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5star02707 (Arsenal) 20 minutes ago
Great game 3 home games (Soton, Spurs and Galatasaray) then Chelsea Away....    Hope to win all these games in London
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 2 hours ago
All hail Paderborn 07    Https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=OXE5Z1yBTBs    Stoppelkamp 83 metre goal
AussieGooner14 (Arsenal) 58 minutes ago
That placement too
ILikeTurtles (Arsenal) 3 hours ago
Have you guys seen the Real Madrid highlights from yesterday? They scored 8 goals and basically all of them could have been goals of the week!

LastGraspWinner (Arsenal) 3 hours ago
I was just thought of the same thing. But their defence is terrible.

Another thing that puzzles me, how on earth does Gareth Bale look normal despite scoring 2 goals? If he'd done that in the premier league, he'd be all over the papers
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 2 hours ago
Chicha spending too much time with Ronaldo.... The way he shaped his body for both goals just reminded me of how Ronaldo would approach things
LastGraspWinner (Arsenal) 2 hours ago
Yeah, I get that, but it's unreal. You'd think that the fact that he disappeared off the radar of the tabloids would mean he's not doing well, but his stats indicate otherwise, he's still performing well, but there's almost no publicity on him at all. Same thing happened to Isco and Modric. On Barca's end, even Neymar's publicity has disappeared. Is the Ronaldo and Messi factor that overwhelming though?
Malik (Barcelona) 1 hour ago
@LGW, That hype and exposure is a thing he sacrificed in order to play with ronaldo (or e. G neymar and suarez with messi)

There never gona be a player that can overshadow either of messi and ronaldo while playing with them
Riglore (Arsenal) 1 hour ago
I feel like on a different day 2 or 3 of their wonder goals don't go in and coruna finish two or 3 of their clear chances and its a very different game
Gunner3 (Arsenal) 3 hours ago
According to footytube you can't criticize a player ever and if you wish he tries/does better, you are really wishing he is sold? Lol

I will say I am one of the people to criticize Ozil's performances but I think that's just. Don't think he should leave or he's bad but I do wish he would try harder and today he did so. He even filled Koscienly's spot at one time when there was a risky play which I was happy to see. I don't take back any critiques of him though, I just hope he can carry this form and mentality into big games like he did in RM
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 4 hours ago
Link:    This is f@#%$&* awesome
Sjsung (Arsenal) 7 hours ago
PaW Update
Co-Winners this week!

Congratulations to AussieGooner and Diontan! They correctly picked the winning combo of Arsenal & Southampton, and they can't be mathematically overtaken tomorrow. BUT, tomorrow's matches could still play a big role in the monthly tournament, especially for Riglore and Mugiwara since LFCRockz didn't pick this week.

Week 3 Leaderboard (Sept 20 - Sept 23)

46 -- AussieGooner14*, Diontan524*
25 -- Ninja4ks, Sjsung, Gunnzo, YungGunner, Miniature1313, .... Cont....
25 --.... Goonerincali, Riglore, Herrera18, Badge
00 -- Mugiwara, Zakulon, Puttu86, Godspeedysick
Riglore (Arsenal) 7 hours ago
Never thought i'd say this, C'mon city!
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 5 hours ago
Think it's good if city wins.... We might drop out of top four but more importantly we remain 3 points behind. I want our players to head into the NLD knowing that a win will give them a chance to be tied at number one
Diontan524 (Arsenal) 5 hours ago
Hope city and chelsea get a draw.  
AussieGooner14 (Arsenal) 4 hours ago
Nice!  Thanks again for doing this Sj
Mugiwara (Arsenal) 37 minutes ago
Common Everton! Xd
Sjsung (Arsenal) 7 hours ago
Someone want to shed a light on the slight formation reversion today? It seemed closer to the 4-2-3-1, and even if it was 4-1-4-1, this time we had a CM pairing of Ramsey-Ozil rather than Ramsey-Wilshere with Ozil given a free role from the left side.

I liked the way we played today. I think today's set-up is better for us - for me it's clear that we have 5 players who can play the central position: Ozil, Ramsey, Wilshere, Cazorla, and Rosicky. The first 3 needs to be rotated so that only the best 2 starts, regardless of a 4-1-4-1 or 4-2-3-1. I think no matter what formation we play, playing all 3 is suicidal because Ramsey and Wilshere are too similar. If we play Ramsey and Wilshere together, that's okay, but that takes away from Ozil's natural game IMO no matter where he's played.

Cdm: Arteta, Flamini (rotate 1/2), Coquelin
Cam: Ozil, Ramsey, Wilshere (rotate 2/3), Cazorla, Rosicky
WG: Alexis, Walcott, Chamberlain, Cazorla (rotate 2/4), Podolski, Gnabry
ST: Welbeck, Sanogo, Walcott, Alexis, Podolski
GoonerZain (Arsenal) 6 hours ago
Another thing that I noticed was Ramsey putting in a better shift defensively
Zilch (Footytube Staff) 5 hours ago
You're focusing on the wrong end Sjsung, Wenger knows very well that we attack better in a 4-2-3-1, we did it all last season. He's concerned with making us better defensively vs the big boys. You should be looking at our fullbacks and how they work with the wingers selected. Chambers did the job today but honestly Villa didn't throw much at us
Zilch (Footytube Staff) 10 hours ago
Zomg! Only 3-0? 42. 5mil for a player and he only gets 1 goal 1 assist? Sell Ozil already, get us a real playmaker....
Welbeck only scored once? Man Ian Wright would've got a hattrick at least, sell him too.
We did better without Wilshere in the middle, sell him as well, as for Ramsey he didn't even get an assist, sell him as well and get us some real players! We're Arsenal ffs we want world class players on the bench and on the pitch, spend some money!

Wenger out, the guy's got no clue. Now excuse me while I go be the worst kind of fan and having finally won a match I can stop slagging off the team and go back to heaping praise, bragging and laughing at my rivals when they lose.
Zilch (Footytube Staff) 10 hours ago
Tuzaspe (Arsenal) 10 hours ago
You've just summed up footytube
Gunnzo (Arsenal) 10 hours ago
Tanmay 9 hours ago
Johny (Arsenal) 9 hours ago
You had me at zomg! Ahaha
GunnerFTW (Arsenal) 8 hours ago
Lol. One win and ppl ji*z.... Sums up footytube! #4thplacetrophy
GUNNERPERA (Arsenal) 7 hours ago
Where is diaby though
Zilch (Footytube Staff) 7 hours ago
I sold him too
GUNNERPERA (Arsenal) 6 hours ago
Damn. Your slacking
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 5 hours ago
Only thing Ozil didn't do right was that volley attempt.... Would have been some goal.... I like welbeck's movement in that one.... I think If Ozil wasn't focused on shooting he could have picked him out for a lovely assist
Malik (Barcelona) 4 hours ago
Cat version of Zilch    
Hayleycomet (Arsenal) 3 hours ago
Hahaha exactly footytube Arsenal 'fans' right there.  Seems to be only supporting Arsenal when they're winning
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 2 hours ago
What's annoying is the same people who we're bashing him last week.... Will be all over the page this week claiming they always knew he could do it.... Just too many fickle people on this site...
LastGraspWinner (Arsenal) 1 hour ago
^I still insist we were never in crisis and I still insist we need to try counter attacks. Those views will not be changing any time soon
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 1 hour ago
We do play counter attacking footy.... But normally it occur's when we're ahead. If we get used to siting deep in every game.... We will be terrible at breaking down a parked bus...
Chellen (Arsenal) 19 minutes ago
@ Zilch, when the team don't play well, we do need to say its s**t, when wenger made a mistake (he did made some from the beginning of the season) we need to speak about it.... We can't keep smiling and saying its a perfect world when it goes wrong.... When some goes mad when we loose, its a great evidence that they cherished that club.... The love showed to the club differ from someone to another
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 11 minutes ago
Zilch is not saying don't criticize at all.... His saying be constructive in your criticism with points we can all take...
AssasinedViper (Arsenal) 12 hours ago
So what team against Southampton, I wouldn't play Chambers because I believe if he gets one more yellow he's suspended for the Totenham game correct me if I'm mistaken.

Bellerin Hayden Mert/Kos Monreal/Gibbs
Flamini Wilshere
Ox Rosa Poldi
Zilch (Footytube Staff) 10 hours ago
Might work simply cos Ox is on the RW. Problem with Bellerin is that like Debuchy, he sits further forward than Chambers(who held back) and that means there's space for runs in behind which didn't exist with Sagna playing defensively. The Ox might help simply cos he requires less assistance going forwards and therefore the fullback might not bomb forward as often. This is what Wenger's been experimenting with preventing with this flatter formation squeezing the defensive lines closer together.

I think Rosa's more of a super sub these days(getting old) and Poldi is never going yo get the nod due to his poor training performances. Sanchez up front sounds good. Midfield pairing seems a bit aggressive, Flamini hasn't been tracking back very well lately. Just my thoughts though
AssasinedViper (Arsenal) 9 hours ago
Our fullbacks bombing forward at every opportunity has cost us alot the past few games, today with Chambers we looked more assured and stable there because he attacked at the right times and was disciplined in his defensive performance bar some rash descisions which I expect him to learn from of course. Ox as you mentioned doesn't need much assistance as to Sanchez who's more of a hug the ball type of player and he needs runners across him to open some space and that's where the problem lies because if the play doesn't work out we're caught on the counter. That's something Arsene needs to sort and I'm sure he's already got the solution in Walcott.

As to playing the likes of Rosa, Poldi and Flamini it's basically keeping the team fresh, fit and happy. We've lost many key players because of AW being stubborn in regards to rotation
Cannon (Arsenal) 9 hours ago
I think campbell will play. May be in place of Ox/wilshere
Zilch (Footytube Staff) 9 hours ago
My god we agreed on something lol Yeh Chambers helped a lot but the yellow cards are a worry with big games looming. I wish we'd recall Jenkinson but not sure if we're allowed to. I'm a huge fan of Rosa but I think he's a super sub these days unless it's against Spurs lol Biggest worry for me is that Arteta doesn't seem to have the legs he had last season, might need Flamini alongside Ramsey for the middle. Ramsey can rotate with Wilshere but cover for Flamini might be an issue. And yes I think Walcott will help a great deal with not exposing our fullbacks
Zilch (Footytube Staff) 9 hours ago
I thought it was 10 yellows for a suspension btw? Also the key to resting players and keeping the team rolling on is not to rest too many at once. Keep the side pretty much the same and only rest 1 or 2. Too much change causes lack of cohesion
Zilch (Footytube Staff) 9 hours ago
Canon: I don't think Campbell's being showing much aptitude at training tbh
AssasinedViper (Arsenal) 8 hours ago
Oh I thought it was 5, we good then. Just hope we can get to January unscathed, if were still in contention a few signings will do us wonders. Not putting my money on it though, you never know with Wenger
Zilch (Footytube Staff) 8 hours ago
If Sporting Lisbon hadn't sold Rojo to United and loaned in Nani they would've probably accepted our 24 mil bid but at the last minute they bumped it back up to 35 mil and let's be honest, for an unproven young player that's a hell of a lot. For another 7. 5 Real Madrid sold us Ozil for gods sake. I'm sure that annoyed Wenger a lot. The one I was most annoyed with though was not getting Nastasic on loan for whatever reason, maybe City wouldn't budge
Cannon (Arsenal) 8 hours ago
But, its still Carling cup and that's a pretty strong team. We can play likes of ozil, alexis, wilshere from bench
Zilch (Footytube Staff) 8 hours ago
Well maybe, depends how seriously AW approaches it
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 6 hours ago
NO! Venga should not play any of our regular starters in that match. They all need a mid-week break. The squad should only have bench-warmers and young gunz.... I wouldn't be upset if we got knocked out as a result. We have bigger priorities e. G playing catch up in the ucl...
Diontan524 (Arsenal) 6 hours ago
Nah, for campbell case everyone is just guessing, no one have a clue seriously. He is hungry to prove a point to wenger when he is out on loan and even in world cup he shine as well. He stated he would love to be back at arsenal. Unless AW stated he has a training attitude, else stop judging him like that
Zilch (Footytube Staff) 5 hours ago
I just remember Campbell's attitude towards diving and how unsportsmanlike he was. I wouldn't be surprised if that carried over to training tbh, hope I'm wrong. And yes Ox has seniority atm.

Peter getting booted out of Carling Cup means a media feeding frenzy, not what we want going into an NLD. Also Flamini should rest cos right now I think he's a better choice than Arteta who really seemed to be lacking the legs
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 5 hours ago
With Campbell it might be a case of seniority. Maybe wenger doesn't see much difference in what he can offer on the wings compared to chamberlain(he needs to blow him out of the park).... So his sticking to chamberlain cause it would be unfair on him. It's just purely pecking order. Right now he has to prove it in the league cup first.... I think he will start seeing more action now that we're juggling the league cup, Ucl and Epl
Gunner3 (Arsenal) 3 hours ago
@Zilch I think that's wrong to assume about Campbell. I remember at his first loan he encountered the problems with training and had a hard time adjusting to the league. The coach however set him straight and he always talks about that loan being a changing point for him to work harder and not assume he will be a starter all the time.
I think that really showed in Greece last year and if that was still true about him the same teams that had him on loan wouldn't ask for him back like they have done.

As for the lineup I think Wenger will picked experienced players with a few yougsters. Southampton are good and so are any youth products they play
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 3 hours ago
Zilch it doesn't matter what the media say's tbf.... They're not on our side that much is very clear. If a bunch of fickle fans start moaning cause they can't see that big prizes need great sacrifice then so be it.... My worry is our lack of defenders. If we're forced in a situation where we have to play many starters cause there is no one else due to how far we've gone or how big our opponent, ultimately I think it will hurt us more.... Only negative for me is that it's a loss at home. The money we get from that cup is not worth it. Focusing on topping the league trumps whatever the media will try to do. We can't compete on all fronts so let's pick our battles well...
Zilch (Footytube Staff) 2 hours ago
Sorry, I guess I just have a hard time accepting a player who dives the way he does, not just the USA incident either. Also he had a poor attitude in training back in 2013 before we sent him out on loan. Hopefully he's changed his ways, I'd love that. He's very talented
Godspeedysick (Arsenal) 12 hours ago
I wrote something on the Pool forum comparing the aging Gerard to the aging Arteta. Both have similar ball destribution and play similar positions while being older. The problem with Liverpool is they have a bad defence as opposed to us where we at least have a good pairing that can eventually mop up some of the short comings in the middle (defensively).

Their attack is slightly deadlier than ours because of the extra speed they have on the wings. They also have better finishers. We do have similar playing styles though we're changing tactics so I'm wondering who has the better chance in surviving the drop from top 4
YungGunner (Arsenal) 12 hours ago
Arsenal have much better chance than Liverpool, not being bias but look at our midfielders. When we have: Giroud, Welbeck, Alexis, Ox, Walcott, Ozil, Wilshere, Ramsey, Santi, Arteta, Rosicky, etc. All fit, at once.

I still believe we can reach top 4, Liverpool have spent their 100m or so money on average players, I don't see them making it into top 4(especially with FA Cup/CL/Cup games), they reminds me of the Liverpool a couple of years back, not the liverpool with Suarez
Gunnzo (Arsenal) 11 hours ago
Why do you assume one of us will drop from the top 4?
Zilch (Footytube Staff) 11 hours ago
I see both making top 4, it's too soon for United with all the rebuilding they're doing. They will be a strong side in a year or two though, then there'll be 5 teams competing for 4 spots
Drde159 (Manchester United) 10 hours ago
Liverpool? On this form? Please
Zilch (Footytube Staff) 9 hours ago
Yeh write them off after 5 games in, that's what most of them are doing. United are still gelling, consistency will be tough. One big advantage you have is no champions league
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 5 hours ago
^i wrote them off before the season began dude lol.... Rodger's is making his debut in the UCL.... I think there are many factor's that are against liverpool not just involvement. What happens when the team goes crashing out, we don't know if Rodger's has what it takes to rally his team in time from that kind of disappointment...
Diontan524 (Arsenal) 5 hours ago
As long they continue playing with 4 defender, I think they can rip many teams apart, we will have tough time against them as well. They will be in top 4 IMO
Zakulon (Arsenal) 13 hours ago
It seems that we play better with either wilshere or Ramsey, When they play together something gets off with the balance of our team. Cazorla is immense in possession and takes so much pressure off of the defence. He needs to start, I would still love to see Campbell get some game time
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 14 hours ago
Did sanchez pick up an injury.... Or we're we just saving him for Soton
AssasinedViper (Arsenal) 14 hours ago
He's fine, got a much needed rest
Pontusn (Arsenal) 14 hours ago
On Alexis Sanchez…  Sanchez was rested today and of course he was completely available. -Wenger
Shaymoose17 (Arsenal) 13 hours ago
He puts in 1, 000% every game so he certainly deserved a rest
GonnerTillEnd (Arsenal) 12 hours ago
Lol, we've come a long way if we're now able to rest one of our star players and still win a match
YungGunner (Arsenal) 11 hours ago
I enjoy watching Alexis, but finally Wilshere and Alexis got some rest, I want to see Ramsey and Ozil get some rest on Tuesday
Tuzaspe (Arsenal) 14 hours ago
Borussia Dortmund are so inconsistent.completely owned us on Tuesday and they lost today against Mainz. Having said that they're also missing some big players through injuries
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 15 hours ago
And they had a huge advantage, they could focus more on our game than we could due to facing city just before.... If it wasn't for the city factor that game would have been a lot more even
Groundup (Arsenal) 14 hours ago
Honestly, I don't think they played badly. On a different day, they could have won by a mile.

Their pressing game was still in ful effect, created far more chances, more possession and still covered more ground as per usual
Steveex (Borussia Dortmund) 13 hours ago
Statistically we outplayed them, failed to score the goals though. The missed penalty and the 2 woodwork hits should have done the job.... It's just one of those days. Considering subotic, hummels, sahin, gündogan, reus, Kehl, Kuba couldn't play tonight and Immobile and mkhitaryan coming off the bench, the team did a pretty good job.

We'll beat Stuttgart mid week hopefully

And congratz on the win today, those 6 minutes were amazing. Glad to see Özil smile and getting confident again
Godspeedysick (Arsenal) 13 hours ago
Awe Stevee we miss you so much
Gunner3 (Arsenal) 3 hours ago
Honestly when they played us their finishing was not good. They should've scored more than 2 and our defence was very bad. Was a poor game.

Think they're missing their big players
AssasinedViper (Arsenal) 15 hours ago
No injuries, it's a miracle
Mugiwara (Arsenal) 16 hours ago
Lmfao Liverpool in Worst form than us!
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 15 hours ago
Our form is not bad at all.... People just went over the top against Dortmund.... Before that we we're unbeaten in 7.... We've just struggled with back to back wins cause of all the mid-week games we've had to play so far
LastGraspWinner (Arsenal) 15 hours ago
What the hell? People were complaining from the very beginning and asking for the world. And now, gloating over a win? As always, we fans are rhe wprst thing for the club. Seriously?
Dougie27 (Arsenal) 15 hours ago
Our form isn't that bad honestly, still on course for another invincible campaign

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