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ColonelBX (Chelsea) Yesterday
Well I guess we can't solve our problems in 2 matches, like Inzaghi said. Juventus have been winning the league for the last 3 seasons.

Defence.... Rami and Zapata look much better than Bonera that's for sure. But I think the best starting pair would be Rami and Alex. Zapata looks inconsistent against top sides, but he has been much better overall compared to last season.
Abate has been brilliant, DeSiglio needs to get his sh*t together but still its fine.

Midfield.... My GOD Muntari is just not at this level. Against midtable sides he is fine, but mannn he just proved it against Juventus that he isn't the traditional AC Milan quality (WHY DID WE SELL cristante arghhhh). Even if Montolivo comes back, we still lack in numbers at this position. It's not like we are getting Van Ginkel permanently so better look out in the market.... Sell this Ghanian player soon....
De Jong as usual, saving Milan's a*s.

Front 3.... Since the midfield were in shambles, Honda and ES92 were pushed back like fullbacks. But as a whole, we can look forward to these guys. Menez was phenomenal in a sense that we have such an upgrade from Balotelli. Not saying Balo was bad or anything, but he never tracked back and ran like Menez is doing. If only the two wingers weren't forced to be pushed back because of the midfield, we could have had more chances.

I really had enough of Muntari, and since Montolivo won't be back for maybe another 2, 3 games.... I hope Inzaghi tries this out.

Diego Lopez/Abbiatti
Abate Rami Alex DeSiglio
De Jong
Honda Poli
Menez Torres EL92

Forza Milan!
Kingleo (Barcelona) 2 days ago
George Weah - The Unforgettable Fire - Esoesgallo      Https://vimeo.Com/106556743    
Dooba (AC Milan) 2 days ago
I can't sleep at all. All this stress, and excitement is not good for me.
Tomorrow is the real test, I believe in us. I believe we can win.

Forza milan!
ColonelBX (Chelsea) 2 days ago
Kick off is 3:30am in Japan time.... Still gonna' watch IT
Dooba (AC Milan) 1 day ago
I doubt you'll be able to sleep anyway
ColonelBX (Chelsea) 6 days ago
I love how we are on the top of the table at the moment.... But the amount of goals we conceded does concern me.

Goals conceded
AC Milan - 5
Juventus - 0
AS Roma - 0
Inter Milan - 0

I mean of course, we all know who the main cause is besides the defence chemistry and organization (Bonera....) but I hope we don't have a leaky defence against Juventus
Duces14 (Arsenal) 6 days ago
ColonelBX (Chelsea) 1 week ago
Even if Pippo wants to play Bonera he can't.... HE'S suspended FOR THE JUVE GAME wooooooooooot
Aaron222 (Chelsea) 1 week ago
That table(top 4) brings back the good old Serie A days!
MarquinhoACM (AC Milan) 1 week ago
What. A. Motherfuckin. Game.

I don't have the heart to handle games like that, but it was still super exciting! Haven't had that excitement in awhile....

Menez, my god what a baller. Honda is finally learning how to wreck in Italy. And please for the love of god don't ever play Bonera again Pippo....
BluFFmaster (Chelsea) 1 week ago
Still getting my breath back, sweet jesus. It's a shame that Torres sprained his ankle though, was excited for his debut. Menez was solid.

Important thing is 2 wins from 2

Also welcome back El Shaarawy
DrakWlakers (Liverpool) 1 week ago
What a goal by Menez
DrakWlakers (Liverpool) 1 week ago
Crazy game lol
ManOnDMoon (Manchester City) 1 week ago
Ahhhhhhhh  Looked like Torres, but it was De Jong
ColonelBX (Chelsea) 1 week ago
Oh Bonera.... Why always you....    Pippo don't play him again.... Its not like we don't have CB's :/
ColonelBX (Chelsea) 1 week ago
3 - 1 at Half Time

Bonaventura (Honda)
Honda (Abate)
Menez (PK)

Conceded from Cassano with silly defending (again from Bonera's silly decision making....), but all seems great. Man Pippo is taking Milan to the right way!
I hope it keeps going like this
DrakWlakers (Liverpool) 1 week ago
Menez beasting it
ColonelBX (Chelsea) 2 weeks ago
I have a feeling Torres will flourish for us.
I mean our current play style will definitely suit Torres.... Dayum not only the current 4-3-3, the 4-2-1-3 or the 3-4-3 will look pretty badass!

Abate Rami Alex DeSiglio
De Jong
Poli Muntari
Honda Torres El Shaarawy

Abate Rami Alex DeSiglio
DeJong Poli
Menez Torres El Shaarawy

Alex Zapata Rami
Abate DeJong VanGinkel Armero
Menez Torres El Shaarawy

Wow I'm actually really excited for this year's Milan.... Juventus and Roma both came back to the top after missing out on the Champions league. We must re build very efficiently and effectively this season, AND win the damn Serie A (Although its still unrealistic )
Eeber (Real Madrid) 2 weeks ago
I am too man, I can't wait till Sept. 13, stupid international breaks . I think we can hope to
Make the top 3 this year (realistically).

Btw I like the first formation better, except for Muntari put in either Bonaventura or Saponara, I'm honestly sick of Muntari, even though he scores more goals than our strikers lol. But I feel that he's lousy in midfield as far as creating space and chances go
BluFFmaster (Chelsea) 1 week ago
Can't wait, I'm gonna' be tuning into a lot of Milan games now, I (like many Chelsea fans) want him to do incredible.  
Eeber (Real Madrid) 2 weeks ago
I gotta' say, Cristante was my light at the end of the tunnel, he was one of the few threads of hope left in the squad, to see him go like that makes me wanna cry F**k you Galliani !. #Forzamilano
Dooba (AC Milan) 2 weeks ago
It isn't really Galliani's fault. Cristante wanted to leave instead of fight for a starting place. Don't get me wrong, I loved Cristante. But, life goes on. Plus now we Bonaventura which is an amazing signing. So, cheer up, lad
Eeber (Real Madrid) 2 weeks ago
I concur

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