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Friendly Mon, 30th Mar 2015

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ASIAN CHAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saw this comment on FB. Accurately sums up my feelings:

"Tim Cahill is is also now in a special group of players that have scored a goal in three world cups. He is the face of Australia in sport across the world and an ambassador for what it is to be Australian. He doesn't dive and he shouldn't and neither should any other Aussie. Change comes from positive not negative."

"To all the naysayer European/South American people here: we are proud because we are a new footballing nation. The kids we saw fight this morning are not fancied, don't play for huge clubs, don't earn millions of dollars. Iniesta is worth more than out whole entire team. We're smart. We know this. But still be can take it to the football royalty and one day we will develop and football will develop here by having experiences like these. And on that day we will shock Germany, we will shock Argentina and Brazil. All because of our attitude."

This performance is sitting in the minds of little 6 year olds with nimble feet being shoehorned into other football codes. By seeing this great and positive football, not only from us, but also from Chile, Holland and Spain, they will start thinking they can be as good as Iniesta, they can be as good as Van Persie, They can be a hero like Tim Cahill. The revolution has begun. We are on the right track, the future of Australian is incredibly bright, and that says a lot about a game that was on the brink of imploding into oblivion in terms of prestige. Long live the football!
I see Australia making it to the finals one day.
Dam unlucky, you guys played well against Chile :(
Buzzing. Ready to showcase the greatest sport in the world to the people of this fine nation. C'MON AUSSIE :D
Asia Cup Draw announced for next January's tournament. We get South Korea, Oman and Kuwait. Luckily enough for me the best game out of that lot (Sth Korea) is being played in Brisbane! Should be good to cheer an Ange Postecoglou run team again.
The first 45 were immaculate. Some of the best football I've ever seen this country play.

It's safe to say Mat Ryan has secured his place at WC, Injury notwithstanding
Great replacement for Schwarzer.

Speaking of Maty Ryan: (Sorry, not sorry)

GROUP B - Spain, Netherlands, Chile, Australia

We'll need a team full of Stephen Bradburys to make it out of this group alive.
We're f****d
totally f****d,worked so hard to get f****d
100% record for Ange Postecoglou!
Tobesh look at the fourth page on this chat ;)

On a serious note: Loads of positives, That was perhaps the best passing game I have seen Australia put forward in a long time, A lot of attacking intent, good to see youngsters get a cameo or two, Rogic's Cameo, and solid defending all round. Good first game.

The left back position is still very problematic though.
Schwarzer announces his retirement from the socceroos :(
Shouldn't have gone to Chelsea. No playing time....
He went to Chelsea because he obviously lost all the desire to play regularly tbh. I love him as much as anyone, but this is good for the team as a whole, it's better in the long run for Mitch and Mat Ryan to get game time.

6 days ago
The drubbing many feared never materialised as an injury-rocked Socceroos stood tall against the reigning World Champions on home soil
6 days ago
Minute-by-minute report: Australia came away from the international friendly with their heads held high after holding the World Cup winners to a credible draw
1 month ago
He’s a once-in-a-generation footballer with gas left in the tank, but for the greater good of the national side, Tim Cahill must now call time on his Socceroos career
1 month ago
The benefits of hosting and winning the Asian Cup may not be immediately tangible, but they are durable
2 months ago
Ange Postecoglou says the sky is the limit for Australian football after the Socceroos were crowned champions of Asia
2 months ago
James Troisi scores in extra time to seal a 2-1 win for the Socceroos in the Asian Cup final
2 months ago
Minute-by-minute report: relive how the Socceroos became champions of Asia with a dramatic 2-1 win over South Korea in extra-time at Stadium Australia
2 months ago
The Asian Cup’s best attack meets its meanest defence, in a final that pits two contrasting footballing philosophies against each other
2 months ago
Ahead of this weekend’s Asian Cup final, we asked our readers how the tournament experience has been for them so far
2 months ago
The Socceroos aren’t artists, but for now, who cares? Certainly not the football community in Newcastle, which has benefited greatly from this Asian Cup
2 months ago
Australia will play South Korea in the final of the Asian Cup after two early goals saw the host nation beat the United Arab Emirates 2-0 in Newcastle
2 months ago
Minute-by-minute report: Australia’s quick start is enough to see them past the United Arab Emirates in Newcastle, as Paul Connolly recounts
2 months ago
Australia’s semi-final opponents the United Arab Emirates are a side who, under Mahdi Ali and led by Omar Abdulrahman, are making waves in Asian football
2 months ago
Soccceroos struggle against a defiant China, but stick to their footballing philosophy
2 months ago
Historically, playing on home soil has benefitted the host nation at Asian Cups but how much encouragement can the Socceroos take from that this year?
2 months ago
So far, so good for hosts Australia as the Asian Cup enters the knock-out stage having already produced big crowds, feel-good stories and some decent football
2 months ago
The Socceroos’ largely successful group campaign has given an indication of how well Ange Postecoglou’s masterplan is coming together
2 months ago
The Socceroos missed out on a great chance to top their Asian Cup group, but the loss to South Korea has hardly brought the host team to their knees
2 months ago
Iran and UAE make it through to the quarter-finals from Group C as Qatar and Bahrain miss out
2 months ago
Liverpool are monitoring the Australia goalkeeper Mathew Ryan of Club Brugge as Brendan Rodgers considers his options for replacing Simon Mignole

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