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Steviebeefs (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Am not much for writing as you will soon find out. So please forgive me in that aspect, but I will need all the criticism I can get from you in the scouting aspect. I would like to get your opinions and thoughts on this list. Well as an American the sport Baseball is huge many of you might not be familiar with it, but that's not the point am trying to make. In Baseball they rank the new wave of players from lists from 1 to 50. I have been working on my own list, but not for Baseball. With Football it's different because I think it's a huge sport and spotting talent can be difficult. They're, so many talented guys all around the world who can make such a list and who can be snubbed out of it. For months now I have been working on my own list with any free time I get from school. I would look at teams and there full roster search guys under the age of twenty watch videos look at if they have any big appearances and where they're, at with there national teams. So each week I will do ten starting from one-hundred all the way down to ninety the first week. This is all opinion based based on the research I have conducted so please don't get offended. They are so many guys out there that some might not make my list, but feel free to point it out. So then let's get to it for the first week and thanks for your time and support.

Week One

100- M'Baye Babacar Niang Club- Caen Age-17 Nationality- France Position- ST

His one of those strong and pacey forwards. Still young and lots to learn, but I think he has the talent to do it. His been linked with a couple of big teams before like Man city. His got great legs and is very calm in front of the net. He can finish well for his age and is also good in the air. He just recently got moved up to the u-21 French team and scored in his first game. He is had shown he can score in big games he scored against Marseille, and became the second youngest player in history to score in league 1. My comparison for him would be he reminds me of a little Loïc Rémy. This kid is a gem and could be coming over to the EPL in a year.

99- Adryan Tavares Club- Flamengo Age-17 Nationality- Brazil Position- CAM

Don't know how else to say it but Brazil have done it again producing another number 10. This kid is a gem alert only 17 with loads of talent. If you watched the u-17 world cup you saw him net 5 times in the tournament. Sir Alex has had his eye on him for a year now and has trained with Manchester United before. He is the complete Attacking Forward with 5 star skill and great reading of the field he can create get passed defenders and score. He is also a good Free kick taker his small but plays big. The only problem is he is looking up at guys like Kaka, Ganso, lucas. Expect to see him in 2018 world cup and do damage.

98-Gabriel Appelt Pires Club- Juventus Age-17 Nationality- Brazil Position- cm/cdm

Complete opposite from Adryan this kid is more ready to make a impact. He was Signed by the current league leaders of Serie A Juventus last summer. His very disciplined not the fastest guys but he can hold really well and get in the way of passing lanes. His got good foot skills and good passing at his position. I think he will get minutes at Juve by next year. It's going to be a bit of time before he cracks the Brazil team. No doubt he will make it by 2018 world cup.

97- Jon Flanagan Club- Liverpool Age- 18 Nationality- England Position- RB

He is already broke through but I think he still has a lot to show. He has great awareness that's what I like most about him. He can support the attack and can also track back well. He remind me a lot of Leighton Baines of Everton. He is not as big as his teammate Martin Kelly or as complete, but I think his unique in his own way. Can tackle well and with lots of experience already he can turn out well. With Kelly on the team Liverpool might look to sell him, but you never know.

96- Emmanuel Frimpong Club - Arsenal Age-19 Nationality- Ghana Position - CDM
All Arsenal fans are familiar with Frimpong already a fan favorite. I like to think of him as an enforcer. His got a lot of experience already and has played in some big games. He can win you a lot of tackles in the middle and with a lot of pace and stamina. His missing the passing part of his game he looses a lot of balls in the middle which is a let down. His comparisons to current teammate Alex Song and Micheal Essien.

95- Nathaniel Clyne Club- Crystal Palace Age 19 Nationality- England Position rb/lb

I watched him a lot during the u-21 England group stages. His a up and down fullback with lot's of skill. He times his tackles really well and can cross the ball really well. Just a couple days ago Reading who are returning to EPL said they would go after him and teammate Wilfred Zaha. Also Manchester city and Fulham have been watching him closely.

94- Giorgi Chanturia- Club-Vitesse Age-18 Nationality- Georgia Position- lw/rw/st

Love this kid he brings a lot of problems to defenders. I urge you guys to watch his video on YouTube very fun to watch. If I was rankings agility footwork balance he would be up there with guys like Neymar, Ox, Gotze, Very hard to tackle in my mind. He can cross well and put perfect balls in the box. He could be top 30 on my list in a year. He is only problem he can hold onto the ball too long and has a hard time finishing. No big links but his market value is up.

93- Manolo Gabbiadini- Club- Atlanta Age-19 Nationality- Italy Position- ST

I like what he brings to the table. His very simple and is a complete forward he has good speed. He plays very big good in the air and has a wonderful first touch. The only major teams his linked with are Napoli and Manchester United. He scores with half chances and is not the most technically gifted but is very intelligent.

92- Nicola Leali- Club- Brescia Age 18 Nationality Italy Position- GK

Time to show the goalies some love. As a former goalie I think people really underrate this position. To win trophies you have to have a stud at goalie. Nicola is a very active and talented keep. His being watched by a lot of big club teams all over in Italy. Teams like Ac Milan Napoli Catania and Juventus all in a bidding war for him. He has great positioning lightning fast reflexes and draw comparisons of a young Buffon. Watch his videos on YouTube he is a excellent talent.

91- Gerard Deulofeu Lázaro Club- Barcelona Age- 17 Nationality-Spain Position- st/lw/rw

- One of many Spanish/Barcelona players to make the list. This kid could be really high on my list in the future. His main position is strike, but I think his a better wing player. When you watch some his videos you can see he likes to drift to outsides. He is big has good pace and excellent footwork. His also got a calm demeanor about him and front of the net. I don't think he will see any first team action for at least two years. Barcelona have great wingers and won't need his service for awhile. Don't really have any comparisons too early to tell. Guys keep an eye out for him for sure. Just because his one hundred on list does not mean his not talented it's a good list boys.

90- Granit Xhaka Club- FC Basel Age-18 Nationality- Switzerland Position- Midfielder

- We are all familiar with FC Basel by now especially Man united fans. That was a joke ironically you might see this kid wearing a United jersey. His a midfielder but the question is what kind of midfielder is he a roaming, attacking, or holding mid. In my opinion I think his a attacking midfielder. His got good speed his very crafty and has excellent visions. He is reads the field well and can also hit a shoot outside the box. I think he can score and create and could also move up the list. The good thing about his got experience for his age. His already played over six hundred minutes in the champions league. His made appearances for both Switzerland under 21 and the national team six caps and has scored a goal.

Would love some feedback and your own prospects if your in to that type of thing thanks for the read. I will have week two ready by next week friday again.

Cloudst (Footytube Mod) 4 years ago
Would like to say good job firstly but somethings i'll point out:

When scouting and ranking players you should provide weaknesses, a lot of ppl get annoyed when I say this but the best young player is the one that can be critisced as well as praised. It's weird but when your workkng under a manager he'll emphasize how much a player's weakness is shown and how they can work wikth them in the team.

Secondly, you have to be absolutely sure in the players abilities for example you state that you think xhaka has long shots and you think he's a CAM. The truth of it is thinking is not good enough. Watch a full match look at his postioning and off the ball awareness etc. Trust me you'll be far more accurate and reliable in turn

Sorry if I sound harsh but I to scout myself and coach a youth team and since its a career you want in scouting its important to keep in mind
4 years ago
Cloudst is the god of scouting, so if you have any questions, just ask him
Steviebeefs (Arsenal) 4 years ago
@cloudst I'd take that any day then thanks you's and great jobs. Really appreciate the advice man. I watch a lot of games on some of these guys, but some players are to find sites where I can watch there games. I don't know if it has to do with televising there games but a couple players I would like to watch full games on them. If you know a site where I can them that would be greatly appreciated. I can send you there names and teams thanks again
Cloudst (Footytube Mod) 4 years ago
Some of the players you provided like Pires would be hard to find as they are in the youth team but fear not with the internet going wild you should be able find specific games in Juve fourms

When it comes to full games I can't post the link but if you have meebo open then you can ask sunnybobby or any other ft user for the link cause your not allowed to post links on ft :S sry I have a site but I can't post it
Alexinho (AC Milan) 4 years ago
I hear that Link: has great football news page and some other features that you also would like to take a look into.
*wink wink*
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Match Conferences?
[account-removed] 4 years ago
One more advice to you Steviebeefs mate, never focus on Pundits or commentator in a match. I mean don't too much. -

Do this -

1) First watch a match in silent mode.

2) make your own analysis, without taking any help from sites like Zonal marking, or any scouting sites about the players.

3) write it down somewhere.

4) then compare your own made anylsis with the one made by Pundit on tv.

5) just check how close you are on the target.

Mate I am not a scout, these are just my own thoughts
Gunning4Glory (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Agree apart from comparing it to tv's pundit, they are normally useless
Nastytrick01p (Everton) 4 years ago
1. Marco Verrati  2. Abel Hernandez  3. Idion Ighalo  4. Khouma Babacar  5. Jovetic
Steviebeefs (Arsenal) 4 years ago
@Arsenalmylove Thanks mate I do mostly base it on my own work, but I agree 100 % mate

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