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When And Why Did You Become An Arsenal Fan?
LeeChungYong (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Hi fellow gooners, just curious, when and why did you become a gooner?
I wasn't very aware of European club football until around 2008 when I started watching Arsenal. I did not know much about how many trophies they had or how big their fan base was, all I cared about was their style of football. The ball movements, one-touch football, adept technical skills, overall attacking style was FUN to watch (much like Swansea this year). That's when I really became an Arsenal fan and became a student of football. With the trophy drought and the loss of star players almost every year, some fans have been doubting their allegiance to the club. The year of The Invincibles seems far away and the future seems uncertain even with the FFP kicking in. It seems that we can no longer compete fiscally with the likes of city, chelsea, united, psg and the two spanish giants. That plus the board that is reluctant to change its salary structure means we will keep losing star players (I won't be surprised if in the future we lose Wilshere, AOX, even Gibbs and Sczenzy). Some fans have already deserted the Emirates while others are calling for Arsene's head as if everything was his fault. I do wish that the board will allow a bit more spending on the salary, they really owe that to the fans who have complied with the raised ticket prices. I dunno how many more years we will go without trophies or how many players we will lose, but I am not ready to abandon Arsenal.
Realmcoy (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Wenger is the main reason why I became a an arsenal fan. He's the one that brought the beautiful style of play to England, especially since my favourite national team has always been Brazil from I could walk and talk

I started following players like bergkamp and viera after the '98 world cup and they led me to the London team that played as classy as the best brazillian, itallian and spanish teams. I instantly realised the method to this creative madness and that's when I became a student of his philosophy and hooked. It doesn't really matter to me that we haven't gotten a trophy in a while, what's more impressive is that wenger creates young superstars every season, stays in the top four every season and increases profits more than 95% of all the clubs on the planet every season. The next time arsenal wins a trophy it will mark the turn of an incredible era and the world of sport will be changed.... I hope that happens b4 2014, 'cause it would be off the chain
Fadinho89 (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Tbh, I don't remember exactly what match, and I didn't know arsenal was a dominating team. I was like 10 or 11, year 2000, I saw ray parlour, overmars, viera, anelka bergkamp playing against I don't what team, . You know, those players that played brilliant football as a team and individual. But as I grew older, people ask me which EPL team I support, I straight away say arsenal(arsenal wasnt really popular in singapore back then even now. Its always man utd, barca all of a sudden chelsea and man city)

And then wenger started the youth policy, and I'm the guy in games always buy youth players and make them majestic, just what I like. Whatever arsenal do, its always the same thinking and mindset that I would have. So since 2000, even if I barely remember the legends, I was an arsenal fan
Walwin10 (Arsenal) 4 years ago
The year was 1996. I recall seeing advertisements on tv of Man Utd lifting a trophy, Eric Cantona was heavily featured in it. I was always a football fan but didn't have a club to support yet. I would try to watch the games when ever possible, which in the states was only a once per week replay of a game that usually featured one of the top 4 teams. If I remember correctly it was Man Utd, Newcasttle, Arsenal and Liverpool. I got to watch all four of those teams and to this day I still have a lot of respect for those clubs, but Arsenal stood out for me.

Dennis Bergkamp, the Arsenal shirt colors and Arsene Wenger were some of the reasons why I chose Arsenal, but also because I didn't want to jump on a bandwagon and support Man Utd. That would be too easy.

I thought Wenger named the club after himself LOL. Arsenal - Arsène: so similar, it was too perfect. I wasn't a hardcore fan from day one, I didn't know anything of our rivalry with Spurs till much later, and due to the lack of tv coverage and crappy internet (at the time) I missed a large number of games and classic moments in our history.

I didn't watch much football when I went to college, until the 2006 champions league. I made it a point to watch as many Arsenal games as I could by going to local pubs in Germany, where I was living at the time. I was of course devastated when we lost the final, that night I realized how much I really cared about Arsenal.

Now, I'd consider my self a die hard Arsenal fan, can't get enough. Let's just say, when I turn on my computer and open an internet browser, the first thing I do is google "Arsenal"
Titi (Arsenal) 4 years ago
TBH I didn't even follow football until Thierry Henry started making some noise in the EPL. Been a fan ever since the day we signed him. Over time I became more knowledgeable about the club and their ideals and found myself agreeing with the views of Arsene Wneger. So I guess you could say that Henry and Wenger are the reason I first started following this great Club!
Deveus (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Didn't really watch football much, and once I saw Ljungberg's red mohawk, I was like "Hey this club signs cool people!" so I began to watch Arsenal games and I was sold, been a Gooner ever since. (I was around 12-13, at that time I preferred to play football rather than watch)

[account-removed] 4 years ago
I've been Gunner since 2003 when I start watching EPL. I used to like Real Madrid because Zidane and Raul and Ronaldo, and Carlos but when my cousin Man United fan convince me to watch EPL and join Man United fan that is when I start watching EPL and eventually like how Arsenal were playing and players really caught my eye guys like Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, .... Arrh almost every players were very top at their own position. And my cousin and we were becaming enemy because in my country most Arsenal fans consider United closest rival unlike in UK
Otownballer (Arsenal) 4 years ago
I became an Arsenal fan after watching them defeat Newcastle in the 1998 FA Cup, one of the few opportunities in the US to watch a televised English football match. They won the double that season, and I was surprised and pleased that there was another team in England aside from Manchester United that actually won things (I was too young at the time to understand the history of English football). I also liked the name of the team. Arsenal. A collection of weapons. I liked the cannon on their crest. I liked their colors. I liked that their coach was a French intellectual. The team had an appealing overall aesthetic. My support became solidified after Arsenal's star forward, Dennis Bergkamp, scored a goal for all time against Argentina in the '98 World Cup quarterfinals.

Over the next few seasons I was fully in support of Arsenal as they seemed to be the only legitimate rival to United's hegemony. Great players came and went, titles came and went. My support remained. Now, it's been 14 years and I can't imagine supporting another English team, except perhaps Everton. Arsenal frustrate, Arsenal infuriate, and they have gone years and years without winning anything. But their principles of responsible financial management, of developing young players, of playing with style and panache, those all still remain. The next trophy will be a sweet moment indeed

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