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FC Porto V APOEL Nicosia, Oct 19
Georgio (Bayern München) 5 years ago
Its Hulk.... And its curling.... Curling.... Curling and the keeper gets it! NO! Its in! Even after it hits the ground it just kept spinning off to the left
Krokodilizm (Newcastle United) 5 years ago
Even after exhausting their surprise factor Apoel are still a force to be reckoned with.
A good start is half the job done, goes the wisdom. Apoel made a good start and they have done half the job!
Marmitton (Monaco) 5 years ago
Ailton Almeida's goal is wonderful.  And so the goalie mistake on the Hulk goalie haha    Amazing group, everyone can make it!
Cali86 5 years ago
Porto was so much more with villas boas and falcao...
Themirv (Rangers) 5 years ago
Woah, Hulk's free kick's are hit so hard.... The one that went in was the weakest too!
Baller89 (Manchester United) 5 years ago
I had my money on porto but the betrayed me. In fact they owe me 900 euro
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 5 years ago
A draw at Estadio Dragoa is VERY impressive for apoel. Well done
BadGones91 (Olympique Lyon) 5 years ago
Stop surpirisng us apoel ;D your supposed to lose. Porto are not much now in europe without Falcao I think. Apoel keeper should of pushed it away first goal instead of try and catch it lol
Slaepwerigne (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Anyone notice that nicosia subbed their keeper at half time? Can't say I blame them, he just couldn't hold that ball! Great result for them though, go apoel!
BerlinerDK (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Sure? Did he not just get a haircut!?
[account-removed] 5 years ago
How can porto cope without falcao? Oh well its a good game with hulk =)
Mercurialmatt (Newcastle United) 5 years ago
The apoel 'keeper looks like he's celebrating a goal. LOL
Megadragao12 (FC Porto) 5 years ago
I think its a bit rash to say that Porto isn't playing well because they no longer have Falcao. If you watch the game its clear that the problem was in the midfield, they players were to slow in transition of defence to attack. Also keleber had plenty of good shots on goal that he made from plays that looked like they weren't important. The problem is that moutinho is not playing at the same level as he was last year and Guarin did not help out at the front. When the coach sub moutinho for Defour Porto was constantly attacking their net, but unfortunately it was to late
Cali86 5 years ago
Dude what I've seen is that Pereira has Guarin playing only to get the ball back. He is got the skill to attack too. That's what he did last year and he did it well but I saw him during the entire game just staying back.... He wouldn't follow hulk on the attack. It obvious that's what pereira is asking of him. What a waste of talent...
Lyanaz (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Good match
[account-removed] 5 years ago
Hulk is too sick
Paxetbonum (Arsenal) 5 years ago
That must be why his skin always has a greenish hue. (Sorry, I just can't resist the superhero references.)
[account-removed] 5 years ago
Javas (Corinthians Sao Paulo) 5 years ago
Only Hulk, Hulk, Hulk. He against 11. He should go to another team

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