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Barcelona V AC Milan, Mar 12
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Will the real Barca please stand up?!
Mt1234 (Bolton Wanderers) 3 years ago
Put 4 of those fingers on Franky's hand up!
Nadarmassi (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Love Barca  
Beautifulmind (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Now I know why Barca got beaten the past times.... They were bored.... They didn't see anything challenging.... Challenge them and you'll find out.... The hard way.... I tell you that!
[account-removed] 3 years ago
Same with Chelsea last season? You have to think before you say nonsense like that.... Lol
Peterpan 3 years ago
Beautiful mind you should think about brain transplant so your mind get also rational. Chelsea kick your ass last year even with an un-existing penalty cause by the usual barca's style dive you were unable to win. Bayern will kick your ass for this year so don't you worry prepare some lubrificant
Mharis (Barcelona) 3 years ago
@Peterpan: Don't Cry baby
Peterpan 3 years ago
@Mharis why should I? Are you slightly retarded that's why you can't see that I'm not Milan fan?
ManoK (Barcelona) 3 years ago
@beautifulmind.... Nonsense whatsoever!
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Peterpan: Chelsea kicked Barca's ass? Are you high? Chelsea barely got through because Barca and Bayern both did a phenomenal choke job. From your comments you seem quite delusional. And its a lot of talk coming from an Italian team supporter talking about diving style and penalties. I mean, you're used to match fixing so why even bother talking about diving and acting which by the way is bread and butter for Italian players
Mharis (Barcelona) 3 years ago
@Peterpan: then how in the World Chelsea's win has any conjunction with this win over Milan. And for your information, against Chelsea that was a legitimate penalty call from Ref. And Messi was denied by the pole as like M'baye Niang denied today
Peterpan 3 years ago
Franky I think you are delusional How many game Barca won last year out 2 against Chelsea? Barca always get the usual ref'push I watched quite a few clasico you guys are world champions in diving, Pedro's future career should be in Hollywood he'll get an academy for sure
Beautifulmind (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Oh you people.... Don't you understand sarcasm? Iam just enjoying the master class The Blaugrana laid out today!
Mharis (Barcelona) 3 years ago
@Peterpan: OK bro! Barca are the worst play actors on the entire planet. They already set their sights in Hollywood because they eventually end up showing their Antics after their retirement and UEFA is actually UEFAlona.

They get illegitimate support from Refs. From every corner of the World. Hmmmm! You are absolutely Right!

Peterpan 3 years ago
@mharis I'd like to take you to school some time but I don't own a yellow bus, sorry pal
ITenzo (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Where is chelsea anyway. Arent they supposed to be defending their trophy?
Mharis (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Gan3o (Chelsea) 3 years ago
Are there any team defended this trophy? It's difficult competition
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Peterpan: You're not just a Barca hater your hatred is so severe it blinds your mind to reality. Barca's game against Chelsea was exactly what happened to Bayern - Choke job! This happens in football which doesn't necessarily determine which team is better. Barca and Bayern were clearly the better teams in the competition last year and Chelsea had no business even being in the semifinal let alone winning the cup. But s hit happens in football.

As for the referee claim: I have an entire blog post here on footytube. You can look it about. Its about the times Barca got hosed by the ref. A small example: Barca vs Inter. We lost by 1 aggregate goal. During the two legged tie,
1) Milito's offside goal was allowed
2) Bojan's legit goal was given offside
3) Sneijder's scissor chop tackle on Alves from behind was not given

That's three goals for Barca right there. So you can stop falsely claiming the UEFA conspiracy theories. It only makes you look ignorant
Hashhash (VfL Wolfsburg) 3 years ago
People are over looking Barca's talent since Tito has been away with the cancer. They have been playing poor lately but it looks like things are back on track.

Good win!
Umairrockx (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Still defending is major issue....

It was a bit luck that Milan weren't able to take advantage of poor defending.

It's no doubt a great win, but we should improve our defending.
Everything is satisfactory except defending.
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 3 years ago
Wait, umai, what about defending?
Janeaire84 (Barcelona) 3 years ago
It was descent~ pressure was all up front like the days of Pep. And most of all, this victory could be delivered due to Messi's first goal early in the 5 mins~ this caused Milan's defence bit shaky which created lots of chances for Barca early stage of the game. Barca could have knock Milan 4:0 from the first half
7anzalla (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Siiick game!
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 3 years ago
I'm absolutely overjoyed but I can't take these games anymore. The nervousness when Barca is defending is just mindnumbing. I don't want to pee on our party but I'm not sure how far the team can go with such big holes at the back. We need a good CB. Mascherano is too adventurous to be a CB
Peterpan 3 years ago
Hey what can I say I don't like Barca I prefer Real for spanish team I'm sorry but I get bored watching Barca. There is not even one player that I like not even Messi. Keeping the ball for 80 m and doing nothing (other than in today's game)with it is quite annoying then when you loose the ball the usual dive and the systematical referee's arrasment
KidultHood (Inter Milan) 3 years ago
You're on the wrong forum mate.... Stop for a minute and listen to how stupid you sound
ITenzo (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Don't watch 'em. And don't comment on their games either ...... Simples ! Pwwwt !
Peterpan 3 years ago
@kidulthood I'm not your mate pal, I think you are on the wrong forum you should try gay finder if you are looking for mate
CSKA1948SOFIA (PFC CSKA Sofia) 3 years ago
Whether you like their style or not, no other team dominates possession like that against every team they play
Janeaire84 (Barcelona) 3 years ago
@Peterpan ; what exactly are you thinking when you write such a comment on Barca game? Here's Barca fans everywhere. What you doing is nothing but trolling;; You want the quarrel, you will get it. But if you don't want such commotion here, just watch the highlight and leave. There is no point of you to leave a comment which will bother tons of Barca fans including myself. Do you enjoy trolling then do it some other place and if you think this is not a trolling then think reversely. What if other team fans come to Udinese game's highlight and leave a harmful comment? What will your reaction be? Think about it, please!
Mt1234 (Bolton Wanderers) 3 years ago
Is @Peterpan even a Udinese fan? I've never seen him before. Looking at his history, he hasn't watched or commented on ANY Udinese matches.

Though he lists his name as "Adolf" and is also a fan of Lazio, which is more in line with his comments above....

(No disrespect to Lazio, just saying that their Ultras can be a bit "extreme".)
Peterpan 3 years ago
I think tonight most of the merit for Barca win have to be attributed to Ac Milan demerit. The ABC of football is stopping the ball and pass it, Ac milan was unable to make more than 2 clean consecutive passes that's pretty shameful. Boateng Niang and Constant should have had been sub right away(they're the cause of Milan defeat) for Robinhio, Bojan and Muntari
Beautifulmind (Barcelona) 3 years ago
But you know that if Milan played an open game.... They would have been severely raped, don't you?
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Peterpan: Barcelona always presses the way they did today. Its just that for the past few weeks, Barca hasn't been playing with conviction so people forgot how Barcelona players are trained to retrieve the ball in 6 seconds. Nobody can pass the ball around under pressure as quickly as Barca does. So for you to think that Milan didn't pass and hence lost is taking away the credit from Barca. Barca's press does that to most teams
Peterpan 3 years ago
I think you are quite wrong on that. Unless you are Merlin the Magician you shouldn't be so sure. You guys loose each time the opponent team attacks and this is not one of your prediction but its a fact
Mharis (Barcelona) 3 years ago
"You guys loose each time the opponent team attacks.... "

Apart from recent thumb from RM can you share any other example to support your argument?
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 3 years ago
What the hell are you talking about? We lose each time opponent team attacks? United attacked instead of parking the bus. They lost. Twice! Barca didn't end up winning so many trophies in the past 5-6 years because other teams didn't attack us. Not sure what "facts" you're talking about
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Peterpan: And pressing Barca can become quite tricky. Mourinho has figured it out after many tries. Even then he needs awfully rough play and heavy tackling without getting cards to actually press Barca. So whatever you're talking about, doesn't really exist
Janeaire84 (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Besides 2games against Real Madrid, first AC Milan match, Celtic, and Real Sociedad game, there were tons of games where opponent teams tried all men defence and quick counterattack strategy. However, only four teams have won with that tactic. Besides Real Madrid, I don't think any other team can win consecutive victories against Barcelona in a form like today's
Mt1234 (Bolton Wanderers) 3 years ago
Ummm, every single La Liga match consists of opponents attacking Barcelona (except for Madrid). Buses are an English form of transport, unknown and foreign to Espana
Mharis (Barcelona) 3 years ago
"Barca rein is over"
"Barca tiki-taka is no more an example to follow"
"Barca are vulnerable"
"Barca are in crisis"
Blah blah!

These are the only headlines I have been reading for past few weeks ever since I stumble upon the Football section of any news website. All the scumbags gathered from every corner of the World and throwing their unwanted thoughts. Unsurprisingly all are up to one opinion "Barca rein is over and their decline is imminent".

This win is surely a tight slap in their Arses.

No offence to AC Milan but frankly speaking I wanted Barca to win the tie and knock-out Milan just to give these morons 'Hiding'

By the way all commentators are calling it a historic comeback in the UCL history. Deportivo La Coruna turned the 4-1 deficit against AC Milan at San Siro to 4-0 win at Estadio Riazor in the semi-final 2nd leg of UCL 2004.

Janeaire84 (Barcelona) 3 years ago
No team has ever turned the table upside down if the first leg was scoreless defeat since today's game, from UCL tournament(from 1992-93 season when UCL is reorganized). This is THE historic victory
Amanek (WKS Slask Wroclaw) 3 years ago
I have no words to describe this game. Simply amazing
Mharis (Barcelona) 3 years ago
But you eventually described it
Weegeez (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Barca football at it's finest, a complete master class. Also a f*****g clean sheet. Messi was perfect today, one of the greatest performances he has ever conceived he terrorized Milan both in defence and attack. The goals.... Holy s**t the goals. Worldclass
ManoK (Barcelona) 3 years ago
I'm very glad we found our form, Milan got it all wrong and messi.... Oh messi!That's why you're the best
KidultHood (Inter Milan) 3 years ago
Messi simple the greatest, Messi found a hole through the six Milan defenders to scored that Beauty of a goal; Second goal was great too, reminded me of the goal Messi scored against Edwin Vandersar at Wembly
CaptainTEEMO (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Just to make the defender slide in and open a gap between his legs so that he can blind sight the gk and score through that gap. Pure genius this guy. For the 2nd goal
Mo7aseb (Real Madrid) 3 years ago
The history is repeated with Milan
New tragedy like what happened against each: -

Deportivo la coruna
And now : Barca

Hard Luck
KidultHood (Inter Milan) 3 years ago
Didn't they went through against Arsenal? I think Milan won 4-0 in Italy and lost away 3-0 in London?
Noir853 (Juventus) 3 years ago
Nearly giving away a freaking FOUR goals lead was unacceptable for big club like Milan....

But I don't know if that was their syndrome or something....
KidultHood (Inter Milan) 3 years ago
''They can't keep a good man down
Always keep a smile when they want me to frown
Keep the vibes and I stood my grounds
They will never ever take my crown
Who Jah bless I say no man curse
Things get better when they thought it would be worst
Here comes the officer asking for ah search
They found no weapons just only a draw first''

''Cuz I'm so solid as a rock
They just can't stop me now
Even when they set their traps
They just can't stop me now
People will say this and that
They just can't stop me now
Even when they set up road blocks
They just can't stop me now''

That's what Messi said to all the haters
Beautifulmind (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Hahahaha a good one
Janeaire84 (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Jepc92003 (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Is the 1st part a song? If don't can I use and make it a song and before I'm all gone? Haha
AntiFutbol (Club Tijuana) 3 years ago
Barcelona did exactly what it needed to do. Change its tactics. It was highly vertical. Messi playin a little deeper in midfield as classic 10 and not a false 9. Villa instead of being on the flank, he played as a classic 9 up top, between the 2 CBs. Jordi Alba rarely when up top for the overlap through out the game -like he usually does- and played more defensively to snuff any break from the Rosso Neri with his speed, the same speed that sentenced the game in Barcelonas favor. Moura played his tactics brilliantly making the switches at the right time Bringin in Adriano for Pedro to liberate Alba of his defensive duties.

This mathch showed that the game of football is a game of outplaying and outwitting the opponent. Doesn't matter if you arent faithful to your system. If the enemy is used to you playing a certain way, they will have a tactical advantage over you.

Well Played Barsa, well Played

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