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MarquinhoACM (AC Milan) 3 years ago
Transfer central (18/1/13):

- The Kaka Chronicle seems to finally come to an end as multiple sources claim different deals, but it's all the same: It's done. The most trustworthy source claims that Milan and Madrid have agreed on the transfer and are only waiting on Kaka's confirmation.

- Sources claim that Milan have reached an agreement with Brescia to acquire %50 of Polish youngster Bartosz Salamon.

- Filippo Galli, head of Milan Youth Sector, suggested Allegri to call up midfielder Zan Benedicic for the first team after Cristante and Petagna.

- According to Radio Montecarlo, Milan entered the race for the talented Massadio Haidara, 20 years old left back playing for Nancy.

- Albinoleffe are interested in signing Mattia Valoti on loan for the rest of the season.

- Raiola recommended Galliani to sign Brescia's 22-year old attacking midfielder, Vitor Saba, when he was at Via Turati yesterday.

- Parma's president claims that Belfodil is not for sale, not this window nor the summer window
LunaBoy1 (AC Milan) 3 years ago
Now that the Kaká deal is off, do you guys think we're getting Adel Taraabt?
MarquinhoACM (AC Milan) 3 years ago
I doubt it. For one, I don't find him Milan quality (then again, what is Milan quality nowadays?), he's a selfish player and if you read his interview regarding Milan and his possible transfer, he talks about Milan as a stepping stone to a bigger club, and generally comes off as a douche in the interview. Don't want him. And two, Galliani said he doubts any moves will be made in this window now, and while we can never really believe the old man, I can't see a big move happening after Kaka's collapse
Stefke951 (AC Milan) 3 years ago
Never liked him, just a show-off player
ArnabFORZAMILAN (AC Milan) 3 years ago
Agree with Marquinho and Stefke.... It will be a poor decision to have him in Milan!
Stefke951 (AC Milan) 3 years ago
MarquinhoACM (AC Milan) 3 years ago
Hahaha. Sucks too because we missed out on a great deal on yanga-mbwia who was worth like 8m
Stefke951 (AC Milan) 3 years ago
Nicollin: "Yanga-Mbiwa is an ass for choosing Newcastle. But it doesn't bother me. We will be free of him. "      
MarquinhoACM (AC Milan) 3 years ago
Does he mean like Newcastle isn't really a positive jump from Montpellier or something? I mean Yanga-Mbiwa could have gone to either United or Milan and easily find time on the starting 11. Eh he'll probably be out of Newcastle by the summer or even next January
MarquinhoACM (AC Milan) 3 years ago
Game Review vs. Bologna (20/1/13):

Milan looked to get back to winning games after dropping crucial points last week in a draw vs. Sampdoria. A win would put them in 6th place, 5 points from a Europa League spot and 9 points away from a Champions League spot.

While many can argue that Milan has settled with a formation of 4-2-3-1/4-3-3 after a disastrous start with the 4-3-1-2, it is easily pointed out that the attack plan was typically never the same from the previous game and the line-ups could vary often. Allegri opted to start with Mexes and Zapata in the center of the defence, and thus far this season it seems like this is the best duo yet (Mexes & Acerbi statistically has also been very good). When these two are in the center, Mexes tends to assume the role of a stopper, while Zapata claims the sweeper role, meaning that Mexes would often push forward a bit more than usual, perhaps between the midfield and wingbacks, and try to force an error or collect the ball. With Mexes pushed up a bit more than usual, Zapata as a sweeper basically "sweeps" any mistakes made by Mexes, and this is typically thanks to his pace. Because of this system, Bologna were unable to muster any shots inside the box (Mexes own goal was a mistake of his own therefore does not count). I've raved about Mexes before, and I still think he's a great defender and the best Milan has now, but it's obvious that with his rash decision making sometimes and lack of concentration he can sometimes be a burden to the defence. But more often than not he is extremely helpful. On the other side, Zapata can be Milan quality. Actually, there is an interview floating somewhere in the internet claiming that he is Milan quality, but he has the physical prowess to be just that, but he does miss out on the mental side, and being the role of a sweeper your concentration cannot be missing at all during the game.

Continuing on with the defence, while Abate had a rather mediocre game, all the attention went to the opposite flank to Constant. Originally a winger, Constant convinced himself that he can play as a wingback in order to earn himself more game time at Milan, and fortunately for him he has been the best left back Milan has had in recent years. He is still able to use his tremendous dribbling skills when attacking, and proves to be helpful many times as it forces players to contribute to defending him a little bit more and thus opening the field for passes. Constant finished with 9 dribbles (the amount of players he managed to get by) in the game, 2 more than the rest of the team combined. While he still has to improve on some little things such as his crossing ability and his positioning when attacking (he often got in the way of El Shaarawy), he can certainly secure his move permanently at Milan.

Pazzini would end up becoming the hero for Milan however with his brace that forced a 2-1 win. Pazzini ends up scoring 5 goals against Bologna this season in 2 meetings. That being said, it's tough whether to actually be praising Pazzini or not. If you take away his two goals, he literally offered nothing to the team. His positioning was off, he often had trouble beating the defender in front of him, and when he passed it wasn't the most accurately played balls. Pazzini's game is so one-dimensional that it often doe not help the game and their needs to be lucky breaks for him to actually be effective, like his two goals. I don't know, I would like to hear opinions about him and what your thoughts are on whether he actually helps Milan's game or not.

I could keep going for a few more paragraphs as I haven't really hit on every player that I wanted to, but for now I'm going to end with Traore. He made a 10 minute cameo at the end of the game coming in for Flamini, and many have already concluded him as a bust for Milan so far, or essentially a Taiwo 2. 0. The similarities between the two are obvious; both came from the French league on Bosman transfers and both hardly played in their first-half season with Milan. The differences, however, favor Traore more. There are no plans to let Traore go or loan him out whereas Taiwo was subsequently loaned out to QPR last January. And more importantly, Traore is attempting to learn about the league's tactical setup and how Milan tries to play whereas Taiwo seemingly refused to learn or never quite got the grasp of the tactical side. Taiwo has all the features to be a great left back: Great speed, strength, crossing ability and even a deadly shot. But even with that he still proved to be useless and rather a burden to the team when he played and that's simply because he never learned the tactical side of the game and was often left in a position that hindered him or the team. Traore is not a bad player at all, in fact he could be quite helpful to Milan, but he needs to continue to learn the tactical side of the game and slowly develop his own game to the Italian way, and by not selling him or loaning him out but by giving him game time here and there, he can actually become a lot more helpful to the team that Taiwo was when he was here.

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MarquinhoACM (AC Milan) 3 years ago
Transfer Central (26/1/13):

- Milan will reportedly pay 20m for Balotelli in six installments (roughly 3. 4m a year for six years).

- Drogba has agreed personal terms with Galatasaray. This should end any more speculation regarding a move to Milan.

- Coppola is close to joining Torino. Carmona has received offers from a few Spanish clubs.

- The FIFA agent D'Amico was in Russia only to negotiate for Bocchetti's move to Spartak Moscow. It had nothing to do with Abate or Antonini, the Milan players he also represents.

- Milan are still interested in an Amelia-Steklenburg swap. Amelia is a lifelong fan of Roma and Steklenburg wants to move from Roma.

- Primavera player Prosenik has agreed and will be loaned out this window. It's unclear if he's going to Spanish side Hercules or German side Stuttgart
MarquinhoACM (AC Milan) 3 years ago
Player Ratings vs. Atalanta (27/1/13):

Abbiati: 5. 5
Made a couple of great efforts, but largely unchallenged throughout the game, specifically after Brivo's red card.

Abate: 5. 0
Was solid enough defensively and had great work rate, but offensively wasn't very effective and crosses were off as usual.

Zapata: 6. 0
Almost had a bad blunder when giving up the ball to Denis, but often was under control and solid in the back. Also made some great distributions from the back and had nice runs upfield.

Mexes: 6. 5
Making up for the mistake from last week, Mexes had a rather great performance defensively, hardly letting any striker sniff the goal.

Constant: 6. 0
Another great performance on the left flank has he contributed to the attack countless of times as well as breaking up several Atalanta attacks.

Flamini: 5. 5
Workhorse-like performance in the midfield, breaking up plays, tackling and passing to a good extent. Had an opportunity to put the game away but botched the shot.

Montolivo: 6. 5
Great performance has he settled to the regista role that was once his. Made great passes and had great connection with the front 3.

Boateng: 5. 5
Looked much better in the mezzala role compared to the trequartista and was often found in the right place at the right time for passes. Unfortunately wasn't on point when looking to make the final pass and made several mistakes.

Niang: 6. 5
Created terror on the right flank with riveting runs and great passes. Virtually forced Brivo's red card with his moves. Had a nice assist to El Shaarawy's goal and justifies his starting spot.

Pazzini: 5. 5
Didn't have many chances to score in the match, but was often found passing and distributing to help the team out, something rather uncanny from Pazzo.

El Shaarawy: 7. 0
1st goal of 2013 and 15 goals in the season. Nothing else really to add, right?


Robinho: N/A
Was presented with 10 minutes to play, had nothing to do but maintain possession.

Traore: N/A
5 minute cameo.

**motm: El Shaarawy**
Stefke951 (AC Milan) 3 years ago
Didn't Pazzini force Brivio's red card?
MarquinhoACM (AC Milan) 3 years ago
Well I said virtually, by that I mean that with Niang hassling Brivo the whole game he was literally a walking red card
ArnabFORZAMILAN (AC Milan) 3 years ago
Montolivo impressed me really a lot!
Stefke951 (AC Milan) 3 years ago
Game preview vs. Udinese (3/2/2013):

AC Milan look to make a push towards a last qualification place at the expense of Udine.

Expected lineups:

AC Milan (4-3-3):
Amelia; Abate-Bonera-Zapata-Constant; Flamini-Montolivo-Boateng; Niang-Balotelli-El Shaarawy
Missing players: Philippe Mexes, Mattia De Sciglio, Didac Vila and Nigel De Jong

Udinese (3-5-2):
Padelli; Domizzi-Danilo-Heurtaux; Basta-Pinzi-Allan-Lazzari-Pasquale; Di Natale-Muriel
Missing players: Željko Brkić and Emmanuel Badu

The arrival of Mario Balotelli has caused a very positive reaction from Milan fan base, and most certainly will make a debut against Udinese. The only question is will he start or come off the bench? If it was me out there instead of Max, I would start Pazzini in front of Balo for this game at least. Don’t get me wrong I’m excited as the next guy to see how El Shaarawy and Mario play together, but team chemistry is key and Pazzo seemed in good form in last couple of games. I’m not saying Balotelli would disturb it but considering he just had two training sessions with the squad it’s just too early to ’put him in the fire’. On the other side of the match-up, Udinese will be without their starting goalkeeper Brkić and Badu who’s away for African Cup of Nations but other than that they are good to go. Undoubtedly their attacking force Di Natale and Muriel are their focal point and it will be on Zapata (who hopefully knows Di Natale well, seeing they were teammates not too long ago) and Bonera(Zaccardo) to stop them. Last time we met it was not a pleasant match for us, and this time will be no different. So let’s not get carried away, because there’s a tough match to be played and hopefully our lads think that way too.
Acmlt30 (AC Milan) 3 years ago
Player Ratings vs Udinese (3/2/2013)

Amelia: 6. 0
Rarely tested in the first half and was left helpless as Udinese pulled level.

Bonera: 5. 5
Back in the starting eleven after an injury spell and looked rusty. Out-jumped by Di Natale in the buildup to Udinese’s leveler.

Zapata: 6. 0
Sound defending for most of the match and kept Di Natale anonymous in the first half.

Constant: 6. 5
Always provided an option on the left side and linked up well with El-Shaarawy.

Abate: 7. 0
Bombed up and down the right-hand flank with great determination. Set up a headed chance for El-Shaarawy with an accurate cross. Caused Udinese problems all match with his energy and pace.

Montolivo: 6. 5
Spread play well and won back the ball numerous times with some impressive defensive work. Also involved in the build-up to Balotelli’s opening goal. Picked up a booking which will keep him out of next week’s game unfortunately.

Flamini: 6. 5
Put in a tireless shift on the right side of midfield. Strong in the tackle and made himself available going forward as well.

Nocerino: 6. 0
Full of running and his defensive work rate helped Milan dominate the opening 45 minutes.

Niang: 7. 0
Full of tricks and flair on the right hand side. Linked up well his attacking partners and even tracked back to help out the defence quite a few times. Lacked a final ball at times however.

El-Shaarawy: 7. 0
Nearly scored with a header in the 20th minute but went just over. Set up Milan’s opener with a cross which was deflected into the path of Balotelli. Nearly set up Flamini with a goal with a cutting pass. Always a threat with his direct running and speed.

Balotelli: 9. 0
Nearly scored within the first minute of the match with a curling low drive. Grabbed his first goal with a strong finish following a deflected cross from El-Shaarawy. Settled the game at the death with a typically cool penalty kick. A brilliant debut.

***motm: Mario Balotelli***
MarquinhoACM (AC Milan) 3 years ago
Game review vs. Udinese (3/2/13):

This game was solely about one man, Mario Balotelli. Much of the week prior to the game was fixated on the arrival of Balotelli. Will he play? Will be score? Can he be Milan's shining light? Well, to answer most of those questions with a simple word, yes.

There were many great performances from nearly every player on the field, and much part of that is probably due to the hype and belief Balotelli brought. For some reason, every Milan player was wearing their heart on their sleeves. The star performers? Well, here's my list: El Shaarawy, Niang, Constant, Abate, Flamini and Zapata. Oh, and of course Balotelli.

We'll start with the attack. Pazzini was originally suppose to start, but apparently had an injury during the warm-ups. Well that's the official word anyway. We saw Balotelli, who has only trained with the squad twice prior to the game, start from minute 1. And only 30 seconds in, Balotelli's first shot curls nearly half a foot wide of the post. With Balotelli guiding the attack, there was a lot more shifting of the front line then ever before. With Pazzini, he typically stayed in the center of the pitch, waiting to receive the ball and either hold it up or take an opportunity at goal. Balotelli, on the other hand, was much more proactive and not only held the ball to allow time for the midfield to push, but was able to take on players himself and create space for his teammates to run into. Very often did the positioning change, as we saw Balotelli drift either left or right and then one of the wingers, Niang or El Shaarawy, would move into the center. This tremendously help El Shaarawy. Once other teams gathered El Shaarawy's abilities after his amazing start to the season, they typically sent another man to help mark him. Typically it's the fullback's job to contain El Shaarawy, but now teams would often assign the closest center back to also keep an eye on him and this often troubled the pharaoh. With the attack more potent than ever and the constant drifting all over the field, El Shaarawy was hardly ever man-marked by a center back and was able to do his thing.

The midfield was great as well. You have your typical, oxygen-tank runners in Nocerino and Flamini who constantly did the job of tracking, defending, and attacking while the game shifted, and you had Montolivo, playing a more effective mediano than expected, as he not only was able to do his thing as a regista and make plays, but also defend quite well, as evident by his team-high 4 interceptions. Although Montolivo typically gets all the media attention for his work in the midfield, I think this time around it belongs to Flamini. The Frenchman constantly ran up and down the right side of the field, breaking plays and making key tackles, and even showed some of his arsenal of moves. The Flamini of old looked like he was back, and while he has taken many criticism from before, today was his day for praises. It goes to show you that it actually does take awhile to recover fully from a terrible ACL injury, and Milan's patience with him seems to be working from his previous 3 matches. Just look at the stats from Flamini today: 3 tackles (3rd most), 2 interceptions (2nd most), and 2 clearances (most in midfield). He also contributed in the offensive aspect of the game with 1 key pass and 1 shot (from a great run provided with El Shaarawy's great passing). Flamini, who only has a couple of months on his contract, may have done enough to win a starting spot for good.

And now defensively, the man-of-the-defense award goes to Constant. Rather than go into detail about what he had done, I'll just list the stats for you to read: 7 tackles (most), 2 dribbles (2nd most), 58 passes accumulating 84% pass completion with 2 of 3 accurate crosses and four key passes (tied for most with El Shaarawy). It's amazing how much he has developed into the role of the left back Milan has always lacked since Maldini's retirement, and it shows that the Milan management have faith in him by purchasing 50% of his rights from Genoa. Allegri, who has often been blamed for failing to adapt tactically and often playing players out of position, has done something right with Constant. Abate and Zapata also performed well in the game, and Bonera was extremely rusty and was to be blamed for the goal (some could point to Constant as well for being too far up the pitch). And this goes back to prove that even if Allegri can make a right call somewhere, he usually can make a bad call elsewhere, and that was with starting Bonera right after returning from injury.

All in all, a very solid performance by Milan, with Milan-lover Balotelli making an excellent debut. Milan has climbed the table drastically since the terrible start to the season and now that third place spot is more than just a dream. Milan follows up with an away game against Cagliari, who have been in bad form, and then at home with Parma before meeting Barcelona in the knockout stages of the Champions League.

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Stefke951 (AC Milan) 3 years ago
Game preview vs. Cagliari (10/2/13):

After all the controversy over the venue, the match is given the green light and it’s played at the IS Arena.

Expected lineups:

Cagliari (4-3-3):
Agazzi; Pisano-Rossettin-Astori-Murru; Dessena-Conti-Ekdal; Ribeiro-Sau-Ibarbo
Missing players: Danilo Avelar (suspended), Radja Nainggolan (suspended) and Nene

AC Milan (4-3-3):
Abbiati; Abate-Mexes-Zapata-De Sciglio; Flamini-Ambrosini-Muntari; Niang-Balotelli-El Shaarawy
Missing players: Daniele Bonera, Nigel De Jong and Riccardo Montolivo (suspended)

After the upset win in Rome last week, Rossoblu are 4 points clear of relegation contestants Pescara. With that performance they combined 4 straight games without beign defeated (2W 2D). Radja Nainggolan is out suspended and Cagliari will most definitely miss his grit and work rate. Undoubtedly their most dangerous player is Sau who scored 8 goals this season and with the partnership upfront consisting of Ibarbo and Ribeiro they are not to be taken for granted. Over the course of last 15 years Milan have never been beaten by Cagliari, last defeat beign back in 1998. Milan is coming into this game with a probably lowest number of injuries in last season or two, ever since Allegri came in. The question mark is on Constant though, who has been reported with a slight injury in training. Didac Vila (remember him?) is back from injury but not called up for the 22 man squad for this game. Montolivo, the creative side of a usually box to box player packed Milan midfield, is unavailable and Milanisti will probably pray to God it’s not up to Boa and Flamini to role play (no pun intended) Monto’s role. In other news, last night Lazio was not able to beat Napoli, so if Allegri plays his cards right we could find ourselves on -1 of the last Champions League qualification spot.
Acmlt30 (AC Milan) 3 years ago
Player Ratings vs Cagliari (10/2/13)

Abbiati: 6. 0
Had little to do for most of the match, but did what was required. Had no chance on the goal as his defence let him down.

Mexes: 5. 5
Committed far too many fouls including the one which led to Cagliari’s goal.

Zapata: 6. 0
Better than Mexes defensively but should have done better to put off Ibarbo as Cagliari grabbed the lead right before halftime.

Abate: 7. 0
Continued with his good form as he was an attacking menace down the right although his crossing let him down at times.

De Sciglio: 6. 5
Calm and steady at the back as he kept it simple. An unfortunate error could have gifted Cagliari a chance but the hosts failed to capitalize. It was his shot, saved by Agazzi, which led to Milan’s penalty.

Flamini: 6. 5
Another strong performance as part of the midfield trio. Strong in the tackle and tried to push forward as well.

Muntari: 5. 0
Given a rare start over the likes of Boateng and really failed to produce. Did very little of note on both the offensive and defensive ends.

Ambrosini: 6. 0
Did his best to rally his teammates by hassling the Cagliari midfield. Took a couple of shots from range which failed to hit the target. Subbed off after picking up a booking.

Niang: 6. 0
Blew hot and cold this match. Showed plenty of promise on the right but also got stuck in some dead ends and squandered possession.

El-Shaarawy: 5. 5
An ineffective performance in all honestly and was rightly subbed off after just an hour. Failed to link up with his attacking partners and didn’t see too much of the ball.

Balotelli: 7. 0
The hero again as he salvaged a draw for Milan. Won and dispatched a typically cool penalty deep into the second half. Denied a spectacular overhead goal as Robinho’s cutback was judged to have gone out of play.

***motm: Mario Balotelli***
MarquinhoACM (AC Milan) 3 years ago
Game Review vs Cagliari (10/2/13):

Another shortened review as the motivation to write these has been drained following poor performances. Although strangely enough, there are times where I write almost double the amount that I intend to because of a poor performance because there is simply a lot more to write about. But for the Cagliari game, this wasn't the case.

Allegri has tons and tons of weaknesses when it comes to managing. There's the inability to switch the formation following a terrible display (although he has worked on this as of this season), there's the inability to make an impact substitution before the 80th minute, and of course his line-up for the midfield. 2/3 made themselves visible today, but I will focus on the midfield. As any brainiac can tell you, this midfield was pure physical. These guys, Flamini, Ambrosini, and Muntari were made to track box-to-box destroying every threat in the way. When Milan already has issues with committing fouls in their half, it only makes sense to bring in the biggest, baddest bruisers around, right? Well, without connecting the dots, that was the main issue to conceding the goal (I know it was Mexes foul that led to the goal, but that was due to the midfield's lack of containing). It was obvious that the link between attack and midfield was nonexistent without Montolivo, and the team suffered because of it. As great as the combination of El Shaarawy-Balotelli-Niang is and will be, they aren't all Messi's and Ibrahimovic's that can create magic whenever the ball is on their feet 100% of the time, and that's why Milan has needed a link between the midfield and attack for 4 years now because it still hasn't been fixed, just temporally solved, until another problem arrives, like Montolivo's suspension.

There was some praise for Bojan when he was introduced and then arguments made as to why he should be starting more often. No no, people, no. First of, Bojan has already shown the difference he makes between starting and coming in as a super-sub, and trust me, at super-sub he's somewhat good. When he was brought in, he somewhat solved the issue of that missing link by slotting himself behind the striker, but again, this is one of those temporally issues. After Prince had been brought on, Allegri opted to switch the formation to a 4-2-4 when the introduction of Bojan. Because of Boateng's advance role to the right, pushing Niang towards the center/left, this forced the defence to spread itself a bit more to cover the threats. In other words, even the introduction of someone like Traore in that role of the link would have been effective. With Robinho's introduction on the left, it was obvious that Bojan's "job" was made a whole lot easier, but this was to the effect of his surrounding cast members, not Bojan's talents. It may sound harsh but Bojan wasn't needed to win the game and honestly not needed in the squad now. I supported the little Spaniard when he first arrived, but I can't wait until June when he goes back to Roma/Barcelona/some-obscene-club. He was a short-term solution that didn't not fill out.

Finally, I'm going to wrap this up with some statistics. Flamini recorded the most tackles (3) and most interceptions (5) in the midfield, further signifying his recent surge of form. In an ideal world, a midfield of Flamini-de Jong-Montolivo could actually be top notched in all of Europe. To further repeat the needs of that missing link, Mexes led the team in key passes with 2. Yes, our CB Mexes led the whole team in key passes. Jesus....
Abate topped the team with the most touches (109), significantly more than the 2nd most De Sciglio (73). Of those 109 touches from Abate, 10 of them were crosses with only 1 of them actually finding someone. Yikes.

I hope those statistics will keep you in thought of what Milan really needs in the next window, because this team lacks tons and tons of quality, not in the striker portion, but everywhere else.

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Stefke951 (AC Milan) 3 years ago
Game preview vs. Parma (15/2/13):

Warm up game before Barcelona as well as a vital match for Champions League place as Parma come into town.

Expected lineups:

AC Milan (4-3-3):
Abbiati; De Sciglio-Zapata-Zaccardo-Constant; Nocerino-Montolivo-Muntari; Niang-Balotelli-Boateng
Missing players: Marco Amelia, Daniele Bonera, Luca Antonini, Bartosz Salamon, Nigel De Jong, Massimo Ambrosini (suspended), Robinho and Stephan El Shaarawy

Parma (4-3-3):
Pavarini; Rosi-Paletta-Lucarelli-Gobbi; Marchionni-Valdes-Parolo; Biabiany-Belfodil-Sansone
Missing players: Antonio Mirante, Fabiano Santacroce, Daniele Galloppa and McDonald Mariga

After an abysmal performance of creativity against Cagliari, Montolivo is back on the roster and things are looking at least a little nicer. For the first time this season Allegri will not be able to count on tireless El Shaarawy who played in almost every single match this season. Reports are saying that Boa is in the starting lineup replacing Stephan in the 3 man attack. Zaccardo should make a debut tonight against his former club. Parma are experiencing a dip in form, having won only 1 in last 6 matches in Serie A. Marchionni and Aleandro Rosi are back and ready, but Galloppa is sill out having picked up a knee injury back in October. Gialloblu have a tendency of playing well in big matches, as they stripped points from Juve, Inter and Milan.
Acmlt30 (AC Milan) 3 years ago
Player Ratings vs Parma (15/2/13)

Abbiati: 6. 0
Made sure Yepes’ header was tipped over the bar early on. Got down quickly to deny Amauri’s header from a corner. No chance on Parma’s goal.

Yepes: 5. 5
Headed the ball dangerously towards his own net in the opening minutes. He was then beaten for pace by Paletta but Parma squandered a decent chance. Had little to do in the second half but overall an unconvincing performance especially as Milan conceded late on.

Zapata: 5. 5
Poor clearance led to a half chance for Paletta. Should have done better to prevent Biabany’s low cross as Parma grabbed a late goal back. Not a particularly impressive outing especially with Barcelona on the horizon.

Constant: 6. 5
Nearly set up Balotelli in the opening minutes of the match with a strong run. Provided a good attacking option on the left. A little shady defensively, as he often struggled against the pace and trickery of Biabiany.

De Sciglio: 6. 5
Returned to right back and put in an important shift. Pushed forward to good effect and defended reasonably throughout.

Nocerino: 5. 5
Really failed to get involved in the first half. Improved performance in the second

Muntari: 5. 0
Struggled to get into the game and did nothing really of note except for squandaring an easy chance right after the restart. Surprisingly lasted the whole 90 minutes.

Montolivo: 7. 0
Classy performance in the middle, as he rarely lost possession and contributed defensively with some timely challenges. Also tested the Parma goalkeeper with a piledriver from distance late on.

Boateng: 5. 5
Saw plenty of the ball but was quite wasteful. His pass was often too heavy and he elected to shoot far too often. It was his cross however which led to Paletta putting it into his own net.

Niang: 6. 5
Lively performance as he continues his impressive form in the first team. Could have won a penalty as he was barged down by Mesbah as Boateng played the ball across the face of goal. Set up Muntari with a great chance a few minutes into the second half. Tracked back impressively to help out the defence from time to time.

Balotelli: 7. 0
A somewhat quiet performance but showed his quality when it matter as he sealed the game with a wonderfully placed free-kick. But should be commended for all the fouls and knocks he took from the Parma defence.

***motm: Mario Balotelli***
MarquinhoACM (AC Milan) 3 years ago
Game Review vs Parma (15/2/13):

Ugh. It's tiresome to write a review on back-to-back underwhelming performances. I've been putting this off until the last minute (before the Barcelona match), so like last time, I'm going to be keeping this short, even shorter than before....

Despite rather poor performances, Milan continues to get the 3 points and continues to creep up the table. Milan's attack was based on the right side of the field this time around, a bit of a change considering most of the time it goes through the left side with El Shaarawy (even during the few games Balotelli has been here, just in case you're thinking that he's taking away Il Faraone's limelight). The same went for Parma, as their only goal in the dying seconds of the match came from a cross from right winger Biabiany to left winger Sansone. The stats prove this through the great former-Milanista Mesbah, who recorded a high of 6 tackles on the field, which of course, is due to his shrill brilliance. Donadoni, being the brilliant tactician he's been recognized for thus far this season, noticed this and attempted to clog that right flank with Parolo and Mesbah along with forcing Sansone to work hard defensively, and for the most part it worked as Milan could not get much going offensively. Allegri, on the other hand, didn't take notice of Parma's attacks on the his left side so he let it be for the time being, and fortunately that goal came at very late time as Constant and Muntari were having trouble marking Biabiany all game.

While the score says 2-1, Milan only scored 1 (Paletta's own goal....) and that was through Balotelli. He's been huge for Milan, scoring 4 goals in 3 games so far (2 of which came in the dying minutes of the game to win/draw) and against Parma it was no difference. He was taking hit and hit, over and over again by the Parma defenders, as evident not only by his bleeding leg and bruises on his body, but also his stats (was fouled 6 times, game high, and remember this is not including hits that should have been fouls). Even after the game he stated that he was frustrated with the amount of fouls he was taking and the referee not stopping it and even exclaimed that he normally would have been sent off because of that (another point for his move to Milan, the "controlling bad boys"). Anyway, Balotelli has been great and I feel like I've said that the past few reviews, but there isn't much more to say.

All in all, a rather poor performance but hopefully the boys keep their head in the game with the Barcelona tie just around the corner. There's no Balotelli to bail them out like the past few games, so hopefully the shoulders to carry the team will be on Pazzini.... Wait, what? Anyway, best of luck to the team on Wednesday and I know we'll give Barcelona hell both legs.

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