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Blackstyle88 3 hours ago
Poor Valdes is literally being tortured at MU. They didn't even let him and his wife to join charity event held at Old trafford. What a shameful way to treat with a player who has more champions league trophies than anyone in United squad atm
JColin (FC Barcelona II) 7 hours ago
Leo Messi has given to Barcelona so much that he deserves a statue inside the camp nou. The team has won 4 champions league with him being one the main player in the team (among xavy, iniesta, busquets, pique, etc). Lets say Barcelona wins the champions league this year or one more time before he retires, that will be 5 champions league. I don't know of another player who has done that. If there is one, please let me know
Unreadwriter10 (Barcelona) 6 hours ago
Well technically speaking no one has won the Champions league 5 times lol But the most recent player to win the European/Champions league is Paolo Maldini with 5

And I am pretty damn sure Barcelona will do something like that to honor this incredible generation of players. Looking back a decade to now, we have been very spoiled with success havent we
Titi1348 (Barcelona) 15 hours ago
Ramos best la Liga defdefender lol. I can see why Pique didn't get it but still there are other defenders who deserve it way more than him
Malik (Barcelona) 13 hours ago
And funny bit is last season under Carlo Madrid was setup to attack, they played that season on basis of winning by scoring more goals,

Even during the period they went on to the unbeatable run early in the season they kept on concedding and outscoring the opponents
9Ronaldo9 (Barcelona) 5 hours ago
I thought Diego Godin was going to win best defender for sure...
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 19 hours ago
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 1 day ago
LFP awards are being presented tonight.

Best gk: Bravo
Best defender: Ramos. Not sure why because other teams in la liga can't have best defenders
Best midfielder: James. I'd agree with that.
Best manager: Lucho. Who'd argue with that?

Best fwd still pending...
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 1 day ago
Neymar wins best player from the Americas. Where is messi from? Lol
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 1 day ago
Messi wins best forward award
Malik (Barcelona) 1 day ago
Ramos over Pique?    Lol this is what happens when you openly support separation
Leo 1 day ago
What about Fans' player? The most coveted of the lot.

Damn, nobody is talking about Fan's player award that was invented just for Ronaldo by Daddy Perez and uncle Tebas
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 18 hours ago
Best tax evasion award: Neymar
Best blackmail award: Benzema
Diva of the year award: Cr7 (6 time winner in a row)
Best diving performance: Cr7 (again 6 time winner)
Aliko (Barcelona) 15 hours ago
They consider Messi spanish
Futboll (Real Madrid) 14 hours ago
And miss best teeth goes to...
Jeroen (Barcelona) 9 hours ago
^Yo momma
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 4 hours ago
Lol Jeroen. I was going to write    "Insert mom joke here.... " but you beat me to it
BarcaMyLove (Barcelona) 1 day ago
I kind of thought Suarez was more impressive than Neymar this year but okay. I still think the controversy surrounding Suarez sees him overlooked a lot but he doesn't give a s**t about personal achievements anyway. I'd love to know out of all Neymar's goals this calendar year, how many times Suarez assisted him?
Kiranpmody (Manchester United) 1 day ago
I share your sentiments. I think Suarez has been incredible for you guys, and it was even more noticeable in Messi's absence. He is unbelievably selfless. What a combination it is to be that good, that talented, that hard-working and yet so unselfish. Just makes everyone around him look that much better when he is playing. It is unfortunate that he has a nasty little wild streak in him that makes even the honest admirers resent him from time to time. But that takes nothing away from his game
Jeroen (Barcelona) 1 day ago
Up until August I'd definitely agree with you. But Neymar has not just improved drastically, he is actually playing on the same level as Leo was when he was his age. It's incredible how he progressed leaps and bounds in less than half a year.

I like Luis more as well, but Neymar is, at this very moment at least, the best player in the world
4ever (Barcelona) 11 hours ago
At the moment, neymar s world best player, so eventhough I like to see Suarez in the podium than neymar, its not surprising to see neymar there. And also if not ballon d or polluted with popularity and marketing strategies, we would have seen our front three there
BearWithFish (Manchester United) 10 hours ago
Overall I think Suarez was better than Neymar this year. But I think due to his past actions it made people choose Neymar over Suarez.    
9Ronaldo9 (Barcelona) 5 hours ago
It's best we don't compare our players and just enjoy these moments lol
Trampokool (Barcelona) 3 hours ago
Next years ballon d'or top 3 gonna' be MSN. Write it off. Like the form they are now, no one seems to come close to them atleast for 1 more year
Malik (Barcelona) 1 day ago
It's f*****g disgraceful from both Fifa and Uefa to snub Busqets from Ballon Dor shortlist and team of the year.

He is been is superb form during this season and also regained his form during 2nd half of the last season, he is one of our most vital player yet still gets very little recognition from football community which is ridiculous.

He is been easily best defensive midfielder
GloryRoad2016 (Barcelona) 1 day ago

Is this what you are talking about? Sergio is on the shortlist for midfielders and I will be very surprised if he is not in the World IX
Malik (Barcelona) 1 day ago


No , this is what I am talking about
Bavaria (Bayern München) Yesterday
For a minute I thought you were talking to yourself
Drogbalampard (Chelsea) 1 day ago
600 games  470 goals  188 assists  32 hat-tricks  4 Ballon d'Or (5)  26 trophies    Goat  
Jeroen (Barcelona) 1 day ago
I'd sure like that goat at Barça playing alongside Messi, Suárez and Neymar!
Jeroen (Barcelona) 1 day ago
Let's play a game! Connect the names with the quotes:


"I have never played football to be the best player in the world, or to win the Ballon d'Or. I've always just played with the idea of continually getting better, to always surpass my goals, to always be better, play better, train better. "

"To be honest I think xxx is going to win this year because this kind of trophy, it depends on votes. You win competitions, you win the Champions League you win the league in terms of individual. I did probably the best season of my career which is good and I was the highest scorer in Europe [but] it's all about votes. "

".... "

Who said what?
Jeroen (Barcelona) 1 day ago
By the way: MSN are now 3 of the 4 most expensive players in the world ever according to the very reliable Transfermarkt with an average value of €103m per player:


Never has there been a more valuable trio of players. Before that, Xavi-Iniesta-Messi was the benchmark
LouisVanGoal 1 day ago
You guys are spoilt with talent lol.... Two generations in a row
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 1 day ago
Who said this:  “We ended last year very well, and Barça were far worse than us but they won the treble. ”    Haha
Fizzy10 (Barcelona) 1 day ago
^Ramos, about as delusional as it gets
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 11 hours ago
Franky is that quote for real?
4ever (Barcelona) 11 hours ago
Lol, quote of the century. Since it's a madridista, it's not surprising though
Malik (Barcelona) 8 hours ago
@SA, yes
Kiranpmody (Manchester United) 1 day ago
I was catching up on some highlights from the past week and I've decided to propose a few official rules to make your games more interesting for neutral and opposition fans:

- No sweaty goals allowed for Barcelona. If you are that freaking good, you shouldn't be allowed to pass the ball to your team-mate in front of the goalkeeper.

- All shots on goal will have to be flair shots for them to count. No exceptions.

- Messi, Neymar and Suarez can only shoot with their weak foot (assuming there is one. If there isn't one, only headers).

- All opposition teams will be allowed a 10-minute period in each half with an additional player. This is on a trial basis, depending on how effective this is, the time period may be increased or decreased to adjust difficulty level
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 1 day ago
This year Fifa ballon D'or awards should be s clean sweep for Barca. Apart from the main award for messi, lucho has to get coach of the year and messi again for the goal of the year
DaGaza (Real Madrid) 1 day ago
And barca will have at least 7 out of 11 players in the team of the year
Pejvl 1 day ago
Well it is deserved, since the beginning of 2015 Barca has clearly been the best team. Messi deserves the Ballon D'or without a doubt as well
Malik (Barcelona) 1 day ago
@DaGaza, any reasons why they shouldn't?
4ever (Barcelona) 1 day ago
^ yes, don't you know about theories Of uefalona and fifalona?
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 1 day ago
Because of butthurt! Ha

Team of the year should be:

Messi, Neymar, Suarez

Rakitic Busquets Iniesta

Alba Pique Mascherano alves


Bench: Cr7, lewandowski, James, Neuer, Vidal, Boateng
DaGaza (Real Madrid) 1 day ago
I was complimenting your team, not being sarcastic....    ?    God damn.... You people always on the defensive
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 1 day ago
Lol Its difficult to pick up your sentiments over the internet especially when you wrote


I actually don't think 7 players will be from barca
DaGaza (Real Madrid) 1 day ago
Messi, Neymar, Suarez, Rakitic, Mascherano, Pique, Jordi Alba, Dani Alves.... That's 8.... I'm sure you will have at least 7

Bravo should be there mroe than anyone after messi, neymar and suarez.... But for some reason he wasn't even shortlisted
Malik (Barcelona) 1 day ago
^ lol even you missed busqets
Fizzy10 (Barcelona) 22 hours ago
^ lol even you can't spell Busquets
Malik (Barcelona) 14 hours ago
^ very funny I can't stop laughing
Malik (Barcelona) 1 day ago
After Barcelona's ban, Fifa will now finally also punish Spanish (Madrid/Atletico), English (Chelsea/Arsenal), German and Italian clubs [as]

Just few days back rumors of Madrid getting transfer ban gathered pace too. Other teams getting banned won't change my POV on how stupid the rule is
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 1 day ago
That's just a f****d up rule. Sorry for the language. If we are getting punished for signing the kids the "wrong" way then shouldn't they give us a ban on not being able to sign youngsters?
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 1 day ago
Arsenal don't need a transfer ban, wenger's doing that on his own
Malik (Barcelona) 1 day ago
@Sif, Ban will also stop them from signing youngsters so arsen will have to find something new
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 1 day ago

Barca play pure football! :)

I agree that this team is better in attack that Pep's team but in defence they're not that solid. Puyol's presence at the back made Pep's team composed in defence. It doesn't mean this team cannot defend. Last year the same players were outstanding finally curing our achilles heel and didn't concede goals from aerial balls for the majority of the season. This year, the focus has been lacking and it seems like they're tightening up at the back now. This team moves the ball around almost as well as Pep's team except they are also allowed to counter attack and launch long balls. I remember how Pep used to make the team pull back out of counterattacks if a goal wasn't assured because that would lead to loss of possession and possible counterattack from the opponent while we were still out of formation.

Under Tito we were criticized for passing the ball side to side. This team is in a hurry to get the ball to the front three. Once Turan and Vidal are eligible to play, rotations will start for easier games. I can't wait for us to play Bayern
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 2 days ago
The way eibar are playing they might get some points off Madrid
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 2 days ago
And I jinxed it. Ha
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
Thanks Franky, we needed that
9Ronaldo9 (Barcelona) 2 days ago
The false penalty was the dagger
Pejvl 2 days ago
False penalty lol
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 2 days ago
You call that a legit penalty?

Nvm I forgot Pejvl, you were the one defending Ronaldo's dive last season again Celta saying it could have been a penalty
RealFan (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
Wasn't a pen and Ronaldo should have been booked for diving twice
Malik (Barcelona) 2 days ago
As per book it was penalty, that defender left a trailing leg and vasques (if that's his name) tripped and went down, he was fishing for a foul and could have easily went ahead but foolishness of defender cost eibar
RealFan (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
Lmao that was a clear penalty. You can't clip someone in the box...
Pejvl 2 days ago
Oh come on guys, the defender got his foot clearly, how can you even deny that? It was a clear penalty, textbook
Andres201 (Barcelona) 2 days ago
It was a penalty imo but a very soft one as well
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
Soft, hard, obvious. It was a foul inside the box, and it was a penalty
Futboll (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
The reason its not a penalty is 'cause Cristiano is taking the penalty kick and he scores almost all the time unlike...
WiLwithsingleL (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
The argument shouldn't even started when someone claimed it's a false penalty. That's not an intelligent statement.

If need be, please re-watch the clip and it's clear that Vasquez was clipped by the defender. End of story
9Ronaldo9 (Barcelona) 2 days ago
Damnit sorry guys, lol. I really didn't mean for it to be an argument. I just think when a player is intentionally looking for a penalty that means it wasn't a scoring opportunity, because if the player is looking to go down obviously he thinks he can't score the goal so he'd rather take the penalty.

It has nothing to do with it being madrid, but he literally looked like he tripped on the stud of the boot. Should have been a yellow for a dive. The only time intentionally taking a penalty is okay is when you know the defender is gonna' hit you and you take the hit, not when you run into their studs and act like your legs got swept from under you.

As a footballer I was pretty quick with my feet and any time I got a penalty it was usually knowing the aggression and frustration of a defender would get to him and I'll move the ball out of the way and get the wind knocked out of me. I could have moved and possibly lost the ball because I moved out the way, but I knew the defender was coming hard and that my chances are better with taking a real hit.

When players try to pull off things like the player did today it's really pathetic and gives footballers a bad name
Andresandmessi (Barcelona) 1 day ago
Ahem...    Https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=Bwz1cpfulBc
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 1 day ago
Wow! This escalated quickly.

It was a penalty.

Futboll: lol Yeah mate. Cr7 is great at pks. When that's your only contribution in the game, you might as well make it count. £15m per year pk specialist
Pejvl 1 day ago
La Liga sure is pressured into making us champions this year, with a grand total of 2 pks in 13 games(0 in the champions league) lol
Malik (Barcelona) 1 day ago
^ Yes because penalties are the one and only way in which ref can influence the game.

Why don't you start counting the bad decision which went in Madrid favor at start of the season?

I don't know why it is so difficult for some to link the spain political situation and accept that authorizes have many reason to favor Real. This doesn't necessary means that Real are doing something wrong
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 1 day ago
Pejvi: Last year they made it too obvious by giving 12 pks in the first half of the season. This year they're taking it easy.
Pejvl 1 day ago

This year you guys are on the course to match those 12 pks, I think you got around 10 in all competitions already

By the way, last year you guys laughed at us when we told you the reason why we get so many pks is because of our attacking style witch involves players constantly running into the box with the ball. Out of all penalties we got last season, 99% were clear as they get.

And now look at our attacking style: rarely do we break into oppositions box, we scored much last than in past years and gotten much less penalties as well. If we played like we did under Carlo this season, I'm sure we would have much more pks right now
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 1 day ago
Except last season I remember 2 or 3 dives at least from your players to get the penalty. This season almost all of our penalties were legit. But yeah Ronaldo didn't dive against Celta, he was fouled lol
Pejvl 1 day ago
SA    Lol, whats up with this Celta thing, I don't even remember what happened there? I don't get why you hold a grudge from a year ago
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 1 day ago
Pejvi: You had 12 in la liga! You can't get favorable decisions consistently in an international tournament because of bias. But you can surely get it in a domestic tournament.

It's hard to accept that 99% penalties were legit. You had at least 4 I can remember which were proper dives. I do understand that chances of penalties go up when you rush into the box but then barca had a bunch of intentional handballs not given last year in the box.

FYI in the last 15 years there have been 2 years when madrid received fewer penalties than barca. Even during the years you guys were playing like s**t while we were dominating in attack we still got fewer penalties. There's no "evidence" for bias but there's a reason why people in Spain generally think madrid has been favored by the establishment. It happens a lot
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 1 day ago
SA is talking about this one:  Https://youtu.Be/bv-M2gRVmZ0
Malik (Barcelona) 2 days ago
Rumors of Nike making Neymar as main face of their brand, at moment its Ronaldo.

We already have Adidas best player and one of biggest Nike store in Camp Nou, Its appalling that financially we haven't gain much from being in this position
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 2 days ago
Not smart to alienate madrid base for a portion of barca base
Malik (Barcelona) 2 days ago
^ not entirely applicable, its not like they will stop promoting Ronaldo, as far as I know Nike already have a strong hold in South America and having a Brazilian as main face might result in huge success.

Only thing Nike should be worried about is that ronaldo might ditch them all together, but again at adidas also he will be 2nd to Messi, Puma perhaps? But they're not big enough
9Ronaldo9 (Barcelona) 2 days ago
If that's the case we may have to up Neymar's wages. I personally think footballers get paid way too much, but in the type of world we live in there are many more undeserving people who earn more money than footballers.

When is the deal with Nike up, and can we demand more money from them?

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