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Dhockey (Ajax) 2 hours ago
Cuenca starts for deportivo
Danny414 (Real Madrid) 16 minutes ago
He played well today
JRaty (Barcelona) 4 hours ago
I'm sifting trough Barcastuffs twitter, posting tid-bits.

Messi practicing dribbling against traffic cones:



"For the first time in history, Barcelona have started the season with 4 wins and 0 goals conceded #fcblive [via mrchip]"

That's really astonishing considering how terrible Barcas defence has been in the past seasons. Hopefully a sing of things to come.


Busquets Jr. Showing how well he knows the sensei:



"Messi was only not directly involved, with goal or assist, in 1 of Barcelona's 7 goals so far this season"
Badge (Manchester United) Now
4ever (Barcelona) 6 hours ago
Why df isn't open yet?
Malik (Barcelona) 6 hours ago
It will be open by evening, happens most of the time
Malik (Barcelona) 7 hours ago
Surprise surprise !


That video makes you realize that how lucky messi is been for not picking up a major injury after all those Tie's
JRaty (Barcelona) 7 hours ago
I honestly don't understand how that case wasn't thrown out. Freedom of speech & freedom of press should've protected that unless they said something clearly slanderous. Expressing an opinion that they played like hyenas doesn't count as slander
Malik (Barcelona) 5 hours ago
@Jraty, Freedom of speech & freedom of press? Catalans don't consider themselves free in their own country
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 7 hours ago
Real Madrid's debt is reported at €605m, a rise of 11% since last year despite of making €60m from ucl. Di Maria's sale will not be reported until next year so that more or less nullifies the increase. I'd like to see where our debt stands now after the recent spending. We are definitely not going to add more debt through player transfers through next two seasons. Did barca announce its accounts for this year yet? Last year our debt was at around €330m if I remember correctly. If we have a successful season, it is mostly going to be positive in terms of financial position of the club because of the transfer ban
JRaty (Barcelona) 7 hours ago
What? I thought Real Madrids debt dropped? Weird.

For Barcelona:

"The 2013/14 season also witnessed a reduction in the net debt by 44 million euros, meaning that since the new Board took over, this figure has decreased by 143 million, and as of June 30 of this year now stands at 287 million euros, while four years ago it was 431 million."


Suarez' transfer will add to that debt for the next year, but as you said, the transfer ban will compensate
Malik (Barcelona) 6 hours ago
Yup franky accounts of last fiscal year is already announced, you're right, our debt in 2012/2013 books was €331m which is reduced by significant 44m and our debts stands 2013/2014 books stand at €287m, this 44m reduction is in line with board strategy of reducing debt by 40m per year.

Positive effect of transfer ban? Though its likely but I doubt that will be significant, especially when you consider we already exceeded our budget of 50m net spending per season and already exhaust half of next season transfer budget, with increase in players valuation we will incur more amortization cost with perhaps a little decrease in wage bill.

I have said this before that this board have done good work managing the finances but at expense of ethics & values, with plan of new stadium we will enter in difficult period financially and I hope we find a stable management team that will work wonders in both finance while not harming club image.

@JRaty, from where you got that Suarez bit? As far as I understand we didn't borrow any thing on that 75m net spending which we did this season
Malik (Barcelona) 5 hours ago
Real issue for Madrid is that out of this €605m debt €361m is short term loan which fails due within one year, though they do have short term loan assets (monies owe's by other clubs and parties) which currently stands at €267m, which leaves them €94m net which they have to pay within a year.

BTW calm your tits guys, wizard perez have every thing under control, apparently Fly Emirate is close on striking a deal with Madrid over naming rights, Stadium name in considerations are “Fly Emirates Santiago Bernabeu, Fly Emirates Bernabeu or Bernabeu Fly Emirates. "

And also don't forget about them shirt sales

BTW any news over camp nou naming right?
JRaty (Barcelona) 4 hours ago

So you're saying that Barcelona had that 75m all in assets? Even then, it'll be a 75m expenditure that'll eat in to the operating income for the coming year
Andres201 (Barcelona) 17 hours ago
So.... Anybody getting FIFA 15?
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 15 hours ago
I call it Ultimate Team 15 that's the only reason I get it. But I reckon now that they brough the create a tournament mode, me and my friends will be playing lots. And yes, I pre-ordered it
Andres201 (Barcelona) 15 hours ago
What console? ? .... If its ps4 add me: arc201  
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 14 hours ago
Yep it's ps4 and will do my friend. If you don't mind writing your psn on my wall, there's still about a week left and I don't go on my ps4 unless I'm playing fifa
Kingleo (Barcelona) 9 hours ago
Pro clubs >>>>> Ultimate Team
SIMPLYGODS 1 hour ago
Nintendo 64 > PSpoop
JRaty (Barcelona) 20 hours ago
"Asked specifically whether James suits the 4-3-3 shape favoured by coach Carlo Ancelotti as well as Di Maria did, Perez appeared to not think the question entirely relevant.

"I do not know how James plays," he said. "But he had a great World Cup and we wanted him here.""


Not sure if joking....

Another snipet:

"A new plan to reduce the number of youth teams Madrid runs was also under consideration, Perez revealed.

"The objective is to reduce the teams in the 'cantera,'" he said. "We are looking into Castilla and Madrid see being merged, to reduce the youth teams by one.""
Alfrodo (Barcelona) 20 hours ago
JRaty (Barcelona) 20 hours ago
I know better than to post anything but praise when it comes to Real over at the Real Madrid forum
Danny414 (Real Madrid) 18 hours ago
Jray I think you could have posted this over there. It is an interesting talking point. I don't like it. Reduce our youth acadamy? OKAY PEREZ/board. Maybe he is playing stupid on the James question.

Apart from Kroos, everything that happened this summer was kind of a nightmare for myself and other fans
JRaty (Barcelona) 18 hours ago

Maybe, but it's not worth the risk. On the internet it's easy to see what I posted as trolling just because I've got Barcelona next to my name, so I try to stick to the Barca forum so as not to unnecessarily stir trouble
Tanmay 17 hours ago
This is pretty terrible coming from the club President. Even if he doesn't go through with this, not exactly a morale boost for the youth
SIMPLYGODS 1 hour ago
@JRaty just remove (Barca) next to your name we all already know you're a Barca fan this will help take away the sterio types when going to other forums. Hope this is helpful
Subhakar7 (Manchester United) Yesterday
Thought you guys would like this...    Https://pbs.Twimg.Com/tweet_video/BxsHK6ICMAA1JnQ.Mp4
Badge (Manchester United) 23 hours ago
LOL it's like those video game glitches!
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) Yesterday
So Brandao gets 6 months ban for his premeditated assault on Motta
Weegeez (Barcelona) 20 hours ago
He totally deserves it, what a f*****g coward. Deserves worse honestly
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) Yesterday
So um I'm deciding to go Pro+ Member.... I just have a question and you guys don't have to answer. How much do you guys pay? It says I pick and I have no idea what to pick. What would a fair amount be?
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) Yesterday
I don't know. Just don't be cheap!
Jeroen (Barcelona) Yesterday
It's all up to you. I myself was given my membership because I helped FT kick off as a mod and co-created dreamfooty. But most PRO+ people donate something like 10€ a year, perhaps even less. I doubt it's a serious source of income for the admins. So, you choose!
Blackstyle88 22 hours ago
^Now I understand how you always finish on the top of everybody on DF no mater what. Hahaha.  You just frustrated me J. Tsk tsk.... Lol
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 22 hours ago
When I joined df jeroen was already at 100+ points while everyone else was at 0. Sounds fair enough!
Blackstyle88 21 hours ago
Yup Franky, yup.... Life is unfair even on FT, sigh.... Haha
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 20 hours ago
Thanks for your help! And I'm not a big DF player, I just pick players that I like and see where that gets me. The reason I want to go Pro is it's about time I give something back to footytube besides my amazingly intelligent contribution . I have been here long enough and hopefully my contribution helps them keep this site alive!
Jeroen (Barcelona) 9 hours ago
Lol, well I love winning at games, but only if I do it fairly. The one time in dreamfooty where I did something some people considered cheating (I was responsible for players' pricing) is where I bought a player shortly before I upped his price for the next transfer window, where I had to re-price all players that needed an increase. I didn't consider that cheating at all though. Because I get stalked when it comes to DF, some people noticed and complained. I then 'honourably' laid down my moderating tasks here, of which I had had enough anyway. The fact something trivial as that caused a bunch of people to brand me a cheater (to phrase it lightly) upset me greatly, and from then on I pretty much gave up on footytube. Not that it's on the same scale, but I now really pity politicians, CEOs and all kinds of authoritative people who mean well and then get taken down publicly for some f*****g detail.

That was 2 or 3 years ago though, now I'm just participating with only as much information as you guys. Besides, I've always liked helping people out whenever they have questions. So if you ever want advise in DF, feel free to message me
Malik (Barcelona) 8 hours ago
LOL Jereon, Don't mean to call you a cheat or something, but what you have described seems like a cheating, I know lots of people stalk your team (which include me to some extent) but what you described is somewhat similar of Insider trading, which is strictly illegal.

And I strongly disagree with your sympathy towards Politician and CEO's, 99% of the s**t they get blamed for happens because of their greed and love for money.

P. S - Can we call you " Wolf of DF "?
Andres201 (Barcelona) 1 day ago
Are we really so spoiled in Spanish football or is our arrogance just too much?. By Spanish football I mean Barca and Madrid fans. The reason I say is because of what recently happened to Gareth bale.

For those who don't know "fans" of Madrid are mad at their start of the season (even though they just came from a big victory in the champions league). It was nothing in some people's eyes but it represents what is wrong with "fans" of football these days and specially with Spanish football "fans".


Barca fans are not innocent in this as you can recall last season messi getting s**t yelled at by angry "fans" things such as "enano corre mas" which means "you little midget run more" or "hijos de puta da la cara" whi is "son of a bitch show your faces".


This really pissed me off...What is wrong with our "fans" that's just because they bought tickets and sure spent thousands of dollars it gives them the right to call on some players who have given everything for the club we love and who have won countless titles for OUR enjoyment for us to be happy. Its only natural to be frustrated that your team is not doing well but that gives you NO right at all to criticize then directly in anyway. I mean directly because as a fan you can criticize your team and the great/poor performances but to go as far as to call club legends son of a bitch or with Gareth bale who helped you get la decima which is what madrid wanted to badly. Now just because they lost two games they have the right to yell at them and insult them? The very same players who gave you what you wanted last season not 5 months ago? Or messi who is easily a legend in barca has given ans sacrificed everything for the club? Are we really so spoiled that we can't accept the fact that sometimes even the greatest teams have downs? Are we so arrogant that we think we know more than the coaching staff and should yell at players to run more? Or do this and that in the pitch? Are we better than the people who have made it their life to know everything there is to know about the sport and how to be the best at it? Its one thing when we do it in forums such as this because this is harmless we might have different opinions from the coach and maybe we are right sometimes but it makes no difference. At the end of the day it is lucho and ancelloti and their coaching staff who make all the decisions. We just have to sit back and hope the tactics and players are good enough to win titles and continue with our enjoyment of our sports.

Look at Newcastle right now its been 2 season already since the fans wanted to get rid of the manager and no matter how much they yell or how much they want it Pardew stayed and is looking to stay for a bit longer.... And look at Manchester united? The biggest club in england a bad season and a regular start. What if that was barca? Or madrid? I know this also happens in every league but since I'm an avid follower of la liga this is why I wrote this rant. Just because you pay whatever you pay to watch the games and follow your beloved team DOES NOT give the right to yell and call them out when the have bad days. YOUR job as fans is to sit there and support your team whether they lose or the win its emotional either way when we lose I am sad and when we win I'm ecstatic. That is my job and that is what I do. I live for barca and even though I criticize decisions made sometimes I still love the club I have been following for the majority of my life and no amount of bad results is ever gonna' change that
Jeroen (Barcelona) Yesterday
My best friend's girlfriend is Catalan, and recently they visited my place here. She also talked about the Catalan fans and how they are spoilt. You're not mistaken. They only ever support the team when they're winning or when playing Real and are easily angered, even if we win a game but the scoreline doesn't please them.

So yes, the loudest of them are a bunch of arrogant c***s who display behaviour befitting of an evil Roman emperor (or Joffrey in GoT) who is never really pleased. But most of the fans in Camp Nou are just quiet fans who aren't as much into football as we are; they just don't have that football fire to support their team through thick and thin. Barça may have a hundred million fans worldwide, the one million Dortmund fans (as a counterexample) are MUCH more useful for the team since they actually support the team passionately while remaining calm in defeat
Danny414 (Real Madrid) Yesterday
I think yes we are spoiled. But most fans are. I watch football to learn football and for entertainment.

The problem with most fans is that winning and losing is tied to their ego and personal value. Its easy to tie yourself to a club. But I think its a mistake. Unless you play played or will play or serve that club.

If you identify yourself based on a club then you will suffer if they lose. I think this type of thing can lead to over demanding, whiney, and spoiled fans.

On the other hand it makes victory very sweet. It can turn into an addiction
4ever (Barcelona) Yesterday
Comparing New castle fans with barca fans are like comparing an average student with a genius. Teacher will be more pleased when a average student got first class than a rank holder capable gettin 80% marks. You can't blame barca or real fans having high expectations as they witnessed much joy and success over through years.

There are times people lose cool easily when they're hurt. Like fans here always blaming our board to not taking required players and some people blaming pique for our loses and all. After all, professional job is thankless job whether you are a football player or an accountant. People won't remember how much you are contributing and when a mistake occurred, you get blame.

Am not any means, supporting those people who are thankless and forgetting all when our club lose, am just stating personal attitude of people. That being said, I have seen a rare group of fans who doing s**t things, majority of fans are calm and cheerful even when we lose like those who clapping towards our players when we lose bayern to 3-0
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 20 hours ago
The only reason you're pissed off is because they criticized Messi. What about when they did the same to Sanchez? Cesc? And many others? Just because Messi is the best player in the world, doesn't mean he shouldn't be criticized.

For me, talking crap about your own player is just plain and stupid and shouldn't happen at all. But if it does, why do the likes of Messis and Ronaldos get a pass?
Andres201 (Barcelona) 19 hours ago
No it not messi and it not bale its everybody. I critic everybody for doing this. When I was in barcelona a couple of years ago I saw this as well. My big concern is how can you call yourself a supporter of a club when you do that s**t (to messi, sanchez, cesc, bale, ronaldo, ronnie, etc. Etc.)

I only used newcaslte as an example but also it happens way to often even just recently fiorentino perez said "the more they call on you to resign, the more motivated you are to continue, " he said. "I will stay on here. What most feeds that motivation are those who want to take over the club and who try to intimidate me". The fans forget we have NO say in important manners unless you're actually a socio (shareholder).

My point with this rant was that just because you say to me you are paying thousands of euros for season tickets of some ppl investing alot more than that it gives them the right to misstreat club legends in such a way. As a suporter you need to support whether you win or lose.

One of my best friends is from Germany and he supports a second division team that just last season made it into first division: Eintracht Braunschweig but they ended last place last season and you think he cares when his team loses? They lost alot last season but he still tells me about how he still goes to the stadium every game and has an amazing time with his buddies and chants the anthem of his team through his lungs. That's what football is about not the s**t the bigger clubs are getting
BogardiDough (Barcelona) 1 day ago
Gerard Deulofeu with 2 assists so far in Sevilla's game
4ever (Barcelona) 1 day ago
He is on fire now. Central of every seville move
Alfrodo (Barcelona) 2 days ago
Lucho: "I don’t believe in the cliché of a first choice keeper. I want them all to be ready. I didn’t tell them who would play, that’s my idea. I expect us to get results, and I have total faith that we will. I’m not associating any one keeper with any one competition. I want them all to be prepared and I’ll deal with them my way"

Evidently, we no longer will have our first choice keeper play champions league and Liga, the second choice keeper play CDR, etc. Thoughts? Will this destabilize our defence or force our keepers to take every match very seriously and improve our defence?

In a similar vein, as I'm sure you all noticed, Lucho made NINE changes to the lineup. It was a pretty rusty performance and he said this: “perhaps our play was less fluid because of all the rotations, but I’m sticking to my guns. I need my whole team, although I’m sure I’ll get it wrong sometimes. We can’t always win 3-0 or 4-0, but I have total faith in my players.”

Personally, I love that he has the balls to make so many changes and put faith in the youngsters. I cringed when I saw Tata using our starting 11 for so many matches in a row for two reasons: Fatigue issues and the complacency that can arise when a player does not feel he has to compete for his spot in the lineup. Can this strategy backfire? Of course. But I think as long as Lucho takes risks in the matches we can afford to (like apoel in the group stages), it will be worth it
JRaty (Barcelona) 2 days ago
Tanmay 1 day ago
I was very happy with the rotation too. This should help deal with issues we always have when the knockout stages of the champions league start.

Ter Stegen / Bravo -- eventually I'd like to see them settle down like Valdes and Pinto, but right now we don't know who should be first choice, so it's good to let them compete
4ever (Barcelona) 1 day ago
To prevail our club legacy, it's very important to give la masia grads enough chances. Am very happy with that and I wanted to see more of masip, bartra and Montoya in our eleven.

But it's yet to see how long he will continue. At the beginning of last season, it was all same as well, but later Tata sticked with same eleven which eventually leave us out of all competition
Jeroen (Barcelona) Yesterday
We needed a manager who showed the team who's boss and who doesn't let anyone become saturated/fatigued by playing him all the time regardless of performances. I also am very happy Luis isn't a meek sheep, but the strong leader he always has been.

Pep was the same; he took the rudder over and steered the team in the course HE wanted, a course he was adamant about. That's what great managers do. If Luis can rally the players behind his ideas and win the first few games with good football, I can see him becoming wildly successful indeed
JRaty (Barcelona) 2 days ago
Samper: "I know I still have to improve a lot in defence. I watch all my games, sometimes three times, I focus on every detail. "

Dedicated lad. Future coach in the making it seems.

His stats for the game:

118 touches, 102 passes, 93% pass acc. 7/8 long balls completed, 4 interceptions, 3/3 effective clearances, 5 tackles
Jeroen (Barcelona) 2 days ago
Nice, I'm very happy with him so far. Munir on the other hand was poor yesterday. You can see he's still a more raw talent, typically with a great day and a bad day the next one
JRaty (Barcelona) 2 days ago
Munir doesn't seem to be there yet to force himself to get momentum in games where things don't go his way. He falters. It'll hopefully come with experience
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 2 days ago
I was watching the game online off really low resolution broadcast and I didn't realize munir was playing until about 10 mins into the game. He definitely needs more time to figure out how to make an impact. He shows brilliant moves every now and then but at times he seems to be nervous.

I thought samper was a total stud last night. He is really calm on the ball and it's quite funny how much he resembles busquets. He even threaded a couple of attacking balls through traffic. All in all, it's great to know we have a chain of succession at the club for the future.

About our sloppy performance: it didn't look like they were willing to take risks even after they went one goal down. It's tough to breakdown sides with your reserve team when they're willing to stand around all game
Malik (Barcelona) 2 days ago

Ajax fans with some cheeky banners


Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 2 days ago
The Paris one is great

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