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Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 4 hours ago
The best player currently in Spain....
Arda Turan!Wtf!

4 games 3 goals 3 assists.

Compare that with his last season at atletico

3 goals 6 assists

And 2 goals 4 assists all season last year.

SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 11 hours ago
I just wanted to say a couple of things. First of, Sergi what a player. He was dribbling past 3 or 4 players almost every time. It will be hard for Vidal to get minutes.

Second, we played well actually. Besides our finishing I think we did well defensively except a couple of bad passes from Busi and Ter. Other than that we were patient but also quick on the counter. It's amazing how much more we have added to our game.

Last but not least, Rakitic. This guy is all over the place. Tracking back, scoring, making runs, covering for RB. Iniesta, Rafinha, Gomes, Suarez, Arda (he can also go on LW) will all be competing for that LCM position because the right side belongs to Rakitic
Hari6988 (Barcelona) 53 minutes ago
It was an extremely interesting approach from us. We played our way out from the back way more than usual(probably because of Mats) and actually invited pressing from 3-4 Athletic players to break their lines. We knew they would press the hell out of us. Instead of taking the easy route, we invited them, made them run like crazy and broke their lines which gave us acres of space in midfield.

Unfortunately, messi and Suarez didn't have their shooting boots on, so we ended up wasting loads of chances
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 18 hours ago
Did you guys see Munian at the end? What a c**t!

By the way, sergi Roberto might be on the way to becoming Dani 2. The runs he makes, the control, the vision.... Brilliant!
Malik (Barcelona) 18 hours ago
Sergi has been impressive both the games
Hari6988 (Barcelona) 13 hours ago
Sergi is definitely showing he can do a great job at RB. I don't know how Lucho saw that an out of favor MF can play RB so well. His work with Sergi is incredible
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 11 hours ago
The thing is that Sergi plays amazing anywhere Lucho puts him. RB, RW, CM. You can tell how much more confident he is and I swear he made more and better runs than Messi today lol
Malik (Barcelona) 18 hours ago
Meanwhile PSG losing to Monaco
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 18 hours ago
Now 3-1 with an own goal. Lol
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 18 hours ago
Hahaha how did Suarez not score there?
Maaza (Barcelona) 18 hours ago
You know Suarez. That was too easy for him. He prefers golazos
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 19 hours ago
Our finishing has been rubbish. We should be 3-0 up
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 18 hours ago
I hope we don't end up regretting all those misses
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 19 hours ago
We have become a smooth counterattacking team. We've come a long way from the Pep days
Mar123 (Barcelona) 19 hours ago
Bilbao is going with a full pitch pressure and risking the counter attack by us lol its like to be or not to be tactics lol
Hari6988 (Barcelona) 19 hours ago
Hows this guy qualified to be a ref?! He didn't even see the dive from the guy but gives a foul because the crowd shouted
Mar123 (Barcelona) 19 hours ago
He has to be embarrassed about that.... Even the camera man kept on repeating that stupid mistake
Hari6988 (Barcelona) 19 hours ago
4ever (Barcelona) 19 hours ago
That bald ref seems to hate barca. I have never seen a good game from him when we're playing...
Malik (Barcelona) 18 hours ago
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 20 hours ago
Rocketic! Arda!    Woot woot!
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 20 hours ago
I think it might be time for Digne to replace alba
Hari6988 (Barcelona) 20 hours ago
Samper got an assist for Granada, but they are losing 4-1 to Las Palmas
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 23 hours ago
City looks so good. We're going to have a shootout with them. Lol

It'll be funny if City win 5-0 vs united. Mourinho's Pep nightmares will be back
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 19 hours ago
Rather looked like mou figured out pep after that loss, why should he have any pep nightmares? If theres one side to concede 5 it will be city, their defence isn't the best, still havent kept a cleansheet. Aguero will also likely be banned 3 matches for throwing an elbow so he won't be there to score on us as he aways seems to do
Hari6988 (Barcelona) 19 hours ago
Mou vs pep head to head record is 3-7. Sure, he figured it out 😂
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 19 hours ago
People have this f*****g delusional thought of Mou figuring out Pep's Barca. His record was absolute s**t against us. Just cause he made his players play like thugs and still lose, doesn't mean he figured him out
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 19 hours ago
By that I mean all the games have been close, more draws than anything. No lopsided scores. All I know is real beat barca at camp nou the last league game and real won the league that season while pep went on a sabbatical
Maaza (Barcelona) 19 hours ago
^yeah people talk like draws against Pep are wins for Mourinho. That says a lot
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 19 hours ago
Yep SIF. He figured pep out. Pep won 8 trophies while Mou won 3. I suppose Madrid hired him to "figure out" how to avoid losing badly to Barça
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 18 hours ago
Well yeah, before mou how many trophies were madrid winning? In fact they havent even won the league since mou, how many years ago was that?
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 18 hours ago
You know if you play a team 20 times, eventually you're going to at least become competitive with a half a billion dollar team
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 23 hours ago
349 appearances, 314 goals, 129 assists.... In La liga.

This when his first 50 appearances were at a time when he wasn't a regular starter and used to get subbed out or subbed in almost every game. When I see these stats I dread the time when he will finally retire
Xgooner4everX (Arsenal) 23 hours ago
The footballing world will miss him when he retires    The absolute GOAT.... Douglas
Malik (Barcelona) 1 day ago
Atleti drew to second newly promoted team    Best league in the world !

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