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Jujex (Juventus) 3 hours ago
With all the transfer talk I wonder if Arsene has his scouts in Italy, there are a few great choices for the positions that you guys are looking for. As of now, the way I see it your core needs strengthening and A striker (I personally believe you should but it's less important right now since Walcott is back too with a bang) so all in all central positions.

I think if you manage to get Schneiderlin and Cech, those are the best options for your GK and CDM positions.

Your biggest challenge however is finding an experienced defence Leader, one who compliments Koscielny. All the good ones are already taken in the top teams so finding that player is really difficult. However you wouldn't believe how big of a difference these leaders can make in your team, they are the ones who can turn your big games around. Hummels would be ideal but he won't move and I can't really think of someone else. I'm sure Cloudst has some Ligue 1 players in mind!

With Cech, a top CB and CDM you guys can really go toe to toe in the games that has cost you points and save many dropped points here and there and give you the ability to battle it out till the end albeit for that, Wenger has to keep his squad players cause you always seem to have a thin squad specially in defence.

What I also wanted to say is that Wenger should keep an eye on Inter, in case Cech does not work out, Handanovic is a good option since he wants to play in the champions league and more importantly for your CF need, Icardi!

He is still not signing an extension with Inter and he is a magnificent talent, He has 20 goals, he is 22 and will definitely move to Arsenal plus he is the type of attacker that will chellenge Giroud rather than being a sure starter but with a view of being that player. He is fast, tall, good technique and always scores against Juve too so keep that in mind just in case. Higuain is a great option too but he is more expensive and no resale value, I know Arsenal board prefer a player with resale value!
Deffyduck (Arsenal) 35 minutes ago
I think we've got enough striker/CF options to leave that as a non-priority, although I'm sure Wenger would love to wrap up a deal for a future star and loan him out if he can.

Central midfield is the area that needs most re-enforcing IMO, Arteta is ageing, Flamini will be sold and Diaby, as much as I rate him, cannot be counted upon for a whole season, or even half....

As a Serie A follower, how has Guarin been? I always liked his physicality and willingness to shoot from outside the box, which is something I think we need in midfield.
Diontan524 (Arsenal) 4 hours ago
Why the hell Vidal is linked heavily to us, I can't find a reason that he needs to leave Juv. By getting him means no morgan schneidelin?
Moe66 (Manchester City) 4 hours ago
If he can stay injury free, his a straight up beast. Probably one of the most complete MF in Europe, he can mark, anticipate, win back possession and intercept, his got pace, stamina, vision, good distribution and can get goals as well. He can switch between defence and offense but his really more of a B2B MF. With Coqulien playing the DM destroyer, Vidal offers that but has more qualities as well.

Why would he leave Juve? Well after winning 4 straight league titles with Juventus, maybe he wants a new challenge
Jujex (Juventus) 3 hours ago
The media is the media, they have to fill their pages, you need a quality midfielder and there aren't that many out there so they have to work with them one by one. Barring Messi and Ronaldo we were linked with every striker out there over the past few years. Some very close ones. It drove me mad.

Honestly the only player I'm not 100% about is Pogba, the rest are staying.

Andif I wanted to recommend one of our midfielders for your CDM needs it would be Marchisio, ever since last season when Conte put him in the Pirlo role he has blossomed into a world class ball playing CDm for us. Plus he has a brilliant mind for interceptions, endless energy and a great marker too. A lot of us are actually hoping that he should be used there in the final instead of Pirlo. I myself am 50/50 on it.

But don't come after him! Cause we love him
OMGOzil (Arsenal) 5 hours ago
I'll be without internet for the next week so I won't be able to watch the game till Sunday. So in advance      Coyg!
Tomikato 5 hours ago
I would be highly interested in knowing where you are going

Nowadays people don't even take a s**t without having access to the internet while at it.

Coming at it in a good way. A week's purge can do a lot to humanize the soul
OMGOzil (Arsenal) 4 hours ago
I'm going on a five day backing trip
Gunnzo (Arsenal) 4 hours ago
Good luck man! I just got back from a 3 day backpacking trip hiked twenty miles the last two days and I am beat
GunnerFTW (Arsenal) 6 hours ago
FTW review of THE arsenal:

Giroud: Massive talent. Peach of a left foot. Massive female fans (could have stole any of your girlfriends )! Could have scored atleast 5 more goals if he wasn't a selfless player and didn't stick to the game plan. Would love to see him as an all out striker!

Sanchez: I see him as an "Energizer bunny"! Untouchable and incomparable effort! Grateful that he joined us. Literally carried us in many games! Kudos!

Ozil: Hit and miss this season. But the fluidity he brings to our game is amazing! He knows how the pass he played now would pan out in the future!

Bellerin: owned the RB spot! He pockets the opposition left wingers!

Ramsey: Amazing engine! His runs are intelligent! Would evolve in a complete midfielder.

Cazorla: Been a low profile KEY player this year. Guess wenger likes them that way (just like the way he tried to mould Arteta).

Coquelin: surprise package! Typical wenger pulling out a rabit from the hat! Has been massive this second half and THE ONLY reason we finished above fourth! This Arsenal end of season hasn't been so nerve wracking, thanks to him!

Monreal: The perfect "slam the door on your face" of a left back! He has been immense this season and has an awesome ball back in the penalty area!

Mertesacker/Koscielny: Has brought stability to the back 4! An opposition counter attack no longer races your blood pressure through the roof!

Ospina: Not good in the air. BUT has been very good overall! He has an understanding of the back 4 and seems to gel well with the defence.

Gabriel: HE IS koscielny 2. 0! Highly rate him! Wenger master class! (I have seen Djourou, cygan, Senderos etc too )

Wilshere/Walcott/Welbeck: Hit and miss at times. Next season have to step up in terms on fitness to claim a regular place.


Wenger: Started to lose faith in him a couple of seasons ago. But boy has he stepped up! He has shown in the last 2 years "again" why we are lucky TO HAVE HIM AT arsenal! He stuck with us despite the amount of sh*t the media and fans gave him for the last decade! Hope the club repays hims with nice war chest this year ! We can dream again! THE 2016 title WILL BE OURS! Gunners FOR THE ultimate WIN! #coyg!

Diontan524 (Arsenal) 4 hours ago
Where is the OX?
GunnerFTW (Arsenal) 4 hours ago
Feel free to add/edit player reviews
Philosophy (Arsenal) 8 hours ago
Much respect to wenger and his development of players, he is given so much slack by fans and non fan alike, forgetting all the top four teams in the premier league have former arsenal players, and without this former arsenal players non of the top four teams would have won the league period, men poor arsene and poor us as well, he did all the hardwork developing them, now just to see others reaping of his success smh, just imagine if we had the money back then to have kept all of them :
Philosophy (Arsenal) 8 hours ago
RVP Manchester you  Nasri, clichy, Manchester see  Fabegras, cashely cole Chelsea  
Gunners4mylifeh (Arsenal) 8 hours ago
The real question is whether or not he can make this team compete for the title.... I personally think that's where any manager should ultimately be judged
Diontan524 (Arsenal) 7 hours ago
I think you should not bring this topic out again
GunnerFTW (Arsenal) 7 hours ago
@Gunners4mylifeh : am assuming you started watching wenger after 2006. There is NO doubt (given that Le Prof decides to spend ) wenger has ALL the skills to win the league! He is a methodical engineer who builds THE perfect TEAM! I believe he can rebuild the invincibles
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 5 hours ago
^just because you don't approve doesn't mean he shouldn't talk about it
Diontan524 (Arsenal) 4 hours ago
^ Bringing up this issue gonna' cause pain, it's not up to me to approve or not, just a suggestion
Gunners4mylifeh (Arsenal) 8 hours ago
Premier League Rivals Troll chelsea for weak turnout for the parade

Godspeedysick (Footytube Moderator) 8 hours ago
Doesn't bother them one bit as long they win. Unconditional happiness is all that matters
GunnerFTW (Arsenal) 7 hours ago
Condition being you have to celebrate the title in the BUS they parked!
OMGOzil (Arsenal) 10 hours ago
Holy s**t Morgan Schneiderlin told a French radio station that he wants to play champions league football and that he would like to stay in England
Sjsung (Arsenal) 7 hours ago
That narrows it down to four teams!
OMGOzil (Arsenal) 7 hours ago
I doubt Chelsea will go for him they already have Fabregas and Matic in the pivot plus Mikel, Ake and Ruben Loftus-Cheek. City already have Fernindinho and Fernando so they'll probably be after a more creative cm/cam type player. I would say that Utd are the biggest threat
OMGOzil (Arsenal) 10 hours ago
Lille have announced that they've hired Herve Renard to replace Rene Girard. For those who don't know Renard has won the afcon twice with Zambia and the Ivory Coast.

Also Steve McClaren has been sacked by Derby County
Xgooner4everX (Arsenal) 11 hours ago
Lineup vs Villa?

TeCup goalie and AW will stick with him)

Bellerin Meets Kos Montreal


Ramsey Cazorla

Ozil Giroud Sanchez

Walcott, Wilshere and Rosicky to come on second half.... Defensive players to come on if we need to hold on to a lead

Cloudst 11 hours ago
Shearer said that Giroud never started in a cup game this year. Taking that into consideration




Xgooner4everX (Arsenal) 11 hours ago
The reason I say giroud will start is because when it comes to defending set pieces, he is vital when it comes to clearing them out as well as his overall CF play.... Whereas Walcott later in the game can kill em off
Diontan524 (Arsenal) 4 hours ago
I truly believe walcott deserves to play,

But at the right wing.

-----------------smoking clown


------------Coq ------- Santi/Ramsey



Sub: wilshere, rosa and flamini (AW will definitely play him while we are leading)
Dougie27 (Arsenal) 13 hours ago
I remember Allardyce saying he could coach Real Madrid a few years ago....    All part of the plan
Thirteengoals (Arsenal) 12 hours ago
I hope gets the Job and buys them Daniel sturridge
Sjsung (Arsenal) 12 hours ago
Allardyce actually has a pretty good record. I think he's a good coach who knows the BPL very well, but obviously coaching relegation/mid-table teams and coaching top teams require completely different coaching mindset and abilities
Drogbalampard (Chelsea) 12 hours ago
John Carver for the job
Duces14 (Arsenal) 13 hours ago
El sharaway please misour Wenger
Gunners4mylifeh (Arsenal) 13 hours ago
Hell naa.... One season wonder
Cloudst 11 hours ago
One season wonder? More like Diaby 2. 0
YungGunner (Arsenal) 9 hours ago
Pato 2. 0
Shaymoose17 (Arsenal) 13 hours ago
Dudes, my tournament team went 4-0 in the group stage and playoffs only to get our asses kicked in the final game today 3-0.... Terrible ending to a great weekend. Only an FA cup thumping next week will help me forget about this!
Duces14 (Arsenal) 13 hours ago
Unlucky mate
Dougie27 (Arsenal) 13 hours ago
I've had the exact same feeling in a national tourney....    Sucks man
Shaymoose17 (Arsenal) 12 hours ago
That sucks Dougie - bigger stage than ours. Salt in the wound was that the team we played in the final finished 2nd in our group where we beat them 4-1 and we had a 1st half red card :X

Don't understand wtf happened today
Chargui (Arsenal) 14 hours ago
Btw we're approaching 16000 pages on this forum!
Gunn3r (Arsenal) 15 hours ago
Vben0 13 hours ago
We don't need him.    
Deveus (Arsenal) 8 hours ago
Lol, always making crazy signings while carrying out TV host duties. #gottalovewenger
Cloudst 15 hours ago
Poor Carlo
Thirteengoals (Arsenal) 15 hours ago
Don't worry Carlo always lands on his feet
Duces14 (Arsenal) 15 hours ago
Hope he goes back to Milan.    Deserves so much better than what he got in his last 2 jobs.
Malik (Barcelona) 14 hours ago
Duces, PSG never wanted to let him go, he himself pushed them to let him join Madrid. Although by last 2 Jobs I know you meant Madrid and Chelsea

Btw I know he is a good manager but TBH he was overrated by real, both of his last seasons major trophies were won on dying minutes of the match, especially champions league and his poor record in leagues speak for it self. As for not deserving the sack yes I agree, it unfair to expect to win every season.
Dougie27 (Arsenal) 14 hours ago
How does winning the major trophies in the dying minutes of a match diminish the achievement at all? That's the most ridiculous thing I've heard.

The most celebrated night in the history of Man United was won with two goals in stoppage time, and Ferguson is hailed as a genius for it. Ancelotti deserved so much better. The fact that you can win the Champions League and beat Barca in the cup final and be gone within 12 months is an absolute joke
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 14 hours ago
Carlo to liverpool
LouisVanGoal 14 hours ago
Ridiculous indeed. SAF literally made his name 'in the dying minutes'. What about winning on penalties then?

Real were the best team in Europe last season by a mile, and till December carried that form and looked pretty scary. From Jan it's gone all downhill from them through a combination of injuries and substitute players bought in not being good enough. But atleast Carlo deserved more time
Malik (Barcelona) 14 hours ago
Dougie, read my post again, I didn't meant to diminish his achievement, want I meant was that he is good but have his own limitations.

If you review his both season throughly you will understand what I meant. His strongest point with real was his relationship with the club including media, he was the calming effect which explosive club like real needed
Malik (Barcelona) 14 hours ago
@LVG. As I said I didn't meant to diminish his achievements,

And in which world a bench which Had hernendez, khadira (WC winner Carlo didn't even bothered to use), verane and navas is not good? Not listing the players like jese, illaramindi (their record spanish signing), Lucas Silva, isco (especially during first half)

Perez is to blame a lot, but was it Perez that forced Carlo to play his full strength team against bad teams, Perez didn't forced Carlo to not use, Hernandez, Isco (early on) khedira or Lucas Silva (who actually had a very decent start to his Madrid career)

As for injuries that happenes to every team, it's Ridiculous that people list thousands of other excuses of real faliure this season yet overlook the biggest mistakes of their season, which was committed by carlo, lack of rotation is key to already long season, especially to a season that have commitments towards an extra competition in form of CWC (he played full strength team in this competition too) and have a winter break to middle east

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