We Never Forget

Like most 'true fans' of the game, we at footytube have never forgotten the simple pleasure derived from having a kick-around with your mates in the park. And it was always with this in the forefront of our minds that we set about to work on creating footytube. Everyone who works at footytube shares two common goals: we love football, and we are in love with the idea of bringing football to the internet and pushing the boundaries of communication and technology.

The World's Greatest Online Football Community

"footytube is one of the best football social networking sites I have come across" - Wouter Strauven

Contrary to what you may think, footytube isn't just a place for watching the latest football videos. We are a buzzing, vibrant community, with social networking features that you won't see anywhere else; from our unique, proprietary dreamfooty fantasy football game, user profiles with twitter and facebook integration, to our fan traits and fan valuation leaderboards. We offer a place for football fans across the globe to come together and really connect and share their passion for the beautiful game, in a truly engaging environment.

The Most Advanced Football Bot

footytube works with a variety of partners to aggregate vast amounts of football data. This data includes football videos, news, podcasts, blogs, fixtures, results, odds, team stats, and much more.

A bot that knows about footy...

Affectionately known as the footytube goat bots, we have a total of three specially designed search bots that graze the open web in search of juicy football content. In their simplest form, the footytube search bots work by running through millions of webpages each day, aggregating and semantically analysing very niche specific and timely football related datasets. They're clever - they know what teams have been playing, who plays for those teams, and what's being said about them. If Inter Milan won at the weekend, the bot knows about it. Heck, the bot even knows what Mourinho had to say about their victory!

This search intelligence is acheived by harnessing the power of a number of API's and partner services, with the data that we collect and merging this all together in a delectable football sandwich. This gourmet delight is then served to the eager waiting football community on a bed of scrumptious community wafers. The net result is a site that has the most wide-ranging and reliable football information possible, covering pretty much every league and football competition in the world without prejudice.

Openfooty - Sharing The Goodness

Spearheaded by the footytube development team, openfooty makes the footytube technology platform available to developers, editors, publishers, and footy addicts who want to dig deep into the world of football and build cool stuff.

Historically, in order to build anything football related on the web, developers required oodles of time, luck, and above all, money. None of these pre-requisites are conducive to encouraging the emergence of innovative and compelling ideas. openfooty breaks down these barriers for the first time.

By nurturing the development of imaginative thinking, openfooty is leading the way in enabling developers and entrepreneurs who, like us, are excited by the internet and the new ways it is allowing us to consume, gather and disseminate our passion for football.

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Our Partners

footytube has forged long-lasting partnerships with some of the world's leading internet technology companies, and we also work closely with many leading rights holders and content producers that are embracing change in technology, and share our passion for open, and innovative solutions.

One example of such a partnership is our integration of award winning football journalism from The Guardian. Utilising The Guardian Open Platform, footytube deploys a range of Guardian editorial content, from the latest news media, photos and podcasts, to match reports, minute-by-minute text commentary and Guardian video content.

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