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Inter Milan V AC Milan, Feb 24
Peterpan 1 year ago
Alvarez is an awful player keep the ball too much for too long and usually loose it in parts of the field where he should not, he can't cover and neither attack. Milan is more of a team respect Inter at the moment the good thing for Inter is that Handanovic is a wall and that's what kept this Inter afloat tonight. Al Sharawi has too much class I can imagine in 2 years from now is going to be the Italian's Van Persie. This Milan can go toe to toe against Juventus
Eseleaka (Inter Milan) 1 year ago
There's a difference between being a bad player and having a bad day. Obviously you didn't see Inter's Europa league game. He was phenomenal
JulianBond (AC Milan) 1 year ago
The result is better for Milan since we're higher up on the table, but we should have shut this game out much earlier. What a performance from Handanovic though.... Reminded me of Schalke when they got to the semi final of the champions league with Neuer
Noir853 (Juventus) 1 year ago
Brilliant match but ruined by the "foggy" atmosphere. Smh
Peteko 1 year ago
Ridiculous fog.  Inter are probably the happiest side, although this kind of games can go either way.
Partizoni (KF Partizani Tirana) 1 year ago
Do e rrafim Elbasonin, po vari karin ktyne...
Gunnerdone (Arsenal) 1 year ago
Is italy really that racist?
MUFC1990 (Manchester United) 1 year ago
Unfortunately it seems that way.

Although it may just be a bit of an Italian Football thing.... They have had very few black players represent the Italian national team
Mik0lai (KS Widzew Lódz) 1 year ago
Every single european country is. Some countries simply do a better job concealing it
Hassan14 (Liverpool) 1 year ago
Great game, ac milan should have edged it and balotelli deserved another goal
Sicilianjoe (AC Milan) 1 year ago
AC Milan were VERY unlucky to not get the 3 points.... Certainly the better side
FifaXX (Napoli) 1 year ago
As a Napoli fan the El Shaarawy, Balotelli pairing makes me really nervous....

But as a fan of the Italian national team.... Well.... It's like sex with Monica Bellucci.
Kaddoura (Bayern München) 1 year ago
Looks like your a virgin and you watch alot of porn
Fran (Manchester United) 1 year ago
As per usual cr*p highlights

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