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Bolton Wanderers V Arsenal, Feb 1
Madhavan (Liverpool) 4 years ago
Walcott is such a piece of crap.... I still can't get over my head that he was in a world cup squad when he was 17!
MrArse (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Second that
ChemicalBruva (Liverpool) 4 years ago
Agree, he was better when he was a virgin
3057390 (Inter Milan) 4 years ago
Where extended highlight:?
Mirulmad (Arsenal) 4 years ago
I just wanna watch Ox on the right, and Ryo on the left, both as wingers for RVP. If only RVP stay for the next season, and once Ryo and Ox are ready for the first-team, why not? Age and experience do not matter here, if you have known who is Jack Wilshere!
Coyb18 (Chelsea) 4 years ago
David wheater doing his best Iniesta impression! Lmao
Baya10 (Arsenal) 4 years ago
We need more composure from the midfield, MUCH less wasteful and I feel we are missing a creative playmaking maestro since the departure of cesc, Don't think Rambo is creative enough for the playmaking role, yet
JavelinJones (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Where are the extended highlights footytube? Sort it out!  
Paxetbonum (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Walcott's finishing is pathetic
Zimmjackson (Arsenal) 4 years ago
His touch is more pathetic. And his movement on the wing is even more pathetic
Biggs50 (Chelsea) 4 years ago
If I feel sick watching AVB's Chelsea, , , , I could imagine Arsenal fans.... We could do with Ox.... If wenger don't want him...
Biggs50 (Chelsea) 4 years ago
You can have Sturridge
[account-removed] 4 years ago
You would trade ox for sturridge? Seriously?  Sturridge is a solid player, and has the goals to prove his worth, and he shoots left
NebexGun (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Nooooooooooo man! I think OX is much composed than Sturridge! OX is going to be superb next season if he gets to play enough this season!
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Let's think about this for a second Nebex. Sturridge had to earn his spot by outplaying Malouda, Kalou, and to some degree Torres. Ox is great, I love the guy, but he had to compete with Arshavin...
Brewcrew (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Arsenal's defence did fine. I know people always questions their defence, but I have always felt like it's Arsenal's offense that struggles. They have blown so many chances in the past few years from what I've seen through various games and highlights. Even games where they have tied 1-1 people immediately call out the defence without mentioning that, like yesterday's game, missed 2 or 3 chances they should have really scored (2 of which were by Walcott). They need to address offense more than defence. Get a legit world class winger and one very solid midfielder (I think Wilshire could fill this role, but I'm very upset by the injury setback)
Lampuiho (Arsenal) 4 years ago
And the whole reason that they concede goals is that the lose the ball up front because of some stupid mistakes when attacking with the defenders joining the attack as well. So the problem is really not with the defence
Bryant4real (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Walcott you piece of crap how did you miss that? I wish that was Henry the true No 14
CheMaradona 4 years ago
A bit harsh no?    I mean Messi missed a PK yesterday, would you think he is s**t?
Gunnerdemaestro (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Messi has scored more goals on his right foot than Walcott this season, even if he was he wouldnt be as shyte as Wally right now
Subaru (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Walcott's biggest problem is taking shots. You can call him a striker but he has been proving how unsuccessful he is by taking more and more shots. This isn't the first time he has shown disappointment in finishing. Our current squad lacks finishing. We need to wait til Gerv gets back in our strive. As for Walcott he is doing poor but we need him for crossing and to use his speed more in the wing. This is his biggest asset
Bryant4real (Arsenal) 4 years ago
And walcott says he can be a striker when he can't even finish a 1 on 1 sitter?! Common son
Gunnerdemaestro (Arsenal) 4 years ago
When walcott first came, wenger should have turnt him into a left/right back, he's that bad infront of goal without his confidence.

Van Persie is clearly best in the premier league, 3rd after messi & ronaldo as a goal threat. He deserves help, people that don't rely on their confidence to show their talent.

A more positive note, rather dimmed, great to see Sagna choo-chooing up and down the right flank again
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Hmm.... Walcott...
[account-removed] 4 years ago
I just saw the Walcott 1v1 with the goalie miss for the first time today.... Sadly it just reminds me of the same old story.... Put Park, then Arshavin rotate the two on the starting XI, Walcott on the bench, as a super sub, when Park and Arshavin get tired. Give Walcott 20-30 minutes so he can do his 100m sprints up and down the right flank, and maybe get some crosses in
Wisso1 (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Hahaha Walcott.... How do you do it, I don't know
He gets in the best positions possible, and always shoots it off target. Its amazing lol
Sad but hilarious

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