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Aston Villa V Wolverhampton Wanderers, Mar 19
Kevinmw1 (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Great goal by jarvis what a strike. AV is not living up to their expectations and should do better. I think av should have gotten that penalty as initial contact was in the box but wolverhampton deserved the win
Nkrumah (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Wolverhampton was lucky to get the three points
Werwolves (Wolverhampton Wanderers) 5 years ago
Just like Arsenal were lucky to get one
Jpeg23 (Bayern München) 5 years ago
Good game for wolves! Great performance by both teams
Bradsenal (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Wow wolves well done
Achiox (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Wolves were a bit lucky yes, because they could have easily drawn from the penalty (foul was in the box) or Young's shot off the crossbar. Wolves could've lost if a combination of the two occurred! Lucky break for Wolves - keep fighting!
Jack23 (Real Madrid) 5 years ago
Aston villa. Yy you lost 2day.... Hmmmm
Altocirrus (Manchester City) 5 years ago
What a first-touch goal by Jarvis!
Champi0n (Manchester City) 5 years ago
Wolves don't deserve to be relegated! They have a very good team with very decent players.... The likes of Jarvis, Doyle, Miljias.... Well done, very good victory!
Lettyar (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Well done wolves! The way of your play style made us very impressed, and you deserve to stays on premiership
Spartan (West Ham United) 5 years ago
Would like to see Mick behind West Ham wheel next season!
Werwolves (Wolverhampton Wanderers) 5 years ago
Raynor (Sporting CP Lisbon) 5 years ago
Wolves were lucky but I have to point out two things:

1. In the first half of the season they were unlucky several times, so being lucky now, well, they actually deserve it;

2. Jarvis is awesome. That is all
DEFENDtheBRIDGE (Chelsea) 5 years ago
How were wolves lucky? That villa's one decent attempt just happen to hit the crossbar? Wolves took it to Villa and grabbed a deserved 3 points
Soundslikefail (Arsenal) 5 years ago
What happened to Aston Villa? They really seemed to be in the ascendancy after they got Bent, but it hasn't worked out. Hopefully they can manage the three wins they'll require to avoid relegation
Guardiangel (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Wow premier league are becoming more intresting thn ever, any team below the 12th places have a fair chance to be relegated.... Aston villa, hard luck
AllenKranstar19 (Tottenham Hotspur) 5 years ago
Not sure how Wolves were unlucky, Villa really didn't play all that great. Other than the Young and Makoun chances, they really didn't create much. Wolves played a great spirited game and Jarvis hit a great goal (big reason why England called him up to national team). Hopefully get to see him against Ghana
Booshy (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Please don't get relagated wolves

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