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PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 5 hours ago
This game looks like it has all the makings of those 1-0 wins where the keeper saves so many shots
Rakeshh (Arsenal) 12 hours ago
Adebayor: Arsenal’s problem is that today they are just Özil and Sánchez    Lmao. This guy can never stop winding up gooners
DaniPak (Arsenal) 12 hours ago
Lol, the guy is just looking for attention
Diontan524 (Arsenal) 13 minutes ago
No cech and kos we are dead too
Shaymoose17 (Arsenal) 17 hours ago
Arsenal News:

-Jenks could be loaned to Palace if he can agree terms with them. I've seen some online articles saying he's sold. We'll find out the real story soon I suppose.
-Gabriel is our 2nd choice RB, which I'm completely ok with. Debuchy is in limbo.... Floating around somewhere.
-Bellerin, Coquelin and Gibbs are back and available for sunday.
-Theo still out
-Mertesacker is training now, not with the squad though. Few weeks out still, but was given a contract extension for 1 more year.
-Giroud is back in training.
-Lady Gunners signed American Heather O'Reilly wearing my fav number 17. 3-time Olympic champion and 2015 World cup winner will certainly add some strength to them.... Although I have never actually watched a full ladies match lol
Deffyduck (Arsenal) Yesterday

This interview from Koscielny supports what I've long felt is Wenger's biggest strength and, as a result, also Arsenal's biggest weakness.

Wenger is known to be a very nurturing, paternal figurehead. Players have always come to Arsenal and developed very well, as players and as people. People say Wenger has an eye for spotting talent at young ages and from lower divisions, but perhaps a part of his brilliance that goes largely unnoticed is his ability to help players actually reach their potential.

Very rarely has a player left Arsenal under Wenger's stewardship and developed (as a player) much further than the point at which they left. I find it impressive and a source of pride that many former players cite him as the biggest influence on their careers.

However, I feel there is also a negative consequence for the club as a result. One thing Wenger is certainly not renowned for is the passion and intensity of someone like a Conte or a Klopp. That is not to say he is not passionate about Arsenal or football in general, but rather his demeanour and body language are evidently far more serene.

On the sidelines, if a game is not going well, players sometimes need a charismatic figure bouncing and shouting. Wenger's calmness may suit a player and help bring out the best of them but I feel it does not always benefit the team as a whole.

I feel that the comparable lack of intensity in his style seeps in to the squad and is reflected in some of the lethargic displays we have seen over the years. When Arsenal play with intensity, we can demolish teams. I think back to 3-0 victories over Utd and Chelsea in recent seasons where the hallmark of the display was the speed and urgency in our game.

That urgency is not always present and, when we start slowly, we play poorly. Usually there is a rallying late in the game when it dawns on the players that we're in danger of losing the game. I can see a visible increase in tempo for the last 20 minutes and that is when we sometimes manage to salvage the game, but we do not always succeed. Think Bournemouth 3-3 this season - with the right intesity in our play, we would likely have walked away with 3 points rather than 1.

I do not foresee this scenario changing under Wenger's stewardship. He will, for as long as he is Arsenal manager, produce teams that play a particular brand of football. Whilst it can be aesthetically pleasing when it works, it can be frustratingly predictable when it doesn't. I feel our teams lacks a "killer instinct" for want of a better word. There is a missing ingredient in our recipe and I do not think we will win the title until we find it.

History does not suggest that Arsene will change the recipe. If his contract is extended I will, of course continue to stand behind him and his teams. However, I do not foresee us sustaining the requisite level of intensity in our performances to be crowned champions. For every thumping victory there is a 0-1 loss at home to Southampton round the corner. We will continue to produce great players and great men but I feel we will continue to fall short in the title race
QuintessentialG (Arsenal) Yesterday
I agree, its natural human psychology. The players reflect the attitude of the manager to an extent.... Its ok though. We have Sanchez the grouch now. He is improving everyone's mentality.... Ox most of all but Theo and Ozil too. Ox is like a brand new guy this season. Has really buckled down
Sjsung (Arsenal) 13 hours ago
It's that "human" side of Wenger which he brings to Arsenal that has made me stay as an Arsenal fan over the years. If it's that "human" side in the whirlwind of a game that is as much business as it is sport nowadays, then I will proudly sign up for another 12 years of it.

It's got nothing to do with desires for titles or wins - I want titles and Wenger wants titles as much as anyone - but it's a philosophy of doing things the right way that I really cherish.

In that sense, since I started supporting Arsenal when I was 8 years old (due to the wins of the Invincibles), Wenger has also indirectly but massively formed the philosophy that I carry on in my day-to-day life outside football. As a 22 year old just entering the whirlwind of adult life, it's a philosophy I'm grateful for and one that I hope I never lose no matter how big the pressure for "results" come my way as I get older.

Growth or achievement? Well, obviously strive for both. But if I have to choose one, I pick growth. For achievement on its own will surely come to an end, while growth will always set yourself up for good times even if the road is longer.
Bazinga (Chelsea) 12 hours ago
Can't pick one out of Growth and Achievement.... Because end of the day Growth is measured by Achievement.

Regarding winning titles the "Right way". I don't think anyone has won it "wrong way" over last 13 years. Every club & manager will have der own philosophy and they get results based on that.... United, City, Chelsea & Leicester have all won titles playing good football scoring plenty of goals.

Philosophy was same even during Invincible season.... Only difference was players and the winning mentality in 11 players on the pitch. After that one by one Henry, Viera, Silva, Cole etc started moving out since then squad has never been settled. Because again you guys lost Cesc, Nasri, RVP.... Problem is not with Wenger you guys need 11 Alexis in the team period!
ArsenalHero520 (Arsenal) 11 hours ago
Growth is more than just achievement. Certainly an element, a huge element in sports but for me growth is also about seeing young players develop and become diehard Gunners. It is why Jack might end up as the biggest disappointment of Wenger's time here, not just because he didn't achieve but because he didn't grow into the player he could have been.

There most certainly is a wrong way. I'd never support a team with a manager like Mou. It's fine if you do, plenty of friends who supported him at Chelsea, but he makes me sick with the eye gouging and his general behavior
Deffyduck (Arsenal) 7 hours ago
@Baz - you can also argue that achievement is measured by growth. It is all relative to where your starting point is.

Koscielny for example, came from Ligue 2 and is now vice-captain at Arsenal, a regular in the French national team and recognised as one of the best central defenders in the league. Although he hasn't won the league title, he has still achieved a lot.

In contrast, someone like Richard Wright has a premier league winners medal but has not grown as a player (in my opinion)
Bazinga (Chelsea) 1 hour ago
Fair enough Deff - But don't you think players in United, city and Chelsea who have achieved over last decade have not grown? What I'm trying to say is just picking one out of growth and achievement does not work well. Both should go parallel to each other.
Example: Hazard who came from a French league has achieved and grown into a world class player over past few seasons. Same can be said about many players in PL.

Growth is 1st objective for every player. But at some point achievement is a must to show results of growth
Weezer (Liverpool) 1 day ago
Where did Cloudst go?
Sergio 1 day ago
He is having a break from footytube
Weezer (Liverpool) 1 day ago
I miss his OP embeds
Xgooner4everX (Arsenal) Yesterday
He said that when he returns, he will give his mod powers to me, and then clean my shoes      His words, not mine
Hadee318 (Liverpool) Yesterday
^If I was a mod I would have removed shoes and typed in penis.

Respond with "thats why you not a mod", if you love Tottenham and hate Arsenal
DaniPak (Arsenal) Yesterday
That's why you not a mod ;D
Hadee318 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Fair enough.  
Vaaz (Nîmes Olympique) Yesterday
Dang hadee making use of them edit powers
DaniPak (Arsenal) Yesterday
Hahaha Vaaz!    Sneaky sneaky Hadee318
Shaymoose17 (Arsenal) 17 hours ago
His head is in the Cloudst
Tomikato 17 hours ago
Actually his head is up his arse. His ideas are in the cloud though
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 12 hours ago
Damn.... Lol
Xgooner4everX (Arsenal) 1 day ago
The next Cristiano Ronaldo, Memphis Depay, is leaving for Lyon
Xgooner4everX (Arsenal) 1 day ago
Honestly though. I wouldn't mind if we took a punt on him.    Though he scarily seems like Balotelli in his attitude lmao
Xgooner4everX (Arsenal) 1 day ago
Makes way for #7 shirt of Griezmann for them though...
Bazinga (Chelsea) 1 day ago
Next Ronaldo was Januzaj.... I think Depay was next Hazard
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 1 day ago
The world doesn't need a next hazard, he was supposed to be better than eden.
Vaaz (Nîmes Olympique) 1 day ago
Turns out he was nothing more than the next Bebe
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 1 day ago
Right.... I wouldn't go that far. But hopefully he pulls a KDB because he's got a lot of talent and potential
Bazinga (Chelsea) 1 day ago
Good luck SIF
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 1 day ago
Yeah Liverpool got screwed over getting Firmino instead of Depay
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 1 day ago
Only liverpool wanted firmino
KevMo (Liverpool) 1 day ago
Oh what could have been Dan
Gunnzo (Arsenal) 1 day ago
IF he pulls a KDb he'll come back to the pl and play for someone else
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 1 day ago
Remember United fans saying they got the better player in Depay over Firmino.... Oh what happy days lol
Vaaz (Nîmes Olympique) 1 day ago
Thankfully Firmino still has time to be better than depaldo lol
Sergio 1 day ago
I was one of the people who was distraught when we missed on depay, so happy firmino turned out to be better (or fulfilled his potential better)
Yaldho (Manchester United) Yesterday
But we did have his image rights...
Vaaz (Nîmes Olympique) Yesterday
Sadly Depay image rights did not bring in nearly enough money to even water the pitch at OT so he had to be let go
QuintessentialG (Arsenal) 2 days ago
Here we go. Theo is almost back.... Soon back to the original 4: Ozil Iwobi Theo and Sanchez. With Giroud and The Ox starring off the bench. This was working before. With Lucas and Welbeck as added fire power, I have confidence in our attack. For me our whole season depends on whether Coq/Ramsey/Elneny/Xhaka can deliver. The original back 5 will get back together soon(perhaps for Burnley even) and they are solid too
Deffyduck (Arsenal) 2 days ago
Yeah I'm happy with the forwards and even relatively happy with the defence.

My main concern is the engine room - midfield. Elneny gone for afcon, Santi injured, Wilshere on loan.

It only leaves Ramsey, Xhaka and Coquelin as recognised central midfielders. The key is to choose the right combinations depending on the opponent and for the guys to play sensibly and not lose their heads
DaniPak (Arsenal) 2 days ago
Coq is injured too
Deffyduck (Arsenal) 2 days ago
Well damn.... Forgot he hobbled off. Ramsey still does not convince me, sometimes he plays very well but other times he is so frustrating.

We need him and Xhaka to find some consistency and provide both creativity and solidity in the middle of the park
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 2 days ago
Wenger said coq and bellerin could be back this week
Gunnzo (Arsenal) 2 days ago
Xhaka and Ramsey haven't had many games together I still think a xhaka Ramsey Ozil midfield could be very good
QuintessentialG (Arsenal) 2 days ago
^Arseblog has made me a believer in Xhamsey. 2nd half against Swansea(bottom table club) was good.... Yeah bells and Coq could be back for the next game and Theo could be back for the one after that. If Theo has another setback Lucas has to be promoted. He has done all the right things. It would really be his turn to get a run of games. Regardless we should win both games. All in all I think we all know Feb 4th is going to be a Big big day for us. 2 seasons ago these same Chelsea players comfortably coasted on a 10 pt lead to the title.... I can't bear to witness that again.
Optajose (Manchester United) 1 day ago
When do you think your attack look better - with giroud upfront or with sanchez as a false 9 role?
QuintessentialG (Arsenal) 1 day ago
Attack is definitely more sexy with Sanchez but some defenses.... Pack the box making it.... Hard to penetrate.... You need a really big French coq to blast through sometimes is what I'm saying
Gunnzo (Arsenal) 1 day ago
It seems like coqzorla works better with a mobile three in front of them but xhamsey works better with Alexis wide and og up top
Zakulon (Arsenal) 2 days ago
Mike Dean demoted from premier league!
Gregmaverick (Arsenal) 2 days ago
Best Transfer News
QuintessentialG (Arsenal) 2 days ago
Better late than never  
Vaaz (Nîmes Olympique) 2 days ago
Suckssss what about man Utd top 4 hopes all dashed.... Damn you FA
AZgunner (Arsenal) 2 days ago
Bout time...
KevMo (Liverpool) 2 days ago
Don't worry Vaaz, you still got Michael Oliver
Sam (Footytube Moderator) 1 day ago
Unfortunately, not permanent
Chargui (Arsenal) Yesterday
Kokm1 (Chelsea) Yesterday
.... Yeah it seems like its a big game and broadly televized.... Its probably normal for a PL ref, to take some of the bigger CS games for some extra dough eh?

Its probably not even a demotion
Xgooner4everX (Arsenal) 2 days ago
Forbes: Most valuable clubs

1. Real Madrid (3. 4B)
2. FC Barcelona (3. 3B)
3. Man Utd (3. 1B)
4. Bayern (2. 5B)
5. Arsenal (1. 9B)

Actually crazy how high up we are considering where we were pre-wenger.... People say what Arsene has done, this is one of many many many things. We just need to compete with these guys on the competition basis now (excluding man utd)
Charliehenry (Arsenal youth) 2 days ago
So much money going through our club and top 4 is out target each year
Realmcoy (Arsenal) 2 days ago
Fans just need to realize that we've come a far way in a cosiderably short period of time.... That doesn't mean we settle for mediocrity
Nowayout (Arsenal) 2 days ago
Top 4 is not mediocrity. If anything, it is above average. Do you really think that Wenger starts every season just aiming for top 4? Why even bother buying Xhaka and Mustafi if there is no ambition. He's gotten top 4 with the likes of Bendtner, Almunia, Denilson in his team, he doesn't really need top class players if he was perfectly happy coming top 4. People need to accept the reality of this league and that there are 5-6 teams competing for the title and only one team gets to win it in the end, which is usually the team with the least amount of setbacks. People can solely blame Wenger for our setbacks and that's their opinion, but you have to concede credit where credit is due. Wenger has had an incredible influence on this club.

I also want to point out that the value of a club does not necessarily represent how much money the club has. We're also on that list even though we haven't won the league or champions league in recent times, is because of those consistent top 4 finishes, so don't take them for granted either
Bazinga (Chelsea) 2 days ago
We were ahead of Arsenal in 2015 and dropped back to 7th last season after missing out on champions league. Both City and Chelsea are right behind Arsenal and within touching distance now.... It would be interesting to see what happens in next 2-3 years since we recently signed big sponsorship deal with Nike and looks like we will return back to champions league next season
TheWinninBridge (Chelsea) 1 day ago
Valuation factors

1. Facilities - Stadiums, training centers etc
2. Money - UCL Money, Sponsorship deals etc
3. Fans - Projected revenue from fans (match day tickets) etc
4. History - Trophies, awards, etc
5. Current standing

Man City has the most potential to go up and surpass clubs like Chelsea, Arsenal, in the near future "if" they can keep winning trophies.
Bazinga (Chelsea) 1 day ago
^ That is exactly why Roman wants to build bigger stadium.... To increase match day revenue and sell naming rights of stadium. City got huge money from Ethiad for naming rights
Vaaz (Nîmes Olympique) Yesterday
City own Etihad afaik it's the same company owned by another Arab ruler who is the brother or most probably the same person as City's owner
It's just putting money from one company into another
Will Chelsea fans be OK renaming Stamford bridge to Gazprom stadium?
Tomikato 2 days ago
Who are guys supporting this weekend for the City Spurs game? Or are you hoping for a classic draw between the teams?
Filsuf (Arsenal) 2 days ago
Arsenalarethe (Arsenal) 2 days ago
Personally I would like city to win. Spuds need to be put back in their place
KevMo (Liverpool) 2 days ago
City of course. That or a draw would be ok too
KevMo (Liverpool) 2 days ago
Thought this was the PL page.    My statement is probably still accurate for Arsenal fans though.
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 2 days ago
I think we need spurs to win so chelsea will have some pressure
Deffyduck (Arsenal) 2 days ago
City for me.

1) Offers us the chance to go back above the chickens and possibly Liverpool depending on their result.
2) Keeps the "if all these shots went in we'd be top of the league" dabbers down in 6th.

Chelsea have to play Liverpool and us in the next weeks so I don't think we have to rely on Spurs to keep the pressure on them. Besides, if we're relying on Spurs, the title is already in Chelsea's
QuintessentialG (Arsenal) 2 days ago
Like the Utd Pool game its just gonna' be a beauty to watchfor Arsenal fans. No matter what the result. We win!
Diontan524 (Arsenal) 1 day ago
I want arsenal to win burnley. That's it
Littlepea91 (Manchester United) 1 day ago
I know you were asking Arsenal fans but probably draw for me. Unfortunately, the only way we can move up a place is by Tottenham winning. It's quite frustrating going on a 12 game unbeaten run and not moving up in the table at all haha
Hayleycomet (Arsenal) 3 days ago
What the hell juve?
Princeofla (Barcelona) 3 days ago
Lol Juventus JJ.... My eyes are hurting
Diontan524 (Arsenal) 3 days ago
What's the other J stands for
Hayleycomet (Arsenal) 3 days ago
It's actually a stripe running through a very thick J lol. What a crest...
Puttu86 (Liverpool) 3 days ago
It's JJuventus😂😂😂😂😂
Vaaz (Nîmes Olympique) 2 days ago
Its minimal and cool. But they kind of replaced the old logo which is baffling.... This one could just be another logo along the sleeves or something.

My guess is that after spending all that Pogback money on Higuan they didn't have much left to pay their graphics designer
Sam (Footytube Moderator) 1 day ago
@Vaaz- we actually paid them 200K (as per reports). A lot of wise spending has been done at the club recently, but this.... Not so much.

Fans and enemies alike despise it, but I don't think the club relents. Agnelli looks like he is determined to carry this project out to its end, bitter or otherwise
Vaaz (Nîmes Olympique) 1 day ago
Lol I was just kidding, 200K for that wow. I could have got it dome for $5 over on Fiverr
DanTheGooner (Arsenal) 3 days ago
Alexis Sanchez pleads guilty to Spain tax fraud to avoid trial


Not surprised he did all this while playing for Barca lol
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 3 days ago
Damn, half that team have some kind of tax fraud allegations or have been convicted lol
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 3 days ago
Most Spanish footballers have been in trouble with the tax authorities, the rules are extremely complex and most players mess up. Ignorance of the law isn't a defence or anything but its somewhat understandable for footballers with busy schedules.

Pleading guilty to avoid trial doesn't mean he did it, it might just mean he'll pay the supposed amount and get on with his life
DaniPak (Arsenal) 3 days ago
Agree with Hikmat.... Its no coincidence that all the problems with footballers taxes are in Spain.... You don't see these problems in England, cause the laws are more straight up...
FootballDoc (Tottenham Hotspur) 3 days ago
Unless you're 'Arry Redknapp wheeler and dealer extraordinaire
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 3 days ago
I'm sorry hikmat but these guys were blatantly hiding money in overseas companies, this has nothing to do with ignorance of complex tax codes. Civil cases would mean they did something wrong but were unaware, but these tax fraud cases are criminal charges with prison time. Masch plead guilty, Sanchez plead guilty, Messi was charged as guilty. And as usual, the rich get away with crimes, so their prison sentences will be/are suspended and they will just pay a fine.

Some people want to say "oh these guys are young, they let their financial people do the dirty work" but this is becoming a trend isn't it. Doesn't look so innocent and doesn't look like a one-off. First it was neymar transfer deal with all these hidden strings and fees under the table, and now it's 3 players hiding income in south american businesses to avoid the high taxes.... Just doesn't look like school boy mistakes, it's white collar corruption. I'm not claiming some huge conspiracy theory, but it's a little ridiculous how these instances all happened with barca players. Witch hunt or not, it seems there have been serious attempts at fraud here
Princeofla (Barcelona) 3 days ago
They probably all hired Messi's dad to do their tax
Leefo (Arsenal) 3 days ago
Completely agree with SiF, for once at least. Understandable my ass, it's not some mistake being done by being unaware, there's clear intention.

Just wake up, people, you would forgive footballer a murder just because he kicks a ball. Pathetic
Deffyduck (Arsenal) 3 days ago
I suspect it is a bit of both. The players won't know their arse from their elbow when it comes to financial matters, it's not like they are all chartered financial accountants hellbent on hiding away their earnings.

They have probably been very badly advised by their accountants. If you hire a guy to look after your finances and he says "this loophole isn't technically illegal and it allows you to keep more of your money" most people would likely accept the advice and tell them to get on with it.

That doesn't absolve the players, though. If you're earning multi-millions per year, just pay your fecking taxes. You'll still be a multi-millionaire afterwards. It's common sense.

Vaaz (Nîmes Olympique) 3 days ago
Barca better be training some lawyers in la masia
DaniPak (Arsenal) 3 days ago
As a business owner, you do everything you can by decreasing your taxes, of course must be done within laws.... If you have a loophole you will use it, as long as its within the law. SIF its easy for you to say that, cause I assume you not actually earning that kind of money (not saying I am).... But I can I understand their accountants do everything to save their client money (that's their job).... Like I said, we only see these problems in Spain, I don't know their rules but my assumption is that laws on taxes are not clear with a lot of loopholes.

Yes they earn a lot but at the same time its business, as ANY business in the world big or small trying decrease their taxes, its normal.... In cases with footballers, yes of course they are part to be blamed, they been advised and I'm sure accountant said something that some particular transactions might be under review and they took a risk
Vaaz (Nîmes Olympique) 3 days ago
^ I can understand a person earning 100k a year, if he tries couple of underhanded tricks to save a few bucks so that his family can afford a good home or his kids can go to a better school. But let's face it, these players earn more each month than what an average dude earns in good few years. That's just the wages from the club, add endorsements media rights and all that.

They are names common in almost every household in the countries they play in (and world over), and for them to set such a shitty example to all their fans is quite sad. For these multi millionaire players to commit tax fraud has no sympathy from me. The worst part is the guy who commits tax fraud earning 100k a year to save some extra money for him and his family is going to jail, while these rich corrupt players walk scot free, as if the whole law process is a joke. F that s**t
They didn't take no risk, they are greedy s's oh b's (pardon my language) and by doing this they prove they are no better than Sepp Blatter.
A 27 y/o player if he goes on to fraud a nation, by the time he is 65 is going to sell the game out to the country which bribes him the most - like FIFA officials did with the Qatar WC.

The laws are as clear as they can be written. Spain isn't some new country founded yesterday, and these players are trying the oldest trick in the book which is stashing part of their earnings abroad in fraudulent shelf companies and hoping the nation's tax officials don't find it. Well, boo hoo. I don't understand why rich players get suspended sentences while in America even a shop keeper convicted of meddling his books gets put away for a very long time
Rooney5 (Manchester United) 3 days ago
"As a business owner, you do everything you can by decreasing your taxes, of course must be done within laws. "

Well.... It seems like it wasn't done within the law so I wonder where are all the excuses coming from? I'm not saying this because it is an Arsenal player, I would say the same about a Man Utd player. But

How people excuse this is beyond me
DaniPak (Arsenal) 3 days ago
@Rooney5 Dude I am not giving him any excuses ffs.... Did you read all the way? I said they took a risk....

And Vaaz big difference, this is not America we talking about.... Laws in America are different from Europe and particulary Spain.... Go watch documentary movie 13th on netflix....
Vaaz (Nîmes Olympique) 2 days ago
Dani Yeah the laws might be different, but still doesn't justify what the players done. More over as you rightly said they all have a bunch of highly paid tax advisors, in spite of all that they chose to defraud the nation. IDK why exactly that deserves a suspended sentence, but it's as guilty an offence as it is in America.

Almost half that Barca squad have now been charged with tax fraud - its a real shame. I wonder if there is more to it, what about the Spanish players? Has anyone been charged yet, or I wonder if they are getting off the hook because they are World Cup winners or something. Either way they are all getting off, plead guilty to robbing the nation of $600k in tax and just pay a fine, yeah OK. People get sent to jail for years in other countries for the same crime
DaniPak (Arsenal) 2 days ago
Bro you didn't get the point about America.... Justice system in USA is brutal, people can go to jail for smallest of offences.... Don't compare America with Europe in terms of justice system. Watch that documentary you will be shocked by the numbers.

They wouldnt dare to do those tax evasions in America
Vaaz (Nîmes Olympique) 2 days ago
No no, I get it, yeah USA has a crazy justice system. I do know EU is much more lax and offers people the chance to correct themselves. Ill probably add that to my list, thanks for the recommendation

But what I still want to say is that even if the laws are lax, they should be doing it in the first place given they earn so much. Maybe they don't care about their reputation.

See Tiger Woods lost all his sponsorship deals when his affair/scandal rocked him, this is much worse (cheating a whole country, not just some gal) yet I don't see any of the sponsors making a cry.
What, a guy isn't allowed to do his natural thing while defrauding a nation is completely acceptable?
Kgb112 (Moderator Emeritus) 2 days ago
Leefo: "Just wake up, people, you would forgive footballer a murder just because he kicks a ball. Pathetic. "

Absolutely. There are several current or recent players who have killed people in various accidents and, for the most part, the public doesn't even hear about it.

Marcos Alonso killed a woman while he was drunk driving. He was originally sentenced to 4 years. Then, it was changed to 1 year 9 months. And finally, probation, a fine, and the loss of his license
Vaaz (Nîmes Olympique) 2 days ago
^ Didn't know that. No way he is walking in USA. The DA's would do just about anything to get him behind bars.

Edit: Just read a bit more on this, seems he

- paid a lot of money to the victim's family
- admitted he was drunk and
- had a lawyer who was able to convince the girl's family not to press charges and settle out of court

It is essentially another instance of money talking. Apparently in Europe a lot depends on how the victims family handle the situation. If the accused is able to persuade them to drop it, the courts are supposed to take a lenient stance on the crime. On top of paying the family, he had to pay a fine to the state and also get a 4 year suspension on his driving license. Very lucky boy.

Its a big f*****g joke. A rich celebrity who drives drunk and kills a civilian should be put behind bars as long as possible. They have enough money to buy that expensive car with all the latest airbags and safety gizmodo and nothing ever will happen to them when they are drunk and crash into a poor civilian driving a Toyota who has no chance of surviving a crash with a super car
FootballDoc (Tottenham Hotspur) 2 days ago
"Marcos Alonso killed a woman while he was drunk driving. He was originally sentenced to 4 years. Then, it was changed to 1 year 9 months. And finally, probation, a fine, and the loss of his license. "

He got away with only a probation and a fine? Holy hell.
DTaDiablo ((Footytube Staff)) 2 days ago
Celebrities have their own laws what they abide to it seems; though average joe will be severely punished if caught doing such a crime.

Something needs to change; irrespective or money or popularity the laws should not bend just because they're famous. These people are hero's to a lot of kids around the world and they need to set an example to all!
FootballDoc (Tottenham Hotspur) 2 days ago
Agreed. I don't know the details of Alonso's incident - but, I think if you kill someone while drunk driving it should be charged as murder and not manslaughter
DaniPak (Arsenal) 2 days ago
Didn't know about Alonso, that's fukking nasty, should be in jail for that plain simple
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 22 hours ago
@footballdoc the problem with charging them for murder is in the semantics.

Murder: the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another. Key word is premeditated. You're going to have a hard time proving the drunk driver went out with the intent to kill someone. I get what you're saying, but if you're that drunk, your decision making is impaired in the first place.

Manslaughter: the crime of killing a human being without malice aforethought, or otherwise in circumstances not amounting to murder. Basically, your actions killed someone despite it not being your intention, but it was reasonable to consider your actions were dangerous and could kill someone in the first place
Diontan524 (Arsenal) 3 days ago
To be honest guys, do you think Pep going to city is a blessing in disguise for us? I would still want him as our manager if AW decide to leave. It's good for him to get to learn EPL is tough at Man City. If he finished below 4th and not perform in champions league, I think he will has strong chance of getting sacked. It's his first season, despite their recent form. I think he is still class. Ozil and Sanchez would stay because of him too
Moe66 (Manchester City) 3 days ago
No. Pep is still a quality manager, his only problem at City is that he doesn't have the players that can play his system. Even with Pep, we still have the same aging team and injury prone players from last season. We have a number of players with contracts running out this summer, so I expect us to make some additions in the summer. I don't think Pep wants to make any big signings now because we can wait in the summer but at the same at time, what's the point if we miss out on top 4 this season from the way were playing. Pep is in a tough position.

Malik (Barcelona) 3 days ago
City higher ups have been plotting and planning for pep arrival for way too long to sack him after a season and for not finishing in top 4.

Quite sure they will give him at minimum another season with more money to spend, plus City owners are not that trigger happy
Shaymoose17 (Arsenal) 3 days ago
Yeah, can't imagine zabaleta is peps top pick for defensive mid lol. Just don't understand why the f sane doesn't play?

Sagna new [asap] new kolarov
Fernandinho yaya
Sane silva de bruyne

Arguably he needs a new back 5 over the next 2 seasons. Plenty of punching power in attack
DaniPak (Arsenal) 3 days ago
I think he is overrated.... I did think that before and think this now even more.... In Barcelona he had a VERY special team.... Team that won't come around very often.... Yes they could play his style and did it fantastically. This team cannot play the same and as a coach he should be realizing it and fixing it.... By fixing I mean is to change up his play a bit, which he reluctant to do, he would rather see his team get thrashed 4-0.... His transfers has never been strong before, and by buying joke Bravo for Hart just makes my mind blow up. Soo nah.... Man City job is the challenge for him, even though he probably will have crazy budget to work with....

I don't think they will sack him at least for 2-3 seasons, Man City do give fair amount of time for managers to build their team
DanTheGooner (Arsenal) 3 days ago
He won't stay around long enough to get sacked. I don't want him anywhere near Arsenal
Optajose (Manchester United) 3 days ago
You want to sack wenger for pep? LMAO you must be kidding! Mate pep needs a huge financial boost in order to build a top notch team and even then there is no guarantee he will win you any silverware. Do you really believe arsenal board will give him that much money? Lol By the way I think pep's system has too many loopholes to be successful in epl. He has better chance of winning ucl with city than epl
Diontan524 (Arsenal) 2 days ago
^ 'If he decide to leave'
Xgooner4everX (Arsenal) 3 days ago
Guys I'm doing a management project, and it's for Accounting and finance....

Basically I gotta' do a research question, but I wanna link it to Football, anybody got any tips?
Rakeshh (Arsenal) 3 days ago
Get your hands onto Arsenal's balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statements from the past 8-10 years at least. Carefully analyze the numbers, key metrics. Analyze and appreciate how we have managed our asses during the tough years. With good rational assumptions, make projections for the next 5 years or so and let us know how much effing money sitting in our bank
Xgooner4everX (Arsenal) 3 days ago
Lmao, f**k having a pass grade, I would wanna work for Arsenal and earn some money.... Keep telling them that we have loads left in the bank 😂😂😂
Malik (Barcelona) 3 days ago
Do arsenal publish their financials? Recently I read some stuff about Chelsea latest financial, also I think Manu are obliged to publish their financial because they're listed.

Anyways check out Swiss Ramble, that guy is best when it comes to Football and finance. I am yet to read it but he recently posted something related to arsenal
Filsuf (Arsenal) 3 days ago
Gotta' be kidding.    Surely Pep >>>> Wenger.
Deveus (Arsenal) 4 days ago
To the Giroud haters    Https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=FT_HDCCWE8E

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