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Live from 1963. Welcome to the first eco-chic show on Le Footy Toube. Join host Alain du Monde as he welcomes a gaggle of chic guests who live green.
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AaaandEnjoy | Stella Artois, Joie de Bière | :06
Touche | Stella Artois, Joie de Bière | :15
Pour, Skim, Enjoy | Stella Artois, Joie de Bière | :15
Pockets | Stella Artois | :60
Pockets | Stella Artois | :30
We Need Your Help | & Stella Artois
For 663 Million People, Reality is Different | & Stella Artois
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Live from 1963. Welcome to the first eco-chic show on Le Toube.

Join host Alain du Monde as he declares his love for Mother Nature and welcomes a gaggle of chic guests who also live green. A really fashionable, flattering shade of green
Great channel!
Well whoever was playing, it was a nice goal, lol you can see such a difference in pace now a days
Agreeeed my friend.... And not just footy tube friend lool
It seems appropriate I re-post my exploits from last weekends footytube 'Red Squadron' bash :p

Remember to drink responsibly!
The Brazilians ate them up but that one French dude with the ball between the legs on the Brazilian then scoring was also very nice
I'm underaged. And drunk. Your fault footytube
Haha hilarious Sergio
Sac le bleu! Stella Artois et footytube=Sublime Il est tres bien
I feel old
I remember that...
Are you serious.... How old are ye?
Ahhhhhh the good old days

Stella Artois is loving the new channel!
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