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YAgunnersYAAA (Arsenal) 19 minutes ago
Tht dummy from alexis.... Followed by tht chip    *Reaches for tissue box* ;p
DanTheGooner (Arsenal) 20 minutes ago
They sold him to us for 30 million lmao and signed Neymar for 100's of millions under the table. Hope we do more business with Barca
Diontan524 (Arsenal) 25 minutes ago
Psg lost 3-0 to montpellier, lol how the hell we not beat them
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 19 minutes ago
Style of play.... Razgrad might also pull off an upset. They were pretty good against us before we finished them off
Cannon (Arsenal) 36 minutes ago
Impressed with ox today. Not everything is perfect, but he made his mark today, involved in most of the moves, worked hard defensively. Xhaka is brilliant too.

Good team selection from arsene. Gabriel at RB is a good move to add some aerial defence. Also surprised that ramsey is dropped. I would say, he definitely needs a kick in his ass
Filsuf (Arsenal) 29 minutes ago
Well I expect Ramsey or Iwobi to start ahead of Walcott from now on. Walcott has gone missing for the last 5-6 games. He needs a kick in the ass too
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 21 minutes ago
We should bench Walcott against Basel then start him on the weekend. We shouldn't bench him completely. His mind is clearly elsewhere lately(new born). He's earned the benefit of the doubt with his earlier form
Gapha (Chelsea) 37 minutes ago
Sanchez is the best player in the league right now imo
Tuzaspe (Arsenal) 41 minutes ago
What a scoreline lol. It should've been bigger.    What do you think of team performance overall? West Ham were awful though.
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 36 minutes ago
We were allowed to dominate that left flank due to the absence of antonio imo. Would have been a hell of a battle between him and monreal. Xhaka dictated things very well in the middle
Gregmaverick (Arsenal) 35 minutes ago
Clinical 2nd half. Missed to finish the match in the 1st half. Ox is an enigma. Good to get our confidence up going in to christmas period. When bellerin come back, we should be fine with coq-xhaka partnership
GunzBlazing (Arsenal) 48 minutes ago
Alexis FC
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 51 minutes ago
Holy s**t!
Xgooner4everX (Arsenal) 54 minutes ago
HOLY s**t
OMGClayAiken (Arsenal) 54 minutes ago
What a finish!
Leefo (Arsenal) 55 minutes ago
Holy s**t
Arsenal718 (Arsenal) 55 minutes ago
That man is ice cold
AZgunner (Arsenal) 55 minutes ago
Absolutely brilliant...
GunzBlazing (Arsenal) 56 minutes ago
Lordjaggi (Arsenal) 56 minutes ago
That lil nasty fellow we love

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