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EPL Prediction
YGunz (Arsenal) 3 years ago

Tittle contenders-

Contenders to lift the trophy this year will have to be AFC(with Suarez) without him we all know its going to impossible.

Chelsea the special one proved he is a winner and does not need time to adjust. He has a squad that has played together last season which also had minor success with the stability at head coach Chelsea are the strongest to win the EPL this year(feel disgusted just saying that) still truth hurts.

Pretenders -

Manchester city with all there signing I expect them to struggle with chemistry in the beginning of the campaign. A lot of ego plus a new head coach mmm yeah pretenders.

United well to kill a snake you have to cut the head, so with out Fargi (believe me that was a mighty big head) I dont' see them as contenders but pretenders yeah that's what Moyes team will be.

3 on the rise- the Swans Liverpool call me insane but sunderland I like what Di canio is all about.

3 on crash mode- stoke yeah you know it. West Brom and Norwich city. This list is not who is going to get relegated just who will be struggle this year.

Break out player- Bony with last years breakout player this is an obvious for most of us. The attention michu is going to get will benefit Bony and he is excellent finisher.

Tell me why you agree why you don't and make your own and I will tell you why I don't. "peace out "
Gooner1998 (Arsenal) 3 years ago
Agee with you about united(lol at the very big head)

My predictions:

Chelsea 1st
Arsenal/united 2nd (it will be a battle only if get sighnings preferably Suarez)
Tottenham 5th
City 4th(yup you heard it hear first)
Best of the rest: Liverpool, Swansea, Sunderland
YGunz (Arsenal) 3 years ago
That's good list but who do you think will be the break out player of the year
Gooner1998 (Arsenal) 3 years ago
Bony, Ramsey, Giroud, Coutinhio and Taraabt
Song (Arsenal) 3 years ago

Giroud, sturridge, ozil and suarez, I would say ramsey but I really don't think he will play at the current form he is atm for the rest of the season, his form slowly gonna' drop until he doesn't real stand out as much
HenryP (Arsenal) 3 years ago
Arsenal 1st  Man City 2nd  Chelsea 3rd  Liverpool 4th  Tottenham 5th  Man Utd 7th    
HenryP (Arsenal) 3 years ago
I think Crystal Palace, Sunderland and Cardiff will get relegated and Southampton and Swansea to be the surprises

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