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Malik (Barcelona) 3 hours ago
Https://pbs.Twimg.Com/tweet_video/CC40Q-OW8AAabQw.Mp4    Did anyone else saw ter stegen reaction after that penalty save . Amazing guy
Lytsdb (Barcelona) 4 hours ago
Suarez was amazing. Pedro missed a similar chance from a similar pass from a similar position. Only then one realises the value of a good finisher
Lytsdb (Barcelona) 4 hours ago
Enrique was good yesterday, he probably realised that the double pivot was not really working and was bold to change it immediately. The was for me a sign of man who is dedicated to the club, and not bothered about his or anybodys ego etc. Also saw messi playing alot centrally, don't know if it was tactical or it just happens in games. Good game by Alves and Matheiu on the wings too
9Ronaldo9 (Barcelona) 12 hours ago
Few key points to focus on in today's game.

-Messi did great today with everything. I am nobody to question him or suggest anything, but like why doesn't he just hit a ground ball into the back of the net like he used to? He always chips now.

-Blessed to have Bravo

-Rakitic completely changed this game with his introduction in the second half. He was the reason we were dominant in the second half.

-Dani Alves was outstanding today as he was everywhere on the pitch. The few times he was in our attack and tracing back, Rakitic filled in for him at the back perfectly.

-Adriano needs to be replaced this summer. I love the guy for all the good times, but we need a better backup.

-Pique needs to find his form again because he's had a few very bad games recently including today.
Umairrockx (Barcelona) 9 hours ago
Pique is alright to be honest, not bad.... I know made a couple of mistakes, but not that bad that he has to find form again. He'll be alight in next one IMHO....

Pique does good when Maschi is next to him. Pique Matheui just don't work IMHO.
GenericGooner (Arsenal) 15 hours ago
Of course.... The inevitable Malaga defensive screw up and easy Ronaldo tap in
Malik (Barcelona) 15 hours ago
Malaga pull one back !
GenericGooner (Arsenal) 15 hours ago
Omg.... Penaldo missed a penaldo!
Malik (Barcelona) 15 hours ago
No need to call names
MSNforce (Barcelona) 15 hours ago
@malik but he's right though
Andresandmessi (Barcelona) 13 hours ago
But it's childish though
Malik (Barcelona) 15 hours ago
FFS don't want real to go down like this, benzema is struggling with injury, bale just got injured, out for 15 days and will surely miss tie vs atleti and now modric just get off after a heavy tackle to his knee
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 15 hours ago
This is all part of the game. I personally don't care as long as they lose. Let them go down. Although I would never wish an injury on any player, it happens
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 15 hours ago
Injuries are part of the game. I don't remember anybody saying messi is still the best player when he struggled with his hamstring injury for almost a year
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 15 hours ago
I think Malik means it'd be more satisfying to know you beat us at our best. Can't argue with him there, it's a shame injuries are hitting us so late
Malik (Barcelona) 14 hours ago
Hikmat, exactly !

You guys struggle during the period modric was out, now initial assessment say he will miss atleti derby. Although for bale, I'm quite sure number of Madrid fan might be actually happy the he won't play against atleti
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 13 hours ago
Modric will be out for 5-6 weeks. Not that I'm being pessimistic but I think our season is pretty much done
Malik (Barcelona) 13 hours ago
Yup just read that, it's not offical though, but if that happens his season is done.

Come to think of it, we too missed Suarez for 2 months and I remebr we have to relay on our be team players a lot at start of this season (munir & sandro in particular) its all about how you grind on results during this sort of period
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 13 hours ago
Beginning of the season is one thing, now every game is crucial. Plus throw in Champions League, which is up for grabs right now.

I'm hoping it's nothing serious, for the mean time grinding out 1-0s is all that matters
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 10 hours ago
We did beat them at their best though in Camp Nou and so did Atletico. If we are going by results, both Barca and Atletico have beaten Madrid once while Madrid out of the 4 games have only won 1.

Edit: as for injuries being beginning of the season or late in the season, it all comes down to the manager. Lucho made a lot of rotations earlier on and we suffered because of it too just so our players weren't exhausted at this stage. If Carlo didn't do that and played the same XI every game then it's his problem. That doesn't mean we didn't beat you guys at your best, it just means we were smarter when it came to player fatigue
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 18 hours ago
This is an article I read a few days ago about the influence of asst manager unzue at barca. He has managed to fix what has been our achilles' heel for the better part of the last decade.


Up until last year all our opponents had to do was lob a ball into the box and it would go in without much effort. Now when we take a set piece our opponents fear us. Brilliant work from a guy who doesn't get much credit or attention
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 13 hours ago
From every ball in your box being a possibility of conceding to every ball in their box being a possibility of scoring.

Mathieu's addition and Pique's rise in form also help a lot
Jeroen (Barcelona) 18 hours ago
Dani Alves:
10 tackles, 3 successful dribbles (as many as Neymar), key passing outlet up front all game long. I've not been impressed by Dani after 2013 up until the start of this season, but he's really doing well again. We must not let him go
Amos21 (Barcelona) 18 hours ago
Best way to end the match !
Malik (Barcelona) 19 hours ago
BTW that was messi's 400th goal for Barcelona !
Unreadwriter10 (Barcelona) 19 hours ago
What a way to get it
Drogbalampard (Chelsea) 18 hours ago
Legend,  Greatest player of all time
GenericGooner (Arsenal) 18 hours ago
His 3rd best performance in a league season(in terms of goals)
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 19 hours ago
Lucky win. But they didn't create much in the 2nd half. I can understand that lucho was saving rakitic for the psg game but with a3-1 score he should have gone wt rakitic. Adriano provides no width on the left so they child dominate by crowding out the middle of the field. It made a huge difference once Adriano was out and rakitic started putting some passes together.

Pique? Hmmm is he sliding back to his early season form? He has been very shaky lately. If we win the psg game it will be a pretty good end to the series of tough games in the last 10 days. 3 wins and a draw. Not bad at all.

By the way that was messi's 400th goal for barca!
Jeroen (Barcelona) 19 hours ago
Piqué made two errors but at least 5 very good defensive interceptions/tackles and was passing like a boss too. He can't be outstanding every game, though last (Liga) game he wasn't good either.

With the pressure and quality of passing Valencia displayed the first half an hour, every defender would make mistakes
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 17 hours ago
Yes you're partially right. Our Midfield was poor in the first half so our defence was exposed but that still doesn't excuse a few atrocious things pique did. Simple clearances were being messed up.

One other thing that this team needs to work on us winning aerial balls. When we go for a header it almost ends up with our opponent. It's amazing to see a bunch of footballers who are brilliant with passing with their feet but play like 3rd division players when it comes to heading the ball under pressure. I also understand that it isn't the barca way to play pin ball on the field but it would relieve us from a lot of pressure if our players won aerial balls consistently
Jeroen (Barcelona) 17 hours ago
Well Piqué has been brilliant when it comes to heading the ball away this season. Mathieu is a great addition to cope with our frailties in the air too and Vermaelen is an excellent header of the ball too when he well return (soon!).

I think there's a HUGE gap between our previous seasons and this one when it comes to dealing with aerial threats. We've been very good in dealing with them this season IMO. Largely thanks to Piqué finally discovering he's big and strong in the air, but also thanks to Bravo (who's been amazing all season long in every GK department) and Mathieu
Lyrikalrichie (Barcelona) 19 hours ago
What in the world was that from Leo on the last goal? Did he almost miss or it was intentional? Someone help me out here because that was scary! Glad he got it though!
GenericGooner (Arsenal) 19 hours ago
He wanted to set himself up for the rebound.... Don't worry, , it was all intentional. Lol
Unreadwriter10 (Barcelona) 19 hours ago
Leo looked so slow running to the ball, heavy legs. He was just gased from the game lol but I don't think he will care, a goals a goal!
Jeroen (Barcelona) 19 hours ago
Just like his miss for the 2-0 was intentional. He foresaw the team slacking off in future games, losing us the title. His intentional miss woke up the squad and now they won't take any game for granted
Lyrikalrichie (Barcelona) 19 hours ago
Hahaha awesome responses! I guess it was all intentional. What a Genius Leo
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 18 hours ago
Don't question him. Messi knows best!
Unreadwriter10 (Barcelona) 19 hours ago
That's the way to cross the finish Leo lol just can't help but smile

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