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Faceo (Liverpool) 2 years ago
Proud of the win against milan
Connections (Juventus) 2 years ago
Good win today, except the reds
MadBro 2 years ago
Torosidis !!
Shovwar (Barcelona) 2 years ago
Is Lamela getting playing time?
AsromaFan91 (AS Roma) 1 year ago
Of course!
SKool (Arsenal) 2 years ago
What a goal by Totti, he bleeds Red and Yellow. Roma legend
Ltm017 2 years ago
Roma you are doing good things    Just be a little more consistent
Miniature1313 (Juventus) 2 years ago
Totti every goal this season, thanks to LoveSerieA  
AsromaFan91 (AS Roma) 1 year ago
Brill, keep up the work
Dinglehater2 (West Bromwich Albion) 2 years ago
Roma have now scored their 14th headed goal this season, more than any other side across the top-5 Euro leagues
AsromaFan91 (AS Roma) 1 year ago
Thanks for the fact!
Acoop13 (Juventus) 1 year ago
Really like the potential of this roma squad, the leadership of totti and de rossi, then the scary amount of talented youth, if only they can hold onto them all. Especially like marquinho, lamela, florenzi, and pjanic. No wonder "shiek stewie" invested in them. Promising future
AsromaFan91 (AS Roma) 1 year ago
I agree with you Acoop13
AsromaFan91 (AS Roma) 1 year ago
Where are all of our fans!?
[account-removed] 1 year ago
You have to promote this website within your circle of friends. Or make mouth-to-mouth propaganda
AsromaFan91 (AS Roma) 1 year ago
Hahaha, unfortunately I'm currently living in england,   So my friends are not italian x
[account-removed] 1 year ago
Haha ok I didn't know that. But you can try to inspire them for your team
VanDerAraf (Inter Milan) 1 year ago
Yeh guess most of footytube fans root for EPL teams if you look at how many they are, there are just a few Italians :/ and as you know foreigners generally go for the most famous teams (Milan and Juve).... :/
ACManMilan (AC Milan) 1 year ago
Yeah, true
Shovwar (Barcelona) 1 year ago
I am a Roma fan since 1999 And it is my favorite team in Serie A.... And then Inter...
AsromaFan91 (AS Roma) 1 year ago
A Juventus fan posted this! = I do believe our be team is on par with roma and udinese.

I think he's crazy, thumbs up if you agree?
AsromaFan91 (AS Roma) 1 year ago
AS Roma agree 10 year deal with Nike     Link:
Acoop13 (Juventus) 1 year ago
Should really help roma marketing themselves. As I said below, promising future!
AsromaFan91 (AS Roma) 1 year ago
AS Roma abandon investment from sheik investor!

Dinglehater2 (West Bromwich Albion) 1 year ago
Roma have scored their 11th goal in the opening 15 minutes of play, a league-high this season
Dinglehater2 (West Bromwich Albion) 1 year ago
Totti has completed 42 accurate through balls this season - at least 15 more than any other player in Europe's top 5 leagues

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