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Sunderland V Arsenal, Feb 9
Duces14 (Arsenal) 2 years ago
Such a crisp strike from santi.  Great result, up the gunners
CFLNHLFIFAFAN (Chelsea) 2 years ago
I like the word choice of crisp, use it as well, but ya it was a good crisp goal
Mik0lai (KS Widzew Lódz) 2 years ago
1 goal, 3 points.... We'll take it
GoonSquad (Arsenal) 2 years ago
Here's my question to you: Why would you post a video on a highlight website that DOES NOT include hightlight's but rather has a picture of THE final score for everybody to see before they've even clicked on anything>!>?!?! Are you mental!? If you must, then put the d*mn score at the end, not the beginning!
What the living sh*t buckets were you thinking mate?! People are looking for highlights, meaning they want to see the events unfold chronologically in a compressed video of the game. Nobody wants to see your sh*ite thumbnail image of the score line when they are looking for a highlight video!
There's a reason this site includes the option to turn OFF spoilers.... Like you mate, you spoiler. You've been doing it this way for ever now, so do us all a favor and just don't.
An I'm not even angry yet, so I can't wait until you pull the same sh*t next time and I can really go off on you
Barcenal61 (Arsenal) 2 years ago
GoonSquad, you beat me to it! I could not wait to tell this egotistic, self-centered adonistic w****r the same thing. Everyone else, please "like" to make sure he (the producer of this video) gets the message. Thank you
Johny (Arsenal) 2 years ago
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Johny (Arsenal) 2 years ago
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Jerrold777 (Arsenal) 2 years ago
Very nice
Ozilbtch (Manchester United) 2 years ago
Amazing by arsenal  Yet hopefully another transfer won't distrub the team again...
Deco20k (Chelsea) 2 years ago
Always liked the arsenal goalkeeper even if sometimes he makes silly mistakes, but today what an amazing performance from him
Thrash4ever (Arsenal) 2 years ago
Should have been eight-nil!
Pukaki (Chelsea) 2 years ago
Ref probably got a new set of cards and wanted to show everyone. Was more than happy to book players
IjalCool (Arsenal) 2 years ago
Despite how good Mignolet is, of all the 19 shots Arsenal only managed to score 1. So many times I watched Giroud selfishly took a shot from outside the area (or even from an impossible angle) with at least one or two of his team mates standing in a better position than him, even Wenger seemed to be frustrated every time he did that. It won't matter if he has RVP's shooting skills. I'm not saying that he's an awful player, it's just that IMO he needs to practice more about his shooting skills and to learn more about the meaning of teamwork. But above that we deserve this 3 points. Well done, Gunners!
Arsenegooner (Arsenal) 2 years ago
Ok, you need to look at it a different way. A striker needs to be selfish and needs to take shots and Arsene was frustrated because Giroud kept missing. He in no way needs to learn the meaning of teamwork; just look at his assists.... They are brilliant and he will keep giving assists but he needs to hit a run of form as a striker and to hit a run of form you need to start scoring goals and to start scoring goals you need to start shooting.... Let him do his thing because from this game I can see that he has adapted to the premier league and is applying his own brand of football.... Once he starts hitting the target, you'll wonder why you made this comment at all. Look on the bright side ljalCool
IjalCool (Arsenal) 2 years ago
Hmmm.... That's a good point. Let's just hope he'll score more goals or create more assists in the upcoming matches
OmarKhattab (Chelsea) 2 years ago
Brilliant performance by Szczesny! Wilshere was also fantastic once again
Arsenegooner (Arsenal) 2 years ago
Sagna in center back position.... Not bad.... But that makes me realize that Arsene would probably look at him as a fourth option for center back in addition to Mertesacker, Koscielny and Verminator. On the other hand, Arteta was brilliant and Ramsey is growing by the game. We have a powerful midfield and it saddens me that Rosicky has had to take a seat as he is a great midfielder when he is having his day. Up to the Arsenal!
Oakie (Arsenal) 2 years ago
Rosicky was probably spared due to the more physical type of game and considering that he played mid-week for Czech Rep and picked up a slight knock, as far as I know
Arsenegooner (Arsenal) 2 years ago
I actually didn't know that.... Hope he gets back soon
Otownballer (Arsenal) 2 years ago
Recent Arsenal squads lose games like this. Lady Luck, however, changed her mind and gave Titus Bramble, of all people, the keys to the Arsenal goal.

Also, what was Ramsey doing dithering on the ball in midfield like that? I have supported Ramsey for a long time but an Arsenal midfielder cannot do what he did
Fatimarmcf (Real Madrid) 2 years ago
Cazorla was a smart investment
Tdaouk (Real Madrid) 2 years ago
I would always buy him from Malaga in FIFA 12 career mode lol
Tdaouk (Real Madrid) 2 years ago
Wilshere is a very talented young player.... Any team would love to have him.... Although he loves Arsenal, I would be impressed if they would be able to keep him from great offers in the upcoming years
DaniPak (Arsenal) 2 years ago
He just signed long term contract!
HArISjDaR (Manchester United) 2 years ago
Why so many lucky votes for good sunderland performance...
Wbieg (Arsenal) 2 years ago
I guess they were lucky not to concede more goals
Jerrold777 (Arsenal) 2 years ago
Sunderland played well when we were down a man...

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