to this page : (Link: ) and type your ps3 username there
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 3 years ago
Even I am on it.... That pretty much means you don't even need to know how to kick a ball to do it
Messionage (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Lol TBS. Btw I sent you an invite to the chat on ps3, so whenever you log in, join the chat! I am in the other club
Avoee (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Yaya Toure (Man City): "Madrid rumours? Didn't consider it. They're a great club, but I'm a cule, I could never join Madrid. " [rac1]
Jeroen (Barcelona) 3 years ago
You may not have been Pep's favorite Yaya, but you'll always be a fan favourite
DerBomber (Real Madrid) 3 years ago
^I don't think you could blame Pep. I don't think there'd be a manager insane enough to play anyone above Busquets. It's just bad luck for Yaya that he had to be at Barca when Busquets was around
Jeroen (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Yaya also filled in as a CD, because y'know, we always play midfielders as defenders these days, and he was always excellent.

Why not play him there permanently with Puyol always injured instead? No, we got Masch (an admirable fighter but he's just no CD and he's way too small to win aerial duels), Keita and Song. For that money we could have easily given Yaya an improved contract and we'd have our central defender by now
Tanmay (Footytube Moderator) 3 years ago
^ I think leaving was Yaya's decision too. I guess he didn't want to be playing as a defender for Barcelona when he can spearhead City's attack and be one of the best in an attacking role
3 years ago
Yaya is a great player that were really really should have kept. I feel like we got Song to fill Yaya's position because he's younger but Yaya is a dominate player that is very needed
Tikitakafcb (Barcelona) 3 years ago
This is what Yaya said, At Barcelona I was just a player. At Man City I am an important player. I think he made the right decision to move so that he can showcase his skills
4ever (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Always following him at man city.... He is a beast
Andreasbustanut (Barcelona) 3 years ago
The BEST box-to-box midfielder in the game right now
Aufgehtsbayern (Bayern München) 3 years ago
Puyol gonna' be back in time for either of the games?
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 3 years ago
He is aiming for the second leg
Ramin85 (Bayern München) 3 years ago
I hope his aiming is not good!
Jeroen (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Well, I can happily say it isn't Ramin. When he says he'll be back in a month, he's back in two weeks. That's Puyol for you: he and Messi burn to play football more than any other players I know
Manutdonelove (Manchester United) 3 years ago
   This great video of messi awesome enjoy it guys
St1or (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Every time I watch this, I just cannot get myself to get past the guy's tone. He's soooooooooooooo annoying lol!

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