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Malik (Barcelona) 8 hours ago
One thing which I am absolutely loving right now is burn which we're getting from some EPL fans for signing turan, its understandable though, after all turan rejected chance to move to EPL clubs & be a starter, instead he opted to sit out for half a season and settle for less minutes.

Also I find it quite ironic that they're gassing on about ban, when most of them don't even know why we got the banned in first place & that their clubs would have done same if they were in similar situation.

Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 5 hours ago
It doesn't even matter what the ban was for. Every punishment is accompanied by a due process unless one believes in kangaroo courts. Innocent until proven guilty except in barca's case it should be the other way around for some of these nutjobs.

We have paid €5 to 10m extra for each of our purchases in the last year because of the ban. If you put together all the money we've paid for our purchases we've grossly overpaid by around 30m euros. In addition to that we've had to offer more salaries. The deals we're making now are of the pay-now-use-later kind. If you put together the losses in salaries and interest, you're getting close to €50m lost because of the ban. How much did city pay in fines for openly flouting ffp rules? Barca's debt is currently around €450-500m. That's 10% that we've paid in "fines" for not filing out proper paperwork.

Now English clubs are happily picking up the same kids barca got punished for. You can feel the pain amongst some of these fans after our second treble. The ban was supposed to relegate barca to europa league. Ha
Hari6988 (Barcelona) 4 hours ago
Haha loving the hate and jealousy. Our cycle was supposed to be over when pep left. But we started a new one after just a 2 year gap. Some of the PL fans can't digest that. Simple as that
Arse204 (Arsenal) 3 hours ago
@hari let's not generalize and be so salty to all "pl fans" just because few people didn't look at it as the others here, it's their opinion more than hate or jealousy I would think...
Hari6988 (Barcelona) 3 hours ago
Arse204: fair enough. Edited my comment
4ever (Barcelona) 3 hours ago
I think every fan base has such kind of fans, I know some ronaldo fans personally prayed for Argentina loss just on the basis of jealousy though generalizing isn't fair enough...
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 20 hours ago
Lucho has asked for Turan and I can see the thinking behind it. Turan brings defensive intensity that lucho appreciates. He's also good at dribbling and passing (more kp and cc last season than rakitic) which allows lucho to push him or rakitic fwd when needed. Turan has played wide as well which could give him the ability to replace Iniesta during a game. Simeone designed a smash and grab type team which played quick counters that turan was a big part of. That might give barca that added dimension. Besides what we have learned from pep is that a team that doesn't evolve will eventually rot.

But after all said and done I'm just not sure he's barca material. Maybe the man who just masterminded a treble knows better than all of us arm chair pundits
Footyman1 17 hours ago
I hope I am wrong, but I do not like this transfer AT ALL! Not only that it is conducted by some temporary election board after a non-elected president.... But I just don't think Turan is the right player for us at the moment.

The only position where he can slot in is for Iniesta, and I don't think he has the quick thinking/feet for it. Why are we splashing cash like crazy when we don't really need him at all!? It's also the curse of success - so much impatience that the coach can't afford to use even 1 youngster in the line-up? Crazy. I would not really want to see Laporta back, but because of this (cherry on top of all the bs), if I could vote, I would not support Bartomeu, I don't see why they think a "marquee signing" improves election prospects.

Are we overpaying? Yes
Is he Barca-quality player? Arguable
Desperately needed? No
Stalling progress of Rafinha, etc? Yes
Resale value? Not really
Is he asked for by the coach? There is the whole freakin summer ahead....

Moe66 (Manchester City) 16 hours ago
^ Have you watched Turan for Atletico? His very important on counter-attacks when Atletico are pushing forward. His got great skill, vision and for an attacking players, a really good defensive work-rate. His not an outside striker and neither is her really a CM but I think he will settle well into a CM position. Turan can be modeled into CM and his not far from it, in fact with Raka and Turan in MF and Busquests in DM or Masch, you guys can rest Iniesta considering his getting older or if injuries come along. Sure when it comes to the Barca style and vision Iniessta is god but Turan will surprise you for sure, he steps up when he needs to and his defensive contribution exceeds Ineista's. Sure the price is high but for a player who can play defensive and offensive well, I think his a great signing
Iscodisco (Real Madrid) 14 hours ago
Arda doesn't have quick feet or quick thinking? Now I know you haven't really watched him. His dribbling is one of his best attributes. Turan will prove to be a solid signing and can be molded into a solid CM like Moe mentioned or play in the wings when one of the front three is injured. Enrique knows what he's doing
Moe66 (Manchester City) 13 hours ago
^ Don't think I said he was quick
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 12 hours ago
Iscodisco, couldn't agree more
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 11 hours ago
I think he's a very good player. I just don't see why we are paying so much for him? Apart from getting a player that we might not really need overpaying for a player makes our opponent stronger giving them the funds to buy someone younger who will perform for several more years
Footyman1 2 hours ago
Yes, I have watched Turan. He is a good player. And we do score more often from counters these days. But we are NOT a counter-attacking team. What I meant is that I don't know how he would successfully combine with Neymar, Messi & co especially in tight spaces.

As I said, I don't think he fits our team, unless Lucho really knows what he is doing. To be honest, I have not been very impressed with his tactical abilities as a coach either (in spite of the treble, LOL)
Tanmay (Footytube Moderator) 2 hours ago
^ Turan is not only a counter-attacking player. He's an intelligent player, and has been the partner-in-chief to Koke's midfield trickery. In short he knows very well how to make the right runs, pick the right passes, etc
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 26 minutes ago
Tanmay: Turan plays a key role in Atleti's counter attacks. Any counter attack needs a pivot to release the ball long or wide. Madrid under Mou used Ozil for that in the middle of the field. Now they have way too many options. For Atleti it is usually Turan or Koke. Turan also makes wide runs even though he isn't quick like usual wingers
Tanmay (Footytube Moderator) 17 minutes ago
I should have said he is not only a counterattacking player, contrary to what Footyman was implying. Edited to reflect that
Iscodisco (Real Madrid) 21 hours ago
Arda to get #6?
YungGunner (Arsenal) 21 hours ago
He'll get #7, when Pedro leaves, he's likely to this summer. He's linked to Arsenal, but he should go to Liverpool lol
Iscodisco (Real Madrid) 21 hours ago
I thought Pedro just signed a new contract
AMClub (Barcelona) 21 hours ago
He did. I'm waiting for someone to explain this concept of him transferring afterall.  
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 20 hours ago
I'm jelly, you guys still signing these top players even during a ban. I don't blame the player or the club, but it's frustrating for sure as a fan of another club chasing top players. Anyways, congrats
Malik (Barcelona) 20 hours ago
Pedro leaving will make lot more scenes now, turan started as winger and preety can provide cover for MSN
Tokasr16 (Barcelona) 20 hours ago
No he should not leave! Turan can be a good cover for rakitic and rafinah can cover iniesta. Pedro is really amazing selfless player. As a sub he gave assists. Didn't become greedy and try to score from diffcult angles. Even in the champions league final 93rd minute he did not go for glory and passed the ball to neymar who was in better position. Neymar should learn that from him
YungGunner (Arsenal) 17 hours ago
Lmao pedro signed a new contract? Smh I guess he likes the bench
Alirezafcb (Bayern München) 21 hours ago
Honestly with all due respect to Arda Turan but Barca def won't improve by adding Turan to their squad.... The least needed transfer imo
RealFan (Real Madrid) 21 hours ago
He's a replacement for Xavi. That's all
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 21 hours ago
And a great replacement too. Rafinha and Sergi are just not ready yet if Iniesta or Rakitic got injured
Tanmay (Footytube Moderator) 21 hours ago
I think Turan will surprise all naysayers. He's physically imposing, skilled on the ball, intelligent with vision and passing, finishes well, defends like a boss, gives his all to the team and to top it all he's a leader.

He's our Yaya Toure replacement, and he's going to shine at Barca, mark my words
Tanmay (Footytube Moderator) 21 hours ago
I do think that Rafinha is ready though. Pity the board didn't have more faith in him
Weegeez (Barcelona) 20 hours ago
Rafinha and Sergi will never be ready anyways if they remain so far down the pecking order. Players aren't gonna' suddenly be ready, they need to be trusted to get better.... They might as well leave at this point. Bartra probably won't get any playtime either so he might as well leave too for his own good
Malik (Barcelona) 20 hours ago
Tanmay, I agree on rafinah bit and do you realize there are very little turan naysayers, it's about the details of deal that is bothering majority
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 20 hours ago
I don't think rafinha is ready. He's had a couple of good games against smaller sides. If I was the coach I'd be shitting my pants if I was forced to put rafinha in vs madrid or bayern. Rafinha will be ready after next season. Samper needs to get more time with the first team or be sent on loan. Roberto should leave on loan because he has hardly shown any promise.

Let's not pretend that la masia prospects will shine if given a chance. Sergi Roberto has been average and rafinha hasn't shown he's top quality yet
Tokasr16 (Barcelona) 19 hours ago
We should give rafinah more playing time. They can not improve by playing 15 mins. Our squad have sooo much quality that it can cover some mistakes made by younger players. If the manager doesn't show confidence in them than who will?
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 20 minutes ago
Rafinha is 22. At age 22, Iniesta showed a lot more promise than Rafinha. As a midfielder in a side as strong as Barca, Rafinha still doesn't have the confidence, strength, awareness and passing skills to become a first team player. He has potential and it is up to the manager to shape him up into the midfielder he can be. At the moment he is not ready. I am definitely for giving him and Bartra more chances to play. We have so much depth in the midfield and defence at the moment, I feel like we are Real Madrid. Barca has always had a slimmer squad especially since Pep took over. Now we have options everywhere
Malik (Barcelona) 22 hours ago
Now before someone tells me that turan is a great player, yes he is especially he performs really well during big matches, but his transfer don't make any scene planning wise, he can't out place either iniesta or rackitic on permanent basic and he will be 29 once he will be eligible to playe for us.

We already had rafinah to cover for Xavi and iniesta still had good season or two in him.

Also I'm more furious because bartomeu is again using club finances for his own gain, after meeting between management committee few days back it was clear that they will let new board decide to make final call on turan deal but now after that rat face influence they signed him, given socio more reson to vote for him.

Management committee is there to oversee elections not decide on transfers, I hope someone sue their arses for this shitty business, I would have much rather had pogba for 80M then turan, he would have atleast made more scenes & just now wait for likes of Chelsea to get player like koke for similar amount we're paying for turan.

So pissed right now
St1or (Barcelona) 22 hours ago
How much was he?

Btw, "Until 20 July, Barcelona's new board will have an option to sell Arda Turan back to Atletico for a transfer fee of 30. 6M. "

If we paid anything more than 30. 6m for him, our board is f*****g pathetic.

Edit* so looks like we paid about 34m€ for him.... Keep in mind we sold one of the world's best midfielders for around that price
4ever (Barcelona) 21 hours ago
All these remind me of Suarez transfer, lol. Back then, everyone was sending their abuses towards our poor, which turned out to be one of the best decision ever and everyone here kissing Suarez ass now. And also lucho asked to board to get turan at any cost, he would never be a cheap since Chelsea or United on to him, last year our board bought rakitic, ter stegen, bravo, Mathieu, bring back rafinha, every decision turns out to be good decision. Most importantly they trust lucho even when everyone loses faith, you guys are just taking any chances to thrash our current board image....

Edit. Chelsea and utd offered him as much as us as per the reports from Spain, so I don't understand this blind hate, especially he is coming here just only because of lucho.
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 21 hours ago
Malik what are you talking about? I love Rafinha but he's nowhere near ready if something were to happen to Iniesta or Rakitic. Don't you remember last season when Iniesta got injured and was out of form for a while, who covered our ass? Xavi did. Now that he's gone we need someone experienced to cover the middle. Rafinha can't be trusted in big games.

Edit: and as far as I know, both Vidal and Turan were Luchos choice so no matter who the board is, he wanted those 2 players
Hari6988 (Barcelona) 21 hours ago
I'm with Malik on this one. We need to trust our youngsters like rafinha. He may not be ready, but then how can he be if we don't play him enough? Its a shame barto is using this signing solely for gaining votes.

Good player. But useless signing
St1or (Barcelona) 20 hours ago
I was one of the skeptics of signing Suarez as well. For 80m, he wasn't worth it for me but look at what a singing he turned out to be in the end. Fully worth every penny we paid for him.

This is another similar situation and I hope I'm proven wrong once again. A midfield trio of Turan Busq Rakitic with Iniesta, Rafinha and co rotating will be fantastic and it willmake our midfield even more solid.... It will give Rakitic the freedom to roam up more, sort of like Iniesta does now.... Which will make our attack even more deadly than it is now.

But these are short term solutions imo.... I'd much rather spend 60 on Koke than 35 on Turan. Just my 2 cents
Malik (Barcelona) 20 hours ago
@4ever, did you really compared Suarez to turan deal? We sold Sanchez and had a available slot to get Suarez, people back then question him because of his on field issues and because we already had failed experiment of playing two no 9,

Turan is in footballing term a luxury backup as of now and even when iniesta is done he will be also very close to metting his end, my problem is not signing it's planning.

@SA, perhaps, re watch the 2nd half of season again, rafinah did really well once he got settle, its not about him alone, we have other mid's like Denis Suarez, I can see thiago happening all over again with our youngsters.

Again as I said as a player I really like him, as a planning not so much.

@st1or, exactly my thoughts
Andres201 (Barcelona) 17 hours ago
Malik What rafinha are you talking about? .... Sure he showed promise but can you really tell me he's ready to face a world class team?
Wisesaint (Manchester City) 22 hours ago
Got turan a good player and all but don't really think we need this type of player. We got our starting mid which are busquets, iniesta and rakitic, and subs in rafinha and sergio roberto. Who would he replace cause am sure he would want to start

Tanmay (Footytube Moderator) 21 hours ago
Tanmay (Footytube Moderator) 21 hours ago
And rakitic will assume iniesta's role of being the out and out attacking mid
Unreadwriter10 (Barcelona) 22 hours ago
Well, I don't know how I feel about Arda Turan joining us. I mean tbh, I can see him giving us more of a fighting attitude, but just not sure about him. Now last summer we said the same about Mathieu joining us, but he actually was pretty solid signing, even coming up big in el claisco, and a GW vs Celta. If Turan is the guy that can keep the engine running in some way, it will be a good signing for us
Toronto1 (Chelsea) 22 hours ago
Arda turan to Barcelona is official
4ever (Barcelona) 22 hours ago
Am so happy if that true, he would fit perfectly well with lucho's tactics
YungGunner (Arsenal) 22 hours ago
41m fee, which mean Pedro is leaving
Malik (Barcelona) 22 hours ago
What a shity business, I just f*****g wanna punch our management committee they were suppose to oversee the elections not make f*****g decisions over transfer
Andres201 (Barcelona) 22 hours ago
Who is affected the most by this transfer? Sergi roberto? , Rafinha? , Rakitic?
IniestaJr (Barcelona) 22 hours ago
^ I think iniesta
4ever (Barcelona) 22 hours ago
Why blame board, lucho asked board to sign him at any cost and w. Would never get him cheap since Chelsea and United on to him. Why do we fans taking too much care about transfer fee, we only need to know whether it's a good egg. I remember all the hate our board get when we Suarez arrives, it turns out to be one of the best decision ever and everyone here kissing his ass now, just saying
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 20 hours ago
Atletico were never going to sell below his release clause, don't use our club's name for no reason!
Weegeez (Barcelona) 20 hours ago
Manchester United
Umairrockx (Barcelona) Yesterday
Btw, Pirlo has officially joined New York City FC.... Now they have Vlla, Pirlo, Lampard....

Edit: Arda Turan is an official barcelona player now btw.... :/
Lordjaggi (Arsenal) 22 hours ago
Now I can't miss nycfc matches
4ever (Barcelona) Yesterday
Jorge Sampaoli (Chile coach) :" I asked Leo Messi why did he refuse the best player of the tournament award, he answered that he came to win a trophy with his country and that individual trophies doesn't interest him.... He has my respect
Malik (Barcelona) 23 hours ago
But but he force bodies to give him MOTM and MVP, no?
4ever (Barcelona) 22 hours ago
Just bluffing with media
Unreadwriter10 (Barcelona) Yesterday
You know I was thinking about how Diego Simeone should be coach for Argentina. Reason being is his intensity, and passion that he shows, and shares with the players. A coach with character like him with Star studded Argentina squad could be what they need. He is so passionate, I feel he'd be one of the few that could bring the best out of Argentina game in and game out. Simeone makes you believe in yourself. Now, is he a hothead? Very much, but I mean who isn't these days? Lol 2018 world cup is still a ways away, but tbh the only way Argentina can do anything, first they need El Cholo on the sideline
Malik (Barcelona) Yesterday
TBH he won't be much different from Sabella tactic wise, solid from behind and try to play on counter, one good thing about simone is that he works on teams and can adjust his focus based on opponent strength and weakness,

I still think Bielsa will be perfect to manage a international side, there're even rumors of Sampaoli getting the job, as thing stands anyone will be better then BBQ Tata
Weegeez (Barcelona) Yesterday
All of the Semifinalists had Argentina coaches, and the one coaching Argentina was the worst
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) Yesterday
Usa! Usa!    Revenge tastes so sweet
Villarinvenge (Barcelona) Yesterday
Simeone it's your time.... Argentina!.... Please let simeone take care of you.... At least a chance...
Umairrockx (Barcelona) Yesterday
That's such a sad vine... Https://vine.Co/v/e1ELVVqurBd    
DaGaza (Real Madrid) Yesterday
DaGaza (Real Madrid) Yesterday
But jokes aside, It is a little sad.... But argentina have the most talent in south america right now. Wouldn't put it past him to still win something major with them...
Hari6988 (Barcelona) Yesterday
Higuain destroyed Messi's dream twice. What a shame that the most talented footballer to ever exist will end up with nothing for his country
DaGaza (Real Madrid) Yesterday
Higuain did make a mess of two of his chances.... But Messi did little to nothing in both finals. He certainly failed to show up last night and when Di Maria came off the commentators were literally asking "is Messi still on the field".

It's as much his fault as anyone else's on the team
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) Yesterday
Honestly the denail is so intense. I understand it's the barca forum but come the freak on! When Rooney for example fails to turn up for england he gets slagged. When messi doesn't show up it's his teammates fault? That's ridiculous. Besides although it was higuain who missed the chance I thought lavezzi's poor cross made it a difficult chance.

It's definitely unfair to blame a player for a team's performance. But also unfair for him to be completely absolved for not having much impact
Andres201 (Barcelona) Yesterday
True.... Messi was at best average the whole game and if it was because chile was instructed to shadow him and not let him play then what about the times he gets out of though man-markings in la liga? The media seems to be inflating the Higuain forgetting Messi was not his best today.... Or this whole tournament
Hari6988 (Barcelona) Yesterday
Its not the same for messi and higuain though. Messi gets tracked by 2-3 players all the time. And still he does all the work and puts it on a plate for higuain only to waste it all away. Yes, messi wasn't at his best. But its not like higuain gets the sane treatment that messi gets. Say what you want, but higuain wastes the easiest of chances that should definitely be put away
4ever (Barcelona) Yesterday
You guys missing the point, messi has been countered by 3 or 4 Chile players and whenever he gets the ball he fouls him which means the other strikers had acres of space which they haven't used, which means higuin, kun, lavezzi or pastor has to take all blame.

Or you guys thinks whatever the situation happened, messi has to tackles all the adversity alone like superman and win it alone is laughable. Its a team game ffs, many don't know what they are talking about.... '
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) Yesterday
Sif: Rooney isn't the focus of England's opponent's defensive strategy.come on man, even ronaldo doesn't get the attention messi does and you're talking about rooney? This happened in the final:


Medel finished the game. Argentina's strategy was all over the place during the final and the tournament but let's not forget that the host team was allowed a lot more than what's acceptable in a game of football
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 23 hours ago
And so what? Please, stop making excuses for him. I'm sure teams have plans for messi when he plays with barca, but that doesn't seem to be a problem for him, does it? Yeah his teammates could have done better, but when the whole team underperforms I don't see how messi gets a pass.

Yes medel should have seen red, it's not the first bad call and not the last. Some of you have no idea how loopy you sound, argentina failing to win messi a trophy.... Really? That's your take on this? Lol
4ever (Barcelona) 22 hours ago
I believe you sound pretty dumb, how many times we see an off messi when Tata managed us, it's not his first time ever his performance down to above average level, I think you guys thinks he is a superman and needs to pull Of same performance in each and every game, Chile successfully managed to reduce his impact on the game, but if you watch the game, you could see Argentine mid field failed to take control of the game, which was the reason he hardly get any ball in front position, so majority of time he stand in middle of the pitch, that drew Chile players into middle, which supposedly help other Argentine players to go forward and it didn't happen.

I don't say Argentina failed to give trophy to messi, but when you analysis the match as a neutral, Argentina loses not due to ineffectiveness of messi rather the other players failed miserably when it matters along with Tata's stupid tactics.

I blamed messi do hard when we lost qf against atleti because he played so poorly, but here thing just happened was an aggressive Chile reduced his effectiveness of the game
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 22 hours ago
Sif: I think you are trying really hard to sound "objective". Messi should have played better but that's a lot different than when a player like rooney doesn't show up. You talk like it's not a big deal if rules aren't followed. If I am allowed to foul messi as I please, then as awful as I might be at playing football I have a decent shot at stopping messi. It takes a lot for messi to not "show up" in a game. I gave props to chile for two things
1) intense defensive pressure: They didn't allow any space for any Argentinian forwards or midfielders and ran like mad dogs
2) Using the ref psyche to stretch the rules of the game. It was evident that they knew they could pressure the ref being the home country. They used it beautifully.

The biggest reason for argentina's loss want higuain but the horrible tactics of tata. He basically assumed that aguero, Messi and adm would bring him the trophy.

Sabella did something similar in the wc after adm got injured. He loaded up the team with defence minded players and reached the final through attrition. In such circumstances attacking players suffer while defensive players like mascherano prosper. Someone said masch was the best Argentinian player in the wc. Yes he did a phenomenal job but in a team where apart from the back four you have masch, Biglia (defence minded cm) and perez, you're going to have masch out shining everyone. After the Belgium game messi's output lowered dramatically because he team was set up for defence. Against Germany the three forwards were isolated and left to break out on counters. The same happened with chile. This isn't denial. It's about recognizing that the team tactics employed by the coach is going against your star players strengths
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 20 hours ago
I'm not saying the red card is not a big deal, but I don't see what it has to do with messi's performance.

Listen, you can continue to praise him to the heavens, but the serious people out there will not give messi a pass and say the rest of his team was not worthy. It's a team sport. If he is to be praised like an alien, he should always deliver the goods. But he's human, so he should receive criticism like any other person and use that to improve. I'm not suggesting people abuse him like they abuse rooney and co, I'm just saying I don't see why he should be untouchable in criticism when he wasn't at his best, just like his teammates.

I'm not even saying he deserves as much criticism as anyone or more than anyone, I'm just saying he doesn't deserve a free pass. I'm sure if he looks in the mirror he would agree he could have possibly done more as well, just like his teammates and his coach
4ever (Barcelona) 20 hours ago
I didn't give him free pass, I just showing support as everyone else taking this chances to pull a same hate sentiment of he is nothing for national team. Had that mofo tata picks tevez instead it would've been different story...
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 20 hours ago
What does a red card have to do with messi's performance? Were you watching the game? Its one thing to shadow a player and another to just hack him down non stop. A ref is supposed to intervene when players keep attacking a player outside the rules of the game. Mou used the same tactics vs barca at their peak because he knew the ref won't send people off even if it's a red card offense by the book.

Serious people? You mean the ones who understand football like you unlike us mortals? Please give me a break. Majority of people who trying desperately to sound balanced haven't got a clue about football strategy. Messi had a 55% pass completion in the final while he had 91% average through copa even though argentina failed to score in most of the games. Why? Chile played great defence but it's not just that which will drive a super consistent player's pass rate by half. Messi literally had nobody to pass to because of the way tata had set up the team. Messi was wide with aguero up top and lavezzi to the left. Most times messi dropped in the midfield as usual to start the play but had Pastore, Biglia and masch behind him. Argentina's possession stats were mostly in defence because nobody was there to hold the ball after adm departed because lavezzi isn't a possession type player and aguero is a pure striker. Pastore played well but again it was between him and messi to attack with aguero and lavezzi up top. During the game I questioned bringing higuain on instead of tevez. And subbing in the sub par Banega for Pastore. Tata thought we aren't passing at all so let's remove the one guy partnering messi with a holding type player.

I'm not giving him a free pass. I'm just highlighting that when even a player like cr7 doesn't play the defensive strategy of his opponents isn't comparable with what messi faces. Mou invented the "beat up barca" to win strategy because it worked. Even the commentators kept saying that the ref was allowing chile to do as they pleased because he didn't want to face the ire of 50000 fans. I'm sure messi thinks he should have done more but to suggest he didn't show up shows how much one actually understands the intricacies of the game.

SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 20 hours ago
Lol I was being pretty ambiguous, but by "serious" I just meant people willing to be neutral in the matter and reasonably unbiased. You literally have a messiah picture as your icon lol.... But I already know I can't expect everyone on here to be impartial where messi is concerned.

I saw that stat, he had a 55% passing accuracy *in the final third*, and only two touches in the penalty box. Atrocious stats. That's definitely down to chile snuffing him out, but the other side of the coin is he and his coach could not find a way to cope with the strategy and get into the game. The best players adapt to the game and he wasn't able to do so this time around - and that's fine, no one is perfect, but he should not escape some criticism. If anyone else had those stats you'd say the player had a s**t game, but since it's messi I guess me being critical means I just don't understand the game? Right.

He's not alone in deserving some criticisim, and I have already explained how the coach was also implicit in the team's struggle. I don't want anyone to think I'm just picking on messi, God forbid
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 19 hours ago
Lol Again the same thing. I'm neutral and unbiased because I'm criticising a messiah. I had a pep picture for years until we decided on this forum to keep this pic until we win the treble. FYI, I didn't become a fan of barca because of messi. Its been 18 years now.

I've said this for a long time that people park the bus vs barca not just because of possession game but because of messi. Mou talked about how he figured out that messi's most lethal zone is between dm and cb area. He decided to block that area with no space between the lines with an additional "enforcer". The job of the enforcer was to harass messi. In other words tackle the s**t oUT of him and test the refs patience. Chile pretty much used the same strategy. That strategy works well for most of the game but messi and Co usually find an error or two and capitalize on it. Its not like chile didn't make mistakes in defence. Argentina just wasn't geared to capitalize on it. The other part of the strategy depends on officiating. Every time messi went past his marker two players jumped on him, many times just lunging straight at him. If you're going to cut his path to the penalty box by hook or by crook, is it up to messi's performance? Its times like these when I feel you need play actors like neymar because it seems like selling a red card to the ref is needed instead of behaving like messi. I'm not sure how long you've been watching football but I've yet to see anybody "adapting" to non stop fouling. Have you watched Zidane play? He used to try to punch people for incessant fouling. I don't even blame higuain for the loss. I dint think any Argentinian player carries the blame. Each player gave it his best but the one to be blamed was tata. The one who needed to adapt to the game was tata. That's why I think your view point is based on watching players kick the ball around without noticing what's really happening on the rest of the field
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 15 hours ago
Ok mate I'm inept at analysis, carry on
Unreadwriter10 (Barcelona) Yesterday
Can Martino get fired? Like soon?

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