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Juventus V AS Roma, Apr 22
Roozbeh007 (Juventus) 4 years ago
Forza Juve. Great job guys
Jaysif (Juventus) 4 years ago
Our boys are really beginning to understand each other on the pitch! Very happy to see how this team is coming together under conte!
JackMcDeath (AS Roma) 4 years ago
Stupid red card! And stupid enrique for lettin totti out of the pitch.... Besides this I knew we would've lost but i'd never expected it to be this big of a crush though; good game juve, we really need to improve...
Albokk (Juventus) 4 years ago
The red was too harsh a yellow would have been fine but still it wouldnt changed the game one bit
UgoDroPiero (Juventus) 4 years ago
Awesome game foe juve!
Noir853 (Juventus) 4 years ago
Vucinic looks like a different person vs Roma. Its like his performance vs Fiorentina back then.... Grudge against old team maybe?
Kwadade (Juventus) 4 years ago
Forza Juventus! You really made my weekend. My top team in Germany, Borussia Dortmund wins the Bundesliga and Juventus crowns my weekend with a stellar performance over Roma! Viva Bianconeri!
7anzalla (Barcelona) 4 years ago
The red was way too harsh considering minimal contact, but amazing shots and amazing performance by Juve
BadTripRich (AS Roma) 4 years ago
I agree red was crazy. But it's that retarded rule that says he fouled the last man back and therefore it was an instant red.

It was either red/penalty shot.... Or no call whatsoever.

And I think 3/4 refs would have let that go especially given the game's circumstances
Spigy (Juventus) 4 years ago
Refs usually look at the situation when it's keepers. Considering the contact, it should have been no more than a yellow.

I wish Marchisio could have jumped a bit higher and take the shot...
Ritujuve (Juventus) 4 years ago
Yea.... It's a shame to have the red card. It ruined the game for the neutrals. A few months ago, I flew all the way from Singapore to watch the Cagliari game at Juventus stadium. If buffon got sent off during that game over such a silly decision.... I would have totally cried. Totally a bad decision, and I feel bad for the Roma fans that came to watch.... But good result for us none the less. Forza Juve!
BadTripRich (AS Roma) 4 years ago
Juventus are hot and molding.... And they're not even THAT technically talented. Those are signs of great team chemistry and a great coach. They deserve the scudetto. And god bless Pirlo.... How the hell did Milan let him go for 0$. Especially after everything he did for them.

Roma are developing. There's no question that we need some work on our defence and I'm not only referring to one or two new necessary signings. We need to improve our approach to playing without the ball. We're completely vulnerable to counter attacks and not technically able to man mark. I think they should let the front 3 handle themselves. Instead we like to slowly bring everyone up front and attack with 7 players.... Most of whom are not really threatening up front (gago, simplicio, perrotta). I say we let Pjanic play long/deep balls and let Marquinho support the likes of Bojan/Lamela/Osvaldo/Totti or Borini - in almost any combination of the 3 with Osvaldo as the CF. Give the forwards the ball WAY more and let the mids close the mids to support our defence and distribute back to our forwards. And Lamela should be used for his speed and ability to run with the ball WAY more.... I would almost use him as an explosive mid (a little ahead of DeRossi) with Bojan, Totti and Osvaldo up front. He can pass and he can be laid back the ball to score but best of all he can dribble/carry the ball deep and create openings when Defenders will commit to his run.... On top of drawing tons of fouls.

As it stands, we have no creative mids.... We need pizarro more than ever (even though I agree with replacing him in the big picture).

Enrique's strategy and style can work.... With a few signings. But we can still do a lot better with what we have now. I think.

Anyway.... Hopefully we can qualify for at least Europa League.

Goodluck to all

Grandeinter (Inter Milan) 4 years ago
Milan give away Pirlo for free and now they struggling in midfield...
Spigy (Juventus) 4 years ago
This is the real NEW Juve.    Possession, pressure, dominance.      Gotta' love it
Kodyx (Juventus) 4 years ago
V for Vucinic, V for Vidal, V for Victory
Noir853 (Juventus) 4 years ago
See for Conte, see for Champions League spot, see for Champion of Italia, see for Coppa Italia

Although I hope the last two 'C' would became reality in this last crucial 6 matches
JackMcDeath (AS Roma) 4 years ago
V for vendetta , hopefully next year we'll give a better fight...
Ritujuve (Juventus) 4 years ago
Another see for Capitano would have been nice
BadTripRich (AS Roma) 4 years ago
F for...
Marchisio (Juventus) 4 years ago
So glad I scored for juve and the fans
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Nice game from Juve!

Ps: Why is Juve playing with their away-jerseys this season at home. Is it because they have the undefeated run with the jerseys?
Jonthep (Juventus) 4 years ago
It's because of our sponsors, Our sponsors require us to play some games at home with our away jerseys (Balocco Sponsors).
Sorry my english is abit bad but hopefully you understand!
UDECHILE (Univ de Chile) 4 years ago
^ Naa dude, didn't even notice a mistake in your English! Pitch perfect jaja
Balotelli45 (Manchester City) 4 years ago
Wow Vidal becomes a big one, nice to see him shining for Juve
Scoot124 (Napoli) 4 years ago
WOW! Can't wait to see them next year in the champions league!
Alex08 (Juventus) 4 years ago
Fantastic game for Juve! Played like a team and Vidal is a beast!

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