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Gunners4mylifeh (Arsenal) 20 minutes ago
Shet's going down.... #iwasanidiotoevendoubtaw
"he sign whomever he wants"
"he sign whomever he wants"
"all he needs is a phone call"
"he sign whomever he wants"
Godspeedysick (Arsenal) 34 minutes ago
With the transfer to Barcelona complete I personally think Suarez will definitely be hungry for trophies
Thirteengoals (Arsenal) 40 minutes ago
Suarez is gone
Xgooner4everX (Arsenal) 45 minutes ago
How is Song still surviving at Barca
Gunners4mylifeh (Arsenal) 38 minutes ago
Apparently Barca have named the bench after him...
Godspeedysick (Arsenal) 27 minutes ago
A+ in being history
Hayleycomet (Arsenal) 1 hour ago

That's the "big event" of puma kit launch I guess. Amazing technology, would love to see that implemented on phones so leia could ask for help
Chargui (Arsenal) 1 hour ago
Does the Sanchez deal mean that Campbell might go? I hope not. Its unlikely if Wenger wants to use Alexis as a striker and I think its what Wenger has in mind.

What do you think?
Tech (Arsenal) 1 hour ago
No he has shown Arsene how good of a player he is in this world cup and to be honest he's probably a better winger than Gnabry at this moment so I think he will be a useful rotation player
Thirteengoals (Arsenal) 1 hour ago
LastGraspWinner (Arsenal) 1 hour ago
How is it you managed to forget that we have a bunch of quacks running our medical team? Lol, it'll only be a matter of time before our first injury casualty
Deffyduck (Arsenal) 1 hour ago
It would be insanity if we let him out on loan again.

Depth is key - it has always been our downfall when the injuries inevitably hit.

Having a strikeforce of Giroud, Sanchez, Walcott, Campbell is much healthier and reassuring for me than when we had Giroud, Bendtner, Sanogo
SKool (Arsenal) 1 hour ago
Giroud, Campbell, Sanogo as strikers upfront. Rest play in the wings. If we are to bring Remy to the team, and I think either Sanogo goes on loan or fear the worst, Campbell leaving for better first team chances.

Bringing Bernard(based on funny rumours) will bring more competition in the wings, but I think we are already enough for that. Walcott, cazorla, ozil(lol, why not), gnabry, podolski and sanchez. More than enough
AussieGooner14 (Arsenal) 2 hours ago
Jnno288 (Arsenal) 2 hours ago
Sorry mate 18 seconds to late
AussieGooner14 (Arsenal) 1 hour ago
Hahaha damn
Hayleycomet (Arsenal) 56 minutes ago
First and Second answer he gave was about "Arsenal and its manager taking care of its players"

I'm no expert in psychology but to have those answers at the top of your head, even subconsciously, giving us hints how he really feels like.

I'd assume the huge role of Arsene Wenger himself personally talking to him by "taking care of its players". Meaning without him, he wouldn't come to Arsenal OR the way barca treated him before?

Just my personal assumption, I don't know, barca fans please don't kill me
AussieGooner14 (Arsenal) 48 minutes ago
Yeah, agreed. Arsene definitely had a huge influence on this transfer and Ozil's too
Godspeedysick (Arsenal) 47 minutes ago
What he really meant was we value our players and don't treat them like sht
Jnno288 (Arsenal) 2 hours ago
Thirteengoals (Arsenal) 2 hours ago
Guys I had a dream we signed alexis sanchez but that will never happen
Jnno288 (Arsenal) 2 hours ago
Did Sagna get anytime in the world cup? Can't remember him playing a single second
Thirteengoals (Arsenal) 2 hours ago
Think he played a bit but he got kept out the side by our next arsenal signing
SKool (Arsenal) 3 hours ago
I still don’t f*****g believe it man. Alexis Sanchez !
Chargui (Arsenal) 3 hours ago
Mesut, Sanchez, Debuchy (he Is after all the starter RB for France).    I might get used to this
Thirteengoals (Arsenal) 3 hours ago
And maybe sami khedira or bender
Gunn3r (Arsenal) 5 hours ago
Deffyduck (Arsenal) 5 hours ago
That is quite tasty.    
AussieGooner14 (Arsenal) 4 hours ago
*Insert Suarez joke about Deffy's comment*
Cloudst 5 hours ago
L'equipe saying the Debuchy deal will be announced today hopefully
GunsNramsey (Arsenal) 5 hours ago
Totally forgot about him and Campbell. I'm curious to see who Wenger picks for the first team and what formation
Vishal024 (Arsenal) 5 hours ago
I just hope Campbell isn't going the other way
Cloudst 6 hours ago

Ill tell you how GK depth is atm

1. Tex
2. Back up whoever we get
3. Macey
4. Martinez
5. Keto
6. Ileyiv

I think ileyiv is leaving so Keto was bought in but he's a big prospect for Finland as I stated. He could challenge but he's behind Martinez imo
DanielZ (Arsenal) 6 hours ago
WTF, has happened to our team?! We start buying super players, we start winning trophies?! Weren't we supposed to be the selling club and specialist in failure?!

I wonder how much time will other fans talk like this about us, oh yea until we shread them apart : D
Cloudst 6 hours ago
Bro we're not done that's the shocking part
GunsNramsey (Arsenal) 6 hours ago
Yep. Big name CDM and CB? Pretty please

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