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4ever (Barcelona) 1 hour ago
“It’s tough, it’s not the time for analysis, ” he said. “In the dressing room I thought that this is the end for me with the national team, it’s not for me. That’s the way I feel right now, it’s a huge sadness once again and I missed the penalty that was so important.

“i tried so hard to be [a] champion with Argentina. But it didn’t happen. I couldn’t do it. I think it’s best for everyone, for me and for many people who want it. The choice for me is over, it is a decision. I tried many times [to be a champion] but did not. ”

Messi’s numbers are unparalleled and I think they’ll remain that way forever, because it’s impossible for a football player to do what Messi has done, ” said Juan Antonio Pizzi, the Chile coach who is from Argentina. “My generation can’t compare him to [Diego] Maradona that’s for my generation, because of what Maradona did for Argentine soccer. But I think the best player ever played today here in the United States. ”
Pejvl (Footytube Moderator) 1 hour ago
He should not retire, this is simply giving up. He still has time to do it and he should fight until the end. Not to mention that Argentina is always one of top 2, 3 favorites for Copa, so he would probably get more chances of reaching the final
Malik (Barcelona) 50 minutes ago
Purely in selfish term Messi retiring from NT will help Barcelona and also reflect messi contributions to Argentina NT team.

I don't want him to retire before having another shot at Copa and WC but when you have asshole like Maradona unfailryl criticising Messi just to remain relevant and protect his own legacy, I understand why messi feels so frustrated & exhausted with the NT
Spigy (Juventus) 3 minutes ago
He has been to 4 finals and lost all of them. There is only so much a man can take.

I hate to say it, but look at us. People don't know this, but we have been to our fair share of European finals, but lost most of them. In fact we are the leader after losing to you guys. It hurts more every time that number grows.

It is a shock, but I don't blame him. He gets all the hate when it comes to Argentina not performing. To the point where people question his ability because his TEAM cannot win. It always puzzled me why people judge individual players on team achievements to be honest.
Ronaldo will never get this treatment, because Portugal aren't rated that high and it is possible that he is fine being the most capped and successful Portuguese because people don't expect more from him.

You could see when he won best player at the WC, he wasn't happy, but his fame made him an enemy. He did that for years and maybe it's time part ways. People like to say that he only performs in Barca, but we all know that's not true. Barca doesn't give him the ability to score past 5 players, lob the perfect pass or hit FKs in the top corner all the time. The difference is that Barca is the team that is able to draw on his skills and in turn he makes the team stronger as well.

In the end that is what football is about
Dom1878 (Manchester United) 1 hour ago
Really sad for Messi. He deserved much better with Argentina but that's life. For me he is the best Argentinian player i've ever watched
BarcaMyLove (Barcelona) 1 hour ago
I honestly feel so heartbroken right now, to see Messi shattered to the point he feels he has to retire. I wish I could tell him he doesn't owe Argentina anything and that I will continue to ride his dick until the day I die, I have always been an honest Messi fan and criticised him when I felt he wasn't at his best BUT he always wears his heart on his sleeve and to see it broken, has left me somewhat depressed.

LeoMessiOwnz19 (Xbox live gamertag in case any of you niggas wanna add me) out
DaGaza (Real Madrid) 4 hours ago
Messi announces retirement from international football? Holy s**t... Biggest rage quit of the century.... I wasn't expecting that....

Hikmat (Real Madrid) 4 hours ago
Not rage quit, fed up with the Argentinian FA. More players will follow (Mascehrano also retired) and they will clean up their act for the 2018 World Cup. He will play again, he's too good to retire at 29 from international football.

I feel sorry for Messi tbh, he's surrounded by ultimate chokers who score goals for their clubs for fun but can't finish simple chances
Sianinvincible (Arsenal) 4 hours ago
I blame the whole federation and the way they set up and select players. I remember in 2010 Zanetti and Cambiaso were top form and they just won treble with Inter yet Maradonna leave them out. I hope Messi win either World cup or Copa America before he retire
BluFFmaster (Chelsea) 3 hours ago
"he's surrounded by ultimate chokers"

Messi is not getting off that easy, he's done the same. WC 2010 he was anonymous after tremendous hype, WC 2014 with his near 1v1 chance in the final, and now this. Higuain though, puts bottling in major finals to another level.

But your main point is correct, Argentina FA is horrid, politcally corrupt in a way, Tevez's cut before 2014 was also ridiculous.

But I too think (and hope) that Messi will be back. Just look at Germany, heartbreak in 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2012, and they finally won it in 2014, Argentina's time will come
DaGaza (Real Madrid) 3 hours ago
Generally south american federations try to select the teams instead of letting the managers do the job.... And that's wrong of them.... But in this case its crazy to even be talking about the federation.

3 finals in a row and 3 times they failed to win it.... That isn't the federation's fault.... It just means Argentina have come up short in big moments. Hugain obviously but Messi, Di Maria nor Aguero have been anything special in any of the last 3 finals.... They all performed poor and below their levels in those 3 finals and lost it. They gotta' take the heat for that.

I believe Messi is frustrated not just because of the losses alone but because of the bashing he has been receiving unfairly for not winning anything with Argentina and right now may feel its just best to retire. People say a lot of things when they are emotional. I'm sure he will be playing for the NT again.... Even if Russia 2018's world cup is his last tournament
BluFFmaster (Chelsea) 3 hours ago
I wouldn't say the critism is all unfair, we'v seen that Messi hasn't been able to replicate his Barcelona form for his country, and that's what erks Argentinians. And Messi can't play the inept players card either cause Argentina has an incredible squad.

Compare that with Neymar in 2014, like Messi in 2010, huge hype and build up. And Neymar was brilliant, lived up to his billing, with an average Brazil team to boot. Granted they had a better manager but still.

With Dybala and Icardi rising in the ranks to kick out Higuain and Aguero, Messi needs to reconsider and believe he has a real shot in Russia 2018, he's only 29!

Tevez is a real difference maker to Argentina, his non-inclusion in the last WC was criminal, same with Zanetti in 2010, and to no shock, RB was a real problem for Maradona's Argentina, they had fking Gutierrez (winger) and Otamendi (CB) playing there lol. What a waste of a tournament gambling on a legend of a player but joke of a manager. Must be very frustrating for Argentina fans
DaGaza (Real Madrid) 3 hours ago
Yes.... But again.... Like I said.... They made the finals 3 times.... Its a lot of work to make the finals and to make it you need to be a good side and Argentina are a good side. There is no one ti blame but themselves. The selection for them is fine.... There aren't any other players you can put in that team right now really that would make a difference except for Dybala.... Who only had one season so far.

I say its unfair because they act like he doesn't give a s**t and he clearly does. He could have chosen to play for spain but chose Argentina. Some argentine commentator Radio or TV (I'm not sure) said when Messi was crying, "he should go hide and find a different place to cry". I've only read this and not heard it myself but that's the kinda treatment he gets from many Argentinians
4ever (Barcelona) 2 hours ago
I saw it in his eyes earlier and told my wife that he is quitting though I haven't expected that.

Poor Leo, he has done everything for the team, yet people care to criticize him for the loses. Three major competition finals in a row, that's a good shout people to respect it. He been in fantastic form this term until Brazilian ref decided to f**k up game. I hope he would change his mind afterwards come out from initial shock
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 1 hour ago
He can't blame anyone here for not living up to the expectations for his country. And what an awful penalty
4ever (Barcelona) 5 hours ago
It's funny to see everyone crucifying higuin. True he missed a sitter, but what about aguero's two chances that went high or Messi choked on most important time. It's a part of Argentine team culture, they have to be one of the weakest team in terms mental toughness that even arsenal can't match that. Watching their games all these years, I realize they're always innovating new ways to choke. Let's look upon some of past chokes.

1998 WC : batigoal hit bar twice, ortega was their best player and fouled by opponents for record57 time. He lost his cool at the very end, head butted vandersar and got sent off.

2002 WC : Best Argentine team I have seen. Teams got scared off them and played parking bus strategy, missed tons of chances and lost first round.
2004 copa: best team in final, but Brazil scored two in two chances, went winning on penalties.
2007 copa: best team in tournament, outplayed by Brazil in final.
2008 WC : coach madness cost us big time.
2011. Copa : another penalty shoot out lose.

And recent tournaments.

Lol, they could've easily won more than 6 titles easily and they have won nothing.

Ultimate chokers!
Influence (Barcelona) 5 hours ago
The game would have been totally different if Higuain would've scored his chance
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 4 hours ago
Argentina has no gameplan. Chile played the exact same for the entire tournament. In the end, they won again on pens. It is luck but it is hard not to acknowledge that they are the best TEAM in the americans. Tremendous fight, tremendous heart.

With a decent coach argentina has one more chance to make it to the summit with this crop (messi, di maria, aguero, etc).

But they need to start blooding the youth. Correa and dybala need to be involved for starters. Time to let go of higuain
Coorperateeye1 (Arsenal) 5 hours ago
No offense. I bet messi could trade all his barca medals for 1 Argentine medal right now    It was so heart breaking
Andres201 (Barcelona) 6 hours ago
It is so painful to see one of the best if not the best player to ever play the game.... Not lift a trophy with his country and know that history will not remember him as they should because of that.

Higuain should never play Argentina again
Messi can't do it all on his own and although his penalty was bad. He was carrying his team the whole tournament.... Again

Messi probably doesn't even care about any champions league or Liga anymore all he f*****g wants is a trophy with his national team
Princeofla (Barcelona) 4 hours ago
Both Bravo and Romero saved one penalty each. Messi set up the platform for Chile to win the penalty shootout. There's nothing worse than missing the target.
This game shouldn't have gone into the penalties anyway.... So disappointing
Dekk88 (Barcelona) 6 hours ago
Too sad to see Messi crying like this...
Umairrockx (Barcelona) 6 hours ago
If Higuain plays for Argentina again, I will slap that idiot
Blackstyle88 6 hours ago
The guy cost the whole country to suffer 3 times.... What a shame...
SKool (Arsenal) 2 hours ago
Higuain should also consider retirement, for good
Blackstyle88 1 hour ago
He is late for 2 years...
Kingleo (Barcelona) 6 hours ago
Argentina is allergic to winning trophies.  3 for 3 finals choked  -_-
Umairrockx (Barcelona) 6 hours ago
They lose cos they always panic.... Never play confident in any final
Hari6988 (Barcelona) 6 hours ago
It's too painful. What a shame
4ever (Barcelona) 6 hours ago
19 years and running, still no joy as a fan. It makes me sad even more that first time I have seen Messi crying
SIMPLYGODS 6 hours ago
Well there you go.... Argentina f*****g up yet again.... Three consecutive competitions in a god damn row...
Andres201 (Barcelona) 6 hours ago
Terrible penalty messi...
Andres201 (Barcelona) 6 hours ago
Vben0 7 hours ago
What a save!    I want argentina to win, but I want a clean sheet for Bravo....

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