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FAN DEMEANOR Frequently Asked Questions

What is fan demeanor?

Fan demeanor is a representation of your personality in the footytube forums. It consists of 8 main character traits, ranging from funny to angry.

Traits are colour coded into 3 groups: Positive, Neutral and Negative with users being tagged with their main dominant trait.

Developing a positive forum demeanor will increase your fan valuation. Conversely, negative votes will decrease your valuation.

How are demeanors calculated?

Demanor's are voted for by the rest of the community.

Simply visit a user profile page, or mouse over a users avatar to cast your vote. You can cast a maximum of 2 votes per user, but you can change your mind at any time and re-cast your vote should you so wish. You cannot vote on your own demeanor.

Will users get to see how I voted?

Yes, but ONLY positive votes. When you cast a vote such as funny, clever, cool, your vote will show on that users profile page.

Similarly you will be able to see how other fans voted for you on your own profile page. We do this so you can further connect with people you have things in common with, and find people you are likely to get on with easier. Cool eh?

I've got a lot of negative votes, what can I do?

Try being more considerate to fellow users, follow the forum rules, have a look at your post history and take a moment to consider why people might think to vote your demeanor as being angry or rude. Have you offended people or been overly critical or forthright in your remarks?

Awlays remember, footytube is a place for having a good time with other football fans around the world, It's not a place for causing uneccesary arguments and upsetting others for no reason. If that's what you have come to footytube to do, it's unlikely you will fit in, or get the most out of what our community has to offer.

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