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FAN VALUATION Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fan Valuation?

Your fan valuation is our assessment of your contribution to the footytube community. It is a monetary value calculated from all of your activities around the site, and in the forums. Activities can include updating your profile, adding photos, taking part in quizzes and fantasy league, making a positive contribution in the forums, helping the moderators out with special requests, and even just surfing the site and watching videos.

How is it calculated?

Our system uses some special algorithms that are far too geeky and technical to go into much detail about. But, you can be sure that if you are making a positive contribution to the site, your fan valuation will increase.

When do you work out new valuations?

Your fan valuation is calculated at Midnight (GMT) every evening. League promotion / relegation happens every Sunday at Midnight (GMT).

When and why does it decrease?

Your valuation can decrease for a number of reasons, including less activity / long periods of being absent from the site, negative feedback from the community (such as getting posts deleted in the forums), and simply because competition from other fans in your league is heating up!

One of the easiest ways to screw up your valuation is by breaking the community guidelines (which are so simple to follow most people won't even need to read them). However, some people do break them without thinking, so it is always a good idea to give them a quick read.

If you end up getting a Yellow Card, expect a big devaulation.

If you get a Red and are supsended or banned from the site, you will be thrown out of the league altogether.

Do the moderators have a say in valuation?

Generally the moderators leave the system to caluclate valuations, but they do have the power to award / penalise users if they see the need. Moderators will never, ever be biased towards particular users - just like your Mum and Dad, although we do secretly have our favourite footytube offspring, that doesn't mean we will be giving you more pocket money!

So, there is no point sucking up to the mods, or trying to curry favour in the forums, if anything, you would be more likely to be docked points for such cringe worthy behaviour!

How does the league system work - when will I get promoted / relegated?

There are 4 valuation leagues:- Premier, Champ, League One and League Two. Which league you are in is dependent on your overall fan valuation position in the community. There are currently 25 fans in each of the four leagues. Every Sunday there is a promotion round, which will see fans promoted / relegated depending on their position at the end of the week.

What can I use my earnings for?

Your earnings go toward your Fantasy League bonus budget. Everybody starts with £100m when they create a fantasy league team, but those users with additional valuation earnings, will be able to spend that money on extra/better players during the fantasy league transfer windows.

What happens if my valuation goes down during the transfer window?

If your earnings go down prior to a transfer window opening, and you have spent all your budget on players, you will go into the red. If you stay in the red, you will need to sell one of your players to make up the deficit.

Is there an earnings cap?

Yes. The most a user can earn is around the £50m mark.

I'm new to the site, will I get penalised?

There is a small penalty for very new members, but as you prove yourself and contribute to the community, you will quickly earn money and your rank will increase. It doesn't take long to be competing on an equal footing with the rest of the community..

Some people have a lot of posts in the forums, can I ever catch up?

One of the most important factors to remember on footytube is that post count DOES NOT equal post quality. If you consistently make quality posts that engage the rest of the community, then post count quickly becomes irrelevant.

Naturally, you will need to prove yourself by making a fair number of quality posts before we can assess your valuation, but there is absolutely no need to be put off by those users with 1000's of posts - just look at the valuation leaderboard, those users on top are not the members that have most posts.

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