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How do I play, you ask?
To start a team you must pick 11 starters and one manager.
Click 'manage' to sub and sell players (during the transfer windows).
On the management page you can also set your ‘Star’ players. These players will earn you (and lose you) double points!
For full rules check out the FAQ
You must have an account to save your team so please log on/register first!

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Transfer Window is : OPEN
Your team will be saved on the 12th of July
How to Play

How does it work?

Players are given a transfer budget of £120m to purchase players at the start of the season. This maximum budget can be increased to £125m by signing up to be a PRO+ member. Becoming a PRO+ user will also make you eligible to compete for the $200 prize pot. The budgets will be increased after the group phase (27/6/14) by £5m

You must choose a formation and a minimum of 11 players (DEF, MID, ATT, and one GK) and a Manager. You may also pick an additional 5 subsitute players that can be swapped into your squad.

maximum of 2 players from each team. Managers are not constrained by the team count so it is possible to have 2 players from a team AND the manager of that team. After the Group Phase the number of players per team will be increased to 4, and from Semi Finals onwards to 5.

How are points calculated?

Goalkeepers & Defenders:
Clean sheet 8pts.
Concede more than 1 goal in a game -1pt per goal. i.e. score 1-0 no points deducted, score 3-0 3pts deducted

Clean sheet 3pts.
Goal assist 5pts*. (League and Champions League matches only)

Goal assist 5pts*.(League and Champions League matches only)

Clean sheet 3pts.
Winning game 3pts.
Drawn game 1pts.
Concede more than 1 goal in a game -1pt per goal. i.e. score 1-0 no points deducted, score 3-0 3pts deducted
Score more than 2 goals in a game +1pt per goal. i.e. score 2-0 no points added, score 3-0 3pts added
Make a substitution who then performs an assist +3pts per assist
Make a substitution who then scores a goal +8pts per goal

All (except Managers):
Goal scored 5pts.
Hat trick bonus 5pts.
Yellow card -2pts.
Red card -4pts.
Playing full game 3pts**.
Coming on as sub 2pts**.
Played in winning match 3pts.
Played in drawn matchs 1pts.

Points are awarded for starting players and any substitutes i.e. you have player 'A. Defender' who is thrown on with 2 minutes left into a match his team are losing 3-0, that will be -2pts for that player. Clean sheet points are based on full time (90 minutes) scorelines. Goals scored, assists and cards awarded in extra time will count. Penalty shoot outs will not count for goals scored. Result points calculated on match completion.

** No appearance points are awarded if a player is sent off

How do star players work?

You can choose one star player for each position, except goalkeepers. Upon doing so, your chosen star players will earn (and lose!) double points.

Please be aware, you can only pick your three star players ONCE. The only way to remove (and set a new star player) is to sell him during a transfer window.

Which matches count?

All World Cup 2014 finals matches count.

When will substitutes/formation changes take effect?

Durng the World Cup your team will be saved on 6 dates. They are as follows

  • 12/6/14
  • 23/6/14
  • 27/6/14
  • 4/7/14
  • 8/7/14
  • 12/7/14.

When can I buy / sell players?

You can buy or sell players whenever you like but the changes will only become active for matches played after the dates outlined above.

You can buy and sell as many players as you like.

Players bought will start on 0 points for your team.

You will keep all points for players sold replacement.

What are the rewards?

If you are a PRO+ user then you are eligible for the $200 winner takes all prize pot. Oh and ever lasting glory, dont forget the ever lasting glory*


*management decisions are final regardless of errors or omissions.












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