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Manchester City V Arsenal, Dec 18
Partoba (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Really good game! If only all the game could be like this, we will never think we waste our time to watch
Stealo257 (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Shitty got lucky, the referee favoured them
SamWiseDarlo (Manchester City) 5 years ago
You guys just weren't good enough. Deal with it
[account-removed] 5 years ago
Dowd surely doesn't like us
SamWiseDarlo (Manchester City) 5 years ago
Wow more people say that Arsenal played 'awesome' and 'great' than they do about City. We won fair and square and Arsenal only really threatened us for the final half hour.

Sure RVP had a goal disallowed for offside but Zaba hit the post, Nasri missed a glorious opportunity and Sergio could have had at least a brace. Lucky my arse
SamWiseDarlo (Manchester City) 5 years ago
And to all those saying Arsenal should have had a penalty for hand ball, Micah's arm was down by his side, it came toward him at speed after a deflection and it wasn't heading towards and Arsenal player or denying a goalscoring opportunity
Insanee (Arsenal) 5 years ago
How are you not lucky when RVP goal should have stood and we should have had a penalty?! The things you are talking about are times when city weren't good enough to score! That's not luck
SamWiseDarlo (Manchester City) 5 years ago
In my opinion, and more importantly the ref's, Arsenal shouldn't have had a penalty. If you could be bothered to read you would notice that.

The point is how did Arsenal play 'awesome' if we were only lucky? We were the better team for the majority of the match and Arsenal were lucky that Nasri and Aguero couldn't keep their s**t together in front of goal
[account-removed] 5 years ago
I respect 95% of passionate fans. Your part of the 5% that I hate. I wish you were like the rest of the civilized city fans that I know that can at least admit that we played great
SamWiseDarlo (Manchester City) 5 years ago
You didn't play great. Neither team did. And I couldn't give a s**t if you hate me, I'm still right
Champs (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Although there is no shame in the manner we we lost I do feel on balance a draw would have been a fairer reflection of the game. We just have to move forward and focus on the Villa game. The big disappointment for me other then the defeat is the absence of Song for our next game. Lets just hope Frimpong or Rosicky can step up to the plate. Also the criticism levelled at Gervinho is a tad harsh as he his work rate is phenomenal and constantly made himself available. Unlike Walcott who was just so poor it beggers belief, other than a brief moment of quality he was anonymous. Yet when he was pulled off he had the audacity to show his dissaproval when the fact of the matter is Wenger has given him more opportunities than most of the other top 4 or 5 clubs would have provided him. Poor
Sharf (Liverpool) 5 years ago
City were awesome. And arsenal, in the end of the season you can't even get to top 4. Mark my word
Insanee (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Like liverpool then?
Winger24 (Arsenal) 5 years ago
We will see about that mate.... Hope you have enough courage to show your face after the season...
Champs (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Mrk my words £35 million for Carroll is the sort of overinflated mediocrity which will leave your team scrapping for sixth. £35 million pounds lol just imagine what Wenger could do with that kind of money.... Just have to wait and see during the Jan transfer window
Silentheat (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Add downing in the list.... 35+20 totally waste
[account-removed] 5 years ago
Liverpool are a bunch of scrubs. Gerrard is no good anymore    You wasted money on carroll...
ItsBergkamp (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Great performance from both sides.... Both played great attacking football but man city just edge it.... I was really dissappointed with some players.... Only verm and kosc look solid in defence. As for attack, walcott dissapears, asharvin and chamakh were terrible.... Even verm made better attempts than them
Tak1s (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Great game from both teams but I believe the referee is the one who determined the outcome.... The goal from van persie was not offside and the handball was pretty obvious.... Furthermore he gave offside the header of rvp and did not give an obvious offside of man city...
Reddevil278 (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Arsenal played better, and yes I DID watch THE GAME! RVP's goal was wrongly ruled offsides, and Arsenal should have had a pk. So now that Sheik Mansour buys a whole team, he thinks that's not enough, and decides to buy refs as well?
Blueheart (Manchester City) 5 years ago
Lol definitely! You are so brilliant sir
Tak1s (Arsenal) 5 years ago
The referee was clearly helping city
[account-removed] 5 years ago
Its so clear that Man City were the better of both team and deserved the victory.... Ask any experts or and soccer legends/manager/coach and they will say the same thing!
Sncsum41 (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Yet the pie chart says that city was lucky
Silentheat (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Yes, legends/manager/coach and they will say the manc lucky has refree does not award plenaty....  
[account-removed] 5 years ago
That is because there is a larger Arsenal fanbase that can't take the loss and for the penalty, city was denied once against Chelsea too
Iamtrash123 (Manchester United) 5 years ago
You were denied a soft/dive pen. Arsenal were denied a onside goal and penalty
Kongen (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Both teams played great. It could easily have been a draw or the other way round, City just managed to take one of their chances. As for the ref he f****d up on both sides
Mumbleinriddles (Manchester City) 5 years ago
Iamtrash123. That was pure utterly trash from you. Silva penalty claim, I would agree with you. It was a dive.

In the arsenal match. RVP was just off. Not far but just. Watch properly. And then penalty?
It was ball to hand. No clear cut chance on goal. His hand was close to his body. He should be given the benefit of the doubt. It will be harsh if penalty was given.
Lescott gave away a penalty against chelsea, why no other complaint about it? Owh, because it was agaisnt city
Iamtrash123 (Manchester United) 5 years ago
I can't remember what lescot did but I remember that it was definitely a pen. And yes I do agree that it would of been harsh. But those handballs are 50/50 they can go either way. But rvp was still onside imo
SomeVAguy (Arsenal) 5 years ago
While I would agree that the handball on Richards was ball to hand, I am still perplexed as to how he managed to let that happen when he could see the ball from a mile away? Oh well.

Great game. Unfortunate result for Arsenal
Fabby (Arsenal) 5 years ago
City played a lot better than to deserve a 'lucky', we had enough chances to get a point out of this, but that's football. Oh yea phil dowd is a c**t, never mind the penalty, but there were a lot of wrongly called decisions throughout the game and a bit of bias imo. This guy always fucks arsenal over. Also, I don't know if the linesman were bought from city, but how on earth can one linesman on one side flag rvp offside when he was clearly onside and scored for a clear 1-1, and a couple of mins later the other linesman does not flag richards, even though the guy was 4354375934574643 miles offside. If that shot of his went in, it would have been 2-0.... Smh
Ardak (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Yeah I agree on Richards.... I was shocked that the flag stayed down when he picked up the ball...
Troubletonight (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Fabby I won't be bitter about it if I were you, I think we played really well away from home against the EPL leaders. The handball by Richards was a difficult call for the ref to make - some refs will give it, some won't
Fabby (Arsenal) 5 years ago
I'm not talkin about the refs, I know it was not really a penalty, just that if that was one of our players, I can see the penalty bein given on the spot. I'm talkin about all the other calls, if you watched the game, you would have seen dowd being more lenient towards city and no I'm not being bias here, before someone starts talkin s**t about being 'bitter'.
City played well and would have been 2/3-0 up before half time if they were more clinical up front. Congtats to them, but the league needs to get something sorted out about these refs
Troubletonight (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Well, one thing for sure is the refs need to stop secretly supporting Man United or kissing Fergie' ass!
Hoodie07 (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Was a good game!    Check out the stadium for the world cup final in Brazil!    Https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=Q4n9no20SuM
Kyriaks (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Loving the flirting going on here.... It was a great game to watch and on another day things could have been different but there wasn't much in it. Ifs and buts.... If my auntie had a pair of bollox she'd be my uncle
Lostagent23 (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Arsenal always show up and produce some of the best games for the season.... Unfortunately they lose those games that they perform soo well in(no offense guys) Arsenal will finish top 3 this season
Bryanchan97 (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Anyone has the link to the long highlights? Would really appreciate it
Vaishnav (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Vaishnav (Liverpool) 5 years ago

This is the one for arsenal and the best so far!

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