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Long Live The Prince (+Transfer Speculation For January Window)
Alexinho (AC Milan) 5 years ago
I hope you are right but unfortunately it will be hard to turn Barcelona and City down thinking of what they will be able to offer. A team like Man. City can choose to offer us whatever they feel like and I wouldn't be surprised if they offer £ 60 000 000 for him. He would be worth it too. If such an offer comes to the table Berlusconi might interfere and decide to sell and take 60% of the income. Barcelona actually has the abillity to match these offers to now that they started taking sponsor deals
IRossoneri (AC Milan) 5 years ago
I highly doubt Milan will sell Silva even if they need the money, if anything they actually need to buy another center back to replace Nesta, it would be stupid to sell him without any replacements. I think it's almost certain that Milan will buy a midfield in january and he will most likely be brazilian. They also need a left back because Allegri isn't using Taiwo, I personally think he can do well if he got more time to play but who knows, maybe he hasn't been doing well in training, I don't know Allegri's reason for not playing him. A goalkeeper is needed as well but it's the very last thing on the list because Milan need a striker since Robinho can't finish, Cassano is out and Pato gets injured every few months
ArnabFORZAMILAN (AC Milan) 5 years ago
I agree with you iRossoneri.... We have to get a temporary repcment for Cassano.... Players like Ambrosini, Gattuso, Van Bommel do lack the pace as they are around 35.... So.... Thinking of near future.... Milan needs to buy good mid fielders...
Alexinho (AC Milan) 5 years ago
Long Live The Prince

This is just a tribute to our Prince, may he have a long and successful life.

Well other than that I could as well just express a theory I got and want off my chest.

As many of you might have heard, Carlos Tevez agent have been in talk with AC Milan and there are now rumors about him going to join us in January.

As I am sure that Milan have the ability to get discipline if they decide to get him, and that he will be a great striker, I still want this transfer to stay as a rumor and this is why:

Yes it is very likely that he will be cheap compared to how good he is when he focus on the football. But still. A price charge will probably be about £25 million. This is money that Milan would need to raise somehow and with all the rumors around our dear defender, Thiago Silva I really fear that we will be forced to sell him to either Barcelona or Manchester city. I think he will then, in the choice between these 2 clubs, decide to go to Barcelona (I ain't saying he wants to go, but Kaka didn't wanna go either back in the days when we sold him to Real Madrid.) Unfortunately this will also open the possibility of Barcelona to move on to buy Pato.

It has allready been rumours about that we will let Pato go as well in this window.
This because besides the money we have to pay for Carlos Tevez, we still got more to pay for the transfer we allready did when we bought Zlatan. Pep Guardiola was also out in the media praising Pato's ability in acceleration and speed after the 2-2 game we had with them where pato was a constant threat to their side. It has allso been rumours about that Barcelona will let David Villa go and who would really make a better replacement for him then our dear Pato, and he has a great friendship with Silva so if Milan decide to sell him, he would most likely decide to follow friendship here and both of them would move to barcelona side.

Am I the only one who fears that this will happen and pray to the gods that Carlos Tevez decide to not join us so that we have a better chance keeping our star defender and striker?

Further on, who do you guys think Milan will get in this window and what kind of players do you mean we need?

My opinion is that as Taiwo can grow into be a great ving beck we still lack alot here when we meet good teams out in europe, and Barcelona side really showed this weakness when we played them. (Just look how they attacked us at the 16 metre mark at side of goals and got to pass inn to players in front of our keeper numbers of time) So I really think we need to get some good right back with speed to follow the superstars of the todays football so they can't run over us here

I also think that we need to get a new goalkeeper. Abbiati isn't directly bad but he isn't an star keeper either. I wouldn't put him in my top 10 goalkeepers at least, one I would like to get is actually Vincent Enyeama. That guy keeps impressing me with incredibly save, he might need to learn to hold some more of the balls but at least he won't let them hit the net.

Feel free to say what you think

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