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Arsenal V Queens Park Rangers, Oct 27
Gunnersja (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Good win guys poor game though
Mt1234 (Bolton Wanderers) 4 years ago
What are you on about?
SadistWeah (Arsenal) 4 years ago
What do you mean by what is gunnersja on about? Did you watch the match? I thought it was pretty dull and poor by both sides. But a good win for arsenal nvtheless since we got the 3 points.

But we nearly didn't get them either at the end, seeing how qpr attacked us for the last few mins and some of our players didn't had the brains to keep ball or at least bring the ball out properly
Mt1234 (Bolton Wanderers) 4 years ago
That match had the BEST passing I've seen since.... When Jack last played! Plus, Cesar played out of his mind, which means you should have drubbed them with 8. Where is this "poor"?
Firewall (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Still cannot believe that Julio Cesar plays for QPR
Mt1234 (Bolton Wanderers) 4 years ago
Can't believe ManUre refused to play the Golden Boot winner and then let him walk to Fulham so he can win it again this year. With broken ribs
Cudizone (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Great to have wilshere and sagna back. Extremely scrappy game and arsenal should have done better, but props to julio cesar for making a game out of it. Regardless, I'm happy about the 3 points. COYG!
Shawnconnery (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Anyone know where I can get the full match?
SoccerJam (Chelsea) 4 years ago    Enjoy!
Feli07 (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Cesar is simply awesome!

And yea, the Goal shows the difference in class between the forehead and Arshavin and clearly Arshavin better than forehead!
Otownballer (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Choosing between Arshavin and "Forehead" isn't a choice I wish Arsene had to make. They are both unfit to wear the same jersey that Robert Pires, Dennis Bergkamp, Freddie Ljungberg, Henry, Wiltord and other famed Arsenal attackers wore. The standards have slipped somewhat
GeoffyD (DC United) 4 years ago
Forehead? More like Eighthead...
Smokeyg (Seattle Sounders) 4 years ago
Looked like offsides on that second header, but not a good angle to judge
Shadowolfs (Manchester United) 4 years ago
I believe the goal was off-sides. If I get the rule correctly it is the last defender (does not mean goalie) so on when the goalie came out and Arteta was on the line he was in an off-sides position when the ball was played. (I believe this happened a few world cups back)

Julio Cesar what a game and damn I can't believe he is a QPR. Nice addition to the EPL
Andrewmcross (Arsenal) 4 years ago
I've been a reff for about 10 years and the offside rule is "the attacking player must remain in front of at least 2 defenders(2 defenders between him and the net) including the goalie until the ball is passed up to them. If you are past the goalie and there is still 1 defender you are still offside. If you are past the golie and there is still 2 defenders between you and the net you are still onside. Once the ball has left the passers foot the attacking player can be as far behind all the defenders including the goalie as he can get or wants to be. The same rule for shot. You have to have at least any 2 defenders behind you till the shot leaves the shooters foot. If you get past the defenders after the shot leaves the shooters foot and the ball bounces to you, you are not offside. If a player is in an offside position and the ball is played to them they may still play the ball but they have to run up to an onside position first then back to the ball. And that's the full and most confusing/hardest call in the sport explained the best way I can lol
Andrewmcross (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Ya i've watched the clip of the goal about 6 times and i'd have to say it is off but it was a hard call and offside in soccer is by far the hardest call in any sport i've coached reffed or played
Mozartriot (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Mt1234 (Bolton Wanderers) 4 years ago
Andrewmcross (Arsenal) 4 years ago
When I see a team with the talent arsenal have and they struggle to beat the last place team. That tells you how good the EPL is. Or you could just look it as a team like QPR is in last. There is just so much talent in the EPL. A win is a win and it came after 2 tough losses plus we had 2 players make their return, good game Gunners
Mt1234 (Bolton Wanderers) 4 years ago
Not really. The only thing I see is poor Gunner logic. QPR is just having an unlucky run with Hughes. And Arsenal is showing the class where they should be scoring 8 every match, but the ball just isn't wandering in
Fadinho89 (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Not really mt1234, the only thing I see is poor trotters logic. Arsenal is just having an unlucky run of getting the ball into the net. And qpr is showing they are no pushovers to the big 4 when they drew chelsea.

What andrew said is correct, EPL is I think the most challenging league in the world, the big 4 are gone. It was always man utd, liverpool, arsenal, chelsea. Then came in man city, spurs, newcastle with spurs and newcastle vying for 4th place. Everton with the players they have fighting as well. Look at la liga, always real madrid and barca, and these two are always very far ahead from the 3rd position
Mt1234 (Bolton Wanderers) 4 years ago
@Fadinho89 I can see your point, but I don't believe it's that the EPL is of a high quality with respect to the rest of Europe, but that the league is uniformly mediocre. This is obvious when you watch the Prem play the rest of Europe. Our clubs usually are left embarassed or mess up the tactics so severely that the supporters have changed their wishes from the champions league Cup to the Carling or FA Cups
Mt1234 (Bolton Wanderers) 4 years ago
And La Liga is a horrible example for you, but the perfect example for me. Bilbao vs Man Utd? Valencia vs Stoke? Chelsea vs Atletico? ManCity vs Madrid?
CheMaradona 4 years ago
Depor vs Barcelona was 5 goals to 4.... Using EPL Logic La Liga is the most challenging league in the BLAH BLAH BLAH....

Give it a rest with that s**t.

QPR was on the backheels the whole game and were lucky to not have finished the game behind by 9 goals. The red card didn't help Arsenal that much as they created about 30 chances this game easily.
Andrewmcross (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Well look at this way last year Chelsie finished 6th over all but look at who they had to beat to win the champions cup. THEY BEAT barca 2 times IN A ROW! That was our 6th place team against wht is suppose to be the best team in the world. EPL teams do better against Barca and Madrid than any other league including La Liga teams outside of EPL each league only has their top 2-4 teams that could actually hang in the EPL for a season
UDECHILE (Univ de Chile) 4 years ago
Does parking the bus for 2 matches really show the quality of a good team? Buddy, shut it
Andrewmcross (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Well actually ya. Its called a defensive strategy. Is its Chelsie's fault that Barca couldn't score and they could. You called controlling the possession and taking more shots means your better? Obviously not if you can't score with it. No matter how much defence you play you still gotta' score to win and they also obviously did that better than Barca 2 games in a row. 2 wins is 2 wins. Barca should not play so far up the field and leave them selves open to counter attacks they very often do. Its about strategy and skill and 2 games in a row Chelsie the (6th place EPL team) showed they were better than Barca (La Liga's top team) and that's wht its about stop trying to argue facts. EPL IS FAR FAR better!
Kain (Liverpool) 4 years ago
^take a chill pill mate.... Its only PL what would you expect.... Fool -. -
Andrewmcross (Arsenal) 4 years ago
I'm not worked up lol I'm sorry if it seems that way but I just enjoy talking soccer/futball. You see I'm from Canada and there is nobody to talk this lovely sport with.
Unless it is man you, Real, or Barca Rooney, Ronaldo, Messi, nobody seems like they know wht your talking about when it comes to this sport. Most ppl I talk to form Canada don't even know who Donovan, Howard, and Dempsey are and they are from the States. I won't even mention how few ppl who clam to be fans even know who David Hoilette is and he is a damn good player and most of all Canadian lol. I'm sorry if I came off angry but I was just looking for conversation
Dannymorales21 (Arsenal) 4 years ago
QPR are not a team to be taken lightly and they showed that today even if they are in last. Gunners looked good on and off the ball, we just need to score! Lil Jackie played very well for a full first team game.... Ok Arsenal lets keep this lil momentum going
Peppa (Manchester City) 4 years ago
Jack is gonna' be great for arsenal when he's in full form again
Peppa (Manchester City) 4 years ago
Jack is gonna' be great for arsenal when he's in full form again
Peppa (Manchester City) 4 years ago
Jack is gonna' be great for arsenal once he's in his full form again
Vishal024 (Arsenal) 4 years ago
It's definitely worth saying that 3 times
Dinglehater2 (West Bromwich Albion) 4 years ago
QPR need to learn to finish a game with 11 men. Don't understand why M'bia would do that. He won the foul yet he decided to kick out. On a positive note it's great to see Jacky boy back. Loved how the fans cheered when he got his first touch
Acphenom (Borussia Dortmund) 4 years ago
Poor César Wish we'd got him instead!
Mt1234 (Bolton Wanderers) 4 years ago
Then it would be "really poor Cesar"
Shaymoose17 (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Why does't Arshavin sub more often? He's a playmaker.... Now that we have Jackie-boy back we shouldn't need him though!
Dannymorales21 (Arsenal) 4 years ago
I'd rather see arshavin start, if he plays poorly or seems sluggish then sub him. But if he plays well then he is very dangerous against teams. Wenger consider this!
Swenger (Arsenal) 4 years ago
I'm sure he'll listen to you

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