DreamFooty Top 20 Atackers
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      Pos  £ Pts
1st R. Lewandowski Bayern München Attacker 30m 458
2nd H. Kane Tottenham Hotspur Attacker 23.7m 448
3rd Roberto Firmino Liverpool Attacker 16m 444
4th R. Lukaku Everton Attacker 20.6m 414
5th S. Agüero Manchester City Attacker 22.9m 386
6th Heung-Min Son Tottenham Hotspur Attacker 20.6m 365
7th T. Müller Bayern München Attacker 18.5m 358
8th P. Aubameyang Borussia Dortmund Attacker 26.3m 347
9th T. Werner RB Leipzig Attacker 15.3m 331
10th S. Mané Liverpool Attacker 13.6m 326
11th M. Rashford Manchester United Attacker 16.8m 317
12th A. Martial Manchester United Attacker 14.7m 288
13th Gabriel Jesus Manchester City Attacker 9.1m 285
14th R. Mahrez Leicester City Attacker 15m 281
15th J. Vardy Leicester City Attacker 16.2m 278
16th M. Batshuayi Chelsea Attacker 10.8m 270
17th A. Sánchez Arsenal Attacker 27m 268
18th M. Uth Hoffenheim Attacker 8.3m 268
19th A. Kramarić Hoffenheim Attacker 16.9m 265
20th A. Lacazette Arsenal Attacker 16.4m 257
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