DreamFooty Top 20 Atackers
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      Pos  £ Pts
1st L. Messi Barcelona Attacker 25m 131
2nd B. Dost VfL Wolfsburg Attacker 6m 109
3rd T. Müller Bayern München Attacker 15m 99
4th R. Lukaku Everton Attacker 9m 95
5th O. Giroud Arsenal Attacker 10m 94
6th L. Suárez Barcelona Attacker 12m 90
7th R. Lewandowski Bayern München Attacker 15m 82
8th C. Bacca Sevilla Attacker 10m 79
9th Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid Attacker 25m 78
10th Bueno Rayo Vallecano Madrid Attacker 8m 77
11th L. Vietto Villarreal Attacker 8m 72
12th G. Higuaín Napoli Attacker 14m 69
13th H. Kane Tottenham Hotspur Attacker 11.5m 67
14th R. Palacio Inter Milan Attacker 7m 67
15th Heung-Min Son Bayer Leverkusen Attacker 8.5m 67
16th C. Tévez Juventus Attacker 10m 64
17th K. Volland Hoffenheim Attacker 8m 62
18th W. Rooney Manchester United Attacker 10m 60
19th G. dos Santos Villarreal Attacker 8.5m 60
20th M. Klose Lazio Roma Attacker 6m 58
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