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MarquinhoACM (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Game review vs. Napoli (17/11/12):    Tl;dw    Will be up by TBD
Acmlt30 (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Player Ratings vs Anderlecht (21/11/12)

Abiatti: 6. 5
Made a great 1-on-1 save as Milan’s defence was caught out. Was relatively untested thereafter.

De Sciglio: 7. 0
Caught out of position on a few instances but his delivery in the attacking half was dangerous. Set up El-Shaarawy’s goal with an accurate deep cross.

Yepes: 6. 0
Made some good interceptions and won the aerial battle on most occasions. Poor headed clearance allowed Anderlecht to grab a goal back.

Mexes: 7. 0
Strong in the tackle as always but will be remembered for the stunning overhead goal he scored.

Constant: 6. 5
Defended reasonably well but did not venture too much into Anderlecht’s half. Made an important interception which prevented a likely goal.

De Jong: 7. 0
Ran tirelessly in the midfield. Helped shield his defence on many occasions as Anderlecht rarely broke into Milan's penalty box.

Montolivo: 7. 0
Distributed the ball well as he tried to put his teammates into dangerous positions. Was involved in the build-up to Milan’s first goal and lofted in the free-kick which led to Mexes’ stunner.

Boateng: 5. 0
Barely had an influence on the match. Did not get involved in any of Milan’s attacks and got away with a few rough tackles as well.

Nocerino: 5. 5
Was largely anonymous for the opening 45 minutes. Got more involved in the second half as he chased down the Anderlecht midfield.

Bojan: 6. 0
Employed as the ‘false 9’ he held on to the ball for too long on a few occasions. Replaced in the second half following a quiet performance.

El-Shaarawy: 7. 5
Man of the match performance yet again. Eased the pressure on Milan by opening the scoring with a wonderful volley. Served as the main counterattacking outlet and set up a tap in for Pato after breaking into the Anderlecht box. Contributed defensively as well.


Emanuelson: NA

Zapata: NA

Pato: 7. 0
Made a quick run which led Nuytinck’s dismissal. From the resulting free-kick Milan grabbed a second goal. Had the easiest of goals as he tapped the ball into an empty net. Encouraging performance which will certainly boost his confidence.

***motm: Stephan El-Shaarawy***

ArnabFORZAMILAN (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Will remember the match by Mexes' Awesome Goal. Well, November seems to be like a month of overhead goals! Forza Milan!
MarquinhoACM (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Game review vs. Juventus (25/11/12):

Milan, in desperate need of points to stay competitive in the league, managed to snatch three valuable points right under the noses of the Bianconeri following one of the most impressive displays yet amid a terrible season to date.

After last week's win over Anderlecht that helped secure a knockout spot for the Rossoneri, Berlusconi decided once again that he should visit the squad at Milanello and give them another pep talk. For whatever reason, these pep talks seem to work. Allegri decided to set a line-up that perhaps would have surprised a lot of people considering how.... Different it is. We saw a resurgence of Robinho into the starting line-up, after all the claims that his time at Milan was done and was headed for Santos over the January window. We saw Nocerino make the starting lineup despite still not impressing over the last few weeks. We saw Montolivo wear the captain's armband, which went against the tradition of giving it to the player with the most appearances (In this case, Yepes would have been captain). But the most surprising, at least in my opinion, was seeing Boateng lineup as a striker in a 4-3-3! As a lone striker? Boateng!? How could this be? Well, let's break it down, Allegri style; DAI DAI DAI!

We've seen this 4-3-3 only twice previous, with Bojan 'leading' the charge, but the matter of fact is that Boateng was deployed as a false-9, and with this position meant that he was responsible for shadowing Pirlo whenever Juventus had the ball. But this wasn't the only thing to the 'Pirlo Contain' plan. With Boateng covering back on a Juventus attack, that still meant that there were three more midfielders (Nocerino, de Jong, Montolivo) to even do more pressing. With De Sciglio able to cover Asamoah, and Constant covering Isla, that meant the only thing left was the MVP threesome to deal with, which the midfield did wonders on covering. Nocerino, based on the left side of the midfield, had to handle Vidal most of the time, but what really made his job special is when Pirlo got the ball. After a good 15 minutes had gone by and Pirlo had caught on to the fact that Boateng constantly dropped to shadow him, he knew he had to play quickly and decisively. To counteract that, Nocerino would provide the pressure and virtually the second shadow on Pirlo, which forced him to play even quicker than he wants to and forced several errors in his passing game. Pirlo was dispossessed the most on the Juventus side, giving up 3 balls in his own half.

And the last part, part 3 of the "Pirlo Contain" plan, wasn't much about Pirlo, but more about his targets. With Boateng and Nocerino keeping constant pressure on Pirlo, this freed up more space for de Jong do to his thing; destroy. Two of de Jong's strengths are tackling and interceptions, and a key part of that success is his positioning. With Juventus' wingers covered by the wingbacks, and the constant shadowing of Pirlo, de Jong was able to put himself in a position where the next ball seemed likely to go to. As evident, de Jong recorded the joint-most successful tackles (5) and second most interceptions (2), only behind Montolivo (3). And we cannot forget the captain himself! With Juventus midfield all taken care of with Milan's game plan, that gave Montolivo the time and space needed to contribute with his best strength, his passing. Just from stats, Montolivo made the most passes (48) with a completion rate of 85%, and made 6 accurate long balls from, wait for it.... 6 long ball attempts! And as if it couldn't get better, Montolivo improved on what people considered his biggest weakness, the defensive aspect of the game. Like mentioned before, Montolivo had the joint-most successful tackles with de Jong and De Sciglio (5) and the most interceptions (3) as he read the game to perfection. I don't know if it was the captain's armband or what, but this is the Montolivo most Milanisti wanted (and expected) when he first arrived this summer and hopefully will continue the hot form, as he was the man-of-the-match for me.

*Just in case you decided to skip the last two paragraphs, they were mostly concerning the midfield domination, so go back and read it!

There's little to talk about on the offensive side of the ball as Milan attacked greatly before the goal and were content to defend the 1-0 lead afterwards. Defensively, it was easily Milan's best performance yet. There were several different heroes on the defence, ranging from De Sciglio's overall performance to stop the in-form Asamoah; Constant's domination of Isla and his game-saving, goal-line clearance; and Yepes' "War General" performance. But the player I would like to talk about is Mexes. He is typically criticized for his lack of concentration and agression on the field, and he's done his fair amount of both here at Milan. But when's in-form, by god, he's in-form. The Mexes you witnessed the last two games is one that can compete for a starting spot on any club in the world, and as of now we should be happy that he's playing for us. I may be out of my mind here, but I seriously believe that Mexes will be the shining star in the defence this season as things start their turnaround. If I'm wrong, you know why, but if I'm right, well.... You know why

And finally just a quick mention on El Shaarawy. While he didn't continue his hot goal-scoring streak, he did help the team a lot with his constant movement on top and general chaos that he brought to the Juventus back line. He even helped a lot defensively, as he came back to support Constant on multiple occasions, creating 2 interceptions, 6 total clearances, and drawing 2 fouls. You know he's a true Milanista when he's committed to giving 200% when on the field, and sometimes his defensive efforts are overlooked.

Now it's time to rejoice Milanisti, but it's still relatively hard with a tough away fixture to Catania Friday, so be ready for anything.

Forza Milan per siempre!

Stats provided by
Stefke951 (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Review was, wait for it.... Awesome
MarquinhoACM (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Thank you! It's a lot easier to write about a good performance, I honestly could have kept going
Acmlt30 (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Player Ratings vs Juventus (25/11/12)

Amelia: 6. 5
Untroubled for most of the match and made a few routine saves.

De Sciglio: 7. 0
Fantastic going forward in the first half as he looked comfortable on the ball. Positioned himself well defensively and was able to pick out stray passes.

Mexes: 7. 0
Dominated Juve’s frontmen especially in the first half. Remained calm as Juventus piled on the pressure in the second half as he continued to make important challenges.

Yepes: 7. 0
Similar to Mexes, he kept the Juve attack in his pocket for most of the match. Made some vital interceptions and looked to be dangerous on any set-plays.

Constant: 7. 5
Shut down Isla time and time again. Rarely ventured forward as he concentrated on his defensive duties. Threw his body on the line and prevented a near certain Juventus goal. Another impressive shift at left-back.

De Jong: 7. 0
Full of running and always committed in the tackle. Broke up many of Juve’s play in the middle as he shielded the Milan backline exceptionally well.

Montolivo: 7. 5
Captain for the night and his leadership qualities really showed. Rotated between his creative and defensive duties almost perfectly. Also involved in the build-up to Milan’s penalty decision.

Nocerino: 6. 5
Worked hard in the middle as he chased down every single ball. Helped supply the attack on various occasions whilst also winning the penalty for Milan.

Boateng: 6. 5
Much improved performance although his decision making at times was questionable. Forced Buffon into a good save early in the match and looked to break forward whenever he could.

Robinho: 7. 5
Looked lively from kick-off as his speed and technical abilities gave Juventus a great deal of worry. Scored from the penalty spot as the ball crept in through Buffon’s hands. Continued to look dangerous as he was an important element of the Milan counterattacks.

El-Shaarawy: 7. 0
The focal point of Milan’s counterattacks as his speed and dribbling had both Bonucci and Barzagli resorted into committing fouls. As always tracked back to help out the defence.


Zapata: Came on as Milan looked to wrap up the 1-0 lead.
Flamini: Is apparently still alive.
Pazzini: Didn’t get any chances to score but worked hard and tried to win his side some fouls.

***motm: Robinho***
LunaBoy1 (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Awesome blog guys! I wish I would've known about this before
MarquinhoACM (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Thanks man! We've tried to let people know when we first started, maybe we should keep updating on the chat then?
Stefke951 (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Catania vs. AC Milan preview:
Very important match for Rossoneri after a huge win over Juventus, as they try to climb up the table.

Expected lineups:

- Catania (4-3-3)
Missing players: Mariano Izco, Fabio Sciacca, Adrian Ricchiuti, Nicolas Spolli (suspended) and Alejandro Gomez (suspended)

- AC Milan (4-3-3)
De Sciglio-Mexes-Acerbi-Constant
De Jong-Montolivo-Nocerino
Robinho-Boateng-El Shaarawy
Missing players: Christian Abbiati, Djamel Mesbah, Ignazio Abate, Daniele Bonera, Sulley Muntari, Luca Antonini, Bakaye Traore, Didac Vila, Mario Yepes (suspended) and Alexandre Pato

Both sides had rivalry matches last week, but AC Milan is the side that has momentum from a victory against defending champions Juventus but no to fool ourselves, Catania is eager to avenge their loss to Palermo with a victory over Rossoneri that would surely please their fans. Milan’s formation is not likely to change from 4-3-3 with same players up front and in the middle, some slight changes in the back four after a suspension from Yepes. Catania are without their undobtedly best attacker ’Papu’ Gomez but are still a force to be reckoned with at their home stadium with only one loss in 7 games. The overall record between these two is on Milan’s side by far having played 30 matches in Serie A and losing only two against Rossoazzurri. This game comes to Milan as maybe a more important match than the one last week. Yesterday, President Berlusconi looked to inspire his young ones (not alluding to under-age girls) at Milanello and had newly appointed captain Montolivo by his side when giving his notorious inspirational speech.
LunaBoy1 (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Is Pato hurt? :/
MarquinhoACM (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Yeah he picked up a knock against Anderlecht and still is recovering. I think he was ready to play today but they're holding him out just to be safe
Acmlt30 (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Player Ratings vs Catania (30/11/12)

Amelia: 6. 0
Had nothing to do except to pick the ball out of the net following Legrottaglie’s goal.

Mexes: 6. 5
Largely untroubled at the back but did what was needed when called upon.

Acerbi: 5. 5
Beaten in the air by Legrottaglie as Catania opened the scoring from a corner kick. Made some good interventions for most part but was also caught dallying on the ball on a few occasions.

De Sciglio: 7. 0
Always made himself available on the right-hand flank when going forward. Steady at the back and made some vital interceptions including a goal-line clearance.

Constant: 7. 0
Was a real threat on the left as he bombed forward on numerous occasions unlike previous matches. Set up El-Shaarawy’s second goal with an intelligent pass.

De Jong: 6. 5
Saw plenty of the ball after Catania went down to ten men and helped Milan maintain constant pressure by using the ball well.

Montolivo: 6. 0
Captain again but did not turn in the same kind of performances as against Juventus. Played some good balls forward in the first half, but Milan’s lack of movement didn’t suit his style.

Nocerino: 6. 5
Was all over the field today as he broke forward numerous times but was also chasing down every ball. Denied a goal by some last ditch Catania defending.

Boateng: 6. 5
Frustrating first-half which paralleled his season so far. Came into life in the second period as he supplied the cross which led to El-Shaarawy’s equalizer and then grabbed a goal of his own with a wonderful strike from outside the box. Sent off late for a tackle from behind.

Robinho: 5. 5
Missed two or more glorious chances to score and was out-of-sorts for most of the match. Did manage to touch the ball to El-Shaarawy for Milan’s leveler.

El-Shaarawy: 8. 0
The savior once again as his double rescued Milan. Put away Boateng’s cross like a true striker and then scored in the dying minutes with a beautifully curled effort. A constant threat in the second half.


Emanuelson: 6. 0
Positive substitution as he kept Milan driving forward. Hit the post following a scramble in the Catania box.

Ambrosini: NA

***motm: Stephan El-Shaarawy***
MarquinhoACM (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Game review vs. Catania (30/11/12):

Just a head's up, this week's review will be stat-heavy as I really don't have another way of analyzing the game.

Milan finished with an impressive 7 points through 3 tough matches that ended with Catania, and 1-3 win for the visitors. Milan continues to be in this impressive form and now there are hopes that the team can accomplish more than just a 3rd place finish.... Now, let's dive into those stats.

The most significant piece of statistics you'll find is the passing and the possession. Milan finished with an average of 90% passing completion that game, 4% higher than their average this season and with 73% possession, much higher than their season average of 59%. Much part of this was the red card picked up by Catania player, Barrientos, who essentially lost the game for Catania. After he was sent off, Milan, who were down 1-0, managed to score 2 goals 7 minutes after the incident. After that, however, Milan went back into their "1st gear" mode and were content with keeping the ball with them the whole game without adding to the scoresheet. There isn't much wrong with that of course, but even with a 1 goal lead with the opposition a man down, anything is possible and had Catania sneaked a goal late in the game, Milan would have no one to blame but themselves. Back to the stats. With the high passing percentage, there were 6 players with 90% or more in the game, a season high (Ambrosini would count as the 7th as he had 100%, but it was only 1 pass....). Of those 6, however, only 2 really stood out, Acerbi (99%) and de Jong (95%). I'll discuss more on Acerbi next paragraph, but right now I'll focus on de Jong. He became the focal point in Milan's passing after Montolivo was subbed out early in the 2nd half. He completed a team high 130 passes, and he was 29 for 31 on long ball completion. Again, much of this was during that period after the 2nd Milan goal, so take it with a salt of grain.

Acerbi had a rather.... Interesting(?) game. If someone who didn't watch the match and only saw the statistics, they would have thought he was some kind of super Baresi or something, and you couldn't blame them, I mean look at these stats: 99% passing on 68 passes, 5/5 on long balls, 3 tackles (2nd most), 1 interception, (2nd most), 17 clearances (most), and 8 aerial duels won (the rest of the team combined for 5). Rather remarkable, right? Well, he didn't have a great game on the pitch instead of on the numbers. He could be blamed for the Catania goal scored (the whole defence was at fault in my opinion, no one man marked a single player; rather they sat and let Catania run at them, giving them the advantage) and his man marking was questionable at best. He tends to drag on the ball a little bit too long instead of trying to get rid of it as soon as possible. So yeah, there were some mental aspects that Acerbi didn't quite connect on that game, but I stil think he proved why I was really excited about him this summer, and that's because he does have that potential to be a big star back there. Only game time experience can really help him, and with only 5 appearances in the league so far, it's not looking too good.

Boateng returned to the starting lineup exactly where he was left off against Juventus; the false 9 position. Many tend to question Berlusconi's ideas about the team, but I must admit, advising Allegri to add Boateng as a false 9 was a rather smart move. He wasn't as effective as he was against Juventus, mainly because of the lack of a regista to shadow, but offensively his movements looked improved as did his passing (87% accuracy that match; his season average is a 77%). And to top it all off, he scored that remarkable goal that he was known for last season and finally broke that goose egg hanging over him. Unfortunately, he took a step backwards as he collected a red card at the end of the match with a reckless tackle and we will have to hope that his hot form doesn't cool down while he sits out the next couple of matches.

I'm not going to talk too much about El Shaarawy, seeing as I'll probably have to in every match review and it'll get tiresome, but again he has proven why is the savior of Milan. With a brace against Catania, that marked up as his 11th and 12th goals of the season, collecting half of all of Milan's goals (12/24). He is sitting pretty on top of the top goalscorer list with a 4 goal advantage and need I remind you that he's only 20?

Milan's next match is against Zenit in the Champions League, and while it has little significance as Milan has already qualified for the next round, it would be nice if Milan can chalked up another win in front of the San Siro and hopefully increase those attendance records.

Stats provided by
Stefke951 (AC Milan) 4 years ago
AC Milan vs. Zenit preview (4/12/12):

Milan are through the next round, while Zenit comes to San Siro in hope of reaching a third place which leads them to Europa League.

Expected lineups:
- AC Milan (4-3-1-2)
De Sciglio-Zapata-Acerbi-Mesbah
Missing players: Ignazio Abate, Kevin Constant, Rodney Strasser, Philippe Mexes (suspended), Sulley Muntari and Alexandre Pato, Daniele Bonera, Luca Antonini, Didac Vila and Bakaye Traore

- Zenit (4-2-3-1)
Anyukov-Bruno Alves-Lombaerts-Hubocan
Missing players: Aleksandrar Luković, Domenico Criscito, Aliexandr Kerzhakov and Vladimir Bystrov (suspended)

Simple, Milan are through, Zenit are not. It is only a question of pride, if Milan will go for a win at San Siro. Zenit without a couple of starters but apparently they have a man with some serious anger managment issues, also a member of Avengers team. It would be so cool if they had a player named Tony, he would be like ’’If we can’t save the last-16 spot, you can be damn sure we will avenge it. ’’. Back to the topic, there’s really not much to be said about this game except for some interesting facts.... Milan have just won 4 of his last 17 matches at San Siro in UCL (courtesy of OptaPaolo). This is Milan’s fourth successive last-16 appereance. Zenit have never won in Italy, as they fell to Juventus and Udinese.... The only time they avoided defeat there was against Bologna in 2000.
Acmlt30 (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Player Ratings vs Zenit Saint Petersburg (4/12/12)

Abbiati: 6. 0
Had no chance on Danny’s goal but did manage a vital stop near the end of the game following a Zenit counter.

De Sciglio: 6. 5
Got forward well and put in two or three good deliveries. However he did lose the ball a few times in the Zenit half.

Acerbi: 7. 0
Slow to react on Zenit’s goal but apart from that did no wrong. Stopped numerous Zenit counterattacks with some vital challenges. Made a great burst forward with the ball which eventually led to a good chance for Pazzini.

Zapata: 7. 0
Had Hulk in his pocket for the whole game. Put in some good tackles and made a claim for a starting centerback spot.

Mesbah: 5. 5
Not really tested defensively apart from letting Danny pounce first on the loose ball. Had an opportunity to head the ball back to Pazzini for a tap in but his header took a deflection off his own arm.

Boateng: 6. 5
Tried his best to play the killer pass and generally linked up well with his teammates. Was quiet in the first half but came alive in the second as his cutback to Pazzini nearly led to an equalizer for Milan.

Flamini: 6. 0
Tireless performance but elected to shoot from distance far too often. Did have one powerful effort saved by the Zenit goalkeeper.

Ambrosini: 6. 5
Bossed the midfield as he won the ball back and maintained possession for Milan. Tried hard to urge his team forward.

Emanuelson: 5. 5
Also tried his luck from distance on a few occasions to no avail. Found it difficult to penetrate the Zenit backline.

Pazzini: 6. 0
Held the ball up well and drew fouls throughout the match. Unlucky not to win a penalty in the opening minutes of the match. Nearly scored a goal after he diverted Boateng’s cross towards the goal only to be thwarted by a fine save.

Krkic: 5. 5
Dropped deep to pick up possession as he was shackled by the Zenit defence. Tried an acrobatic overhead kick which went just wide.

Stefke951 (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Torino vs. AC Milan preview (9/12/12):

Milan have a chance to capitalise on last night’s Fiorentina loss, and close the gap to 5 points.

Expected lineups:
- Torino (4-4-2)
Missing players: Marko Bakić, Sergiu Suciu and Kamil Glik (suspended)

- AC Milan (4-3-3)
Abate-Mexes-Yepes-De Sciglio
Emanuelson-De Jong-Nocerino
Robinho-Bojan-El Shaarawy
Missing players: Daniele Bonera, Francesco Acerbi, Didac Vila, Kevin Constant, Bakaye Traore, Sulley Muntari, Riccardo Montolivo, Kevin Prince Boateng (suspended) and Alexandre Pato

Torino come into this game after a heavy loss to Juventus in the Turin Derby. They are in poor form of late, having not won in last 3 matches in Serie A. The record between the two is on Milan’s side, with Torino only winning once in last 24 matches. Injury ravished Milan comes to Turin without their most creative midfield player Riccardo Montolivo, so the creativity will be left to the 3 front men. That beign said, a less penetrative Milan midfield would probably result with Torino fancying their chances and pressing high up the field. With the return of Abate, Milan will have more experienced defence and certainly should be hoping for a first away clean sheet since the beginning of the season. Another notable thing is that Milan scored in every single away game this season with El Shaarawy scoring in last 6, and since no Italian has scored for Diavoli against Torino at Stadio Olimpico (last being Pippo in 2003), Il Faraone is the prime candidate to pop that cherry.
LunaBoy1 (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Damn Pato is still out? Haha SES will definitely pop that cherry!
Stefke951 (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Yeah, Pato is out but should be ready for Pecara. Let's hope El Sha pops the s**t out of that cherry!
MarquinhoACM (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Game review vs. Torino (9/12/12):    Will be added later in the week. Check back later. Thanks - Marquinho  
Acmlt30 (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Same with the player ratings, watching the game tonight
Acmlt30 (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Player Ratings vs Torino (9/12/12)

Amelia: 6. 0
No real chance on either goal and had little to do for the majority of the match.

De Sciglio: 7. 0
Switched to left-back and was just as efficient. Provided the cross for Robinho’s goal and combined well with El-Shaarawy to create a good chance for Pazzini.

Abate: 6. 0
Returned from injury to the starting 11 and looked rusty. Didn’t bomb forward to his usual extent and was booked for a clumsy challenge on Bianchi.

Yepes: 6. 5
Stand in captain for the night and marshaled the defence. Put his body on the line on more than one occasion.

Mexes: 6. 5
Formed a solid partnership with Yepes at the center of defence and generally came on top against Torino’s attack. Unable to prevent Bianchi from grabbing a late goal after being beaten in the air.

De Jong: NA
Forced off with a serious injury which will keep him out of the remained of the season.

Nocerino: 6. 0
Gifted Torino the opener with a horrible back-pass. Atoned for his error by putting Milan in the lead early in the second half. Continued to work hard and provided the cross which eventually led to Milan’s fourth goal.

Emanuelson: 6. 0
Employed in a more central role which somewhat limited his influence. Did manage to hit the crossbar with a beautifully curled effort in the 70th minute.

El-Shaarawy: 7. 0
Continued with his stunning form. Set up Nocerino’s goal as his cross was poorly cleared by Gillet. Grabbed a goal of his own after the Torino goalkeeper fumbled the ball once again.

Robinho: 6. 0
Showed good feet to pull Milan level with a well-taken goal. Disappeared in the second half.

Pazzini: 7. 0
Led the line well tonight as he exploited any gaps in the Torino defence. Scored with a powerful shot after making a strong run into the box. Thumped the post late on with a well timed header.


Ambrosini: 6. 0
Battled hard as always and won the ball back for Milan a number of times.

***motm: Stephan El-Shaarawy***
Stefke951 (AC Milan) 4 years ago
AC Milan vs. Pescara preview (16/12/12):

Birthday boy looking for a win and the continuity of his form, at the expense of Pescara.

Expected lineups:
- AC Milan (4-3-3)
Abate-Mexes-Yepes-De Sciglio
Robinho-Boateng-El Shaarawy
Missing players: Daniele Bonera, Didac Vila, Bakaye Traore, Nigel De Jong and Alexandre Pato

- Pescara (4-3-1-2)
Missing players: Uroš Ćosić, Emmanuel Cascione, Giuseppe Colucci and Manuele Blasi

Last week Pescara shown that they still have some fight left in them with the important victory over Genoa. Their form has not been shiny though, with losing 4 of 5 last games. The player that has been praised by Raiola (and will probably be compared to some painting, not Mona Lisa because it’s taken by Balotelli), Vladimir Weiss is Pescara’s best man this term with 3 goals and the main reason behind the win last week. Diavoli are in good form right now having won 3 back-to-back fixtures in Serie A, although two of them were away from home. Allegri will line-up a 4-3-3 formation which has proven to be the best so far. Boateng is back from suspension and will start as a false 9. This match also sees the return of Montolivo, the main creative force in midfield.

Happy 113th birthday Milan!

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