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Dooba (AC Milan) 5 days ago
Great win, not that good of a performance, but three points is what counts. Oh, and Montolivo's strike was so so lovely. Abbiati was a brick wall at the goal. Our is mainly because of those two, the others had a decent game, even Bonera(I can't believe I'm saying this about him).
Three points, and as always Forza Milan!
Raybastre (AC Milan) 5 days ago
4 wins a row.... First time in.... God I don't even know how long it's been
Duces14 (Arsenal) 5 days ago
Things are changing mate
Dooba (AC Milan) 5 days ago
Goes to show how much Seedorf improved the squad, and to think people actually said Allegri couldn't do any better.
Just look at Seedorf, first time managing a team and already much better than Allegri
ACMilan03 (AC Milan) 5 days ago
Dooba (AC Milan) 6 days ago
Good news and bad news

Bad news
Honda have twisted his ankle in training few days ago, and will miss Catania, and most likely will miss Livorno.

Good news
Our beloved SES is back to training, should be fit to play against Livorno. But, I'd rather have him rested and play against Roma.

A thought I want to share about our season so far
Well, it is obvious that this season is one that we would want to forget as soon as possible.... But, is that necessary? I mean if we forget history, we'd most likely to repeat the events. So, what I'm trying to say is that let's take this season and try to not repeat our mistakes in later seasons.

Another thought.
I really like Barbara in the Milan management. She gives the enthusiasm that the team needs. First, she wanted to remove uncle Fester (Which controversial but I agree), she keeps pressuring the management into being more active. She wants Milan to be on top again, and she certainly got ambition and the enthusiasm to make that a reality.

Another thought.
The new Milan stadium, is really a stadium I'm looking forward to. Eventhough, San Siro has a big big big place in my heart, but it is time for a change. A new Milan is coming ladies and gentlemen, and who knows, this Milan might surpass the old Milan (a long shot, but who knows).

And as always, Forza Milan
SANative (AC Milan) 1 week ago
Glad athletico won, hope they win champions league this year proves we had a tough opponent
MarquinhoACM (AC Milan) 1 week ago
Allegri in 19 games this season got 22 points. Seedorf in 12 matches has acquired 23 points.

Changes are happening Milanisti, slowly but surely
ArnabFORZAMILAN (AC Milan) 1 week ago
Way to go! Patience is the key
Juventusfc (Juventus) 6 days ago
Yeah you guys have definetly improved lately. When I look at the league table I am quite surprised that you guys are in 11th place. I think you should not go into the Europa league and just focus on regrouping and rebuilding your team then fight for it next season

Good Luck!
MILANISTA4EVER (AC Milan) 1 week ago
Il Professor  
Influence (Barcelona) 1 week ago
I'm so glad you guys are playing well again!
Zizuthelegend (AC Milan) 1 week ago
So guys and gals, do you all think is there any chance of the team making to Europa next season
Trev (Liverpool) 1 week ago
Was just about to ask that question lol and saw this! Personally, I hope we don't and just take 1 season to regroup and rebuild. Of course, I'm basing this on what Liverpool did and the Redmen are ripping the benefit now
ManOnDMoon (Manchester City) 1 week ago
Many teams in 5 points and Parma really going for it, but just keep the momentum and it can be
Duces14 (Arsenal) 1 week ago
ACMilan03 (AC Milan) 2 weeks ago
Milan and QPR have agreed a €4m deal to make Adel Taarabt’s move permanent!

ColonelBX (Chelsea) 2 weeks ago
4m?! That's awesome I didn't know we can get him for that cheap!    That's 1/3 of a Matri too
ArnabFORZAMILAN (AC Milan) 1 week ago
That's an amazing news!
ColonelBX (Chelsea) 2 weeks ago
Although it may be early.... To do list for next season
Players listed from first choice -> third, fourth, etc choice in the position
Opinions, thumbsups, thumbsdowns, etc are really appreciated

GK - Abbiati, Gabriel, Amelia
No change.... Maybe Gabriel to earn a starting chance?

RB - Abate, (New signing/youth?), De Siglio, Bonera, Zaccardo
We need De Siglio to focus in LB, might as well get a solid RB Backup, Bonera and Zaccardo are originally CB's. Maybe a youth given a chance could do, but this position is not the priority ahead of others.
Maybe sell Zaccardo though, the team has to bring the team age average down

CB - Rami, (New signing to start along Rami), Mexes, Bonera, Zapata
We MUST sign Rami permanently. He is absolute class, no doubt. We also need a solid starting CB too. Silvestre is out of question he can fck off back to not even Inter but to Palermo. Same with the RB situation, Zaccardo probably should be sold considering his age. Mexes, Bonera, and Zapata can be important 1st team members too. Especially Mexes, when he gets his form back he can start a solid CB partnership with Rami. Ely needs more experience imo....
New signing.... Someone in his 20's, not a 30's player, and someone who is relatively cheap.... Probably needa research Europa League talents

LB - De Siglio, Emmanuelson, Didac Vila, Christian Maldini?
Sell Constant.... Has been disappointing even when Milan are reviving. Emmanuelson can play in many positions, and his attacking plays are well appreciated. Dunno if Didac would be ready, and I don't know how much Maldini grew.... No doubt in his potential though, his father is a motherfcking legend!

CM (Engine) - De Jong, Muntari, Poli, Essien, Emmanuelson
Probably no change here, maybe a youth added. Nocerino can't even get games in West Ham so just forget him I guess.... Lol

CM (Playmaker) - Montolivo, (New signing?), Cristante, Honda, Poli
Montolivo the captain and definite starter, Cristante has already shown some of his potential and he can be a crucial back up for Montolivo. Honda can operate here but it won't be as good as when he plays behind the striker. Maybe a free agent yet someone who is good enough to compete with Montolivo would be ideal. But personally, I'd really like to see Miguel Veloso

CAM - Kaka, Honda, Poli, Saponara
Hopefully Kaka stays, but if he leaves then Honda shall be first choice (But we will need to reinforce if Kaka leaves either ways). Poli can operate here better than in the CM role at least at the moment. He must grow into a CM gradually though.

RM - Honda, Taarabt, Birsa, Niang? , Poli
First of all, we must sign Taarabt permanently. Even if he may not be a starter once everybody is fit, he will still be an important player, also only available for less than 10m. Birsa is a great back up once he gets his confidence back. I don't know if Niang still has a future here, but it would be great if he has, still only 19.

LM - El Shaaraway, Taarabt, Kaka, Saponara, Birsa
Get rid of Robinho first of all.... The man is not worth the money paying for....

ST - Balotelli, Pazzini, (New signing), Petagna
Petagna may not be ready yet, so a new signing should be made here. Dunno who really though considering the financial situation.... Alessio Cerci would be nice as he can operate on the wings too.

So from highest to lowest priority;
#1 SIGN RAMI permanently
#2 Sign Taarabt Permanently
#3 Sign a new solid CB
#4 Sign a striker
#5 Sign a new RB
#6 Sign a playmaker

Forza Milan!
ManOnDMoon (Manchester City) 2 weeks ago
Without champions league money it's fair to expect Mexes on the way out along with Robinho and Kaka. Hopefully not Balotelli
Dooba (AC Milan) 2 weeks ago
Great week for us, conceding 1 goal in three matches winning two in the process. I'm hoping we continue going forward.

Let's not think about the future, end of the season, or next season. Let's enjoy this moment, it feels like the Milan we loved in the last two matches.

BTW anyone knows when will SES come back?
Duces14 (Arsenal) 2 weeks ago
No set date yet mate
ColonelBX (Chelsea) 2 weeks ago
Well once El Sha is back and we sign Taarabt permanently our attacking midfield department shall be great. We need a striker though, Balo and Pazzini isn't enough.... This is AC Milan we need 3 strikers who can fight for the spot at pretty much the same level;

Rm/rw - Honda, Taarabt, Birsa, Poli
CAM - Kaka, Honda, Montloivo, Poli, Saponara
Lm/lw - El Sha, Taarabt, Kaka, Saponara, Robinho
ST - Balotelli, Pazzini, Petagna, .... Matri?

Well I'll sell Robinho and Matri honestly
I'd keep Birsa though, he's a great backup/supersub once he gets his confidence back, and Saponara & Petagna could start to flourish once they get games in cup ties within a confident AC Milan side
Duces14 (Arsenal) 2 weeks ago
Sell Birsa and give Niang a chance imo
MarquinhoACM (AC Milan) 2 weeks ago
7 points, 6 goals, 2 clean sheets all in 7 days.... And the Italian media thought the team was in shambles....

I'm glad to see Honda slowly ridding himself of that rust that's been holding him back, hopefully we'll get to see the the real Keisuke Honda soon enough! And I don't even need to mention Kaka.... Tremendous 300th Rossoneri match, so happy for him!
ColonelBX (Chelsea) 2 weeks ago
I'm telling you (although all of you are certain too ) that Milan will be in Top 3 next season! Of course, we must get rid of players like Matri and look for talents who can help us.

And as for Honda I'm really glad his physical condition is getting closer to what he is supposed to be. After he rejected an extension with CSKA Moscow they played him every game. Literally. There was even a time where he played three 90 minute games a week....
All Japanese fans including myself know what Honda can provide Milan, and trust me, this is only 50% of what he has, he shall score screamers sooner or later
MILANISTA4EVER (AC Milan) 2 weeks ago
Totally agree with you folks, the last 2-3 games Milan has been regaining the most important thing they lacked this season, its (Soul), keep it up Il professor, end this season the best you can and lets start fresh and the same even better next season.

As for Honda, Expecting BIG things fro him next season
ManOnDMoon (Manchester City) 2 weeks ago
Why is it not possible to seize the day and be happy for this clear victory?  No: Galliani had to say Kakà might be leaving
MarquinhoACM (AC Milan) 2 weeks ago
Galliani & Kaka already mentioned before the game that Kaka might be heading out to the MLS. I don't think that conversation ruined the victory in anyway honestly

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