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AFC19 (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Me and my buddy are always arguing about the best Arsenal 11 of all time. Can you guys come up with 4-3-3 for the best players to wear a Arsenal jersey
Ahmadillomon (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Interesting! I'm kinda a young fan so pardon me for my lack of knowledge.

----------pat jennings----------
----------- song/silva-------------

Justification later, I'm in class
Ahmadillomon (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Okay I'm back. Forgot about this and went home and slept. Only after I checked at night then I remembered, by that time I was too sleepy.

Never seen pat jennings play but heard he was a real good keeper, and having switch from spurs, what more can I say.

Was a close one between dixon and sagna as sagna, to me, is a more modern RB. But dixon still first choice as I love his tenacity and ol' school toughness.

CB-adams and vermaelen
As you can see, I like my CBs explosive, fast, smart and tenacious. Thus, this pairing.

Was stuck between winterburn and cole and I just can't help but choose cashley here. Because i've seen him more and I prefer his attacking-mindedness.

Between song and gilberto, I just can't help but choose song. I think song, atm is a more complete player and still hasnt fulfilled his full potential. Therefore I think song is better.

Hands down, sorry wilshere, you'll be there soon but now vieira takes the cake. I mean c'mon, the guy I tall, a beast in defence and can still pass and attack.

Was trying to think of more legendary people but can't. I just can't. Which is weird. But yes I couldn't find and all out creative midfielder who'se better than cesc, pardone me if I missed anyone.

As I didn't wanna play henry as a lone striker, I put him in RF, especially 'cause my CFs can bring him in play. If ljunberg plays, he'll play deeper in a RF role.

Pires gets it for me. Creative, fast, attacking-minded, smart, pires could even play higher up imo.

Able to link play, and include pires and henry, who can both finish into attack and even vieira and fabregas. Also able to net in his own goals. RVP to me is a similar player
Ahmadillomon (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Subs: wright, keown, and those second choices
Cloudst (Footytube Mod) 5 years ago





Subs:Jennings, Freddie, Wright, O'Leary, Campbell, Brady

Monkeyyoda (Arsenal) 5 years ago
PLayers I have seen play in matches!

Sagna___Adams___Campbell____A. Cole




Subs: Fred, wright, toure, fabregas, Silva, Verm.

Something like that. I forgot some peeps sure of it
GUNNERPERA (Arsenal) 5 years ago



Van Persie______Bergkamp_______Pires

GUNNERPERA (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Can you believe half of this team played together at some point? Ohh yea it was called the invincibles! Haha
GUNNERPERA (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Lol everyone has Vieira and Parlour as their center mids haha
M4rsenal (Arsenal) 5 years ago
__van Persie___Bergkamp______Pires_____

Subs: Jennings, Campbell, Cole, Rocastle, Brady, Overmars, Wright
Ahmadillomon (Arsenal) 5 years ago
I think all your teams are the best, and can fit in all the legends well. But if bergkamp is there, and assuming he plays the role he played, wouldnt it then look like a 4-4-1-1? Unless you guys meant bergkamp to be the midfielder role
THEARSENALFC (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Seaman    Rice adams bould sansom    Pirez vieira brady overmars     Bergkamp henry
HaRdCoReMaN (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Why you guys NO include almunia? That guy play for arsenal for a long time
THEARSENALFC (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Why do you think he hasn't been included.... Twat
Monkeyyoda (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Sarcasm.... .... ...
11arsenal10 (Arsenal) 5 years ago
He is included he makes all those guys meals
Gunning4Glory (Arsenal) 5 years ago

Not sure if it would work tactically but would love to see these guys together.
Shame no room for Wright, Silva, RVP, cesc, Keown, and Bloud
[account-removed] 5 years ago
Jennings  Dixon, Adams, Campbell, Winterburn  Pires, Viera, Overmars  Berkamp, Henry, Wright
Sjsung (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Don't like the 4-3-3 (sorry) so I'm changing it back to 4-4-2

~First XI
Dixon Adams Keown Cole
Pires Song Vieira Overmars
Bergkamp Henry

~Second XI
Sagna Campbell Vermaelen Winterburn
Ljungburg Fabregas Parlour Brady
Wright VanPersie

~Third XI
Rice Toure O'Leary Bould
Gilberto Flamini Rocastle
Walcott Kanu George
Ahmadillomon (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Come to think of it, a big fraction of these players are from the current/recent teams. Either they are really good individually or its just some/most of us didn't watch the teams loooooong time ago.

Or I was thinking maybe we also thought of how old school players would adopt to new school systems
Gunning4Glory (Arsenal) 5 years ago
I don't think most of us were fans looooooong time ago ^^ I only started following football in 1998, mainly due to the world cup, but with the invincibles being our most successful team of all time its not surprising they take a lot of slots
Davian (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Subs-jennings, vermaelen, lunberg, silva, wiltord, wright, kanu

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