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The Proper Response And Your Rants
Oohtobeagooner (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Hey guys, it seems that most of us love to argue on the same topic over and over again like arsene is s**t, we need to buy neymar as he is f*****g good, spend some f*****g money on players and so on. It will be hard to explain this matter countless time as it takes effort to write a bloody essay just to give a proper response in the comment. So I make this forum for you guys to write and keep your opinion here. And when the same issue arrives, you can just simply give him the bloody link to this forum instead of writing a huge essay over and over again.

Plus I'm making a blog about our precious rants, it is sad to see precious things written by us sunk into the next page as we all are too active writing junks haha. And don't worry, your writing will be credited properly and I won't take credit from stuff that does not belong to me.

Happy writing
Cloudst (Footytube Mod) 5 years ago
Mind adding this then


There's some questions on their as well you can add that as well it'd be much appreciated ^__^
Oohtobeagooner (Arsenal) 5 years ago
No problemo my lord lol
Oohtobeagooner (Arsenal) 5 years ago
I'm gonna' start with my first post,

Management system is a topic that is always been neglected by the majority of football fans around the world. The only thing that most of us care is winning! Win the bloody game, do it on every fixture and be the champion of the league. Just do it, no matter what it takes for the club to achieve it. We want our club to be the champion so that we can be cocky and mock the other shittty teams and exchange the banters (it feels damn good to do so HAHA). Winning feels good and yes we all love it! But in football, you can’t win everything and the power will always be shifting. We can’t expect our club to win everything, period. This is the reality that every single manager has to face it in their job and they also need to entertain us the silly fans and our “winning mentality”.

Basically, all managers have these two options in managing their club
1) Spend their resources wisely and work for the best. Get the best value out of the transfer market, groom the youngsters from the academy and unearth their true potential.
2) Spend like a crazy bitch on a shopping spree, buy everything that you want (in this case football stars) and if they turn out to be flops, bench them or sell them for a pee. Repeat these steps until you win a silverware, the fans will be happy but the club will collect a huge pile of debts. Huge debts equal to bankruptcy and then you have to sell most of the club assets (the football stars), become shitty and will probably be relegated. Yes Leeds and Portsmouth! (Next in line are barca, citeh and Chelsea HAHA).

Or you can continue this madness by having a bloody generous owner, the Arabs and Russians are well known for their generosity in spending hundred millions just to keep your bench warm with football stars, but bear in mind if all of a sudden the owner decides to leave the club, the debts and massive salaries of your players will come back and haunt you.

The Arsenal way
As we all know, our manager Arsene wenger has its own philosophy which is the “self sustainable club”. This system will allow Arsenal FC to survive without depending on the money from the rich and competing with the top clubs for glories. In order for Arsenal FC to become self sustainable, we need to be able to
1) Produce our own players and turn them to stars. This is where the youth system kicks in, we have been blessed with a great youth system and our products are incredible! Do I need to list the name of our great youth products? We all know who they are. The pros of having your own youth in your squad is they will cost you less money and the cons is they are lack of experience (this is the part which involve the mickey mouse cup and will be explained later)

2) Buy the right player at the right value. Buying players from another club is the other option to strengthen our squad as they might come with new skills, winning mentality and experience which are needed to improve our youth. In order to get the right player at the right price, we need to have a great network of scouting agents from all over the world. They scout underrated players from different leagues and the data will be assessed by the manager and boards. If the player has some potentials to be developed into a football star, they board will bid the player according to the market value of that player. The is the reason of us not buying superstars as their value is at the peak thus their economic value to us is a bit lesser.

3) Be able to sustain the players’ salaries. This is a major issue at the moment as clubs like Chelsea, Manchester city, Barcelona and Real Madrid are willing to pay big pile of cash to their players and this will attract our young talents to be a moneygrabbingwhore and leave the club for money. It’s a pain in the ass to watch our young talents, developed by us to be a football stars leave the club for money on their prime age. Yes Na$ri! We gave him a lot of chances to make mistakes and learn from it in our club but he forsakes us for money, happy warming the bench you c**t!).

Some stats will be good to show the difference between the big clubs (in term of salaries) and Arsenal. In 2011, Barcelona spent $7,910,737 (£5.16 millions) per player per year, Real Madrid $7 356 632(£4.8 millions), Chelsea $6 020 741(£3.928 millions), Manchester city with $5 863 585 (£3.825 millions) and lastly Arsenal $ 4 758 252 (£3.1millions). We are a little bit left behind on this matter than the big clubs thus it could lead to the moneygrabbingwhore problem again (finger crossed it won’t happen again). Our current first team consists of 29 players thus the total salaries for them in a year will be £3.1x29=89.9 so in order to keep them happy here we need to generate annual income of more than £90 million (keep in mind that this is only the first team salaries, it does not include the salaries of managers, agents, youth, club maintenance etc yet! The total cost will be more than this, £150 million? £200 million? Only Wenger knows.

The conclusion here is if you need £100 million to run the club per year, then you better makes an annual profit of £100 million or more and if you don’t, be prepared to suck on the Arabs balls to keep the club running or SEE YOU IN npower league!

Here is the link for my post


Comments are appreciated!
Wilshere91 (Arsenal) 4 years ago
I love that last touch "be prepared to suck on the arabs balls"  Lmfao
Davian (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Nice collection of stats dude, where did you get your info? I can't believe Barca spends more on wages than Madrid. Its kinda hard to believe...
Deffyduck (Arsenal) 5 years ago
I'm gonna' put my opinion on football finances and Wengers philosiphy on hold until the eagerly-awaited Financial Fair Play initiative comes into effect. I am a massive fan of what AW has done and what he continues to strive to do. I think if we win any silverware over the next couple of years it will be a massive feather in Wengers cap that we managed it without £50m transfer fees and £240, 000 p/w salaries.

I will also be interested to see what (if any) penalties will be imposed on clubs that fail to comply with the 3-year-break-even legislation will be. Also if the likes of City and Barca and RM are able to break even comfortably I would be highly suspicious of the integrity of the FFP.

The next few years are going to be huge for us regardless of our league position. My main concerns are keeping hold of our star players (despite what the media claim we have more quality players than JUST v. Persie.). I read a blog months ago (forgive me I can't remember where the link was) that had a breakdown of Wenger's so-called 10-yr plan. When I read it I saw that he was raising groups of players to play together continuously so that they would grow together and form incredible partnerships.

I think to Barca's floor-wiping team of 2008-present and one of the biggest advantages they have is that they were raised as a group of kids to play together and form unbelievable partnerships. The main 3 in midfield of Xavi-Iniesta-Biscuits have been together for years.

I honestly think Wenger had been trying to emulate that when you look back to our previous midfields. We had Fabregas-Nasri-Song, which if they had stayed together for a few years would have been our answer to Xavi-Iniesta in midfield. If you look at the age groups of our players I think there is a clear succession of players to integrate into the team over years to come.

Fab-Nasri-Song -> Wilshere-Ramsey-Frimpong -> Ozyakup-Aneke-Coquelin

Gibbs-Vermaelen-Koscielny-Sagna -> Gibbs-Bartley-Miquel-Jenkinson

Wengers plan has been majorly disrupted by losing players earlier than he would have liked, but if we can keep our players for the next 4-5 years and slowly integrate the youngsters, we should have a team with an amazing chemistry that will ultimately dominate domestic football.


Davian (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Sounds fool proof except for the part that the players arent as loyal as wenger.... Face it if another club offers you double the money your current club is offering, then what would you do.... City at the start of the season werent any closer to the title than we were...
Oohtobeagooner (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Are you a true gooner or a patient gloryhunter
"I really like Arsenal. But you, yes, you. Do you really like Arsenal? Or just Arsenal with trophies? " Dennis bergkamp.

Ask yourself fellow gooners, do you really love arsenal or arsenal on their winning days. True gooners will always support the club no matter how bad the situation is. We love our club so much and we will stand behind the club till the end. Bad days good days, arsenal will always be in our heart. But for some arsenal fans, When bad things happen, you want Arsene Wenger to be sacked, sell Walcott for a pee, kill Aaron Ramsey and bench Arshavin forever (sell him will be a better option imo). You want a quick solution to solve the problem without thinking about the situation as a whole. I bet if we let this kind of fans manage this club even for a week, we will end up having gotze, hazard, neymar, pato, shaqiri, ronaldo, messi, tevez and a huge pile of debt. We will finish the season below 4th due to lack of chemistry and these superstars trying to be the best instead of working together, massive salaries to be paid every year, huge debt and will probably join leeds and Portsmouth next season. We don’t have the luxury in selling every player we have for a pee, buy every single superstar with £50 million transfer fee and sell them again for another pee if they turn out to be a flop. We don’t have sugar daddy to feed us. Period.

The silliest thing I’ve ever heard from arsenal fans is “f**k 4th spot, f**k champions league and f**k Arsene Wenger for fielding a youth squad in fa/carling cup. f**k the youth, field in our best squad and lets win this silverware. Trophy is more important than playing in Champions league you dumb c**t”. How on earth can winning a small trophy from a tournament that consist clubs from lower divisions is more important than giving your club the glory to compete with the big clubs from the best leagues in the world. Where is the glory in winning games against crystal palace and Charlton athletic while Manchester united and Chelsea are playing against Barcelona and Bayern Munich in the best league in this world? Do you really think that the world will recognize Arsenal as a big club if we win the carling cup? By that standard, Birmingham is by far better than us because they won carling cup last season, but look at them now, are they even competing in premier league? Hmm… NOT!

Sometime, it is not about winning the trophy that makes a club a big club, it’s about that club, playing and competing with big clubs in the best league in the world that makes them a big club. Forget about our trophy drought, watching Arsenal in Champions league every season brings more excitement than winning the carling cup. Plus Champions league brings greater revenue in which will help us to pay the loan on our stadium, attract more talented players to our club and help Arsenal to be recognized as one of the best team in this world. So still fancy the carling cup and fa cup over playing in Champions league? I don’t! As a gooner, I want the best for my club
Oohtobeagooner (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Transfer analysis by zilch
Everyone is always so quick to blame Wenger even though it's the board's decision to actually spend the money. Wenger can simply place bids and let them know who he's interested in, then they deliberate on this just like a jury, a very stingy jury. I see a lot of people complaining that Wenger isn't making any bids well here comes the clue train.... As you know we have limited funds. Wenger is incredibly shrewd fortunately. If he announced to the media that he's interested in someone then their club will straightaway go find out how much money we have available for transfers and raise the player price accordingly.

That's why you don't hear anything till the last minute. Man City etc have the money and announce their interest in order to scare the competition away, do you honestly think Gotze would be valued at 50 million if City announced they were interested? His price would skyrocket, that's just business. So don't be too concerned that we haven't heard much, either the board is just being stubborn or Wenger is planning things in secret so as not to make other clubs bid on the player and have his price increase massively. On the subject of Gotze I find it incredibly funny that most people's choice for a CAM signing is an experienced, proven player and yet you want Gotze, who's 19, has never played in the EPL and is at the age where he is prone to injury. That's an awful risk for the money he would cost, granted he has been brilliant in Germany but who's to say he'll be brilliant here?

Secondly on all the fans losing their cool, I think it's pretty obvious that our target this year was top 4 which we still have a good chance of doing, we're only 4 points behind Chelsea after all. The team is still in the rebuild phase which unless you have limitless funds takes several years, cheer up better times are ahead. Once you get older you won't mind so much, the years just fly on by
Oohtobeagooner (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Tactical analysis 15 jan 2011 by zilch

So what went wrong today? Obviously Arteta was missed massively in the center, Song had a lot less freedom without his cool headedness there. Benayoun is more of a winger or left mid than an actual midfielder and was horribly out of position quite often. Ramsey did not have a good game but that's to be expected when playing slightly deeper as a result of trying to help out Song. I will say though that when he lost the ball and they scored, Swansea still had to get past all our defenders and it was Miquel that was caught out(he made the pass to Ramsey then ran forwards), way too far up the pitch, forcing our CBs to commit and giving the space to their winger. The people who say "we haven't replaced Fabregas" need to understand something. The top teams in the league had us all figured out, they stood off Fabregas and marked every option he had, hence why he was able to pass ans shoot often but with no great effect against the big teams.

Fabregas became a crutch for our team and I personally prefer that we now are less predictable. With Fabregas playing the big teams simply held back and waited to hit us on the counter attack and it worked. We don't need to replace Cesc but we do need to establish our midfield better. The problem with bringing players in is our squad size, we must get rid of some first and to do that, we need to have a club interested in actually buying our players for a reasonable fee. My biggest hope is that Wilshere comes back from his injury without becoming less of a player, he'll take a bit of time but hopefully he'll be back to his brilliant best and then you'll finally see what Arteta, Wilshere and Song can do in midfield for us. Song DM, Wilshere box to box, Arteta CAM.

The 1st half against Swansea we looked to be dealing with them well, our midfield passing was a bit sloppy but the defence was doing a decent job and although we had less of the ball we were the ones with the better chances. Apart from missing Arteta I think the main thing that undid us in this game was having to use full backs as wing backs. It's easy to say Walcott and Arshavin didn't play well but in actual fact they did a good job but had no support when they attacked. Miquel and Djourou did ok defensively(Miquel did better) but going forward they were hopeless. I can't wait for the idiots who say Walcott sux to start praising him when Sagna comes back. The same goes for when Santos or Gibbs plays on the left. Watch how often in past matches a successful cross or cutback from our wingers starts with a pass back to the wing back, you'll be suprised. You can't always just go through your marker and that's pretty much what Arsha and Walcott had to do all game yesterday and that's why we lost.

The people who always want Ox to play instead of Walcott I hope they saw just how vulnerable we are in defence once Ox and Henry came on. Walcott in particular works his ass of in defence and it really showed on how many chances Swansea had late in the match. I believe Ox has a great future but for now he needs to work on his defending. Playing winger is not just about going forward well.

So I think it's mainly the injuries to our wing backs and Arteta's leadership in the center that cost us today, with our usual starters we play 4-5-1 defensively and when we get the ball it becomes a 3-3-2-2 but sadly with no wing backs it was an offensive 4-1-2-3 which cost us dearly. Feel free to disagree and discuss with me, I'm interested in other peoples views. I don't think Gervinho would've helped much more than Arshavin did today either. Just a general lack of support on the wings and some shaky decisions by players in defence. Credit to Swansea they played great
Deffyduck (Arsenal) 5 years ago
I have a separate rant. Not directed at anyone on this forum, and ultimately it is a moot point but its a small grievance of mine and I would like to know if anyone else shares this view.

In the summer transfer window Wenger bid £6. 5m (I believe) to try and land Gary Cahill from Bolton which was described as "derisory" by Owen Coyle. They whacked a £17m price tag on him and expected someone to stump up that fee just because that's what they wanted to get for him.

A horde of so-called football gurus (ex-players, pundits/journalists) and apparently Arsenal fans criticised Wenger for being "tight" and not spending. When there were no takers for Cahill he ended up staying for half the season and he has just completed his transfer to Chelsea for around £7m.

Here is my gripe: how the hell can £6. 5m be laughed out of town as derisory, and yet Chelsea come in with £0. 5m extra and that's fine and dandy? Seems like a f***ing shambles if you ask me, and Coyle is a hypocrite for accepting £7m
Oohtobeagooner (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Good point mate, look at zilch transfer analysis and you will get the answer. If wenger put a bid on a player, the board/manager of that club will stop and think for a while. "arsene wenger is good in finding great players, so my player must be good too. We need to maximize the profit by demanding more money from arsenal". This s**t happens to us and that is the reason of wenger with his late transfer activities. He wants the other clubs to settle down with their transfer and spend all their money first so that they won't be competing with us later in the end of the transfer window. Quite a risky move but it works
Threkstari (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Timing is everything. We made the inquiry in a time where cahill still had a year on his contract so coyle was able to gamble for a higher price. We bought merte and come january transfer window demand has dropped for cahill while the time in which coyle can get moneyz for cahill has suddenly started running out really fast.... Unlucky for ppl who value cahill.... I'm personally happy we didn't get him
Zilch (Footytube Moderator) 5 years ago
OK My soul is prepared and my flak jacket donned for what I'm about to write....

I had an interesting but ultimately futile discussion the other day with a fan who insisted that Fabregas would make our team better. I disagreed and neither of us could convince the other so it ended in a stalemate, Ce La Vie....

So I thought I'd do some research and the results even suprised me. I went back through every game Fabregas played last season in all competitions and compiled his assist and goal stats for the season, starting from August 2010. In the interest of keeeping the post shorter I'll post the results across the page where possible in order of older date.

Liverpool 1-1 draw: 0 assists
Blackpool 6-0 win: 0 assists
Blackburn 2-1 win: 0 assists
Bolton 4-1 win: 2 assists
SC Braga 6-0 win: 1 assist, 1goal, 1penalty
Sunderland 1-1 draw: that fluke goal
Shaktar Donestsk 5-1 win: 1 penalty
Manchester City 3-0 win: 0 assists
Newcastle 4-0 win: 1 assist
Westham United 1-0 win: 0 assists
Newcastle 0-1 loss
Wolves 2-0 win: 1 assist
Everton 2-1 win: 1 goal
Tottenham 2-3 loss: 0 assists
SC Braga 0-2 loss
Manchester United: 0-1 loss
Chelsea 3-1 win: 1 goal(tap in)
Birmingham City 3-0 win: 1 assist
Manchester City 0-0 draw
Leeds United 1-1 draw: 1 penalty
Ipswitch Town 0-1 loss
Westham United 3-0 win: 0 assists
Leeds united 3-1 win: 0 assists
Wigan Athletic 3-0 win: 1 assist
Ipswitch Town 3-0 win: 1 goal
Huddersfield Town 2-1 win: 1 penalty
Everton: 2-1 win, 0 assists
Newcastle 4-4 draw: 0 assists
Wolves 2-0 win: 2 assists
Barcelona 2-1 win: 0 assists
Stoke City 1-0 win: 0 assists
Barcelona 1-3 loss, 0 assists
Blackburn 0-0 draw
Blackpool 3-1 win: 0 assists
Liverpool 1-1 draw: 0 assists
Tottenham 3-3 draw: 1 assist
Bolton 1-2 loss: 1 assist

So out of 36 games that's 11 assists, 5 goals, 1 of which was a tap in gift and 1 which was a complete fluke deflection from halfway and 4 penalty goals, he also missed 2 penalties. It also supports what I've been saying about Arsenal being predictable when playing the bigger teams.

Most of his assists are against the smaller teams and his effectiveness clearly dried up towards the end of the season. His success against the big teams stands at 1 assist and 1 goal(tap into empty net). Big teams simply stood back and gave him space, while marking all his likely targets(RVP, Arshavin, Nasri etc). The majority of other assists came from Arshavin, Walcott and sadly Nasri. Also for the record, RVP played in a lot of these games and Chamakh was in hot form for the early part of the season so he had a decent target to pass to.

Some of you are going to argue that assists don't tell the story and that he creates far more. Well I can say the exact same for Arteta, he starts a lot of our attacks from deep in midfield and has already scored 3 times for us already. You all say that a CAM must have assists but this clearly shows Cesc didn't have that many assists and that his form towards the end was certainly getting worse. I also think RVP is a better captain and our squad is less predictable by not relying so heavily on one amazing playmaker.

Others will say that we had more possession per game last season and that's true but what did we actually do with it? We passed it around for ages trying to score the perfect goal. This season we have less of the ball but we are more direct in our attempts to score, moreover, more players are taking on extra responsibility and playing more for each other and not one man.

Arteta also provides much more in defence than Cesc ever could, when Wilshere comes back you'll see just how good our midfield truly is, it's just that we are moving away from relying on a CAM and playing more of a complete game, attacking from everywhere and not just a central engine, we're nowhere near as vulnerable to counter attack as we once were and once the key players come back from injury I think we're going to be a better side then we were before, particularly when playing the big teams as they won't have us completely sussed out anymore.

And here's the final alarming statistic, for the 2010-2011 season, Andrei Arshavin had more assists and goals than Fabregas, 17 assists and 10 goals, WHAT happened andrei?
Zakulon (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Umm fabregas is amazing, he would make us much better
Zakulon (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Umm fabregas is amazing, he would make us much better
Zilch (Footytube Moderator) 4 years ago
Care to elaborate on that? That doesn't really explain much mate
Oohtobeagooner (Arsenal) 5 years ago
New post of the day! Check it out and discuss!
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 5 years ago
I see a lot of fans who want Arsene Wenger out. I personally think this would only make things much worse before they get better. Am going to compare Wenger with the most successful manager in English football.... Sir Alex Ferguson. It's going to be long but totally worth it.
So the question I would like to ask is what is the difference between these two men. Why is one so successful and why is the other being questioned.

I would like to start off by stating the obvious SAF has always has an advantage over Wenger because he was in charge of united long before Arsene was. SAF already had his system going before Arsene began to implement his philosophy. Thus it took Wenger a short while to catch up. Notably there was hatred between the men at first with each of them having a go at each other like these ones

November 1996
Sir Alex Ferguson bristles at the notion of Arsene Wenger, newly arrived at Arsenal, as a cerebral ‘professor’ of football. “They say he’s an intelligent man, right? Speaks five languages, ” says Ferguson. “I’ve got a 15-year-old boy from the Ivory Coast who speaks five languages. ”

April 1997
The real first spat. After Wenger complains about fixtures being in Manchester United’s favour Ferguson says: "He’s a novice – he should keep his opinions to Japanese football. ”

May 2002
After Arsenal complete the double Ferguson brands Arsenal over-physical “scrappers”. Wenger retorts: “Everyone thinks they have the prettiest wife at home”

January 2005
War of words continues from the previous meeting with Ferguson calling Wenger a “disgrace”, continuing, “I don’t expect Wenger to ever apologise, he’s that type of person. ” Wenger vows never to answer questions about Ferguson again. A vow he keeps for less than a month.

Up until 2006 the rivalry was int he balance. They won their games we responded. There was even a mutual respect between the managers

September 2008
At a League Managers Association dinner the pair share a stage and jokes and smiles. “There is a much better understanding and mutual respect now, ” gushes Wenger.

But after that it got more one sided with united winning 9 games in 13 meetings. Wenger had the best record against united Why the sudden change? Journalists and pundits claimed that no one had ever given SAF a challenge up to that point(even SAF came to Wengers defence after the old trafford thrashing). The answer is simple arsenal got a new home. An expensive one at that. Which needed a 10-15 year plan in order to play back.

When Arsene arrived he was making record signings(Henry, overmars)and buying the right players. He even raised the salaries of great players like Bergkamp, Adams and campbell in order to make them happy. He even broke the club record by signing Ashravin for 16. 5m That's why every time someone tells me arsene is afraid of signing big players or is stingy I laugh it of cause his obviously a noob.

The arrival of the big spenders isn't helping our cause. We now have to be more discrete. But why is this not hurting man utd who also have debts of their own. Why can they keep the fight going against the likes of city and even chelsea. It's simple SAF is not restricted by his board. He can spend up to 60m every window. This is the man who purchased Rio Ferdinand for 30m pounds. It's not usual that defenders are bought for that much especially at that time. Rooney for an undisclosed fee rumored to be up to 26m pounds. Ronaldo another teenager for 12m pounds and Chris Smalling for a reported 12m(am not too sure). Funny thing is of those four men I mentioned Rooney, CR7, and Smallings we're supposed to be gunners. We just got out bid by the richer club.

As you can see even in signings the SAF and wenger have the same ideas only difference is SAF has always had more in his wallet. And in truth that is the only difference. If you look at their football philosophy's both managers love playing with a quick tempo, both love the one touch play. There is an argument that SAF has a implements his defensive strategy better. But with the ability to buy defenders for around 30m it's no wonder why. And it's easy to see why SAF has the advantage. His club can afford to buy guy's like berbatov for 30m while our highest transfer was ashravin for 16m. SAF can get pretty much whoever he wants. While arsene can't

Now times have clearly gotten harder for Arsene, but getting rid of him is not the solution especially right now even if we do not finish in the top four. New managers always want to spend big when they join a club. We don't have that kind of money. The board will never give it. And if we did I would much rather they give it to wenger, rather than a new guy who has to start all over with implementing his philosophy.

In conclusion if you dig deep enough you will see that this club is run by a board who treat the club like a business, rather than a football club. They only care about the money. Peter hill wood came out and stated not finishing in the top four would not be a disaster. Am sorry but Wenger's legacy is based on a decade and a half of consecutive UCL football. That's probably the main reason we are one of the most famous clubs in the world. He is obviously thinking in terms of finances rather than football success. With the departure of David Dein our board no longer has ambitions to win. But instead to make as much profits as possible
Oohtobeagooner (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Great post mate. My philosophies regarding arsene wenger are
"give arsene wenger the same amount of money, he will give you all the trophy you want and double the money"
"if our squad can field in the best 11 every game, we will be unbeatable again!"
"give him 10 million he will bring us to the European league, give him 200 million, people will never watch football again as arsenal will win every single game"

Plus do you mind if I post this on the blog?
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Go for it
Cloudst (Footytube Mod) 5 years ago
Luke Freeman: An in depth look at why the young English man was let go

The news of selling Luke Freeman is still ringing in the ears of some gooners (mine included). It took some time but after various research and reading various stats about Freeman I've come to the conclusion that the departure of Freeman was invetible the best move for both parties.

Let me begin by saying that when Luke Freeman had arrived he had garnered much praise even before his reserve career started (Arsene Wenger had stated he was an interesting prospect). He was part our academy at the age of 15 and scored 7 goals in 15 games for the side his potential was obviously there which eventually got him to the reserve side which in turn got him the loan to Yeovil. This is where Freeman's arsenal career had taken a spiraling turn for the worst with a very long injury which dramatically set back his development. One noted developmental aspect that had taken a hit was Freeman's finishing ability. When Steve Bould had told Arsene Wenger to give him a contract he was noted to be not only a finisher but a player of high work rate and creativity. However one aspect that still went amiss after his much anticipated comeback was unfortunately his passing. In a team like Arsenal our one touch play is very important Freeman had unfortunately not been able to connect with grasps of the concept very well. This also traced back to his U-18 days as well.

His loan spell was a chance not only to gain match experience but an ample opportunity to work on that aspect as well but in the process of all this with Freeman looming less likely to finding his goal scoring ability and lack of passing range he was (initially loaned) sold to Stevenage.

The obvious question here is could we have waited for a player like him to develop his trade here?

Yes we could have I believe he was finding rhythm at Arsenal in the reserve level. He was a top prospect for us.

But the real question is should we have kept Freeman in that case?

This answer relies once again back to our U-18. Freeman we could have easily kept and try to develop but his value had severely dropped due to the emergence of Chuba Akpom who has been absolutely brilliant for the U-18's (he's also been bought up to the reserve team) also if you look a lot closer you will find U-16 talent for Ardenal whose prolific goal scoring has been touted to being the next big thing from our academy.

These factored into the fact Luke Freeman was backtracked in his development led to his departure.

In conclusion I want to wish Freeman all the best at his new club maybe the new atmosphere could give him belief in bringing out the best of him. All the best luke we wish you well from here
Ladiezman (Arsenal) 5 years ago
We got joel campbell as another striker as well so I suppose Freeman had to go :/
Gunning4Glory (Arsenal) 4 years ago
And Afobe, looks like Freeman was just not as good as the other academy prospects
Oohtobeagooner (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Q&A with threk


Chuks Aneke signs on loan with Stevenage until the end of the Season, breakout season on hold for now.


Champions league, Arsenal and Wenger


[account-removed] 4 years ago
Yet another rant at the board and finances:

In May 2011, the total amount of wages being paid to the Arsenal players was confirmed to be at £124. 4m. This was a 12. 4% increase over the wages of the previous year's team. To go into detail, out of favour players like Squillaci, Arshavin, and Bendtner were earning atleast £50, 000 a week which would significantly add to the overall tally. The question I have is, how has the club allowed themselves to be dragged into this position?

The first response from most fans defending the finances would be that the stadium debt allows us not to spend big in the transfer window, but at the same time the statistics say that we are increasing our wage budget for players that won't be reliable on the pitch in a logical situation. Another massive thing that people don't realize is that the amount of money the young players already make at the club is crazy. In 2008, Theo Walcott at the age of 19 was earning £3 million in yearly wages, 6 average players from Blackpool in 2011 would have added up to just over that amount and it is a bigger market now.

In that same year of 2008, Arsenal's wage tally was at £101, 302, 000 (about £23, 000, 000 less than it is now) and we have only made a few notable signings since. The tally above does not include Nasri, Chamakh (who was free I might add), Vermaelen, Squid, and Koscielny. All of these players earn massive amounts. 1 has left, 2 are probably going to. So out of the 5, 2 of these players are reliable and this represents a poor return in the desicion making process in the market.

In short, Arsenal FC prefers to waste money on the player instead of the actual transfer. This happens all the time of course but not so this extent. Squid's wages pratically double his current logical transfer value. So, if we are to sell him now (as many would prefer), we could lose money in the year or so that we have had him at the club. Too much money is being given to unproved and/or young players. My suggestion is that the wage system needs to change: more money needs to be put into transfers and there needs to be a gap between the wages that top players and unproved/young players make. The stadium debt is managable as we have organized that money seperately to pay the debt.

Oohtobeagooner (Arsenal) 4 years ago
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Oohtobeagooner (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Sweet, do you want me to add this to the blog or you want to do it by yourself? I can add you as the author
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Sure thanks
Monkeyyoda (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Made a post about the match review between arsenal v manchester. Its quiet long so I won't put it in here but heres the link!

Cloudst (Footytube Mod) 4 years ago
Make or Break: Sanchez Watt moves to Crawley Town on loan


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