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Most Reliable Transfer Sources (Cloudst)
Godspeedysick (Arsenal) 1 year ago
This will be a reminder topic if anyone in the future wants to know who to believe and who not to:

Largely Unreliable Sources:
Daily Mail, The Sun, caught offside, and Telegraph

50/50 Reliable Sources:
Mirror, Metro, talksport, and Independent

Most Reliable Sources:
Guardian, Skysports, BBC

Extremely Reliable Sources:
Your Club's Website
Monkeyyoda (Arsenal) 1 year ago
@extremely Reliable sources or mabye Most Reliable Sources : The club from which the player is coming from.    
StageFright1203 (Arsenal) 1 year ago
I always thought ESPN was pretty reliable. They're still not 100%, I don't think any news source is. But they seem to post pretty accurate news
SKool (Arsenal) 1 year ago
Trust the Guardian
Knownskate (PSG) 1 year ago
Caught Offside
Godspeedysick (Arsenal) 12 months ago
GeoffArsenal is not a newspaper outlet but claims to know the inside stuff. He's been proven wrong in so many cases
Groundup (Arsenal) 12 months ago
Name one
Godspeedysick (Arsenal) 11 months ago
L'equipe is highly unreliable as well
Chargui (Arsenal) 11 months ago
L'Equipe is highly reliable! It's probably the most reliable French sport's newspaper!
Godspeedysick (Arsenal) 11 months ago
So then why did they report Bernard was heading to London for a medical on a Friday because everything was wrapped up. This is the reason why I dropped them. They aren't as reliable as you think
Chargui (Arsenal) 11 months ago
Well that was one mistake. But overall, if you look at the past few transfer windows, they seem to verify rumours as much as they can before publishing.
Let's put it this way: if a rumour isn't on L'Equipe I know it's not happening. If it is, then it's a better sign that it might come true.
No newspaper is 100% reliable though
Ghanaboy95 (Arsenal) 10 months ago
Nothing is 100% but i'd say the guardian and metro sports writer Jamie Sanderson

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