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AS Roma V AS Bari, Dec 12
Booba (Newcastle United) 4 years ago
Jesuriya (AS Roma) 4 years ago
We made it roma!
Jesuriya (AS Roma) 4 years ago
Good ball from totti.... Good finish from juan!
Though totti don't score often he provides the team wit useful passes.... He's still great!
AsRoma10 (AS Roma) 4 years ago
Grandee Menezz, he was on like every roma attack highlight, Grande totti altough he didn't score, amazin passe tough, forzaa Roma and hopefuly we'll be on a great run and form for the Champions League
Pvolpert22 (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Who is menezz? Ill be honest I don't follow roma as closely as some other clubs, but that guy is quick, really exciting to watch. How old is he?
Slipknot (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Menez is just like Nasri but he is faster
Hitch (Barcelona) 4 years ago
How could you not know Menez?
Hitch (Barcelona) 4 years ago
He's 23 and he's one of the players the stupid, ignorant and stubborn Domenech didn't take to the World Cup
BartoZZ10 (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Menez is truly awesome, could provide an edging point for them in champions league. Borriello is performing with more confidece, that was a good move for him
Pragathish (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Menez the menace!
Jpeg23 (Bayern München) 4 years ago
Menez played well, though what is with the random laughing a couple of minutes after the goal

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