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Philosophy (Arsenal) 2 hours ago
Barca NEAR £70m frenchman

Paul Pogba's representative has been in Barcelona this week to discuss his client's possible summer switch to the Camp Nou, says Sport.

Wenger won't SIGN NEW 'keeper

Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger has ruled out signing a new goalkeeper this summer.

The Gunners have been linked with a move for out-of-favour Chelsea shot-stopper Petr Cech next season.

However, speaking in his pre-match press conference today, the Frenchman said current No. 1 David Ospina was the best 'keeper in the Premier League "if you look at the numbers".

Yeah I don't get the Ospina bashing by some fans in terms of him not being good enough, I have no problem with him so far
Riglore (Arsenal) 1 hour ago
He performs great in shot stopping, I think the criticism is to do with his distribution and such. He certainly doesn't get heaps of length on his clearances, but he makes fine saves. He saved us against Chelsea with that great stop on Ramires. He also showed Oscar who is boss
Cloudst 4 hours ago

Gunnzo (Arsenal) 3 hours ago
I have a sad feeling santi may leave sooner than later 😔
Oohtobeagooner (Arsenal) 3 hours ago
No.... Not santi
Philosophy (Arsenal) 2 hours ago
Yeah to make room for wishere, ramsey and oxalade chamberlain, especially wishere, but we would wait and see
Thirteengoals (Arsenal) 1 hour ago
Not santi
Chargui (Arsenal) 6 minutes ago
Its too early for Santi to go. Wilshere Ox are coming back from injury. With our injury record we need depth
Cloudst 6 hours ago
Shaymoose dumba55 scored
Philosophy (Arsenal) 6 hours ago

Wenger his spot on this, I think fans have to little patience I see what wenger does next season
DaniPak (Arsenal) 3 hours ago
Henry getting brain washed by Sky Sports, he did say some right things but way over the board...
Illman (Arsenal) 6 hours ago
I don't usually follow the Championship all that much. Remember that Almunia used to play for Watford for a few years so I googled to see where he ended up after leaving them and found out that he failed a medical with Cagliari on the basis of a heart condition, apical hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, that can cause his heart to stop at anytime. Obviously he had to retire. Old news but I just found out. Crazy s**t!
Oohtobeagooner (Arsenal) 3 hours ago
Yep that news is as old as my dp. Changed my dp to his picture to honour him as one of the decent squad member. Our title drought could be stretched a bit further to 10 years if it wasnt for him. Poor lad
DaniPak (Arsenal) 8 hours ago
Do you guys/girls think Wenger gonna' go buy more players this summer?
GunzBlazing (Arsenal) 8 hours ago
He better. This current crop can't win the league. We need a striker, DM, Another CB, and possible another keeper
OMGOzil (Arsenal) 7 hours ago
How do we need a striker after the season Giroud had, plus Welbeck as a backup?
DaniPak (Arsenal) 7 hours ago
No idea what Wenga gonna' do.... Will he keep Szesny? Will he get another striker? Will get DM? Are we gonna' sell Walcott? Our depth is pretty solid, crazy amount of injuries main concern...
Cloudst 6 hours ago
I was just about say there's a growing feeling the Woj is leaving in the summer which means we're getting a GK. But who is still the question that needs answering
Danny414 (Real Madrid) 6 hours ago
Cloudst 6 hours ago
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 4 hours ago
Kaylor Navas.... The moment Madrid land DDG
Deffyduck (Arsenal) 1 hour ago
I don't agree that we need a striker. Our system is based around a strong focal point, Giroud, who links the play with the supporting midfielders. If we want to play a different game, we already have players who can offer pace/dribbling in Welbeck & Sanchez.

People only think we need a striker now, because we drew 0-0 with Chelsea and Henry said we need one. Chelsea shut out most teams, that is their gameplan. Nobody thought we needed a striker when we were on an 8 game winning streak, with Giroud scoring in nearly all of them.

I think we have between 2-4 positions that we need to address, depending on what happens with the current squad.

Backup/Rotation CDM to support/compliment Coquelin
LW depending on what happens with Podolski/Santi
RW depending on what happens with Walcott
GK depending on if we can get a genuinely better keeper (a la Cech/Lloris)
Riglore (Arsenal) 1 hour ago
I don't see why we need a CB with Mert Kos Gabi and Chambers. That's 4 at a decent level. We are stocked at right back with Debuchy Bellerin and Jenkinson at LB gibbs and Monreal are both pushing eachother to be better and its seen them both raise their standard. We are probably missing a role player in the midfield with Coq not really having anyone to push for his spot. We have both Ozil and Sanchez who can really excel as creators in midfield with Wilshere Rosicky and Cazorla as strong back ups. Our midfield really is great. In attack we are pretty stocked, though I can perhaps see the argument for another CF.... But I think a good CF is hard to come buy and if Giroud goes down we have the cattle to play differently and get away with it with Sanchez Walcott Welbeck, Akpom Campbell Sanogo Gnabry all able to play as a second striker or even solo up front with 3 behind.

We may well see another GK, probably a schnierderlien or Kondogbia, and if things fall the right way another small attacking winger/cam because Wenger just loves those guys.

In all seriousness we are maybe 2 signings off a title winning squad. And I expect to see those.

What will be most interesting is who leaves, because not all our young players will be happy waiting around behind the starting squad
DaniPak (Arsenal) 8 hours ago
Ok guys I think Arsenal should take away number 2 from the System.... First Diaby now Debuchy.... Cursed cursed number
Cloudst 8 hours ago
Well diaby is always injured but wtf happened to debuchy xP
DaniPak (Arsenal) 8 hours ago
Telling you number is cursed
Gunnzo (Arsenal) 5 hours ago
The shoulder injury was really a freak accident, could happen to anyone who lands wrong and really isn't indicative of being injury prone
Philosophy (Arsenal) 12 hours ago
Phew! So glad that the so called "Title Race" hype is finally over, now the media, pundits, and gollum's can finally move on lol, they made it seem as if anyone could catch chelsea, and some gullible or I would say naive fans fell for it(men to be young and dumb), forgetting the only team that were close to chelsea was mancity at a certain point in the season, but we put an end to that dream and gave chelsea 8 point lead on them, and that was it, season was over, then came this diatribe I kept reading and hearing of a title race?! By rival fans, men it was exasperating, thank goodness chelsea put many of us out of misery of the so called "title race"

Now we can finally sit back and enjoy our football the arsenal way, and focus on a strong finish, FA cup final, and strong start and end for next season
Malik (Barcelona) 12 hours ago
For love of all that is good and holy, please get some cover for injures and win the league next season, FFS :'/
Xgooner4everX (Arsenal) 12 hours ago
Give us messi and it can happen.... He could also prove if he can't do it on a cold wet rainy day at stoke
Malik (Barcelona) 12 hours ago
Boooo, though you can have that fraud which goes by the name of Vermaelen ;p    That kid with Barcelona DNA for vermaelen ;D DEAL?
Xgooner4everX (Arsenal) 12 hours ago
Ok messis a bit far.... What about suarez? £40, 000, 002?
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 15 hours ago
Oh man they're singing blue is the color.... Something something lame, in the streets...
Thirteengoals (Arsenal) 14 hours ago
Should sing boring boring Chelsea
Xgooner4everX (Arsenal) 13 hours ago
13 they've already got singing Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea constantly lol
Malik (Barcelona) 12 hours ago
I like that rentboys one better banter
Moeb8 (Chelsea) 12 hours ago
@Malik    'rentboys' is a derogatory term used in reference to the Gay Community in England. It's not banter, it's abuse
Cloudst 11 hours ago
They're called rent boys because Roman bought the club and the players playing for them will do anything for money. The homophobic angle to it only came up recently because the area or Earl Court is a pick up for male prostitutes. Not sure why this has to be bought as a homophobic slur as opposed to before it was never an issue.

Malik (Barcelona) 10 hours ago
Moeb8, didn't knew about that side of the word, but you know I didn't meant in that sense, I used that word as what explained by cloudst above

"they're called rent boys because Roman bought the club and the players playing for them will do anything for money"
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 10 hours ago
Cloudst, with all due respect, How can it not be a homophobic slur? Rent boys have been known as the term for male prostitutes. Rival fans use it to insult Chelsea. The intention clearly indicate malicious intent ie it's derogatory. Similar to using the term: 'gay' as a substitute for lame. It's used to degrade athletes by insinuating they're gay. The term rent boy isn't new so I don't see how it's a new angle that was predated by the chants against CFC?
Thirteengoals (Arsenal) 9 hours ago
Hmm well this sounds like it going down a strange road I hope zilch doesn't have to come in an break you guys up
Cloudst 8 hours ago
I understand what you're trying to say Ayyam but until recently this was a term that was considered the first definition not the homophobic one that's all I'm saying. Obviously not many (as you can tell) really knew that "Rent Boys" the term itself actually meant (I'm sure local UK fans knew but outside of the UK I'm sure people were referring to the were more referring to the first definition. If there is action taken against this word on the grounds that the chant is directed at Chelsea due to the fact that the group of fans is homophobic then absolutely they should get rid of it absolutely. Too me I've always advocated there's barriers that should not be crossed and with a clearer definition I'm all for the banning of this term. Just saying Ayyam that not many knew about it who were outside of the UK. (I actually looked it up myself too see what Moe was talking about at first.)
Liquidator (Chelsea) 8 hours ago
Rentboy has always been a homophobic slur. Don't know what you're on about Cloudst
Bazinga (Chelsea) 6 hours ago
Cloudst - If read the blog again it clearly says " Firstly, because the nearby Earl's Court area of London is apparently a "notorious pick-up area for rent boys".

And not the other way round as mentioned above.... So I don't understand how rentboy is not a homophobic slur
Cloudst 6 hours ago
But then why is it raised recently then? If they've been banning words like YID and other words then this has to go don't you think? That's what I'm trying to raise here why wasn't it bought up before rather than recently?

We're in an era of no tolerance it's just surprising to me that this term hasn't been gotten rid of sooner.

I'm curious btw just because I didn't know much about the term before
Zilch (Footytube Moderator) 6 hours ago
Basically the original intent behind the comment being aimed at Chelsea had nothing to do with the homophobic connotations. It's only. Recently been pounced upon so the context is that the comment is not actually referring to this derogatory term when cited against Chelsea
Liquidator (Chelsea) 1 hour ago
I completely disagree. This term has been thrown at Chelsea fans from before Mourinho's time. As soon as the first set of signings were made by Ranieri, the rentboy term was associated with Chelsea.

The "they're called rent boys because Roman bought the club and the players playing for them will do anything for money" is a direct derivation from what the term rent-boy means anyways.

To not acknowledge this, is like saying, "Arsene Wenger is called a paedophile because he signs 16 year old kids. " has nothing to do with what the definition of paedophile.

@Cloudst: I am quite certain that this word has not been banned because it is mostly used in the UK, and not too many people on this website come from the UK. I was in India when I first heard of it, and have known of this for more than 10 years
Deffyduck (Arsenal) 1 hour ago
Surely 'rentboy' is more associated with prostitution, regardless of sexual orientation, than anything else?

A heterosexual male prostitute can still be a rentboy, as they are hiring their body out for cash. That is how I always understood the link. Rival fans are accusing the Chelsea players of prostituting themselves for money, not of actually being homosexual?
Godspeedysick (Footytube Moderator) 16 hours ago
Win all out games and draw with United will be enough for second place
Diontan524 (Arsenal) 16 hours ago
Nah I said win united too !
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 15 hours ago
We need to win United send them on panic mode and give Liverpool a chance.... It will always take a combined effort to bring them down
SKool (Arsenal) 15 hours ago
Show no mercy and win them all. That's how cfc won the league ffs. Time to settle in the 2nd place
Xgooner4everX (Arsenal) 15 hours ago
I made a point yesterday and I'm gonna' stick with it we need to get our BBC out and hurt em.... (big black coquelin)
SKool (Arsenal) 15 hours ago
Xgooner4everX: dude that sounds so wrong in so many levels -_-
Xgooner4everX (Arsenal) 13 hours ago
And its supposed to ✌
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 12 hours ago
Lmao you guys are awesome
Xgooner4everX (Arsenal) 12 hours ago
You have some weird sense of enjoyment
DaniPak (Arsenal) 16 hours ago
Tottenham why you so shiit...
Akotamarti (Barcelona) 16 hours ago
So.... Happy St Totteringhams day?
DaniPak (Arsenal) 15 hours ago
Not yet need one more point
Thirteengoals (Arsenal) 15 hours ago
Happy totteringhams day
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 16 hours ago
What a terrible corner.... Lamela lawl
DaniPak (Arsenal) 16 hours ago
That the slowest run ever by aguero haha
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 16 hours ago
Look how Classy and mature Aguero is.... Warning them about subbing him before making sure the injury is not serious

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