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Arsenal genuine title contenders? Not just yet
Footytubeblog Posted by Footytubeblog 5 days ago
Arsenal have always been content in the Premier League’s top four, and have finished fourth or better for the past 19 seasons. The Gunners have also achieved this with some breathtaking football, with the term ‘tika-taka’ often being associated with the North Londoners.

However, since making the bold move of moving from Highbury, which was considered a fortress, to the Emirates Stadium, visions and plans of filling up the trophy cabinet in their new home have taken a backseat. Despite the quality of football they play, and the quality of players on board, the Premier League title has been out of their hands since 2004. They have the facilities, the stadium, the stars, the history and the manager… so why are Arsenal not being fancied for a title challenge this season?

Their form against top four clubs over the years has been dreadful. From a potential 90 points, the Gunners have only mustered a laughable 23 against the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United. Over the last five years, Arsene Wenger’s men have won just seven games against the so called ‘big boys’, losing 18 and drawing five - conceding 59 goals in the process. Last season included drubbings away at the top three clubs in England’s top flight at Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea conceding an incredible 17 goals in just those three games alone. It seems that when the pressure is on, the Gunners can’t hack it.

Losing club captain, Thomas Vermaelen to Spanish giants Barcelona was a huge blow. The Belgium international had served Arsenal with distinction. Had it not been for an inconsistent run in his last two years, caused by injuries, then the former Ajax centre half would be the ideal man to steady the ship in big ... MORE
Arsenal's summer business is just enough to guarantee another top 4 finish
Footytubeblog Posted by Footytubeblog 1 week ago
After breaking the bank last season on Mesut Ozil, Arsenal seem to have developed a sudden urge to spend big money on world class players.

The disappointment of seeing his side fall at the final hurdle in the title race again last season will have forced Arsene Wenger to reassess his squad and see where his squad needs strengthening and what players will be paramount to ensuring his side can put up a bigger fight for a title this term. The loss of long serving full back Bacary Sagna to rivals Manchester City will have alarmed Wenger and the criticism from fans will have made him aware that his summer business was vital to his future success at the club, as well as his relationship with the Emirates faithful.

But it was also clear that any incomings would need to be complimented by a complete clear out of the so-called 'dead wood' at the club. That clear out was as important as any other significant transfer business. It was to provide a clear perspective of what was needed and assured Wenger there was no longer any unwanted baggage just in time for the World Cup.

Whilst over in Brazil during the World Cup, photos began to surface of Wenger playing volleyball on the beach and fans begun to grow frustrated at the thought of the manager playing around, enjoying his holiday, rather than getting down to business. But Wenger knew what he was doing, didn't he?

Whilst mucking around on the sandy, exotic beaches of Rio, Wenger was also working hard on bringing in fresh recruits for a wide range of different positions. A goalkeeper, full-back, a centre-half and a striker and a striker were top of his priority list heading in to the summer. A swift replacement for Sagna was signed in the mould of fellow Frenchman Matheiu ... MORE
Financing Falcao - Panic Buy or Master Stroke?
Footytubeblog Posted by Footytubeblog 1 week ago
Manchester United finally stepped up their go hard or go home gamble by bestowing upon the promised messiah Luis Van Gaal, the£150m nest egg which was denied to the chosen one that came before him.

The simultaneously biggest and, paradoxically, smallest signing of all was the £6m loan deal to bring 28-year-old Columbian megastar Radamel Falcao to Old Trafford with Danny Welbeck departing to solve Arsenal's comical reliance on Yaya Sanogo. 

Though the joke maybe on United come the end of the season.

So how good is Falcao?
292 career appearances have returned an almost ridiculous 191 goals and 34 assists, meaning that throughout his entire career, even if you include a stretch in Argentina which - by his standards - was lean (scoring 'only' 1 in 2), that gives him 1 goal scored for every 121 minutes of game time in his career.

If you condense his record to the time during which he flourished in La Liga the number comes down to an even more impressive 112 minutes per goal, or 2 goals for every viewing of Lord of the Rings, and he has managed to maintain this dizzying level of performance in all the major competitions he has taken part in, including the Champions League. In short, he is a genuine goal a game man when the requirement for a world-class striker is generally accepted as 1 in 2.

Put into context, here is a breakdown of his contemporaries goal/minute ratios:

If you look at career stats for pure goal scoring terms, Falcao appears to be the finest goal machine available to buy anywhere in the world.

This weekend he is expected to make his debut against newly promoted Queens Park Rangers at ... MORE
Premier League Title Predictions 14/15
Matt Posted by Matt 1 month ago
New season is sooooo close now I can almost taste the chicken pies (at first like molten sun then colder than ice, how do they do it!!)

So I am interested to hear peoples predictions about the top 4 and bottom 3.

Here is mine:

1. Manchester United
This may shock a few people but my reasoning behind this is Van Gaal is the right manager at the right time for united they have added quality players (they still need a couple more especially in central defence) but most importantly without the distraction of Europe, like Liverpool last year United this year will play a LOT less games than the other title contenders and that can be a huge advantage.
2. Chelsea
Most peoples favourite for the title will put up a stronger challenge this year which will hinge around new boy Diego Costa and his ability to score goals, if he turns out to be another dodgy striker then they will struggle again.
3. Man City
Will not want to concede the title but will want to do better in the Champions League this year so their focus might be on that more than the league.
4. Arsenal
They have bought a great player in Sanchez and if he adapts well to the Premier league they could finish even higher still missing a 20 goals a season striker to really push for the title.

5. Liverpool 6. Spurs

Relegation is always almost impossible to call the bookies make the 3 teams that come up favourite every time but seldom do all 3 go down in fact last year only 1 promoted team went down.

18. West Ham
Have been flirting with relegation for a few seasons now and I can see this being the season it finally catches up with them.
19. Hull
Great season has seen them get into Europe, but I fear the tricky second season may catch up with them.
20. Burnley
Least sure about this one as Burnley could very easily shock a few teams but I fear they lack a bit of squad depth so the start of the season will be very important.

When you start trying to put the teams in order you start to realise how strong the Premier League is. realistically there are 5 teams all with a good chance of winning the league and there are 10-12 teams that will be involved in relegation, so I would not be too shocked to see none of the above come to pass!

What are your predictions?

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Southampton: The Exodus
Matt Posted by Matt 1 month ago
I am being asked a lot these days 'What is going on at Southampton?'. The answer to this question has changed as the transfers keep happening.

It all started really back when Cortese was sacked as chairman as soon as that happened it looked inevitable we would lose Pochettino. So when he left for the ejector seat at Spurs (good luck with that) there was no real surprise although a feeling of disappointment and sleight dread about what this would mean for the team.

As the pre-season has progressed that feeling of sleight dread has in fact turned out to be a total horror show as player after player throw their toy out of the pram and head of for a pay day. here is the current state of affairs:

SOLD! 2/6 Lambert to Liverpool £4mil - Good luck, great servant finishing his career at his boyhood team.

SOLD! 27/6 Shaw to Man Utd £27m rising to £31 - Wow that's a lot of cash, transfer done properly.

SOLD! 1/7 Lallana to Liverpool £25mil - Again a lot of cash, but threatening to go on strike and refusing to hand in an official transfer request (so he does not lose his loyalty bonus) left a bad taste at the end of a great career with us.

SOLD! 27/7 Lovren to Liverpool £20 - Decent return and unlike the above no real ties to Saints and had every right to leave, just keep it off social media eh!

SOLD! 28/7 Chambers to Arsenal around £16mil - Bit of a shock this one, clearly a talented youngster with bags of potential but 16mil!

Current total: £92 million (for a reported outlay of around 9-10mil, 8 of which was on Lovren)

Now notice I say 'current state of affairs' as the rumours keep hitting thick and fast, even today I am reading that ol' Pochettino is planning a £50mil raid for Schneiderlin & Rodriguez. Which I can imagine being confirmed quite soon.

So why is this happening? I think the situation is almost unprecedented sure clubs have had fire sales in the past when faced with money worries but Saints are secure side operating in the Premier league with billionaire owners. The unique thing about this situation is that each and every move has been engineered by the players themselves, the players aren't being sold as much as being set free. If you take any one or possible two of the transfers in isolation you would say they are a good bit of business but all 5 and something starts to stink.

Truth of the matter is players have the power these days and they all want to play for, and this sticks in my throat to say it, a 'big team' (oh god I'm gonna puke). So in my humble opinion you have a perfect storm of players that have had a decent season coupled with big 4 sides that have had disspointing seasons prepared to pay huge transfer fees in an attempt at strengthening.

Where does this leave Southampton? Well it is going to be a very tricky season and I would be very shocked to see us anywhere near 8th place again. Even if the new manager Ronald Koeman (what must he be thinking!) gets to spend that juicy £91mil there is just no time left to build a team ask any Spurs or City fan how throwing £90mil at a side works out.

The overall feeling I am left with is of pure disappointment. This maybe the fan in me talking but Saints were building something special, an English Premier league side with a majority of homegrown players who had been developed by the club not just bought in en masse with the potential to challenge the top clubs. Part of me would love to see a majority of that £91mil stay in the bank and to bring through more players from the academy like Ward-Prowse, Reed, Isgrove and Targett so then if we can't keep our players we can at least keep our ethos.

This blog does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of footytube or its partners.

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