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Zian6 (AC Milan) 6 days ago
Damn, first match of Milan I watched in a long time and they manage to score 3-0 against Inter. What a good day haha
Goonerfan13 (Arsenal) 1 week ago
f**k the owners, and screw Mr. Bee. I have a better shot turning around Milan than these assholes who constantly screw people because of their greed. How is Berlusconi even still apart of this world, dude is a dried up plum who shouldn't even be concerned with money anymore and should worry about coffin selections
Twk80 (Juventus) 1 week ago
Welcome back Balo
Juventusfc (Juventus) 2 weeks ago
Goonerfan13 (Arsenal) 1 month ago
Wtf, all of the players are playing like s**t!
Goonerfan13 (Arsenal) 1 month ago
Come back asap Ancelotti! Please
Drogbalampard (Chelsea) 1 month ago
Goonerfan13 (Arsenal) 1 week ago
^^^I know right, hopes crushed!
Sam (Footytube Moderator) 2 months ago
Wow this page is dead.

Anyway, the DF weekly transfers has finally been activated. Be sure to make whatever changes you need to make, and you can let any of the mods know what you think about it I. E like, dislike, suggestions etc.

Also, DF prizes from last year have been sent out, so if anyone hasn't received their prize, let me know
LunaBoy1 (AC Milan) 3 months ago
AC Niang
ColonelBX (Chelsea) 3 months ago
Damn I must say.... This season doesn't look good at all, the politics are even more vivid on the field -_-"
Spending 120m.... At the moment I wish we could've seen Pippo with that money, there is no structure at all under Mihajilovic...
VanDerAraf (Inter Milan) 4 months ago
Great 1st half today! I guess Milan needs Montolivo's play-making skills, today he has played quite brilliantly. Also, I think Balotelli will play much more than many Milan supporters expect (he will end up playing along with Bacca)
Twk80 (Juventus) 4 months ago
Glad that Balotelli got his playing time and he's proving he's worth...
Rudimaldini (AC Milan) 4 months ago
Zekko4 (AC Milan) 4 months ago
I wanted to express my opinion long ago, but I always hopped they would prove me wrong, it did not happen so far and I don't think it ever will. For some time now the level of mediocrity in the Milan team is quite staggering. I have been an AC Milan fan since 2001, and comparing all those teams to the ones that have played in the last 2 seasons for Milan is travesty. Where once in our defence played Maldini, Nesta, Cafu and Sergihno now play Zappata, De Scillio, and Abate (I am not going to say anything about Romagnoli, only that the price tag and the number on the shirt will really be a burden for him. One that I don't think he can carry). Were once in the Milan midfield played Pirlo, Seedorf, Rui Costa or Kaka now play some of the most insipid players I have ever seen. How can you expect creativity, flair, and leadrship from Monotolivo, Bonnaventura, Poli, Honda (again not gonna' mention Berttollaci it's to early, altough he does not look promosing so far). Even the attacking compartment does not look that good with Luis Adriano and Bacca. Balotelli seems the only exeption because he is the only really gifted player that Milan has right now (because why would you give Manstor and El Shaarawy a chance when you can send them oh loan?), he is the only champion, but unfortunately for him and for us there always seems to be something else distracting him from football (I hope it's not the case any more). Milan were once a team of champions, a very strong and united team, which played wonderful attacking football and was a joy to watch. But now there games (and I watch most of them) have really become a burden to watch, to see mediocre players with no game plan struggling to play in a shirt most of them don't deserve to wear
MarquinhoACM (AC Milan) 5 months ago
I'd be surprised that no one has mentioned it, but then again there is no one here....

The summer mercato was a failure. I'm sure from the eyes of the neutrals people are saying "Wow! Milan invested! They're certainly contenders now!" And they're half right. We did invest. But we didn't invest smartly, and on top of that, were ridiculed and embarrassed by mistakes all summer....

I'm talking about the Jackson Martinez & Kondogbia dilemma. Not only did Milan announced both targets prematurely, even as far as Milan Channel confirming them as Milanisti, but then go on to say that we saved €70m not spending on them with the whole transfer fell apart! I mean really Galliani? He then responses by splashing €50m on Bacca & Bertolacci. Bacca's price was a little high, and I feel like with actual negotiation they could have lowered the price a bit, but he's still a great buy. On Bertolacci's end, however; he has done nothing in his career to warrant €20m price tag and is struggling to live up to it. That money could have easily been used elsewhere. And not even going to mention the Witsel failure....

On top of the mismanagement of funds, Milan failed to address their actual needs! Yes, strikers were needed, but they are useless without service from the midfield, and apparently Bertolacci was the answer to that? The defence also needed addressing, yet they splurge on Romagnoli, who does have potential, but is too raw to lead the defence to a top 3 finish this season. Also we had a chance on letting Mexes walk but resigned him instead? And sold Paletta but kept Alex around? What is going on?!

As what has been a precedent in recent years, Milan's summer windows has been all talk but little to back it up. Milan reportedly had €150m to spend, yet spent only €75m (arguably less when you look at the Romagnoli deal: €5m paid for the next five years....). Milan was suppose to get HUGE investments from Mr. Bee, but even now there is no deal from him. And Milan's faith in their own youth continues to deteriorate with the sales of Saponara & El Shaarawy, and the eventual sale of Hachim Mastour.

If you want to sum up Milan's summer, just look for the picture with Jackson Martinez, Kondogbia, and Ibrahimovic posing in Milan uniforms.... Or even the quote from Berlusconi calling out Thohir for not spending. Yeah, how did that turn out Berlu....
VanDerAraf (Inter Milan) 5 months ago
No, I'm a neutral and I don't share this view tbh. I think your analysis is perfect and I seriously wonder why Galliani took some decisions, I would understand this transfer campaign is he was given a very low budget, but with 90 millions at disposal....

20 for Bertolacci doesn't make sense, 25 for Romagnoli is a risk as he has played too little to guess whether he will become the new Nesta or the new Ranocchia and Bacca is a great striker, but he is almost 30.... Some years ago I envied your whole squad (Cafu, Maldini, Shevchenko, etc....), now I would just sign 3 players: Diego Lopez, Bonaventura and Bacca....
ColonelBX (Chelsea) 4 months ago
One of the reasons why we overpaid for Romagnoli and Bertolacci was Berlusconi himself stating he wants to make a team full of Italians.... Tbh both signings are actually good if you look at their stats last season (the transfer fees however don't help at all though....)
30m for Bacca can be overpriced for a 28yr old, but I say it's a good buy considering Milan can't lure top players easily like before. Luiz Adriano was definitely a good purchase. Kucka is a panic buy smh.... He is a good squad player however.
Imo to make the 4-3-1-2 formation to be successful we needed a Kongdobia type of a player, someone strong, with lots of stamina, and can smash balls from long range. Oh, and also DeJong's backup/replacement. I think those are Milan's biggest miss of this transfer window, since Bertolacci shouldn't partner Bonaventura but either replace him or stay on the bench. The other CM should be that crucial new signing or a energetic player like Poli.
Milan should have tried hard and sign Witsel, or even Alex Song.... I hope Witsel happens this winter :S
VanDerAraf (Inter Milan) 5 months ago
I'd like to hear some opinions on tonite's performance. I feel Milan has a great goallie and striker (Lopez and Bacca), but the rest is quite average. Tonite I haven't seen much difference between Empoli and a team who spent 100 million on the transfer market. It may be too early to make a judgement but I believe Milan is having some serious problems on the midfield line. During Allegri's first year you guys won the championship and you had some average players too but Ibra made everyone look great (nocerino scored more than 10 goals and boateng too). Maybe you need Ibra to step up but then Milan would quit playing time to Adriano oh Bacca who are doing good. What do you guys think?
MarquinhoACM (AC Milan) 5 months ago
I agree with everything you said. For once, all you have to do is listen to the coach's post-match conference because he keeps it honest. Miha said Milan didn't deserve to win and looks no different than last season and that the midfield plays too scared and do not make enough passes forward. Bertolacci has yet to live up to that €20m tag and idk why people think getting Witsel will change much, we need Ibra to make this team spectacular.

Hopefully as the season progresses we see the past managers' effects wear off and the full Miha treatment set in but I still think we'll need a couple more weeks or even a month before the team plays like Miha wants them to. So as far as last night's or even last week's games goes, I think we'll need more time before we see any change in Milan's play
VanDerAraf (Inter Milan) 5 months ago
I think getting Witsel would have been like admitting that 20m for Bertolacci was a waste. Actually I was quite surprised by that price tag, some say the reason is that Milan had to get Destro back but as they didn't they agreed with Rome that Bertolacci's price was a bit higher.

Mihailovic is definitely a good coach, last year he got the best out of some players who weren't exactly Maradona and Pele, he may do the same with some Milan's players this season
ColonelBX (Chelsea) 5 months ago
So Balo is coming back here.... Its his last chance and although I'm not a fan of him I think this can actually be a good deal. Pay less than half of his wage, and a better back up striker than Matri lol
But seriously.... We need a god damn midfielder wtf is taking the board so long. Bertolacci is fine (wasn't worth 25m to begin with but whatever, he is young and he can get better.... And Italian), but that's not going to take us back to the Top 3. We need Witsel and Soriano!
And we should keep Nocerino, better keeping him then releasing him, he's a good squad player.
Defence.... Hopefully Ely gets a chance again after his ban, I'm looking forward to this young Italian partnership
VanDerAraf (Inter Milan) 5 months ago
Ely is brazilian I think
ColonelBX (Chelsea) 4 months ago
Doesn't Ely have 2 nationalities? Italian and Brazilian...
ColonelBX (Chelsea) 5 months ago
Very strange decision from Mihaijovic after Ely's sending off....
We weren't able to connect the ball to our strikers even with 11men, yet he chose to remove Honda who was the only one besides Bonaventura connecting the midfield with the strikers.
Leaving both Bacca and Adriano and playing 4-3-2 is going to haunt us tonight. Bertolacci hasn't been that good so far in this first half imo, he hasn't tracked back properly which is leading to our defence being exposed by just one pass.
I just hope we can come back somehow.... !
ManOnDMoon (Manchester City) 5 months ago
I agree. The team lost cohesion without Honda.
In spite of result I think this season it's a different Milan. The team shows a more hungry and determined attitude.
Roma, Napoli and Juve all underachieved and Inter had a last grasp winner, so many had a bad start

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