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Malik (Barcelona) 1 day ago

I like how club is announcing the transfer fees insted of that undisclosed BS.

We pay 35M fixed , 20M in performance based variables & another 15M if he was to win Ballon d'Or
Hari6988 (Barcelona) 1 day ago
Loved how Marca were running the story that we will pay 70m. Yeah, like he'd win the golden ball
Malik (Barcelona) 1 day ago
Not surprising, they had to try to save the image on their master, Perez just can't afford Madrid fans to realize that he got schooled by a Rat.

Also Marca has been taking L's forever when it comes to these signings, they had Suarez, Rakitic, ronaldhino, Villa, gomes etc all on their front pages in reals Jersey just few days before all of them joined us
Mikhitargaryen (Barcelona) 1 day ago
That is a great deal. Can't wait to see him play!

And it is an additional fee of 15m if he were to win ballon d'or "several times" this has to be the clause of the century
Jeroen (Barcelona) 1 day ago
Terrible deal! If he wins the Ballon d'Or 100x, we are almost broke!
Malik (Barcelona) 2 days ago
Adriano leaves for Besiktas, they will pay €600k for Adriano in 3 installments. 1st year 150K, 2nd year 200K and 3rd year 250K.

Two points - I know he has been poor for last season and half but we also have to remember he did great job for us as utility player, even at time when case for him to start could have been made he accepted the lesser role.

Second point - this is why I thought 7M we're getting for Tello is great, we're simply piss poor at selling our players, last season Roma was willing to pay 5-6 M for him and lazio 3M, this season Lazio wanted him for free and we couldn't convince them for even that 3M.

BTW check out his pictures arriving at turkey, Besiktas fans are going crazy over his signing
Hari6988 (Barcelona) 2 days ago
Roma bid 3m last season for him which Lucho rejected and we gave him a new contract. Well, that turned out great
Jujex (Juventus) 2 days ago
How are your academy players nowadays? Any young talents getting promoted?
Malik (Barcelona) 2 days ago
^ Samper getting promoted this season, lad have potential to be world class if he is given right guidance
Blackstyle88 1 day ago
^Samper has been in our list for 2 years already, and even played couple of games in La Liga/CDR and champions league for us
GloryRoad2016 (Barcelona) 16 hours ago
^That's because Lucho called on him to come play for that specific game. He wasn't with the 1st team 100% of the time. If he's practicing/spending time with Busquets and Mascherano consistently, we could start to see some serious growth in Samper. After some matches of course
Malik (Barcelona) 13 hours ago
Gloryroad is correct, he is promoted this season before that he was called for specific games
KingLucas (Liverpool) 2 days ago
Noooooooooooooooooo Messi dayed his hair to platinum blonde. The one thing that Messi did so far that I don't like.

Messi is a blonde now nooooooooooooooo
Niru 2 days ago
Jeroen (Barcelona) 2 days ago
Just a rant, but I wanted to get it off my chest. I still love Leo, but in recent years some things have made me frown or even facepalm about his personal life.

1) Tattoo's: I dislike tattoo's, especially if they're far too big or plain ugly, like the weird thing on Messi's leg that's supposed to look like his son's hand
2) Taxes: the obvious one; even though he might not have known at all what was going on, I think he could've simply admitted he was in the wrong the moment his father and accountants said it was so. It seemed to me he was trying to deflect all guilt by pleading ignorance. That really made me lose a lot of respect for him.
3) Resigning from Argentina NT: No idea why he did that, but maybe his personal troubles and the fact Argentinians seems to expect impossible things from him forced this decision. I still think he made a rash in-the-moment decision he will soon regret. But perhaps it'll make people in Argentina realize he's only human.
4) This:

Really Leo? Really?

I mean, I'm not one to judge people on their looks all that much, but when you see guys like Iniesta or Xavi you don't think they're weird thugs who happen to be Jesus-freaks in the process. I miss the normal guy Messi was (or seemed to be) just a year or 2-3 ago. It's like he's tilted at one moment and went crazy experimental mode.

Next up: piercings and face tattoo's
SKool (Arsenal) 2 days ago
Blame ramsey, he started this blonde trend
Hari6988 (Barcelona) 2 days ago
About the tattoo and hairstyle, he's been close friends with neymar for the last 3 years. Coincidence? I think not
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 2 days ago
I personally don't like tattoos but come on, to each his own. He has his children's names, hand prints and Jesus carved on his body. Whatever floats his boat. You want him to admit he's in the wrong and go to jail? Very naive. Whether he knew or not even people who commit murder plead not guilty. I agree on the argentina thing. That was a bad move. If it was me, I'd cry and say, "I'll continue trying until my legs can't do this any more". Horrible thing to do for the greatest player ever.

Lastly, I think he should be benched for the blonde hair. What was he thinking? If Nasri does something its a sign you should avoid it
Mikhitargaryen (Barcelona) 2 days ago
I'd like to see Messi getting benched at Camp Nou for something as trivial as his hairstyle, the fans would be up in arms.

Again to each his own; if King Messi wants blond hair let him have it. YOLO

Tats again is personal preference. It is 2016, where I'm from, 12 year old boys and girls are getting tattoos without parental consent I think it has become a big part of today's culture that nobody should be offended by tattoos anymore. I still cannot believe there are jobs which do not permit tattoos, that is one of the worst forms of discriminations that exist today apart from racism and sexism
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
You don't choose your race or your sex, it's different than deciding to get tattoos all over yourself when some professions require a more proffessional appearance.

He's a footballer, what he does to his appearance is his business. Points 2 and 3 resonate a lot with me because I had a lot of respect for him until recently
Iscodisco (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
Jeroen- Your post indicates that you should become a Ronaldo fan
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 2 days ago
^ There's a fifth point - Diving  And a sixth point- whining.    Ronaldo gets disqualified right there.
Jeroen (Barcelona) 2 days ago
I still have loads of admiration for Leo, but he fell from being an idol to just being admirable. Xavi and Iniesta are miles above him in terms of respect to me.

Ronaldo is a man of whom I admire his determination, his athleticism and skill and his sometimes clear acts of selflessness when it comes to his possessions.

However, on the field he still annoys the crap out of me, something Leo has never done. He might look like a drug dealer now, he might (un)willingly be a tax fraud and he might've rashly quit the NT, the main source of pride a footballer can achieve. But he's still a guy who plays the most wonderful football and behaves very sportsmanlike 98% of the games. Unlike Ronaldo
Tomikato 2 days ago
@Jeroen, nobody can be perfect in all aspects of life. At least he is showing that he is human after all.

I think there is enough footballing perfectness about him to make him the best in a generation. As for the hair and the NT issues - I think both will sort themselves out in a matter of few months. I can bet on it
4ever (Barcelona) 1 day ago
1. Tattoo : I dislike it, I don't understand why people want to put something in their beautiful body. I heard you can't even donate your blood if tattoos are in your hand.
But it's personal choice, I have to respect the personal freedom.
2. Tax : of course that's bad and Messi is guilty, whatever the reason may be he still be blamed,
3. Retirement : he is exhausted and tired of people blaming for every single loses Argentina faces. And it's not fair too, it's been 23. Years since Argentine won an international competition and I have seen much much better Argentine team than Messi's current. I think he will return soon.
4. Style: he looks awful in that blonde hair, by the way barca players notoriously known for their bad sense of fashion, lol. Or since he is just Argentine Aron Ramsey, he might copied his Idol's style, who knows.

Conclusion: it's all personal preference and there's a reason xavi is my all time favorite footballer, but at the end, the only think that matter is how he performs in the pitch or how he behave himself, as long as that doesn't change, he is always my cute little Leo
MesQuUnClub (Barcelona) 1 day ago
I concur with Jeroen and 4ever, in that I think Tatoos don't beautify the person, it just make them look uglier, in that sense I like how Ronaldo doesn't alter his natural body, but sure enough he is extravagant when it comes to hair gel
Well, Messi is an introvert and he is facing adversity at the NT level, so I'm not surprised that for the last 3 years that he has not succeeded with Argentina, he is taking it on his own body rather than lambasting the AFA.
From a footballing perspective he is simply a divine gift, I don't think that will ever change, I also wish he didn't give his body a whipping because of the failures, but what can you do
As for the tax, my gut feeling is as he said, he is just playing football and doesn't really spend time on his finances, but the people doing so are definitely not helping him, trying to skimp on paying taxes
SIMPLYGODS 1 day ago
I love tattoos and it's a way to express yourself, your body is a blank canvas with works of art. I'm gonna' start working on a sleeve this up coming month don't understand how people bitch and complain about them, only reason to complain is if the art work is atrocious (but at that point getting free tattoos our tattoos from a friend trying to get into the tattoo world is probably not a good idea).

Taxes meh every millionaire/billionaire cheats on their taxes are we surprised here? Nope they just need to pay that money back and then some (to me honestly fair.... Jail time is pointless if they continue to do it the government should just take all the money/possessions the person has and have them start from the beginning again).

Quitting the national team sucks but I understand his frustration not our place to judge.... If we were in his same position we'd probably do the same.

And his hair? Who cares at least it looks and sounds better than a Justin Bieber album about day of the week....

On that note I like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups....
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 1 day ago
I can't believe people still judge others based on tattoos. It's his body. You may not like it but how can you start liking somebody less because they choose to do something with their body.

For me I find tattoos really cool. Like SG said, it's a form of art. The only thing I don't like is when people get their girlfriend's or boyfriend's name tattooed. But even then, it doesn't bother me since it's their body
VonBonitoC (Real Madrid) 19 hours ago
Hey! At least Messi did picked up some style points in memories of thuggish Alves now that he's gone

Seriously though, Messi's tattoos are flat out ugly. He might as well get nose and tongue piercing next. That would be priceless!
Nautilus (Manchester United) 12 hours ago
I can't leave this discussion without commenting.

I`m a bit shocked about some people here. Saying you usually don't care about how other people look but messi getting a tattoo makes him less likeable or looking like a drug dealer.
The reason i`m writing because I got quite some tattoos. Both arms and hands, legs, throat, chest etc. Well, it didn't change me or my personality. My girlfriends body is pretty much covered with tattoos. Believe it or not, she is a mother of 2 wonderful children who are almost grown ups, looks better at 43 than most young woman and works with children in a kindergarden. Crazy world ha?
She even got some facial tattoos as her background is from the aimara indigenous people in chile. Some people can't believe that she`s working with children, well why? Is she a bad person because she`s got a lot of tattoos?
Its the year 2016 and there are really numerous people out there who simply shocked when seeing a tattooed person on the street. That shows a lot about peoples education.

I know a lot of people with tattoos that I don't like, piercings where I think i`d never do it myself, cracked tongues etc. I may not like some things but it doesn't effect my relationship to that person.
That's the point. You may like it or not but it shouldnt have an effect on your thoughts about that person.

I think the times when prisoners where wearing tattoos are over for a long time. Maybe some people should know that the art of tattoos is one that goes back thousands of years
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 12 hours ago
^^what this guy said
Jeroen (Barcelona) 9 hours ago
Nautilus, I'm sorry if I somehow offended you, that wasn't my intention. But don't you think he looks more.... Extreme and thuggish now? If you don't think so, then I guess we have a very different look on what thugs look like.

Here in Belgium tattoo's aren't uncommon, but if you look like Leo looks in that picture, lots of tattoo's, hair dyed in a fugly colour that doesn't suit the person and a beard in a very different colour (also dyed?), then people will avoid you or glance past you, pretending to ignore you because they don't want to stare. He used to look like this 2 years ago:

Neither look means the guy is a better or worse person, obviously, but I'm pretty sure most people worldwide who don't know Messi (the 5-6 that don't) will feel more at ease with the younger version because he looks less intimidating
4ever (Barcelona) 8 hours ago
@nautilus, there's no problem for sticking tattoos, it's just a personal preference that I don't like it. I like to keep my body away from all that and am a hairy person who doesn't like even to shave the body
Titi1348 (Barcelona) 5 hours ago
Lol Jeroen I don't know where you live in Belgium but you must not go out very often or you must be very uncomfortable downtown
Malik (Barcelona) 3 days ago
Messi to join the squad travelling to St. George’s Park training camp on Monday. He was given extended vocation along with other players that played in Euros and Copa but he decided to return back early by two weeks.

He seems motivated to do it all again

Also its not surprising his motivation his high, people are talking about him like he and Barca had s**t last season, we have set the bar so high that Double by us to most people feels like we have not done anything special
Mikhitargaryen (Barcelona) 3 days ago
Cue for Barca website to use #WeAreAllTraining hashtag
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 3 days ago
This has got to be the biggest transfer joke in the history of football. Higuain for £79m? What the f**k is up with that? This makes Suarez and Neymar deals look like daylight robbery.

I am never going to complain about our management overpaying for players. Ever!

Also I'm not sure where this sport is heading. A few years ago €30m was a big deal. Now €90m seems to be the new €30m
Mikhitargaryen (Barcelona) 3 days ago
It is pure madness. At this rate I can see Atletico wanting £ 150m for Griezmann. And by this valuation Neymar is surely worth £200m
KingLucas (Liverpool) 2 days ago
Lmfao    1st of all he is 28    2nd he is Higuain ffs
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 2 days ago
He'll be 29 this year in another 4 months. He was valued at 65million euros while lewa was valued at 75m and both benz and Aguero were valued at 60m. These three players are younger than him. Higuain had an outstanding season but that doesn't hike his priced by up 30m. He has averaged a 0. 5 goals to games ratio all his life. Last season was an anomaly at 0. 92. The fact is Juventus are getting a boat load of money from United for Pogba which Napoli used to suck out as much money as possible. Great negotations from Napoli. Apparently, Napoli fans are pissed off about the sale
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
He's a beast in the Serie A, which is why Napoli is sad and Juve is excited and willing to pay for him. I think your dislike of Higuain overshadows the fact that he's improved every year in the Serie A.

A soon to be 29 year old is not bad, that's their prime. He can go for 3-4 years at a solid 25 goals a season in Serie A
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 2 days ago
I don't dislike him. When you guys sold him, he was doing almost as well as benzema and I thought it was a mistake for you. I just think he's not worth close to €94m. You bought Bale around the same price 3 years ago and I don't think euro has declined as much not has inflation gone up as much
Mikhitargaryen (Barcelona) 2 days ago
^ It is not the Euro going down or the inflation % but maybe the fact that sponsors are pouring in more and more money into the sport that is causing the transfer fees to shoot up to crazy
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 2 days ago
Of course. United is about to pay €120m to juventus for Pogba. Was Napoli going to let them have their best player for nothing?
Alucard41 (Barcelona) 3 days ago
Hi is dreamfooty still being used or updated?
Malik (Barcelona) 3 days ago
Think last season was the last one
Alucard41 (Barcelona) 2 days ago
Ohh shucks; thanks for the Info
Malik (Barcelona) 3 days ago
We're selling Tello to Fiorentina permanently and somehow manage to get 7M Euros from them for him.

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

On other hand there are rumors of Mario Gomez as one candidate for a backup striker, he played last season for Besiktas on loan & scored 26 goals in 33 appearances, He is on Fiorentina books and Besiktas had option to make his loan permanent but Gomez decided to leave because of political unrest in Turkey.

TBH not the best option but he can be very decent option as backup striker, he is very different from strikers we have been playing recently and can be perfect Plan be type player, also I doubt he would have any issues playing as backup. Cons are that he is not versatile at all, which means he will just be able to cover for Suarez, we will have to use Turan or Sergi for Messi
Malik (Barcelona) 3 days ago
Vietto for 22M Euros
Jeroen (Barcelona) 3 days ago
Didn't Vietto sign for Sevilla already? And Mario Gomez has always been a Barça fan, in case you didn't know. He's a pure poacher, so he doesn't fit our style at all, but I still like the man.

Oh, and are you happy we sold Tello for €7m? That's a bargain for them; Tello is worth €15m
Malik (Barcelona) 3 days ago
Not yet, last week it was about them this week it's us, reports of agreement between clubs too, only part renaming is convincing him, I don't Know why we haven't asked the dictator yet to give him a call, Vietto is friends and fan of Messi.

Tello is worth 15M in current market but you forgot how piss poor we're at selling players, we couldn't sell him before that why he was on loan, we have struggled to sell likes of song, montoya & adriano for money, so this 7M for tello is quite decent
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 3 days ago
I've always liked Gomez but I doubt he can fit into our style of play. He had 4 great seasons with bayern but pep bundled him away because he's not a pass and run type player. If he does join us he will one of those rare barca players who can win aerial duels
Mikhitargaryen (Barcelona) 3 days ago
That is one aspect that we have lacked for a few seasons now. We've struggled to break down teams who have packed defences with tall and bulky centre backs and have no other tactical plan than to sit back and defend all game long. Imo could be a good option to have depending on the opposition
Aliko (Barcelona) 4 days ago
Excited about the Andre Gomes transfer
Andres201 (Barcelona) 5 days ago
Loopetegui has been appointed Spain National team manager.    Based on what? Definitely not his merit.
Aliko (Barcelona) 4 days ago
He won the european championship with under 19 and under 20 national team
Andres201 (Barcelona) 4 days ago
Then he went to Porto and did absolutely nothing with Porto's talent pool.... Spain has way better coaches with better records to chose from. Why they chose him is beyond me
Tanmay (Footytube Moderator) 3 days ago
Well he is going to know the younger players and have their trust. That counts for something doesn't it?
GloryRoad2016 (Barcelona) 3 days ago
Like Aliko said, he won championship tournaments with the U19 and U20 national teams. Perhaps they overlooked his failure at club level, but he has shown success at the national level which shows more merit for a position like manager of the national team
Aliko (Barcelona) 3 days ago
Time will show if he can produce something with the current squad. The important thing is to find solutions for parking busses
Mikhitargaryen (Barcelona) 3 days ago
The more important thing is to blend in the young players; the days of Iniesta are over and fabregas must be dropped. He should look to bring in players like Isco and Koke into the first team
Jeroen (Barcelona) 5 days ago
Dortmund gets back Götze, Liverpool get Wijnaldum, United bought Mikhi & Pogba, Chelsea got Kanté, Juve got Pjanic & Pjaca, Arsenal got Xhaka, Bayern got Renato Sanches and now we get André Gomes!

It seems the traditional big clubs realize the central midfield positions are where games are decided and are investing big time in their future of that.

Except for Madrid. Hehe
Tomikato 4 days ago
Jeroen you nicely missed out city/gundogan. Hope it wasn't on purpose grr
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 4 days ago
^^ I think he's making a list of players who aren't always injured.
Blackstyle88 4 days ago
Meanwhile Vietto chose Sevilla over Barca....
Mikhitargaryen (Barcelona) 4 days ago
I don't believe uncle perez will go through a whole summer window without splashing the cash; there is still time for real to pull one out of the bag

Maybe they are complacent after winning the UCL? Or maybe they have Zidane the best CM of all time as their manager?
Pejvl (Footytube Moderator) 4 days ago
Having Modric and Kroos at CM position, with Isco and Kovacic being backups is pretty good reason not to go for another one
Tomikato 4 days ago
^ I think so. Probably one of the finest CM pair around, albeit a little light on the defensive balance
Pejvl (Footytube Moderator) 4 days ago
Modric is actually a pretty god defender, but Kroos really want's nothing to do with that part of the game, he's usually just to stand in front of his man and act as if he's going to try to stop him lol
Iscodisco (Real Madrid) 4 days ago
Casemiro is our defensive player. He's been solid, so no need for another. Although rumor is we're in for Moussa Cissoko
Tomikato 4 days ago
Moussa is box to box
Mikhitargaryen (Barcelona) 3 days ago
So what if he is a box to box lol at least he can tackle better than Kroos
It is up to a manager if a midfielder plays as a box to box or a more defensive role look at Pogba in the euros he was sitting back most of the time except when France were leading comfortably he surged forward
Tomikato 3 days ago
Exactly mikhitargaryen. Pogba was playing cdm in the last couple games at euros and this is a prime example where he showed he wasn't the best for for that position. He hardly looked influential playing from there.

Obviously a manager will dictate the method of play but then a manager wouldn't buy a player with very different strengths to play a specific role would he?
Mikhitargaryen (Barcelona) 3 days ago
Agreed Tomi but Sissoko can also be deployed as a Ball winning midfielder/deep lying destroyer CM.
Yes he was given the charge to surge forward for France but often for Newcastle he plays a bit deeper, so that is a role he is suited to as well. He has good physical presence, can tackle well and has good stamina to cover ground, apart from this to be a out an out DM he has to only work on his passing distribution and defensive reading. World class DM's are pretty hard to find out of the box, the majority of them are groomed into that role
Jeroen (Barcelona) 3 days ago
Yeah Tomi, I was talking about traditional big clubs
Tomikato 3 days ago
Lol Jeroen I know. You are too smart to forget Gundogan
Malik (Barcelona) 5 days ago
Holy s**t ! I stay away from internet for couple of hours and this happens

[breaking news] Agreement with Valencia CF for André Gomes #AndreGomesFCB - from out official account.

We were interested in him but post Euros Madrid media had a w**k fest over Real signing him, especially yesterday every body was convinced that he is gonna' sign for Real and then today we pull this.

He is also 22 didn't had great Euro's but he was playing with injury, he is been one of Valencia's best player.

No official figure was give like club gave for Umtiti and Dinge but its rumored to be in range of 50M Euros. Well TBH I don't think we needed a Mid but it seems Sergi is gonna' permanently shift to RB or perhaps we might end up selling Turan, but then again yesterday Lucho said Turan is part of his plan.

Roberto IS closing deals LIKE there IS NO tomorrow !

Edit - Okay its so f*****g chiotic, Di Marzio is saying fee is 35M euros other rumors say that deal will include a player from Barca, bigger surpise is that jorge mendes is Gomes agent and our current board didn't had a good relation with him.

More over Di Marzio just said that Barca is very close to signing vietto, this come after every one confirming that Sevila is leading the chase for him.

Apparently the player included in deal is Montoya

Edit - BTW our fourth 22 years old signing of the summer we're planning for the future.

Soon Vietto will be fifth

Edit - More Rumors that Real, Chelsea and Juve offered Valenica more then our offer but player wanted to Join Barca
Hari6988 (Barcelona) 5 days ago
Is he better than Rakitic? I'm sorry, but this seems like an unnecessary signing
Malik (Barcelona) 5 days ago
@hari, he is a left sided player, doubt he will compete with Rakitic
Jeroen (Barcelona) 5 days ago

Yep, it's official!

He looks exactly like a friend of mine in that picture. Sexy mofo getting all the ladies
Andres201 (Barcelona) 5 days ago
So he'll compete with iniesta?    What does this mean to Sergi Roberto?
Malik (Barcelona) 5 days ago
^ I think Roberto will be a permanent RB, we ain't buying any other RB. Rakitic / Turan will play on right, iniesta / gomes on left. Denis will mostly be used as a winger / LF / Neymar backup.

My only concern is Rafinah, what happens with him, last season he started brilliantly till that horrible injury, after that he had quite a few small injuries, in fact he got injured yesterday again while with Brazil NT
Hari6988 (Barcelona) 5 days ago
I can see Real Madrid getting Pogba now
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 4 days ago
We have to sell someone now. He's definitely a signing for the future but I'm not sure how everybody is going to get a chance to play?

By the way €35m isn't bad considering how players are priced these days. And who cares if we have to pay more bonuses if we win trophies. It'll be worth it
GloryRoad2016 (Barcelona) 4 days ago
There will never be a situation where everyone in Barca's midfield gets to play. I have a terrible feeling Rafinha and/or Turan are getting pushed out :/ trying not to be a pessimist, but the central midfield positions are getting way overcrowded
Mikhitargaryen (Barcelona) 4 days ago
It is €50m with all the variables, steep, the inflation is over the roof this summer

Read dun have the money for Pogba, juventus will ask them to change the name of santiago bernaboo to santiago del alpi or sommat ask real madrid to play 4 seasons in zebra stripes to cover Pogba's transfer fee
Xgooner4everX (Arsenal) 5 days ago
You guys sold Halilovic
Hari6988 (Barcelona) 5 days ago
Wage issue. No top level club would pay his wages for the loan. Valencia tried to get him and backed off saying they can't deal with people like Halilovic's dad.

Anyways, there is a buyback clause for 2 years
Iscodisco (Real Madrid) 5 days ago
For 5M? I'm surprised no one else fought for his signature
Malik (Barcelona) 5 days ago
No one else was interested in him, obviously because we wanted to add buy back and first option clause in his contract. Hamburg wanted him last season do but he end up at sporting.

TBH I like Buyback clause more then Loan, with loan option the buying club have very little incentive to develop player, with buyback the buying club knows that if they don't develop the player he will be a dead weight on their books and also they know they can make a profit if they develop a player
BarcaMyLove (Barcelona) 1 week ago
Does anyone have any idea when tickets go on sale through the Barcelona website for La Liga matches? In particular the El Clasico on the 4th of December?

If not I'll have to go through Viagogo but would much prefer buying them through Barca
Blackstyle88 1 week ago
So apperently we just renewed Munir's contract. What does it mean, if not we are not going to sign any new player for attacking department?
CheMaradona 1 week ago
Munir and Tello as backups for MSN, we should probably get one more
Malik (Barcelona) 6 days ago
Nah, we're signing a forward unless something huge changes, Munir was never leaving and we were still looking for a backup forward.

Vietto seems like joining Sevilla because they guarantee more playing time then we can right now. Vietto joining Sevilla might open the door for Gameiro exit and yesterday sport was reporting that we're willing to offer 25M for him, which IMO is decent fee for him.

Robert Fernandez our technical director (resposible for transfers) did mention that its hard to convince other attacker to join Barca because of MSN, though he flew to Brazil to watch and talk about likes of Gabriel Barbosa & Gabriel Jesus
AMClub (Barcelona) 5 days ago
Tello is back?

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