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FANTASY LEAGUE Frequently Asked Questions

What is the footytube fantasy league?

The footytube fantasy league will be launched in August 2009, and will see members of the footytube community using their fantasty league transfer budgets to pick and buy players for their ultimate 'dream team' and compete against others for triumph, glory and kudos.

How does it work?

Players are given a transfer budget of £100m to purchase players at the start of the season. They are also awarded an additional transfer money bonus (up to a maxumum of around £50m) based on their fan valuation budget.

You must choose a formation and a minimum of 11 players (DEF, MID, ATT, and one GK). You may also pick an additional 4 subsitute players that can be swapped into your squad at any time before match days.

Unlike other fantasy leagues, the footytube fantasy league allows you to pick players from the top 4 european leagues. You may pick a maximum of 2 players from each club.

When can I buy / sell players?

You can buy players when you first pick your team. After this, you will need to wait for a transfer window to open, which will happen every 6 weeks. During this period you are given 1 week to buy / sell additional players. You can buy/sell a maximum of 3 players.

It says i'm in the red, what does this mean?

If you spent all of your valuation bonus on players and your valuation has since decreased, it is possible that during a transfer window, you may be in 'the red'. To rectify things, you will need to sell one or more of your players to make up the deficit.

If you fail to do this during the transfer window, your lowest priced player/s will be automatically sold and removed from your squad, to make up the funds.

How are points calculated?

Goalkeepers & Defenders:
Clean sheet 5pts.
Concede more than 1 goal in a game -1pt per goal.

Clean sheet 3pts.
Goal assist 5pts.

Goal assist 5pts.

Goal scored 5pts.
Hat trick bonus 5pts.
Yellow card -2pts.
Red card -4pts.

Points are awarded for starting players and any substitutes i.e. you have player 'A. Defender' who is thrown on with 2 minutes left into a match his team are losing 3-0, that will be -2pts for that player.

What are the rewards?

Peforming well in the fantasy league will increase your fan valuaton, and more importanly, kudos amongst your fellow fans! We wlll also be offering prizes for the best competing teams.

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