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Arsenal V Southampton, Sep 15
[account-removed] 1 year ago
Arsenal definitely back to looking an extremely good team. There's a few things Arsenal can say and the others can't (great squad, unbeaten, good goal difference, self funded, own there own great stadium, low debt, bright future and no sugar daddy). I'd be worried if I was a manure fan at the moment, they are heading for financial meltdown.

Pvolpert22 (Barcelona) 1 year ago
I totally agree with the commentator at the end, Arsenal really might do something special this year. If their backline can continue this fine form that has eluded them for so long, they will be title challengers.

And needless to say, their offense was first class today.completely took advantage of Southampton's defensive weaknesses.
Beautiful movement from Gervinho for his first, left his defender for dead. Podolski's goal was just brilliant. Can't wait to see more from this exciting squad
Alwaysgunners (Arsenal) 1 year ago
I've never seen someone create 2 own goals in one game, not bad gibbs.... Also good to see gervinho putting away goals finally
ElecktroNabi (Bayern München) 1 year ago
The long awaited arrival of Lukas Podolski has relieved the lives of many! The long anticipated move to Arsenal, the trade and transfer rumours.... All worth it! This freekick will be remembered for a while, and as for Podolski, his decision to leave his veteran FC Koln, was heart-wrenching, but worth Aresenal's time
Seandapawn (Arsenal) 1 year ago
Please let us not Hype up a 6-1 vs Southampton, results like this should be expected from our club, and while I am impressed with the team so far, until Giroud starts scoring, I'll be hesitant to consider anything more than 4th place. The real test for us will be away to Man City to see how we cope against another unbeaten team in the league and see if our defence has truly improved, Especially with the heavy weights in the MCFC midfield, not to forget they have players who can really put young Jenkinson under pressure
Dannymorales21 (Arsenal) 1 year ago
Man city v South 3-2, Man UTD v south 3-2.combined score 6-4. Arsenal v south 6-1. Get out of here boo boy. Lets do this gunners!
Seandapawn (Arsenal) 1 year ago
We haven't played any teams that have tested us as yet. It's fans like you who get your hopes way too high off a few results and when we slip up you ask for heads to roll. The season just started, calm down. Who cares how Utd and City did it, they won that's all that matters. And Utd are still ahead in an early league table. Smh
DaniPak (Arsenal) 1 year ago
Ye but they lost a game, and we didn't! We looking better! And wtf wrong with you? I bet you were one of the fans, screaming shiit on Arsenal when we didn't buy anymore players at last day.... Just be fukking happy for the win, enjoy it and be positive for the upcoming games! GOD why need to be so pessimistic we won with 6-1 score! You make me sick...
Dannymorales21 (Arsenal) 1 year ago
Burned again
Seandapawn (Arsenal) 1 year ago
Biggest problems with Arsenal fans, 1 victory has them in dreamland and 1 defeat leaves them in despair, just take it one game at a time. Good result, next week let's hope we can push on
Otownballer (Arsenal) 1 year ago
It's an emotional roller coaster, a journey of polar extremes. Isn't that part of what makes being a fan interesting?
Dannymorales21 (Arsenal) 1 year ago
I don't think he gets he is being the exact kind of fan that have this "problem"
Dannymorales21 (Arsenal) 1 year ago
This arsenal is so very sexy. Beginning of the season and everyone is starting to click more each game. Then lil jackie wilshire comes back along with diaby finding his form. Giroud gets his scoring boots on.... Scary scary!
Kon91 (Arsenal) 1 year ago
Rosicky to return soon aswell. Things are looking up
Otownballer (Arsenal) 1 year ago
It is VERY nice to see Diaby back and making a difference! Looking forward to Wilshere's return. Lil Jackie. I like it!
Schweinsteiger (Bayern München) 1 year ago
Glad to see podolski finally has a team that he can play to his full potential with
Dannymorales21 (Arsenal) 1 year ago
Yeah come on over bastian plenty of room!
ILikeTurtles (Arsenal) 1 year ago
Yeah I'm sure we could find space to accommodate to Schweinsteiger for sure
Schweinsteiger (Bayern München) 1 year ago
In your dreams ;D
Diddyp20 (Arsenal) 1 year ago
Who gets the assists for the own goals?
Cloudst 1 year ago
Otownballer (Arsenal) 1 year ago
It is somewhat cathartic to watch a new, left-footed, world-class striker scoring goals from distance for Arsenal. Let's hope it continues!
PortYoder (Arsenal) 1 year ago
So true
Dannymorales21 (Arsenal) 1 year ago
All goals were scored with left foot cept vinhos first. Being goofy foot has its surprises...
Otownballer (Arsenal) 1 year ago
Good observation! Even Walcott planted his with the southpaw
LazioFresno (Lazio Roma) 1 year ago
Van Who?
AdnanBosnia (Manchester United) 1 year ago
Persie  Nistelrooy  Der Sar
Thomasfk (Liverpool) 1 year ago
Der Vaart
Metallicactuar (Arsenal) 1 year ago
JeffJohnson (Manchester United) 1 year ago
Pcwalker (Arsenal) 1 year ago
Godspeedysick (Arsenal) 1 year ago
.... Couver
ILikeTurtles (Arsenal) 1 year ago
.... Guard
Theturningangel (Barcelona) 1 year ago
Theturningangel (Barcelona) 1 year ago
AdnanBosnia (Manchester United) 1 year ago
Arsenal look good, I definitely think Arsenal could win the season this year, they look so much confident this year than last. There defenders seem more solid and imagine with wilshire and diaby back how much better they would be.

Walcott needs to step his game up though because he has the pace and potential to be so good and him and ox could play down the wing which could be very dangerous but he just seems like he hasn't got a football brain. Ox on the other hand is gonna' be even a bigger problem for defenders in few years let alone now!

Cazorla, what a buy seriously!
Dannymorales21 (Arsenal) 1 year ago
Sad to say I think walcotts growth has finished. Never really hit the expectations, i'd sell :/
SoccerJam (Chelsea) 1 year ago
Southampton are going through premier league orientation haha poor manager, I feel so much pity for him, hope they bounce back now they've played all the terror teams hehe
[account-removed] 1 year ago
Who is Lukas Podolski? Good video to watch to know who is our new super man


Chanman (Bayern München) 1 year ago
If you still don't know who Podolski is then odds are you're probably a noob
Mahe186 (Arsenal) 1 year ago
Looking forward for manchester city.... Up gunners

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