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Malik (Barcelona) 4 hours ago
Maaza (Barcelona) 3 hours ago
Quality journalism
Jeroen (Barcelona) 3 hours ago
I like this article linked on the silly Ter Stegen one:


Sergi Roberto is the biggest surprise in football in ages. So long did he dwell as a sub no one really know all that well. All of a sudden in 2015 we're out of options on right-back due to various injuries. We had to experiment, Lucho put him there and from day 1 he's only played like a world class right-back there. Crazy
Malik (Barcelona) 2 hours ago
@Maaza, It's an opinion article, some Barcelona accounts are spining it insider news but it's not. About the opinion it self I don't think it's that bad.

@Jeroen, yep yep, he is Spanish Alaba, we need to make sure he developed his career at RB and not to move him between positions constantly
Andres201 (Barcelona) 15 hours ago
I feel ashamed to be classified with the same people who are trolling madrid in their page because of a TIE. They didn't bother us when we LOST to alaves a couple weeks ago....

Stfu and stay on your own page
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 14 hours ago
It's just one Barca "fan" who's an idiot and a troll and a random Liverpool fan
SIMPLYGODS 2 hours ago
Most Barca fans don't troll pages. There are a few new ones that are acting like dumbasses but that happens
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 21 hours ago
As creative as Zidane was as a player, he's equally clueless and non creative as a manager. This Madrid team was voted the best of all time by madrid fans. Honestly, I don't think any of the current madrid fans saw Zidane's madrid play. This team creates very little through the center of the field. They rely mostly on wing runs and a barrage of crosses and of course the hundreds of long distance shots. They're nowhere even close to the galacticos that Zidane played with who were so much more creative and fun to watch. The current team rarely do a series of quick passes before scoring. Creative players like Isco and James can't find a niche for themselves in this team because of the way the team is set up to counterattack or run down wings. I still don't know how this team won the UCL with Zidane leading them
Pejvl (Footytube Moderator) 21 hours ago
We're just out of form, this is not how Madrid plays usually
Malik (Barcelona) 20 hours ago
@Pejvl, I have seen Real ever since I started supporting Barca (Ronaldinho era), I think this is the first time Real fans are happy about a manager that have setup the team to win game by conceding less then the one that prefers to win by scoring more.

TBH you guys won't credit him but IMO Rafa have a big hand in system which Zidane have carried forward
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 19 hours ago
Pejvi: I'm sorry but if they were in form during the end of last season then I'm not impressed. The only time they played reasonably well was during Carlo's years especially the first year. I get so bored watching Madrid keep kicking crosses in every min of the game. It's like playing FIFA 07
Malik (Barcelona) 21 hours ago
Hahaha Real needed a goal and Ref gave 4 min extra time. This is a league in which Ref don't give more then 3 min even in case of serious injury and match with full of fouls and stoppages

Anyways Las Palmas are looking great and When luck runs out
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 21 hours ago
I was thinking about that. Messi got injured and we got 3 mins. They had one minor injury and still got 4 mins. Madrid also made more fouls than LP. Something like 19 to 6
Malik (Barcelona) 20 hours ago
Ref in Laliga are strict when it comes to extra time, they hardly give more then 3 min to anyone. But Real get more then 3 every now and then
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 21 hours ago
Thank you Las Palmas
Hari6988 (Barcelona) 21 hours ago
Thanks to kinglucas for not jinxing this time
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 22 hours ago
Jesus Christ Las Palmas is a good team. They gave us a tough time last year when they had more possession than us. Tonight they have more possession than madrid.

Franky4fingers (Barcelona) Yesterday
Anybody watching arsenal vs Chelsea?    Arsenal tearing it up. 3-0
Maaza (Barcelona) Yesterday
Yeah what a match! Chelsea getting destroyed always makes me smile
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) Yesterday
When everybody talked about how Wenger tries to play like barcelona, one of the things I thought was missing from his game was the defensive press. Today arsenal is pressing Chelsea so well, they're retrieving the ball almost as quickly as they lose it. If arsenal played defence like this every game, they have the talent to win the league
What a game! Team is so hungry after a draw or a loss! I love it!
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) Yesterday
Neymar pulling a Cristiano.    Scoring goals when it doesn't matter anymore....
Malik (Barcelona) Yesterday
I know sergi still have to prove a lot but he is turning out to be our Alaba
Hari6988 (Barcelona) Yesterday
His crossing is perfect. Brilliant brilliant player
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) Yesterday
Roberto is becoming Dani part deux. Accuracy, pace, crossing, ball control....  
Maaza (Barcelona) Yesterday
Lord Douglas has decided to bless us with his presence
All hail Lord Douglas!
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) Yesterday
Imagine of he scored two goals and we draw the game. Lol
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) Yesterday
Douglas coming on!    Woot woot!
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) Yesterday
Our passing accuracy has been s**t all game. So many unforced errors. Without Iniesta, Rakitic and Messi our overall quality suffers
Malik (Barcelona) Yesterday
Also we're committing lot of fouls, we have lots of new players and partnerships on field, it will improve with time
Maaza (Barcelona) Yesterday
Stupid Sporting left lord Douglas on the bench, and now they're trailing by two goals. Coincidence?
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) Yesterday
Douglas would have kept neymar in his pocket.

By the way I read that Douglas refused to sign his loan agreement and almost did a protest sit in at Barça offices because he didn't want to leave the club. Lol He was so determined to fight for a place in the squad
Maaza (Barcelona) Yesterday
Can't blame him. He's a club legend and should be treated as such. Despicable behaviour from our club
Malik (Barcelona) Yesterday
Booooo, Stop spreading lies about Lord

Douglas decided to sit out because he want us to win, plus he injured him self while sleeping in bus, he likes to give his 100% or prefer to don't play at all
Maaza (Barcelona) Yesterday
"injured him self while sleeping in bus"  Yeah I had also read that somewhere and nearly died laughing
Malik (Barcelona) Yesterday
Douglas on ! God help us

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