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ManOnDMoon (Manchester City) 3 weeks ago
The new stadium is going ahead, that's great news, no?    Https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=Ud9kZoEjZ0A
Dooba (AC Milan) 1 month ago
Well, greetings again fellow Milanistas. Been a while since I've been here. Any how, I am here to talk a little bit about the current situation we are unfortunately facing.

- The Martinez and Kondogbia fallen deals:
This is the first time I am touching that subject, mainly because I was to broken to talk about it before.
There is no denying that AC Milan is not was it used to be (Two midtable finishes in a row) and not as charming, so, in order to be able to compete for players signatures, we need to spend big, one example is the alleged over payment for Kondogbia, a player like him, eventhough he is very good, is worth at most 25 + bonuses, we as well as Inter offered around 40+ in total. (Eventhough we lost to Inter and it really shatters me that we did)
My point in that is, if we want to compete with other teams, we have to overpay for big name players, and bringing big names players to the team will not only make us play better, but, as well as, make us a lot more attractive.
In one hypothetical situation, say, we managed to get Zlatan to play for us, his name alone will make our team a lot more attractive.

Talking about money though, we still did not get any money from Mr.Bee, according to reports, all the money Galliani is offering is from Silvio Berlusconi, after he sold shares of Mediaset (Link: )
And Galliani has been given a budget worth around 60-70m. Meaning, Mr.Bee's investment did not come through (yet?), one thing to be optimistic about is that the deal with Mr.Bee did not finish yet, reports suggested that the deal was going to take around 8 weeks, approximately, until the end of June, so I am looking forward to get the investment money, but, I am afraid that the deal might not go through. (I really hope it does, being big spenders would mean a lot to the fans)

Right, eventhough we missed out of Jackson and Kondogbia, we should not give up, there is many players out there right now that would be good signigns, for example, Axel Witsel, Zlatan (I really want him back), Bertolacci, and Bacca. These are names we are linked to right now, I would like all of them to be with Milan next season, unlikely, but maybe.

All I am trying to say is, I, along side all Milan fans should be optimistic, and more importantly, patient. We won't be the same old Milan in the next few season, but when we will (and we will), it would feel very good and worth the long wait.

And as always, forza milan!
LunaBoy1 (AC Milan) 1 month ago
This transfer market reminds me of waiting for MR. X
Worlock (AC Milan) 1 month ago
Do you think that AC milan will get some decent players this transfermakret, and that they can compete for scudetto next season?
Salman89 (AC Milan) 1 month ago
Very good news that we are finally signing a top striker like J. Martinez, LETS HOPE THE dream doesn't END there!
Unfortunately Berlu wants to get three quality strikers. However we still lack quality midfielders, and that is the source of our poor form. Poor defensive cover in midfield has exposed our defence to various attacks. If I were Milan, I would not go for three strikers (as they would not solve the whole problem). Along with J. Martinez (this team will need to build a strong base, or a back bone as many would call it), we know its not realistic to build a whole new team in one transfer market, but 4 to 5 quality players are MUCH needed to start the revolution.

1) J. Martinez
2) Defensive Midfielder to replace De Jong like Kondogbia, Victor Wanyama, William Carvalho. Hell I don't even mind getting Alex Song since his price tag is around 11 million (although I am not a big fan)/ but prices for these sort of players are almost always escalated.
3) Attacking Midfielder - going for the likes of Oscar, De Bruyn and Eriksen may be expensive, but our midfield is too slow with building up play, and even slower when transitioning from defence to attack on the counter. A trequartista would help a lot in this area. (I personally believe that this is the main position we have been lacking in, since the departure of Kaka to Madrid.
4) Central Midfielder - A quality player to fill the void left by Muntari, Essien and Van Ginkel(even when they were playing!). Cabaye is looking for a way out from PSG, I would not mind having him on loan with an option to buy. He is slow but his passing is excellent. Other options such as Valdifiore, Bertolacci, Jordi Clasie and Naingolan (players we have already been previously linked with).
5) We will need a reliable left back. This position is not urgently required as De Sciglio/Antonelli could cover for the upcoming season, since we are not playing in Europe this year. However, ever since stars like Maldini/Kaladze/Serginho have left we have been lacking in this position and I really hope we can get the likes of Alaba, Bernat and/or Ricardo Rodriguez although it sounds unrealistic.
But lets dream since it sounds that Berlusconi is finally willing to pay up for the first time in years
Northgreen (AC Milan) 2 months ago
This is a sad time to be a milan supporter.

Either we keep on going on our bad track without any success or we end up getting some success but on what cost.

The team will end up being a sellout if they really do get taken over by rich investors from outside. We end up being like monacco, psg, manchester city, chelsea and get the same respect as those. Whatever hqppens now, milan is losing their identity.

. I will stay milan suuporter ofc, but a sad one who will always miss the old days. My football interest is dieing with what direction I see this sport going anyway
Logant3 (AC Milan) 2 months ago
I understand the frustration that you feel. Milan has a mighty and prestigious history that many clubs would envy. That identity will never change. If Milan gets bought out, I don't think it will change the identity.

I've been a supporter of Milan for years, but not so much for Berlusconi. His corrupt behavior over the years has been an embarrassment to the club, but his money has sure helped in the success. I see no difference in another wealthy investor taking over the club.

Keep your head up and support the club for its legends such as Maldini, Nesta, Gullit and so on. Also don't forget that a new investor can inject life for future legends. A rich investor may change the financial landscape, but it will never erase prestige
ArnabFORZAMILAN (AC Milan) 2 months ago
Northgreen, buddy its quite naturaal how you feel, we all feel the same, but sometimes you just have to be patient. Milan did beat Roma, but I hope for more consistency next season. Hope we can spend good in the transfer window and can rebuild the squad. Cheers! Forza Milan!
Moe66 (Manchester City) 2 months ago
Lets be honest here, Milan lost their big club name because of your current ownership, be glad that you don't have to be associated with a scum like Berlusconi from this point on. Now as for people who talk smack about clubs with rich owners, honestly its just jealously and hate that your club can spend money on big players. Milan's history will never dissapper and a change in ownership won't change the identity of the club
MarquinhoACM (AC Milan) 2 months ago
"Milan lost their big club name because of your current ownership, be glad that you don't have to be associated with a scum like Berlusconi from this point on. "

Um.... Excuse me? Think you need a history check because 1) Berlusconi took over Milan right when they were at the brink of bankruptcy, and prior were bouncing between Serie A & be and 2) his investments gave Milan the international recognition it currently has. Even in its sorry state of the last 3 years, everyone still knows who Milan is so don't think the "big club name" has gone anywhere....

I know I'm in the minority here, but I appreciate everything & more that Berlusconi and Galliani has done. No, I'm not going to deny that Galliani has become senile and that Berlu's financial struggles are bothering me, but if Berlu manages to remain owner while somehow finding financial investors, I'm all for it. Mr. Bee isn't nor ever was the right guy so I'm hoping Berlu will find them. Whatever his personal life has made of him, I appreciate Berlu as owner of my club.

As for "clubs with rich owners" hate, I have nothing against the likes of Chelsea, City, PSG & Monaco as I can only imagine the happiness of being a fan of those teams for so long and now having your team relevant on the global scale. But there's no denying that a change in ownership, especially to one of Qatari or any oil-rich nation's ownership, will change the identity of the club. I'm willing to bet that kids following football today wouldn't know that PSG were already among the most supported in France way before their takeover, but they're probably only known as that oil-money, overspending, FFP-breaking French club that bandwagoners follow
ColonelBX (Chelsea) 2 months ago
Finally a win.... That also against Roma!
But whats most important is, that we actually played as a team.

FFS I was so annoyed with this Milan side ending up being so dependent on Menez's selfish individual skills. I've always been saying this but Milan functions better and more as a team without Menez!

I'm serious here, we should sell Menez for a good price while we can. Build the team with team players like Honda, Bonaventura, and Suso. Heck, I'd keep Destro and Pazzini too if they would reduce their wage demands. Van Ginkel and Suso also seem to flourish if the team actually plays as a team.... Although Van Ginkel still needs LOTS to improve, but he has shown his good sides once the team actually functions as a team.
Milan should start off with a 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 with a true CF next season.... Hopefully keeping DeJong too.
Anyhow, SELL menez we gave him lots of goals, he should be worth atleast 15m!
Logant3 (AC Milan) 2 months ago
ColonelBX, I agree with you. Although Menez is the top scorer, team cohesion isn't the best with him on the pitch. I think the management knows this and it will be addressed for next season
ArnabFORZAMILAN (AC Milan) 3 months ago
The only thing good about the derby was Suso. Menez is extremely lazy. Also an decent game for Menez and Antonelli. But far less movement off the ball and limited forward pass is the downfall this season for Milan. We have to change the overall tactic to improve. Inzaghi is too much defensive in his approach
Twk80 (Juventus) 3 months ago

Maldini potential return can give AC Milan fans reason to believe again

Well, maybe some good news for you guys...
Twk80 (Juventus) 3 months ago
Https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=5X0JVTdQwmY    Best duo......Miss this type of defender.....
ArnabFORZAMILAN (AC Milan) 3 months ago
Https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=JxSyKDCI-WQ    I made a similar video
Twk80 (Juventus) 3 months ago
I'll check it out later...
Scipio (Juventus) 3 months ago
There's yet to be a defensive duo in football that can match these guys. Absolutely terrifying
ArnabFORZAMILAN (AC Milan) 3 months ago
2 wins in a row and I am happy with that! God, where the level has dropped. But still, a good thing going for us... Lets hope it gets better! Forza milan!

And hope the 1 billion thing changes something at Milan!

ArnabFORZAMILAN (AC Milan) 4 months ago
Well, it seems 1 week is the minimum time gap between posts! Anyways, I think Berlusconi needs to sell Milan. We have been through too much. There is a limit for God sake. This page used to be storming with posts comments and as Noir853 said "Mini War". I still watch all matches only to go to sleep at 3am with nothing other than despair. Truly, I myself don't know what should be done to bring something back. Is even Europa League seems too much for a club like Milan? Hate to say this, but it seems the club owners are happy with whats going on
Spigy (Juventus) 4 months ago

-.- not sure if serious...
Noir853 (Juventus) 3 months ago
Something is better than nothing.... So keep it up
Sam (Footytube Moderator) 3 months ago
It's a shame when your rivals are the ones keeping your page active
Noir853 (Juventus) 4 months ago
1 week since the last post....

.... And its not from Milan fan either ;(

I missed having a "mini" war between Juve & Milan over here back in 2012
Sam (Footytube Moderator) 4 months ago
I know- when we were languishing in seventh place under Ferrara, we still had daily conversations.    No one here is even venting anymore.
Acmlt30 (AC Milan) 4 months ago
There's no point in venting because nothing will change until the management is replaced from top to bottom. Inzaghi is a tactical novice and cannot even motivate his players. Juve's case during Ferrara was different since you were rebuilding following Serie be and mass player exodus. Our team will continue to rot as long as there is no youth development nor investments to be made
Noir853 (Juventus) 4 months ago
Juve under Ferrara-Zaccheroni was the worst Juve as long as I could remember

During that period;

Bordeaux 2-0 Juve
Juve 1-4 Bayern
Fulham 4-1 Juve
Juve 1-4 Parma
Juve 0-3 Milan
Milan 3-0 Juve
Udinese 3-0 Juve
Juve 1-3 Palermo
Napoli 3-0 Juve

Back then i'd consider dumping this team and consider switching to Barcelona or Chelsea....

.... NOPE. Never ever crossed my mind as s**t as Juve can get they'll always be my club
Gjwaindim (Inter Milan) 5 months ago
Wow this page is dead. I remember how lively it once was. Either that or this website is going down the drain
Cjaystacks (Manchester United) 5 months ago
I think the decline of both milan clubs played a major part in it
SANative (AC Milan) 5 months ago
Well the Season is over for us, no champions league, Europa is a big maybe, lets prepare for next season
Kingleo (Barcelona) 5 months ago
Gennaro Ivan Ringhio Gattuso - 21st Century Schizoid Man - Esoesgallo        Https://vimeo.Com/118853019    
ColonelBX (Chelsea) 5 months ago
I know it was against Juventus, but there is no change, AC Milan are not playing as a team.... It's ridiculous....
What baffles me the most (Although maybe you can't help as the Italian football fans rate goals and assists above every single bad play) is Cerci and Menez gets praise just for their goals and assists, although Menez seriously never passes, and Cerci is the same but even worse, doesn't defend AT ALL.... Explains why both of them were forced out by their respective clubs :S

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