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Footster (Liverpool) 45 minutes ago
Man Fabregas in that blue kit just doesn't look right, it's almost like a syntax error
Duces14 (Arsenal) 1 hour ago

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard says former team-mate Luis Suárez is 'too good for Arsenal' –
Ashup78 (Liverpool) 58 minutes ago
Well, if supposedly, we come in with a bid for Walcott, that's what your Captain (is it Metersacker now or Arteta?) would do, convince him that he is at a bigger club in Arsenal, and rightly so.
That's what a Captain and A manager would do to keep their best player.

Media wants to stir s**t up
Arsenal7777777 (Arsenal) 45 minutes ago
No one is too good for Arsenal man. That's where he went wrong. Lol
5star02707 (Arsenal) 25 minutes ago
There goes the attack on Arsenal again! But in all honesty it's just the media twisting words again and again.

I like Liverpool but recently they have been bashing us
Ashup78 (Liverpool) 18 minutes ago
^ you mean bashing you in matches? Lol.

Arsenal is the closest I will get to like another PL club, just let this one pass though, old story, media s**t. And lol, Suarez isn't ours as well now.

Ya but recently, a lot of rivalry is stirring up between Arsenal and us.

1. Suarez saga last season
2. Sanchez this season.
3. The BT sport ad.

Looks like the a healthy rivalry to have
SKool (Arsenal) 1 hour ago
Ozil's h̶o̶m̶e̶ mansion. Wow, so stunning ! 0_0

Jnno288 (Arsenal) 47 minutes ago
Work hard and hope your s**t lucky and then one day....

Why the hell would he drive a tvr? I thought he has a Ferrari or a Mercedes?
Jnno288 (Arsenal) 45 minutes ago
Ohh or it might of been the past owners car.... Never mind
Diontan524 (Arsenal) 1 hour ago
If DC coming, campbell will probably leave and I don't want it to happen
Vishal024 (Arsenal) 1 hour ago
Thierry's goal against Salt Lake:


Textbook placement, felt a surge of nostalgia when I saw that
Xgooner4everX (Arsenal) 1 hour ago

Lol he did jackshit, after we activated the release clause he wanted to come, but John Henry blocked the move
Thirteengoals (Arsenal) 2 hours ago
Lol he didn't do jackshit
Deffyduck (Arsenal) 1 hour ago
Oh god why does he need to bring this up now? We have moved on. Case closed. He should focus more on staying on his feet and less on trying to stir up nonsense with a non-story
4everarsenal1 (Arsenal) 4 hours ago
I visited Man United page and their fans think Arsenal don't play Wenger ball (beautiful Pass and move)since Henery14 left
Here is wenger Ball 2013/2014 enjoy it

Cloudst can you repost this as embed
SKool (Arsenal) 4 hours ago
Lol how foolish of them. We've been playing wenger-ball since 1996. They've been playing hoof-ball since forever, actually since 1986. It was only a matter of time LvG saved their sore eyes and call time for a change
Illman (Arsenal) 4 hours ago
Foolish comment. Whoever says we don't play a passing game clearly hasn't watched several arsenal games in a row. Ever since Henry left we've been criticized for putting passing game and flair above grit and now all of a sudden we don't playing a passing game? I do agree that 12/13 season has been a little blah in midfield but we've always pursued the same philosophy of the game. And it's amazing that with such frequent changes of personnel over the recent years we've still managed to keep a certain standard. And now that the young talent's maturing get ready to see more of that.

Beautiful football is the only thing that kept a lot of gooners sane over the trophyless period
Octopuss (Arsenal) 2 hours ago
When they say Arsenal don't play attractive football, their credibility already gone down the drain.

Just let them be, we enjoy watching our beautiful game, that's all that matter. And the 'financial muscle' Arsene been flexing around recently...
SKool (Arsenal) 4 hours ago
Will prolly take a lifetime to see Merts in Slow-mo    If only ...  Https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=hy-ywGHpP-Y
4everarsenal1 (Arsenal) 4 hours ago
Wenger BALL
Arsenal FC | Best Teamwork Goals

Cloudst 6 hours ago

Godspeedysick (Arsenal) 6 hours ago
Great work Cloudst. Always appreciate that
SKool (Arsenal) 4 hours ago
A true Gooner quote from a Londoner. Kevin Campbell, 224 apps, 59 goals, but got them important goals even with Wright by his side
Rajmahal 2 hours ago
Those training jerseys look nice
Thirteengoals (Arsenal) 1 hour ago
Some good stuff in there
LastGraspWinner (Arsenal) 8 hours ago
Sjsung (Arsenal) 8 hours ago
Omg what happened to Mata? Lol
SKool (Arsenal) 1 hour ago
Double identity theft?
Cloudst 8 hours ago
Carvalho is up for sale, the problem still remains that his club own 60% of his rights and are demanding 34 million. TPO (Third Party Ownership) wants 12 million, which we're willing to pay. Could end up being a deal worth a lot probably why we're offer 24 million.

Also, Chambers trained at CB today
Dougie27 (Arsenal) 9 hours ago
We've got time, we've done enough so far that our squad is ready as it is to start the season. We've still got a full month to wrap it up before anyone else comes sniffing around
Cloudst 8 hours ago
Should be noted that Sporting really are desperate for the money. They need to pay off some debts
Thirteengoals (Arsenal) 1 hour ago
Only 60%?
Diontan524 (Arsenal) 1 hour ago
Khedira then
SKool (Arsenal) 1 hour ago
I'd say lets go for it while we have the money to spend
MU4E1999 (Manchester United) 9 hours ago
Are you guys not hosting the Emirates Cup this pre-season?
Cloudst 8 hours ago
NerazurriGunner (Arsenal) 8 hours ago
Will be our first trophy for the season .... And the community shield our second.... Not a bad start for our new signings
Diontan524 (Arsenal) 1 hour ago
Community shield not a trophy, by dougie
Meatball (Arsenal) 10 hours ago
Excited about the Carlavho reports! He's the final piece.... Its like when Frodo finally threw the ring into the fires of Mt. Doom.... We are so close!
Walwin10 (Arsenal) 9 hours ago
It's exactly like that!
Gunnzo (Arsenal) 9 hours ago
We just need a golum to bite off frodos finger and fall into the lava. Who is golum in this metaphor?
Cloudst 9 hours ago
^jose mourinho
Badge (Manchester United) 9 hours ago
I thought golum was Moyes?
Godspeedysick (Arsenal) 6 hours ago
Nope. Look again, Golum is Fletcher ❤️
SKool (Arsenal) 4 hours ago
YungGunner (Arsenal) 13 hours ago
Https://twitter.Com/HuffPostUKSport/status/494570197651836928/photo/1 #10 great move for him
Ghanakid21 (Chelsea) 13 hours ago
Great business by us. Everyone wins
NerazurriGunner (Arsenal) 10 hours ago
^ whatever makes you sleep lol.... Think Lukaku deserved a chance instead of, whats his name, that el nino kid
Ghanakid21 (Chelsea) 5 hours ago
I sleep just fine.

No one on the (any) team deserves guaranteed football, mate. I don't care how interesting or promising a prospect they are, they must fight for their place. That's not even the Chelsea way, that just survival of the fittest basic nature sh!T man haha! For me, attitude is a greater attribute than skill/talent any day.

I'm happy for the guy as long as he is happy for himself and gets what he's looking for (a team built around him as the lead striker). Objectively, It's great for his career as he is only 21 and he has plenty of time to mature and eventually be bought by another team further down the line.

The 28 million pounds we got in the divorce didn't hurt either

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