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A collection of short films and ads dedicated to everything we love about football culture
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Where can I find Rochdale v FCUM & B&HA v FCUM matches?
I know, I know we don't allow sponsorship or move kick off times and we're not in PL but there is more to football than greed, money, agents, tv & multi-millionaires ignoring the fans.
Are there any channels not sponsored by puma, adididas or nike? There is more to football than money, advertising & PL.
Against Modern Football.
Tifo, Ultras - let's see some real football culture : not this contrived PL / corporate sucking up.
Anyone got FC St Pauli v FCUM from 10th May 2010? Was there. And in Jolly Roger after.
love these videos. ther all
Kick4Life - changing lives through football