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FAN IQ Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fan IQ?

Fan IQ is our assesment of your intelligence and overall know-how as a football fan. How much do you actually know about the game? How much should the community respect your views in the forums?

How is it calculated?

There are 2 ways to increase your Fan IQ:-

The first way is to take part in our football quizzes, which will be launched in August 2009. We will be constantly adding new quizzes to the site, and your performance in each will count towards your Fan IQ. Performing well in a quiz will also increase your fan valuation.

The second way to increase your Fan IQ happens when other community members rate and evaluate your fan demeanor in the forums in a positive manner. Your fan demeanor can be a number of things: clever, funny, angry, witty, etc. Votes for clever will increase your overall Fan IQ.

When and why does it decrease?

Your Fan IQ will decrease if your perform poorly in quizzes. So choose which quizzes you take part in wisely - if you're not an expert on Arsenal for example, then for the love of God don't take the Arsenal quiz!

It can also happen when:-

1. We have added more quizzes and everybody's evaluation has gone down. You need to stay up to date on your football knowlege to prove that you really deserve the crown of super boff!

2. 'Clever' evaluations for other members are higher than yours.

What quiz categories are there?

There are 6 footy categories:-

General Knowledge
Team Knowledge
Video Quizzes
Footy History
Name the Player

You need to choose 3 categories to specialise in and stay up-to-date with all the latest quizzes in each to gain maximum points. Everybody has to compete in the General Knowlege category.

Just for fun, there is also an off-topic Quiz category that does not count towards your footy IQ.

How does the format for each quiz work and can I cheat!?

Each quiz has around 20 questions, from a much larger pool of questions. The 20 questions you get will be completely random and there is a strict time limit on each question. You cannot retake quizzes, so if you do poorly on your first attempt, there are no second chances.

At the end of each quiz, you are told your score, but to avoid cheating, the correct answer for each question will never be revealed. You are free to take the quiz again if you so wish, but repeated attempts do not go towards your Fan IQ.

How does the Fan IQ league system work?

There are 4 Fan IQ leagues:- Mastermind, Statto, Brain, and Geek. Which league you are in is dependent on your overall fan IQ position in the community. There are no promotion / relegation rounds, so you can jump straight from nothing to Statto in one day, if you do well.

Is there an IQ cap?

Yes. The ultimate holy grail in footy IQ'dom for taking part in quizzes is 200. You would have to get 100% in every single quiz in General Knowledge and your chosen specialist categories to attain this.

The most IQ points you can earn from community IQ evaulations is 100. The users who have most 'clever' ratings on the site will get 100 points, everybody else is rated in relation to those users.

So, if you had 50 clever votes, and the top user on the site had 100, you would be allocated 50 IQ points. Simple eh?

The very most a fan could achieve is 300 IQ points. This would mean you are the top 'clever' user in the forums, and you have taken ALL of the quizzes available in each category and answered every single question correctly, which is highly unlikely.

I'm new to the site, will I get penalised?

No, everybody starts off on an equal footing. If you spend all day taking part in quizzes and do well, you will start to rank immediately.

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