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Malik (Barcelona) 5 hours ago
David Villa: "Messi is the best player in the world, I've been saying it for a long time. He's unique. I think he's the best ever" [via efe]

Oh what is this villa? I always thought messi was a dictator that forced other strikers to be his slave and that all other strikers that played with him hated him 0_o
4ever (Barcelona) 3 hours ago
I think we can all laugh on what orcs saying about us or Messi

To sum up few months dark side forum is hilarious,

Call anyone idiots, clowns or arrogant if they think ronaldo doesn't deserve ballon d or, they don't even spare their legend xabi, lol.
And call class, humble, legend if anyone say ronaldo deserves ballon d or.

I think ronaldo and his fans are same, always says they don't care about award, yet always thinking and dreaming 24 hours in a day about it
Unreadwriter10 (Barcelona) 7 hours ago
Merry Christmas to all Blessing to all your families, and teams! Goodluck to all in the new year! Hugs to all
Tanmay (Footytube Moderator) 8 hours ago
Merry X-mas footyfriends! Hope you have a great time with friends and family
Godspeedysick (Footytube Moderator) 9 hours ago
Happy Jolidays!
Malik (Barcelona) 5 hours ago
GSS you should get some sleep buddy
Andres201 (Barcelona) 9 hours ago
Merry Christmas everyone! We may belive in different things but one thing unites us all and that's the religion of football!
Jeroen (Barcelona) 12 hours ago
Ho! Ho! Hooo! Merry Christmas for all of you, no matter what you believe in!    Also Happy Hanukkah and Krazy Kwanza for you Kwanzabots
9Ronaldo9 (Barcelona) 16 hours ago
This is post is for Rajmahal who has asked me how to defend against Madrid counters on FIFA 15. It's much simpler than you think and for anyone else who wants to know the secret it's actually similar to the answer in real life....

I play a back four of Alba, Mathieu, Mascherano, and Bartra. These 4 have the best acceleration and top speed as our Center backs. You also have to have Rakitic and Busquets on. As soon as Madrid begin that counterattack what you start doing is holding the the right bumper on your controller to double team. As you are holding the double team defensive button, use the analog stick to run towards your own goal with the selected player.

That way your forwards and midfielders defend as you're holding the defensive button, and your CBs along with Busquets would be running towards the box to defend. The forwards and midfielders put a lot of pressure on Bale and Cristiano which forces them to go out wider. With the CB's running towards goal a counter over the top is highly unlikely as you are running towards you own goal. Also the counters that involve crossing the ball and scoring an easy header with Benzema also become very unlikely because with the CBs in the box and all of them being good in the air according to FIFA it stops it every time.
Rajmahal 13 hours ago
Very good response. I just try to press the hell out of the midfielders so the ball to cr7 can't be played lol. But yea that's a good approach too.
The thing I hate is once cr7 gains a yard its impossible to stop lol
Niru (Chelsea) 5 hours ago
Thanks mate, I'll try it out
Malik (Barcelona) Yesterday
Lol Xavi has caused a mini storm at the Dark pit
4ever (Barcelona) 22 hours ago
Lol, they said we are obsessed with them and a certain Chelsea fan stupidly thinks we are always whining about real Madrid thing. Unfortunately the fact he doesn't realize our players hardly giving a chance for dark side to laugh on us and their players or managers constantly giving us enough pleasure, lol...
Kgb112 (Footytube Moderator) 16 hours ago
So, here's an earnest question: Would you two say that they are obsessed with you but that you aren't obsessed with them?
Malik (Barcelona) 15 hours ago
@Kgb112, point here is that, if a user goes to a rival forum and label them obsessed or preach them about context, as minimal the user on rival forum will expect that the person preaching will apply same principle while his own posting or is coming from a forum which is not really obsessed,

I guess you didn't read comments on our forum few days back when users like dagaza came and told our user that we are obsessed with Madrid and slim told us to use context with what ramos said, what happen after few days later slim is calling xavi a complete idiot and dagaza is posting and making fun of Barcelona and funny part was there were 3 consecutive post about xavi by 3 different users.

My point is that I agree we have user which are obsessed with Madrid (since I post a lot about them, if someone call me that I won't mind) but I would never expect a obsessed person to come and tell me that I am obsessed, if a person that never talks about my team tell me that, fair enough I won't mind that,

Since it was about whole forum I would never except a Madrid fan coming to our forum and telling us to talk less about them when they're okay with their fellow fan like pedmar (99% of his posts contain thing or two about Barcelona)
Kgb112 (Footytube Moderator) 15 hours ago
Very very reasonable. The hypocrisy of a fan calling out rivals while being ok with their fellow fans doing the same thing must be frustrating and agitating!
4ever (Barcelona) 15 hours ago
@kgb, by the way, that 'certain Chelsea fan' not directed to you, just in case if you misunderstand.

And for your question, I don't mind calling me obsessed since I love to crack joke on about Madrid at every possible chance I get. But I think there is a different between trolling and hating for the sake of hating. Am a person who loves their coach and many players and respect their style and history. But majority of rm fans just spills their hate on us for any simple thing, I obliged to take my time to reveal their hypocrisy
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 14 hours ago
Malik, is there any point in pointing out the hypocrisy on the Madrid forum? The 2010 Ballon D'or comes up all the time. I've had this argument with people so many times who try to inflate sneijder's work. Sneijder played very well between Jan - july 2010 for inter. But from sep to Dec 2010 he had around 4 goals with inter languishing in 12th place as soon as mou left inter. But these fools who argue for sneijder don't know about it.

The funny part about this is the award is an opinion from people who matter in football. Nobody needs to explain why they're nominating someone. There are people who claim Madrid players have been unbiased in their judgement and have put messi in their top 3. It's a condition called make-s**t-up-as-you-go syndrome.

It's simple. You are not going to nominate your bitter rival. If someone asks xavi why he won't vote for cr7 he can simply say, "I'm xavi hernandez, one of the greatest midfielders in the history of the sport and my opinion matters. Yours does not! So get the fcuk out of my face you keyboard warrior!" Since he can't say that he makes stuff up.

Besides, anybody who wants to reason about cr7's achievements and compare it with messi's here's a simple concept - Anything messi does just looks so magical and cool. Cr7 may perform better in a particular period but as long as messi is around he is always going to be considered the best!
DaGaza (Real Madrid) 14 hours ago
Well actually.... The posts are basically about ronaldo where xavi is simply the one who makes the comments lol....

Plus.... You are so obsessed with us that your talking about us talking about you while talking about us to make the point that were talking about you without noticing that you are still talking about us talking about you
Malik (Barcelona) 14 hours ago
^ mr smart ass, at least I don't go to other team forums and accuse them of being obsessed or preach them on how to interpret things with context and then do complete opposite
Malik (Barcelona) 13 hours ago
@F4f, great my friend , you're learning the art of " context "
DaGaza (Real Madrid) 13 hours ago
Preach them on how to interpret things?

"Lol If everyone in barcelona was as as concentrated in playing football as much as their fans are in cristiano then you guys might actually be somewhere in the league and not blaming referees and bus parking teams.... Just a thought"

Where am I preaching anyone anything? .... Go to the madrid forum and check to see the last post I created that has anything to do with Barcelona.... I can assure you it was 2 to 3 weeks back (if not more).... Now I create one post on xavi's world cup comment and I'm oh so obsessed with barcelona....

I never told you to stop being obsessed.... Be obsessed all you want.... Won't make a difference to me.... I'm not the one who loses my head when Ronaldo scores a penalty lol
4ever (Barcelona) 12 hours ago
^ lol, this is never gonna' end but since I couldn't able to sleep on 4 am, am just going along
I know you aren't obsessed when penaldo scores a ronalty goal, but am certain you obsessed with when messi win ballon d or, when barca got a card in favour of us, when you do find someone from barca dove, when we get penalty on ending second, when rm loses el classico(as usual) or whenever xavi said we played better football or when our fans say tiki taka is beautiful
Malik (Barcelona) 5 hours ago
@Dagaza, did you even read what I posted, I specifically mentioned slim's name with the perching - SMH
Andres201 (Barcelona) Yesterday
Those who keep talling about FIFA heres an honest trailer from a north american perspective!

FIFA 2015 (Honest Game Trailers): Link:
St1or (Barcelona) 1 day ago
Cesc has more assists since joining Chelsea (12) than Wilshere in his entire career at Arsenal (11).    We sold him for pennies.
Andres201 (Barcelona) 1 day ago
To mourinho.... Sometimes I think our board is just run by 3 monkeys in a room with a typewriter
Weegeez (Barcelona) Yesterday
^Wait.... It's not?
4ever (Barcelona) Yesterday
Well, though he is la masia student, he would neither able to replace iniesta nor xavi in our line up. So as much he is good in his best position, he would only marginal success at Barcelona. The only issue here is the price, but since he has asked to leave and we never been a selling club, I didn't surprised...
9Ronaldo9 (Barcelona) Yesterday
TBH Cesc played better than Xavi and Iniesta both when he was here. Also his stats were incredible. Such a shame that we made him sit the bench with an aging midfield. Three years ago I predicted us to have the best midfield in the world.

I predicted we would have had Cesc, Thiago, Iniesta, Isco, and competing for our midfield. However our management proved to be the worst in the world. They didn't even consider Isco who played great with Thiago as they dominated the U-21 championship. Thiago actually proved to be the best player of the tournament as well. However we decided since he did so well we should reward him by selling him for 25 million.... Then they decided hey lets just completely mess up the midfield and sell the only midfielder who can score for around the same price....

I bet they're gonna' try to sell Puyol next from the stands. Then hopefully when that happens Puyol flys down with his golden hair and headbutts our management. Then he'll go beat up perez and make him buy Puyol a golden throne. Puyol will rule all decisions in Barcelona. He will be the King without choice; Yet it will still be a democracy.
St1or (Barcelona) Yesterday
Let's look at our clubs recent history of players bought and sold:
1. Bought Ibra for 55 and sold for 24 million
2. Sold Cesc, Thiago, and Sanchez all under their true market value
3. Yaya Toure to City for 24 million
4. We bought Song for 15 million and he played
St1or (Barcelona) Yesterday
Half my comment didn't post -_-" nvm
Malik (Barcelona) Yesterday
@Yousif, ' Cesc played better than Xavi and Iniesta ' is this one of your joke?

Oh I see you like to base very thing on stats and one of the person that enjoy ' number of John terry goals vs number of iniesta goals ' joke, well if that's the case let me brush your memory and remind you that cesc was horror show for all the 2nd half (which usually have more important fixtures) of 3 seasons he spend here with us,

As for thiago and isco I agree that they both should have been playing for Barcelona but no our management had different ideas.

As for cesc transfer to Chelsea, every thing was wrong from start to end, we sold him to a club which many Barcelona fans hate, we sold him to a manager that we hate and we sold him for less then his market value. Only thing which we can consider positive out of his transfer is that we honored his wish to join a London based club and didn't force him to join highest bidder and in return I was expecting that cesc would not bad mouth our club after joining other club but I was wrong, just few days back he called us a team with ' messi and 10 players ', yet he forgot at times with him we were a team with ' messi and 9 players '

Oh and BTW if you wanna know the reason of why Cesc is doing so well at Chelsea then watch the post match review of Liverpool vs arsenal by Neville, he was almost gonna' burst into tears when comparing Liverpool vs arsenal to Bilbao vs A. Madrid, his point was that very few English teams do anything to " break the Play " Aka pressing, which provides a players like cesc way more time on ball to pick his pass and dictate the play
Zilch (Footytube Moderator) Yesterday
Wilshere has 24 assists, get the facts right, don't trust dailyfail
SKool (Arsenal) 22 hours ago
Zlich to save the day !
St1or (Barcelona) 20 hours ago
@Zlich is correct! Cesc has 16 in champions league and League. Wilshere has 15 in the league, 4 in champions league, 4 in League Cup, and 1 in champions league Qualification. 9 more to go for Cesc!
MesQuUnClub (Barcelona) 20 hours ago
Sometimes, it is good to let people go free, our Mid has been jammed, so I don't mind seeing Thiago and Cesc doing very well somewhere else. There was no way they were going to fit in our Mid. It was probably not a good move to buy them to begin with knowing we had Xavi, Iniesta and Busquets and Mascherano. Now that we bought Roketic, it makes even more sense not to keep Cesc.
The matter of fact, is everyone in this level-headed forum was asking for more bodies on defence and not Mid, but the board thought otherwise.
I'm completely happy that Cesc and Thiago(when fit) are doing well somewhere else, I just wish our board focuses on the defensive side of things.
Happy holidays everyone
9Ronaldo9 (Barcelona) 17 hours ago
@Malik I completely disagree as my opinion is not based on stats. Cesc unlike Iniesta would run back and defend. He was stronger, faster, and better in the air than both players. You're referring to the first season where he was struggling to fit in, but after that he played amazing. We put him on and dominate games with him doing everything from opening space, creating goals with beautiful and creative passes, and even scoring himself. He actually played with passion. Something I feel at least Iniesta has lacked for a while.

Cesc is in fact more an attacking midfielder so it's more fair to compare him to Iniesta. I never thought I'd be saying this, but as of the past 2 years Cesc is clearly the better player in all areas. I'm not sure you remember, but Cesc was crucial in a number of games, only to be rewarded by bench time. I don't blame Cesc for his move, and the fact that it was to Chelsea shows his frustration. Mourinho said it only took 20 minutes to convince him. I'm happy for Cesc because he did what was good for his career. He got benched because one problem with our management is that they don't realize that great players should be benched if you have greater and younger players consistently performing.

As far as stats are concerned, stats do matter to some degree. Yes Iniesta opens space, but so did Cesc. Iniesta creates plays.... Well so did Cesc! (more so if you ask me) Cesc was more direct, and got a lot of assists, which is a role of the midfielder. Not only did he get assists, but he scored goals from amazing distance runs. At the end of the day it doesn't matter how much space or what your pass percentage is when you're not doing your job all around and ensuring a win
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 14 hours ago
Cesc's work rate was terrible. He was midfielder who started believing he was a few. Barca plays a fluid system where players get to move around a lot. In our system Cesc wasn't doing enough to take care of his defensive duties. I'm waiting to see if Cesc continues the same way in the 2nd half of the season for Chelsea or not?
OMGOzil (Arsenal) 14 hours ago
Andres I think your wrong its probably four monkeys
Malik (Barcelona) 13 hours ago
@yousif, surprise surprise, cesc use to track back? Stronger and better in air then iniesta, perhaps, but when did he had more flair then iniesta? And its really shocking that you're comparing Cesc passion about game to that of iniesta, just look for few matches he played after 1st of January OF ALL 3 seasons he had with us and then try to compare him with iniesta.

Let me tell you the simple fact, he was non existent in the matches where it matter the most, he was not good enough to replace or play either xavi or iniesta role, his best time with Barcelona came when messi was injured and he played the false 9 role but I guess I don't have to tell you that he was not better then messi either.

Now I always wanted him stay and be successful with us but fact is that he is to part blame to loss the player that was closest thing to Xavi (thiago) we thought he would be able to cover that but with little bit oh pressing he crumbled like a house card.

P. S - to make matters more worst he decided to chicken out when he had brightest of the chance to prove his worth
4ever (Barcelona) 1 day ago
"He didn't do much in the World Cup, and in a World Cup year, the season is defined by that, " the former Spain international said of Ronaldo in an interview with Sport.

"[In first place I would have] Leo, second Philipp Lahm, and third Javier Mascherano. "

I think xavi is bit biased here, I do think ronaldo deserves this year.

The funny portion of this statement is from now on, ronaldo might refuse to shake hands with xavi during pre match section, lol
St1or (Barcelona) 1 day ago
It should be
1. Messi/Ronaldo
2. Messi/Ronaldo
3. Lahm

How in the world a GK made it above his teammates is beyond me. And Neuer doesn't stand a chance.

Xavi is just being Xavi in this case. I think Ronado deserves it more this year than he did last year. But then again, they basically made sure he won after the voting was opened up again
Tharius (Real Madrid) 1 day ago
Very objective views on the subject couldn't agree more with both opinions.

Except for the low blow about CR7 refusing to shake hands with any player. Lol
Drogbalampard (Chelsea) 1 day ago
1. Messi/Ronaldo  2. Messi/Ronaldo  3. Robben
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 1 day ago
Everyone knows ronaldo wasn't fit during the world cup (And champions league final too); he had tendinitis, and after watching those games he had really 1 sprint in the 3 matches I watched proving to me he wasn't right physically.

Besides it's a bit unfair to hinge a season on the world cup especially when ronaldo had such a fantastic individual season (individual medals, goals, records, titles). Portugal wouldn't have made it to the WC were it not for a great performance (hattrick?) vs Sweden in the KO round, they were fortunate to even qualify. Even if he had a great world cup it would be difficult for portugal to amount to anything compared to argentina who had ADM, aguero, higuain, lavezzi, masherano, just way more talent to begin with
RMAforthewin (Real Madrid) 1 day ago
Does Masch even play most of Barcas games?
Weegeez (Barcelona) Yesterday
^Yes, yes he does, he's been one of the few bright spots behind our front line this season
4ever (Barcelona) Yesterday
Jokes aside, masch had fantastic year at barca and fantastic world cup too, but that's not necessary means ronaldo isn't there at top three or deserve it.

@st01r, agreed he deserved this year more....

But don't you guys think it's hilarious to read rm fans comments on their forum in this subject? Once same set of fans gave us an impression that Schneider should have won it because world cup is everything in a world cup year. Such a hypocrisy, lol....
St1or (Barcelona) Yesterday

There's double standards when it comes to the dark side. It was the end of the world when Messi won it in the year that Sneijder supposedly should have. But now, despite Ronaldo having a poor WC, he deserves it without a doubt. Lol...
Hikmat (Real Madrid) Yesterday
The double standards work both ways guys. Its the same Barca fans putting forth Ribery for having team trophies last year but found it absurd Ronaldo should win the year he won La Liga but Messi scored 91 goals.

The double standards work both ways and the award itself I've noticed both set of fans change their criteria depending on the year so yes, it's hilarious
4ever (Barcelona) 22 hours ago
^ rm fans should check the amount of hypocrite content flowing through their vein. The fact is that fifa help ronaldo to secure by revoting after his hatrick against Sweden. It's a gift from fifa dude and how easily you put different things in same sentence
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 14 hours ago
Hikmat: Ribery actually preformed well for bayern all year. He also played very well for France. Last year cr7 laid an egg in every big game during the first half of the year. His stats went up between October and November with the Sweden game at the tail end of a whirlwind 2 months. So it's not the same as messi's 2010 year because barca won the league that year and it was a messi show through and through. It might seem to you that you're making a reasonable comparison but you're not
OMGOzil (Arsenal) 14 hours ago
St1or I'm not saying that Sniejder should have won it in 2010 but to be fair to him he didn't just have a good World Cup he also had an amazing season with Inter
Malik (Barcelona) 13 hours ago
Omgozil, he had good first half OF YEAR as soon as Mou left inter he was all over the place (2nd half of year) & also he was not only the important person of that inter Malito was equally good and important to inters success
St1or (Barcelona) 12 hours ago

Messi bettered him in every department except the champions league trophy.... It wasn't even a close call between him and Sneijder to be honest.
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 10 hours ago
Sneijder was key for inter and holland: won a treble and top scorer at world cup and got to play in the final. Can't really get much better than that for a midfielder
Malik (Barcelona) 5 hours ago
@SIF, All you said happened during the first half of the year, after which he was non existent
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 1 hour ago
Sif: Saying sneijder was the key to inters win is just stretching the truth. Unless one started watching football one year before inter won the treble you'd know mourinho was the key. There was no way inter was going to beat barca on player ability
Alfrodo (Barcelona) 2 days ago
This may have already been posted so my apologies if I'm late:

Malik (Barcelona) 2 days ago
Alfrodo (Barcelona) 2 days ago
She should be questioning his choice of keeper more than anything
St1or (Barcelona) 1 day ago
Weak team. This would destroy it:    Ronaldo Messi Robben  Iniesta Busquets Kroos  Alaba Silva Kompany Lahm  Neuer
Hikmat (Real Madrid) Yesterday
If it's for this season I'd replace Iniesta with Di Maria and Busquets with Sweini and Kompany with Ramos
St1or (Barcelona) 2 days ago
Https://vine.Co/v/OXTQ3LKxEDO    Neymar in a charity match
Jeroen (Barcelona) 2 days ago
I can do that. Hold my beers!
Danny414 (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
MessiDor (Barcelona) 1 day ago
I have done that plenty of times....    .... In my dreams.
Niru (Chelsea) Yesterday
This trick is in FIFA Street, and I was like: I've never seen anyone do that...
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 2 days ago
Is it just me who thinks fifa is not worth the money or do others here share my frustration?

I don't play anything else on Playstation. So I spent $500 on buying a ps4 and fifa. They don't have lobbies. No unranked matches. No fiwc on ps4. The game lags like crazy. You can pretty much launch blind counter attacks with bale and cr7 without any skill. You can cross without having to measure your power. If cr7 is in the box, no need to defend the cross because he will climb on top of everybody.

EA also has the audacity to charge money for online play. What a bunch of garbage!
9Ronaldo9 (Barcelona) 2 days ago
Omg I though I was the only one. Yeah they made the game very unrealistic with the amount of strength and power they gave crustiano when in reality he falls when the wind blows. Also the game is very laggy. Although I've finally figured out how to defend against Madrids unrealistic counters. It's quite easy when the game isn't lagging. I honestly don't recall losing a match without some sort of lag...
Rajmahal 2 days ago
Yea not a fan of it. I'm going for PES next year
Pejvl (Footytube Moderator) 2 days ago
I've played every FIFA since 1999, and this one is by far the worst. They messed up everything that was good before, and basically didn't fix any of the bugs. PES has improved a lot, at least that should push EA to actually put some effort into the next one
MessiDor (Barcelona) 2 days ago
Oh so I was thinking it was because of me being bad player. It is ridiculous how fast Bale and Ronaldo run. Even if they are 20 yards behind Dani or Alba, just one blind through ball, then no matter what they catch and score goal. No matter ow much pressure one player is in, can make perfect pass right on the head of Ronaldo and baam goal. This is freaking atrocious.
And, what the hell is it that even if I change tactics to all out defend, my centre backs are still above the half way line. What the proper f**k is this? Is it so that if I choose Barcelona no matter what tactics they play highline possession football?
Theo (Chelsea) 2 days ago
I wanted to break the game when I first got it. It's especially frustrating if you try to play possession football and high line, because all it takes is one stupid long ball and you're screwed.

I know how to handle all the cheats now, but I still hope the game is fixed next year. Which of course won't happen because it's freaking EA
Rajmahal 2 days ago
@9ronaldo How do you defend against madrids counters? Please explain. I'm curious lol
Malik (Barcelona) 2 days ago
That's why I never bothered to buy fifa after fifa 13
Kingleo (Barcelona) 2 days ago
PES 201.... Sigh I give up promoting lol
MessiDor (Barcelona) 1 day ago
PES 2014 was like a game made by some amateurs in their mom's basement. I am skeptical they have changed much in 2015
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 1 day ago
It's not impossible to defend against counters. If you aren't constantly charging at the ball then the defence will automatically block an attacking player. My problem is the amount of lag I have. My internet connection is fine but my game lags so much by the time I make a move it's too late.

The most irritating part is some of these kids are running nonstop. EA claims that the game is realistic. What they should do is make the players tire down quickly if a gamer makes them run around endlessly. Long shots have also become too easy. Rather the gKS have become stupid. Bale can curl a shot in from 40 yards and the gk will just watch it go in like a fool
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 1 day ago
Who the freak even plays possession game in fifa? That's seriously the bitchiest thing you could do is keep possession and pass around your defenders until the other team just gives up and attacks. It's a game, it's supposed to be fast paced
Kingleo (Barcelona) 1 day ago
I skipped all PES games from 2011 cause I got tired of the rubbish but I played 2015 by a friend and liked it a lot.
So I bought it and can now say that Konami has finally bounced back.
I love PES 2015.

So yeah, I'm in no position to defend or talk about 14.
Anyways, the game that is taking all my time right now is Guilty Gear Xrd
Evexo (Real Madrid) Yesterday

Don't own 15 but 14 I play an insane amount of possession and not in the back but throughout the midfield. My strategy is to play possession to the point where the other team get's frustrated enough to start pulling players out of position leaving gaps in the defence. My current record is 354-13-27

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